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Personal Favorites

I like every shot I've posted here on PBase (or I wouldn't have bothered :-), but it's human nature
to have favorites, and while I can recognize a good shot when I see one and will take it simply
because it's there for the taking, not all of them move me or strike a chord as much as others do.

The photos posted in this gallery appear in others of my PBase galleries, some of these photos
having enjoyed quite a bit of popularity while others having languished buried in the depths of
their respective galleries, but are grouped here as the ones I've taken that do move me, strike
that chord, and have that je ne sais least for me...for today. :-)

It is also human nature to tire of things you see too often, or at least begin to take them for
granted, so tomorrow that might happen with some of these and I’ll replace them with others,
so I don't expect this to be an entirely static gallery.

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Quebec City 42284 Sunlit Field Of Bales 61455 Heron On A Log 20080911 Dauphin Island Under Moonlight 56080
Sky Lights 20100207 Tired Tulip 20080511 Canadian Mississippi River Dock Sitting Armadillo 20090122
Pink Fairy Duster 85509 Trees In Misty Sunrise 19991 Pendulum Swings River Grass In Sunrise Reflection 20080822
Geese Flying By Setting Moon 20100726 Handouts 20060309 Goldenrod Crab Spider on a Coneflower Autumn Morning Fog 20081030
Lion TLC 3567 Sunrise Shadows 20080918 Misty River Sunrise 20081018 Feeding Frenzy Winner 50982
Old Quarry Trail 10096 Red Barn Doors 20100204 Upper Canada Village 37154 Waterfalls at Almonte 38471
Curious Red Squirrel 88796 Dragonfly 20070703 Happy Pelican 36768 Dewy Purple Flower 20080924
The Thinker 59517 Mowing A Field 63165 Red Flag 20050919 Sunlit Surf 20051107
Quebec City 42207 Moonset Over The Channel 20070102v2 Young Sandhill Crane2 Storm Clouds 20080803
Saguaro in the Sun2 Inverted Keyhole 60158 Misty Morning Fishers 20100731 Buffalo Skyline Sunrise 20091019
Tree Shadows 20100816 Mission Window Park In First Light 20091124 Distant Mountains
Route 66 Overhead Sign 32529 Oregon Coast1 Two Red Gerberas 20070428 Young & Old 20070727
Tombstone Character 31073 Upper Canada Village 37870 Ionized Sphere 20060620 Moonrise Over Copano Bay 52019
Ferris Wheel Blur 1000 Islands Marsh Grass1 Tombstone Stage 30638 Shorty's 20061224
White Sands 31901 Clowning Around 20060419 Tree In Misty Sunrise 64121 Sunrays Over Pier 20070112
Wellington Street At Sunrise 09870-1 Richmond Fair 2003-10 What's Behind the Screen Door 20060421 White Chair & Green Door
Sunrise Full Moon 20050918 Moonset 20061222 Upper Canada Village 20060708 Superstition Mountain 27802
Beale Street 20061107 Heron in Flight 4769 Tranquil Acres 60149 Bodie Island Lighthouse Closeup
Upper Canada Village 37063 Presque Isle Sunset 9044 Hey! You! Get Off Of My Raft!!!  20070812 Clouds In The Mountain 20080107
Sunlit Tree Trunks 62748 Joshua Tree 20051229 Dawn Fishing 20061202 Hawk On A Post 20070120
Marina Under Big Sky v2 Montreal At First Light 43292 Into a Storm 20050821 Restaurant Window
Two Egrets in Predawn 4516 Eye In The Sky 20070705 Gull Over Lake Huron 20050713 Autumn Trees 20061004
Tlaquepaque Arches 20060223 San Blas Pipe Smoking Kuna Woman2 Trail's End 20071230 Sophisticuts 5116
Drying Its Wings 20060812 Taking The Plunge 20081222 Upper Canada Village 20060709 Lone House on the Prairie 20050917
Chipmunk On A Post 20070603 Mission Concepción 20061120 Moonset 64073 Log Pile At Sunrise 20070726
Don Robertson 29413 Upper Canada Village 36747 Little Bay Dawn 20070218 Dam & Floats 60438
Fire In The Sky 20070718 A Beacon In Darkness 20071209 Port Isabel Lighthouse at Dusk 5596 Mirror Mirror On The Water 20070807
Mowing the Hay 20070615 White Sands 32283 Lighthouse & Moon 1921 Return of Light 3800
Purple Flower 60502 Deer Amid Wildflowers 20070710 Four Peaks At Sunset 20060213 Pier In First Light Fog 47202
Bales & Tree At Sunrise 63859 Ominous Tree & Shadow Copano Bay Bridge In Twilight 52033
The Reader 20051020 Robin In A Pine Tree 20070301 Low-Key Lilacs 20070520 Broad Street at Dusk2
Almost A Sunrise 20061228 Live Oak-Lined Road 53604 Two Red-Bellied Woodpeckers 20070329 White Sands 31912
Tree In Misty Sunrise 64114 Bench & Very Old Tree1 Chipmunk With A Nut 20080512 Red Heron 20070109
White Sands 32230 Palmer's Chapel 6679 FEED ME!!! 20070612 Lighthouse Stairs 20051215
Sunrise Ocean Mist 20051120 Whooping Cranes In Flight 20070208 Roseate Spoonbill 20070128 Rainbow Panorama 20070929
Dawn Deer 20060415 Arizona At Sunrise 20060127 Algonquin Park Sunrise 5966 San Joaquin Valley Vineyards 20051208
Mustang Island Sunrise 20061130
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