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I am very fond of fungi and I think they make great subjects for photography. If I can identify them and they end up on my plate so much the better.
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Fungi Giant Bracket Fungus Bracket Fungus w_3538.jpg Shaggy Parasol
Magpie Inkcap Season of Mellow Fruitfulness Golden Shield Lichen Little Beauty Fly Agaric Group
Mushroom-21.gif Fungi w1000688.jpg Fungi Bracket Fungus
Yellow Fly Agaric Unidentified Fairy Caps Oyster Mushroom ? Fungi on Mossy Stump
Delicate w-00063 copy.jpg Fungi Parasol Mushroom ( Macrolepiota procera) w_6594.jpg
Bracket Fungi on Beech Fairy Caps King of mushrooms Armillaria Honey Fungus In the Spotlight
Delicate Fairy Caps Shaggy Inkcaps Boletus Luridus Boletus Luridus.jpg Fungi
Fairy Bonnets Yellow fungi Horse Mushroom Shaggy Ink Cap Phallus Impudicus
Fungus Fungi Fly Agaric Fairy Caps Bracket Fungi
The Season of Mellow Fruitfulness Incredible Colour Fly agaric Birch Bolete ms022l.jpg
ms021l.jpg ms014l.jpg ms007l.jpg ms006l.jpg ms002l.jpg
ms001l.jpg Mushroom Shaggy Parasol