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The Great War

Called "The War to End All Wars", it was fought from 1914 to 1918, but eventually and sadly, it turned out to be simply The First World War. (Total number of men mobilized to fight: 65 million. Percentage who died: 57%. Number of casualties: 37 million.)
Blood-stained uniform of Archduke Franz Ferdinand t9%2f09%2f268309%2f4%2f153365291.ZXsvIsbP.jpg Englishman enlisting Churchill inspecting sailors Englishmen off to war
Kaiser Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany German students going to enlist Germans on their way to battle German prediction German cavalry
German officers in a trench British assault on German position Medieval city center of Termonde destroyed by the Germans Belgian refugees t9%2f09%2f268309%2f4%2f153365412.75jhqG2O.jpg
Reservists called up French officers dining in the trenches t9%2f09%2f268309%2f4%2f153378001.s9nAK49c.jpg Cousins Russian artillery
Russian army Russian infantry British sailing to Gallipoli t9%2f09%2f268309%2f4%2f153407691.9OTeH12a.jpg American isolationists
t9%2f09%2f268309%2f4%2f153454777.qrD0ITJo.jpg t9%2f09%2f268309%2f4%2f153413556.V786qhkY.jpg Edith Cavell, pioneer of modern nursing in Belgium Ambulance train Verdun
Going Over the top t9%2f09%2f268309%2f4%2f156027319.dV9MFW6t.jpg German soldier t9%2f09%2f268309%2f4%2f153378577.OHhCGaTl.jpg t9%2f09%2f268309%2f4%2f153384261.mxHsxvyW.jpg
Battle of Passchendaele At the Battle of Broodseinde Postcard: Mata Hari German giving British POW a light Germans on the Eastern front
Refugees on the Eastern Front Germans in winter t9%2f09%2f268309%2f4%2f153390070.V4uDyT7q.jpg America has entered the war American cavalryman in France
Americans advancing on a bunker Observation Balloon Pilot dropping a bomb The Red Baron Sopwith Camel
German airmen at Christmas Standing guard during German gas attack Casualties of a gas attack German POWs in drag American troop ship
American Field Artilery American gun crew Americans advancing to the Forest of Argonne Harlem Hellfighters t9%2f09%2f268309%2f4%2f153465745.nUgUrCAW.jpg
Soldiers picking lice from their clothes t9%2f09%2f268309%2f4%2f153416253.V2CJycVv.jpg Charlie Chaplin held aloft by Douglas Fairbanks German prisoners Army field hospital
End of the road Grief Armistice signed Painting names on crosses Cutting hair
The Big Four Waiting for parade on Veterans Day French veteran selling his medals German veteran Paintings of WWI
Paintings of WWI
Posters from WWI
Posters from WWI