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The mandala is a circular representation of the cosmos in its connection with divine powers. It is a symbol of human wholeness and often used as an instrument of contemplation.
Rose Window, Cathedral of Notre Dame, c. 1260 Inspired by the rose window Four squares, Native American Kalchakra (Wheel of Time), Vajrayana Buddhism
Tibetan thangka painting Kippah (skull cap) 1800's - Mandala of the Six Chakravartins Tibetan tangka, late 14th century
Creating in sand Mandala of the Buddha with auspicious symbols Fractal #41 by Thomasz Dziubinski Photography, modern Sun mask, Northwest coast Native American
Buddhist astrological chart Missal, Germany, 13th century Aztec calendar, 1479 Tibetan mandala, 18th century
Krishna dances with sheperdesses, India, 17th century Vishnu, Nepal, 1420 Dali Christ by Paul Heussenstamm, modern Jain Cosmological Map of the Universe, India, c. 1850
Yin Yang mandala Tree of Death and Life from the Archbishop of Salzburg's missal,1481 Star with arrows, Native American Leonardo's knot, Italy, circa 1500
Japanese mandala, 17th century Navaho sand painting By Emma Kuntz, Switzerland, 20th century By Carl Jung, Switzerland, 20th century
By Carl Jung, Switzerland, 20th century By Carl Jung, Switzerland, 20th century By Carl Jung, Switzerland, 20th century The Castle by Carl Jung, Switzerland, 20th century
Game of Spheres, 20th century Fresco, West Bhutan The Sun, wire construction by Richard Lippold, 20th century Burning bush icon, Russia, 18th century
The Perfect Man, 2,500 BC Chinese mirror, Han Dynasty (206 BC to 220 AD) Roman mosaic, 1st century Wheel of Salvation sun dial, Sun Temple, Orissa, India, 13th century
Japanese sand mandala Sand mandala of Kalachakra Yamantaka sand mandala Mountains and Tents, Native American
Womb of the World, Japan, circa 1750 Kaleidoscope, modern, computer generated Kaleidoscope quilt, USA, modern Eyes Mandala by Paul Heussenstamm, modern
Mirrored moons, Native American Aquarius, from a Book of Hours, Italy, circa 1475 By Vaslav Nijinsky, 20th Century By Vaslav Nijinsky, 20th Century
Perpetual motion and perpetual rest simultaneously, Rajasthan, India, 17th century Uttar Pradesh, 1600's The Cosmic Form of Vishnu, Rajasthan, India, 18th century Modern
Rose window, Chartres Cathedral, France Mandala for astronomical computation and meditation,Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, India, 18th century Yantras for serial meditation, tangka, Nepal, 19th century Mandalas of the dead, representing deities of the other world, Tibet, 19th century
Goddess of Earth and Plenty, Nepal, 16th century Astrologer's map, Holland, 17th century Chinese mirror #2, Han Dynasty, 206 BC to 220 AD Altar fan, western Europe, 13th century
Mount Meru, gilt bronze offering, Northern China, 18th century Sun wheel, Stone Age, 2.5 to 2 million years ago Nautilus shell Vocal vibration
Snow crystal Drawing of a lotus Dance of Spring, culminating in the union of Gopis with Krishna, Jaipur, India, circa 1800 Adam and Eve, miniature, Florence, Italy
Union of Wisdom and Compassion, Tibet Wheel of life Sound wave Laquerware plate, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2001
Plate, China, Ming Dynasty (13681644) Modern celtic mandala Four seasons, Native American
Tibetan Buddhist Healing Presence by Paul Heussenstamm, modern Angels turning the Wheel of Life, miniature, France, 14th century Mandala of heightened consciousness, Tibet, 19th century
Tibetan thangka (Rudin Museum, NYC, USA) Mandala for man-cosmos unity, Nepal, 18th century Varuna mandala-yantra, Varanasi (Benares), India Unity of cosmic consciousness, Nepal, circa 1700
Diagram of the cosmos, Rajasthan, India, 18th century Hagia Sophia ceiling Chandelier, Brooklyn Heights, New York, USA Deoksugung Palace mandala
Attica stone mosaic Iranian tile The planet Jupiter's south pole Ceiling mandala, Bangkok, Thailand
Mandala with seven-headed naga, Krabi, Thailand Mosaic based on a Native American Medicine Wheel Circle of Life Eiffel Tower, looking up
Sand mandala, New York City, USA Stone, natural mandala, Rajasthan, India Spiral nebula, natural mandala Samye, Tibet, a town built as a mandala in the 8th century