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Close encounters

Most of the statues depicted in this gallery were born long before I was even thought of, and it's probable that they will all outlive me.
But during my stay here, I've decided to try to care for them and spend some extra time with them and not just pass them by and take them for granted, as most people tend to do.
Give it a try yourself. The next time you see a statue, give it a hug or say something to it with a smile. It might just smile right back at you...
t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f123299404.WlssMLL8.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f123299400.w0hqKQiZ.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f123299402.0qPjW5Oy.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f123299403.Y27j2sCO.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f123286335.VvluqaRL.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f123286338.bi7IVnUD.jpg
t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f123286337.s0sfRzCt.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f123286336.VwK2cjzg.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f123260837.7Pt80hXj.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f123260832.pH9Ts0vS.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f123260829.SZJSyYNU.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f123260835.KGhH32AZ.jpg
t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f123259106.tSoB9yy2.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f123259068.k72VuXcj.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f123259048.8CqAVQax.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f119654109.cyqz7xIH.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f116448774.UIKXOD0M.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f116299842.84MmV6BP.jpg
t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f115823398.TKfuzqNe.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f115823199.Gjwzz379.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f115823204.Elg4BtW7.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f115823202.YpmMTiIn.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f115823209.qu5CEZtQ.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f115823207.zxcZhls0.jpg
t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f115677930.YOO8jQeV.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f114625030.RwyUBSLJ.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f114590137.DC9XjJIh.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f114590141.zG3KGePt.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f114558809.6yroTeGr.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f114407987.1hXGkqrh.jpg
t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f114407986.1TQQyKb0.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f114407983.KZJJ7xS5.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f114407990.Ut4Qqb78.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f114407989.7qlLxP2z.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f114407988.HUCZ3A9z.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f114407993.IW9GQYlk.jpg
t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f114407992.wrOL7VNd.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f114408045.0sVS3sKK.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f113131337.D3w1nY10.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f112720087.lLJNm8Nl.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f112720657.YPfFasWQ.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f112720810.HhvMJGyv.jpg
t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f112720086.huhQgqr5.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f112720085.Y09V6E9k.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f112720083.ZCSv8MIm.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f112720082.KtP9Go5I.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f112720081.8TqD6tv3.jpg I'm always harping on my misfortunes...
t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f112375346.3Yv8MiH4.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f112375218.QlxDJmru.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f110668939.o70VCvVN.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f110668938.IsvpVJRt.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f110668937.2B1piwVX.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f110668936.j91TKKSk.jpg
Reaching out a helping hand... t5%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f103504119.u2HTpkfQ.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f103419497.ILKKPHB9.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f101469202.rm46BIZg.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f101383927.haVIiDzV.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f101469182.hUqpZGuh.jpg
t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f101383809.tgxFkF0l.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f101232328.nlzJ4VLO.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f101231909.vsHML2jp.jpg t5%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f100103499.qjHGaMPc.jpg t5%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f100103505.H0ThLkxZ.jpg The more the merrier (?)
t5%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f100103503.jKxZTIKI.jpg t5%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f100103501.fQrEZW33.jpg Two heads are better than one t5%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f100103496.FLIkcOLq.jpg t5%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f99196837.Y4nn3CRR.jpg t5%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f99110264.Lv1g80qQ.jpg
t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f97367717.qRI8rQ9K.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f97367692.WsqwH0iS.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f94914738.Badr5bBO.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f88668662.kQwMj8Gu.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f88668664.wOirgYQK.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f88668663.ym3tzy2u.jpg
t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f88668665.GHSHB74n.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f88668660.zjnY8yF9.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f88668659.edHFmNJy.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f88668661.2q4PkmSL.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f88281780.XZuqHQf8.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f88140482.Uv4bA3CY.jpg
t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f88668681.K3yDOkoS.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f88140301.NncQMzNB.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f88140303.JpZeZKPs.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f88140300.uVQAPLBa.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f88140302.beqCs6PC.jpg t3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f88139218.eBhKPrvZ.jpg
t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f86647954.agWZdSWT.jpg t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f86647337.dfhSsPAw.jpg t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f86646326.bBKrlkSK.jpg t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f85686935.etwOpo86.jpg Liars have short legs Do not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs
t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f85665926.FalLqzIT.jpg A good anvil fears no hammer Put an old cat to an old rat Silence is wisdom, and gets a man friends Our neighbour's cow yields more milk than ours He who lives with cats will get a taste for mice
Lose a tail rather than a life We must learn to walk before we can run t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f84256014.xhGT0OUb.jpg There's no fool like an old fool You can lead a horse to the water,  but you can't make him drink t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f83587472.QJglIoxr.jpg
He that will conquer must fight Wanton kittens make sober cats He that fights and runs away, may live to fight another day One is too few, five too many t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f81121831.SE7ilGYX.jpg t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f81121830.Kr0o8Pnr.jpg
t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f77424625.C2SrGTE8.jpg A bold attack is half the battle t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f77424628.H2u48HA6.jpg To be, or not to be t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f77424629.TU3Pp1wL.jpg He that will have the fruit must climb the tree
t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f76715170.UadMse1Z.jpg A woman kissed is half won t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f76714292.CFfEQ9io.jpg t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f76714878.RTB1TiuY.jpg Lay down your arms t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f76714880.tnckYK2a.jpg
Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead Diane The leg humper Hangin' out with a friend The opera isn't over until the fat lady sings t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f76013161.Ab8WkZ2V.jpg
t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f76013319.6Vqy4Pwx.jpg Chillin' in the park t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f76013157.ZU1AEonb.jpg The replenished understand not the pain of the starving Drunken days have all their tomorrows Many kiss the hand they wish to cut off
t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f76013160.6Todbf0x.jpg t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f76013159.foLIWAIm.jpg No complainant, no judge The coat makes the man t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f76013154.BRx5wD3J.jpg Company in misery makes it light
Lads will be men Ale in, wit out A young devil, an old saint t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f75997769.R6wgFHxU.jpg t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f76013320.KaqHqUtj.jpg t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f75997772.rJwIV0YZ.jpg
Near is my coat, but nearer is HIS shirt Every man has his delight The child is father of the man Every man is mad on some point t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f70120316.FFYfXQNi.jpg t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f70118313.INxa39sH.jpg
Into the mouth of a bad dog often falls a good bone Come on, take a ride with me... Gather ye rosebuds while ye may Naughty boys sometimes make good men t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f68834039.Xhu8guN6.jpg t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f68833980.qdFtOL8e.jpg
One potter envies another t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f68833779.kMqJf7X9.jpg All together now... t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f68819916.jbzsYhjY.jpg t6%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f68819919.RKoeTUbX.jpg Unknown, unkissed, unloved
If the fool knew how to be silent, he could sit among the wise Talkin' to me? The fairest rose at last withered Travellers and poets have leave to lie t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f66842835.PXr9c63I.jpg No flying without wings
t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f62748064.iFH4bTTi.jpg An old cat laps as much milk as a kitten t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f62748058.HXilEZiS.jpg Me and the girls t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f62748059.n6dZYqxp.jpg Although she had lost her head, she was a nice lady
t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f62748057.C7JSWsE5.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f62748055.KLJJ3F8b.jpg t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f62748063.4DJhOrw7.jpg As you make your bed, so you must lie on it t1%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f62748065.YXZNEQIk.jpg A surprise attack from below...
Trying to take his hat, although it doesn't show here... Staring contest (he won) Telling them a tale of two sisters I like big girls. Jenny Lind was one of the big ones. He released me when I told him my name... Someone told me today that I'm a strange man. I guess she's right...
To be staring, or not to be staring, that's the question He laughs best who laughs last She was so pretty. Looked like an angel. Give and spend, and God will send He that will conquer must fight The comforter's head never aches
Four eyes are better than two A trouble shared is a trouble halved Every dog is a lion at home H.C. Andersen didn't need the book to tell me the story After a long struggle, we managed to kill the snake... Nothing is impossible to a willing mind
Every shoe fits not every foot Hunger drives the wolf out of the wood t5%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f67255199.iw1uSwmR.jpg Morning dance Big is beautiful... A secret shared is no secret
FTP And when the love is dead, I'm loving angels instead... When fortune smiles, embrace her Great minds think alike Night is the mother of comfort Hitchin' a ride...
A linguist never gets lost in translation when asking for directions... Good company on the road is the shortest cut Now let's go kick some butt! All good things go in threes I come in peace! And I've got an ice-cream for you... Opportunity seldom knocks twice
Maybe I went a bit too far here... v3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f45575440.Bra27b.jpg v3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f45575441.Bra40bb.jpg v3%2f13%2f178613%2f4%2f45575437.02b.jpg There is a time to speak and a time to be silent Pleasant hours fly past
In wine lies the truth Everyone thinks his sack heaviest Ignorance is the best defense Two beers, or not two beers? Words fly away, writing remains Talking about angels and angles...
He that mischief hatches, mischief catches It takes two to tango Practise makes perfect Violence breeds violence One hand washes the other Kings have long arms
So many (wo)men, so many options Queen Sofie Amalie of Denmark was a big lady I helped her to chase the pigeons away If you won't work you shan't eat I told him not to be sad. It's not the size that counts. If the devil cannot get a hold, he sends a woman
Need makes the naked man run Wild goose chase We didn't get that far, but we had a good time anyway... Hangin' with the family... Interacting Stepping on somebody's toes...
She's not slapping me... Hold your horses... Many hands make light work Interacting I thought she looked cold, so I offered her my jacket...