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dean 17-Nov-2010 23:23
hi rob i think you have a real eye for natural scenes but i think that the dow corning pic is awsome i cant belive that barry can look so amazing u have got talant mate.
Maggie 22-Mar-2010 15:22
Hi Rob
It seems you have not been active here for a while. I wonder if you would like a new place to play? Please visit us at Hope you like it. My page there is
We are still in beta, but have contests, communities, ecommerce, customizable personal sites and much much more.
my email is mmmee2 at if you are interested.
You might remember me from photopoints (Oscar has that site for sale, now)
I would love to see your work on Megashot. Please come and bring your friends. Its great fun.
Robert Stuart Davies14-Dec-2009 09:09
(response to guest - below)
Thank you. Yes - I do sell photographs both simply mounted or framed. The Porthkerry Viaduct picture is among my most popular. Just a few of my pictures can be seen in FOUNTAINS (Barry town Centre) & CAFE JAZZ (Barry - High Street). You can also pick up my contact details there. If you are interested or would like further information you are welcome to email me at
kind regards - Rob Davies
Guest 10-Dec-2009 18:46
Are your photos available for sale.I would particularly like to buy the one of Porthkerry viaduct. Do you ehibit anywhere locally?
Marie-Hélène Raletz01-Aug-2009 04:53
The new slide-show on your main page is a real treat, mate :)
polly 12-Aug-2008 07:43
Have just discovered your images. Just had a taste of Turkey in 2001, and so enjoyed your photos. No pun intended, I am a veg! Thanks for sharing. My wallpaper never looked so good.
alain parry 19-Dec-2007 09:57
amy desmarais 26-Nov-2007 12:09
Your "unreality" galleries are amazing.
I'm doing photography in college at the moment, a project on experimental imagery, and you will definitely be an influence to the final piece that I choose.

I was amazed as I looked through all of your galleries, you really are talented.
Did you achieve your effects in Photoshop?
I hope to one day aspire to your level of photography, keep going with it.
Suzanne Chouinard16-Oct-2007 03:25
Very beautiful portfolio. I enjoyed it very much. :-)
@ll@n 09-Oct-2007 08:54
Tremendous stuff Rob, so much imagination and dedication applied to your pics, a pleasure to view.
Guest 20-Jun-2007 05:57
I'm jealous of how good you are.
John Reynolds19-Apr-2007 22:48
Thank for looking at my London pictures. I appreciate the comments. I came close to my old home today and had a wonderful walk up Pen Y Fan in the Brecon Beacons (thought I'd mention it as I saw mwention of the Beacons below). First time I had walked up Pen Y Fan - I was very impressed by the views!
Timco van Brummelen23-Feb-2007 23:38
Hello Rob,
enjoyed your pics tremendously! I'll come back for more! bb Timco
Robert Ford09-Feb-2007 18:10
Hello Rob. Just beautifully and innovatively done! Viewing your work inspires us. Thank you for sharing them,Lisa&Ford.
Jason Ankers17-Jan-2007 12:53
Thanks ever so much for you comment. I have looked at you galleries, I might I say very impressive stuff, they are inspirational stuff. I guess living in wales the brecon beacons has a slight advantage with the eye for landscape. Thanks again
André Bessot28-Dec-2006 13:58
I wish you a Happy New Year Rob.
Best regards.
Fred Relaix25-Dec-2006 20:56
Rob, your galleries are phenomenal! I just added you to mu favorite artists, you are very talented I will be back for more. Regards from Paris. Fred
Marie-Hélène Raletz02-Dec-2006 09:49
You're multi-talented :)
I love your celtic music.
Thanks for the link to your music site!
TheaterOfCrueltyNOH AZsacra (Azsacra Zarathustra)14-Nov-2006 14:03
We were laterally upheavaled with your spacial and drowning in the rays of light works. Grandious mysteries of the nature, which are so strong, that can do without human. This is the dazzling alchemistry of the Spirit of the Nature! Thank you for this mysterical experience.

Townley Pittman04-Nov-2006 11:58
Your galleries are beautiful and your images are perfection in photography. I have enjyed looking. May I ask you, how were you able to create a slide show on your front gallery? It looks very nice.
Guest 13-Sep-2006 05:32
Hi Rob,

You have some grat pictures here.
I like your tree gallery very much.

Guest 10-Sep-2006 22:19
absolutely stunning work, can't wait to see more!
JOSE MATA07-Sep-2006 04:16
tomr-photos31-Aug-2006 15:14
Hi Rob. Thanks for stopping by and commenting...and more than that, for making me aware of another outstanding photographer at pbase within the past couple of weeks. I've only seen two galleries so far, but I will be back. Another addition to my favorites.
Guest 10-Aug-2006 08:48
What I envy most is not the technicality (although certainly it is one of the best), but more so on the poetic style and serendipity, and you do it so effortlessly.
(I've been visiting yr galleries from time to time before but only registered recently.)
added to one of my favourite. Keep up w/ the stunning works! Jim
Rosemarie Kusserow29-Jul-2006 20:31
Dear Rob, thanks a lot for your kind comments on my shots, I´m glad you like them, best regards, Rosemarie :-)
Ralph4614-Jul-2006 14:11
Hi Rob, I just saw your comments and am impressed by the kindness and sincerity. Nice to have that these days - thank you very much and the same back to you and your family. And of course I saw some of your pictures when replying now, and I am so glad I did. "Unreality" is fantastic! Not so much time now to look at the others, but you are on the short list of my favourites to study in more detail. Thanks again, Ralph
Guest 28-Jun-2006 19:18
if i hadn't already said so. . .thanks for the nice words and the encouragement.


Guest 21-Jun-2006 05:51
Brilliant galleries. You have a gift in creating mysterious mood – I can feel what you felt and the thoughts running through your mind when you haven taken the shot.
Gerwyn Gibbs19-Jun-2006 14:55
I can see it was Ian who pointed you in my direction. How different the bay looks in your black and white work, your use of the light is what makes them. I like your Rain Country gallery, again places I am very familiar with, I particularly like the shot deep in the forest, could be taken 50 yards away from my house!
Ian Dalgliesh18-Jun-2006 17:06
Hello again Rob,Have just enjoyed your"Just one hour" of Dunraven Bay.Very atmospheric.After seeing all such views in glorious technicolour,it seems curious to view them in B+W.To see them from a different perspective,try's local to you,hey you probably know him anyway.Good luck. 17-Jun-2006 19:01
Brilliant. Freaking brilliant. Ian Schwartz.
AlexCops 08-Jun-2006 12:59
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I'm need it.

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Good luck!

Guest 03-Jun-2006 10:20

Your pictures are simply amazing!

Fantastic colours and composition. Congratulations!

Tad Janocinski
Hodero29-May-2006 07:22
Hi Rob,
Now I see why you have been so busy lately.Congratulations on the new outlay of your Galleries.Looks very professional ! I must say that the style suits your Galleries very well.Cheerio from a cold and windy Holland...."H"
Guest 25-May-2006 13:39
Wow...very creative and talented you are. Very much enjoyed looking through your galleries..will be back to view more...Regards..Lorraine
Marie-Hélène Raletz15-May-2006 11:51
I have more than 1.000.000 reasons to keep on visiting your galleries... :)
Guest 03-May-2006 02:05
I wonder, how do some of your beautiful pics get that heavenly look to them? Could you share a secret with me? I love your work!
Eric Pouhier23-Mar-2006 12:57
Merci for the comment you left on one of my picture, I have just visited your galleries (some of, for now) and that's definitively impressive, so thank you it gives additionnal value to your comment ! Thanks again, best regards, ERic
Gérard Koehl19-Mar-2006 18:00
Toutes vos photos sont sur-réaliste. Bravo, de superbes traitements. J’adore…
Guest 17-Mar-2006 14:04
Thank you for the kind words. It means even more when someone who is as good a photographer as you leaves them.
Guest 14-Mar-2006 08:12
Thanks for stopping by my gallery. The new Glamour shots are of my wife. I have hade the great Opportunity to be learning froma great photographer michael woodall. check his stuff out at
carabias27-Feb-2006 23:01
Mr. Davies: his(her,your) photographies are on the verge of achieving that I leave Pbase. His(her,your) quality is infinitely top ... but usded is between(among) my favorites for much that weighs him. Also I like that you publish in his(her,your) photos the information in conformity with more puero Pbase's style. His(her,your) photography is extraordinary: It(He,She) manages to form in photo exactly what wants. And it is difficult mas. Thank you.
Guest 27-Feb-2006 02:05
I really appreciate your comments on my galleries Rob, I've admired your
work for quite some time now. In fact, it was because of your galleries
that I decided to buy a Minolta S414 as my first digicam. I didn't get
much shooting done with it, but (strange as it may sound) ended up trading
it in for a rebel xt at no extra cost. Miracles do happen and your work
played a big part in my little miracle :) Thanks
Guest 22-Feb-2006 14:51
WoW,wooooooow wonderful. great galleries. Beautiful photos! Beautiful fancy! I very nice to see your gallery. I am set back by your colors in all your galleries. Really great work. you are very talented........... and ect/
Marie-Hélène Raletz18-Feb-2006 06:38
I beseech you to post more often!!!!
Your fan club (aka me... lol) is suffering from withdrawal symptoms.
Only you can provide the cure... :)
Marcia Colelli16-Feb-2006 11:11
Excellent work, enjoyed looking at your galleries
andy_farrington07-Jan-2006 14:52
Splendid - the trees are alive......yoou obviously do love them!!??

Günter Borgemeister30-Dec-2005 07:12
Thanks for your kind comments on my galleries, Rob.
Best wishes for you and a very happy new year!
Lana Westfall 29-Dec-2005 19:50

A friend emailed me your galleries.

Thank you for bringing the beauty of your work to us via the web.

Your My World photos are breathtaking. My maiden name is Orme, and my family migrated to LLandro, Wales centuries ago. I understand there are two mountains - Big Orme and Little Orme? Your photos have given me even greater inspiration to visit the home of my forefathers.

Lana Westfall
Guest 22-Dec-2005 19:48
Hey Rob, thanks for visiting my gallery (more than once too). I check back here every so often to see any new stuff you have added. Your re-visiting of my galleries is a huge compliment to me and makes me think that maybe i have some images worth viewing. Have a good one and keep up the good work.
Guest 13-Dec-2005 05:31
I just wanted to stop and say how wonderful I think your work is. All of it is just beautiful!
Pascale Guittonneau29-Nov-2005 16:32
Hi Rob,
Thanks for your kind comment to my gallery "Thank you Dad". It's hard to write this sort of words. I wanted to be simple and sincere and I'm glad that you like my text.
It makes me time to work with photoshop. I have plenty images to transform.
Do you understand french ?
Best wishes, Pascale.
Roald Synnevåg22-Nov-2005 22:55
I enjoyed looking at your galleries. Greetings from Bergen, Norway
Naomi Sheaffer14-Nov-2005 14:13
Thanks for the nice compliment on my Montana photo. I carried my gear and tripod around with me for three days while hiking in the mountains, and getting shots like this made it well worthwhile. I'm going back for the Thanksgiving holidays, so hopefully I'll have more to add to this gallery when I return.
John Reynolds13-Nov-2005 18:30
Thank you for yor kind comments about my Sker Beach picture.
Best wishes,
John Reynolds
lilac_purple13-Oct-2005 20:23
Hi Rob,
Thanks a lot for your comments. I just realize that I can do something cool without DSLR. I always complain that I don't have a good camera. Now I know camera is just a tool. Your work is very unique and beautiful. I will keep learning.
Suzanne Chouinard27-Sep-2005 12:49
You have a great portfolio Rob. Not only are you a good photographer but you have the imagination of a real artist. I just loved your unreality gallery. Hugs! :-)
Audrey Reid26-Sep-2005 14:12
Hello Rob, I'm a newbie on Pbase, a muture friend Maggie M gave me your link and insisted I must visit your work and will love right she is. Your body of work here is breath taking. I look forward to unhurried time touring through your pages and learning.
Nella Pascal22-Sep-2005 20:56
Rob, thank you for commenting on my galleries. I am glad I have discovered your art. You have some phenomenal photos in you collection. They all have such a moood, emotion and energy in them. I have marked you as my favourite, now I have to figure out how to vote for your galleries, cause they are awesome!

Pascale Guittonneau09-Sep-2005 16:27
Hi Rob,
Thanks for your comments. My cat calls Paddy, an irish name, because she is orange like the irish Paddy Whiskey. Her real name is Paddy Rose.
You've got beautiful shots in Turkey. I'll be back later to see them, I have not enough time this week end.
Best wishes, Pascale.
Ernesto Rocco06-Sep-2005 22:27
Hi Rob - Thanks for leaving a comment regarding my images. Coming from you means a whole lot. You are a true talent. Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration to me.

Didier Vanderperre02-Sep-2005 23:47
Rob, you've got an other wonderful gallery with these Turkey pictures. I love boats so I'm in heaven. I really like the quality of your pictures, you obviously put a lot of effort in your work and it shows. Proof that the G5 can hold its own against many more advanced cameras.
Cheers Didier
antje kroeger photograpie27-Jul-2005 14:47
i am back.
i saw and i see again your pictures.
especially i love your mix of colors.

Pascale Guittonneau18-Jul-2005 07:05
Hi Rob,
Thanks for your comments. Paris is a very beautiful town, isn't it ? Best wishes, Pascale.
John Beck22-Jun-2005 12:01
You do beautiful work. You seem to handle light very easily. Something to strive for. Thank you for sharing your photos.
Pascale Guittonneau21-Jun-2005 10:35
Hi Rob,
Thanks for your pleasant comment. I'm very glad that this old picture interest you. There was a photo-school exercise in 1980. The theme was Autumn, and I'd got a good mark.
Poems are a charming idea to present galleries. I shall think about it.
Sorry for my english, it's very bad, isn't it ?
Best wishes. Have a good day !
Derek Daniel17-Jun-2005 20:02
Hi Rob

I would just like to say how much i enjoy your galleries, especially all the galleries in the Unreality section and also the A Collection Of Antiques & Curios Gallery. You truly have some inspirational images and a great imagination. keep them coming

Guest 14-Jun-2005 15:24
Hi Rob,
thanks for visiting my gallery because that made me know your amazing work. Your galleries are really special.

Best regards,
Pascale Guittonneau06-Jun-2005 19:20
Hello Rob ! There is a picture for you in my latest gallery. Look at the titles !
Regards, Pascale G.
Pascale Guittonneau02-Jun-2005 15:03
Hello Rob,
Thanks for your comment on my pictures. I have already seen your galleries and I vote for "The Secret Garden". I love Paris's pictures too. Bye, Pascale.
Nige Ritchie 29-May-2005 19:36
Are you a Professional?
Your photos are...
You have a great imagination
antje kroeger photograpie23-May-2005 14:58
I m glad to find your portfolio.

love your pictures.

Malcolm Johns22-May-2005 10:07
Thanks for checking out my galleries, it's good to see that there's a Welsh contingent on Pbase! (I'm in Abertillery by the way - not that far away!)

André Bessot15-May-2005 16:13
It is a pleasure to receive a comment on my pictures from a so good photograph. I thank you for the occasion you give me to discover your gallery. It is wonderful. I like very much your Collection Of Antiques & Curios, and your knowledge of light and atmosphere. Bravo et encore merci.
Guest 07-May-2005 16:48
hi rob...thanks for your comments on my gallery!! =D im glad you enjoyed going through them! you've got some great pictures and will keep coming back to check new ones =D cheers!!
Lucy and Jojo 02-May-2005 14:28
nice site some good pictures your actually quite good (hehe)!!!!!!! :D we only stumbled across it by accident we were looking for a picture of st.fagans and it lead us here and we realised it was your site. needs more of me & one of the trout in the sink i think as thas a good one ;)
Isolde Peisl01-May-2005 06:56
Hello Rob, Thanks for stopping by my galleries and commenting and helping!!! I do appreciate that... Got a chance to browse through your galleries also and found them very inspiring. What a great eye you have. Wonderful composition. I am looking forward do new pics from you always! Keep it up.
Regards, Isi
Ray :)30-Apr-2005 12:26
You have some terrific images here, Rob. I just do not have the time to make all the comments I'd like....

Donald Kinney29-Apr-2005 11:50
Rob, I just scanned your guestbook, and I see that I am not alone in our admiration of your work and creativity. And thanks for your kind comments on my Photoarrow galleries. I am only a mere shadow of your greatness, but I am inspired. Best regards, Donald Kinney
Jimmy Douglas23-Mar-2005 22:40
I enjoyed your gallery "Bay, Barrage & Marina". I can't find pictures like these in Kansas City. Great colors.
Adrian Calin23-Mar-2005 09:31
Rob, thank you so much for visiting my galleries. Appreciation comming from you is truly flattering. Your gallleries are pure art.
Rene Hales17-Mar-2005 22:15
Rob, I have been wandering in your galleries. Such wonderful images that I find I need to return often to drink in more.

Thank you for dropping by my galleries and for your thoughtful comments.--Rene
Marc Vermeulen10-Mar-2005 20:06
Fantastic galleries. Very beautiful.
Peter Chou08-Mar-2005 15:13
Absolutely fabulous B&Ws! Surrealism at its best! Do take a look at my B&Ws and I appreciate your advice and comments.
Subroto Sen28-Feb-2005 11:23
Hi Rob ,

All your galleries are very impressive. I liked 'Light & Shadows' the most. Your exploitation of light and shadows is indeed superb. I found that you use various models
of Digicams including Minolta DiMAGE S414 (the model which I currently use). It's great to see the capabilities of S414. Ofcourse its the man behind the camera that matters and not the equipment so much! You have also shot out of the world photos with a Coolpix 2000
which is possibly a 2 MP Digicam.
Thanks for sharing those worderful images.


Subroto Sen
elnur 20-Jan-2005 15:42
seriosly im glad for that page
because your honour is your country
you watching that photos end what do you say yoersalf
im doit it . my countries photos on around the world bur my country not bigger
im highlander as you from caucasus may be you know checehens and dagestanians
my nation lezgin im glad and meet with you
if you will hvae been in azerbaijan?
send to me my friend
Steve Bailey21-Dec-2004 07:44
Maggie ( MM ) from Photopoints directed me to your album
Impressed by your skills,both pre and post photography


Steve Bailey
Naturephoto Monique09-Nov-2004 22:13
Your eye sees the true beauty in every scene, your lens reflects the beauty in your soul.
I enjoyed your gallery, keep up the excellant work.
Suzanne Chouinard 12-Oct-2004 03:00
What a happy surprise! Photos so differents from what I know of you. Million times more beautiful than what I saw from you on PP. So much freedom and artistry. Why not showing them on PP?
Yiannis Pavlis02-Oct-2004 04:28
hi Rob . i check some of your galleries and i discovered a great style .i was very impressed from your images here ,it was a magical tour .great work my friend Yiannis.
Diane S26-Sep-2004 02:31
Loving the browse I'm takin' in your spectacular galleries. The Unreality is truly 'unreal'...inovative, creative, dynamic and full of inspiration... you are a very talented man.
huggles, Diane
Crystal 02-Sep-2004 17:05
I love your pictures of the trees.
Is there any way I can buy some of your prints?

Please email me at

Guest 31-Aug-2004 10:37
A lot of marvelous images :)) Cheers
Guest 30-Aug-2004 05:53
Inspiring and beautiful. Compositions are savvy and intriguing. Some of the wooded paths look like Northern California.
Brussels Sprout19-Jul-2004 16:30
Excellent galleries. "Skies" and "Spirit of trees" are my favorites
Guest 25-Jun-2004 15:05
Rob, . . . I added you to my list of Favorite Artists some time ago, so I figure it's about time to leave a comment... or two :o). I can honestly say you have some of the very best galleries I have ever visited on pbase (period). . . . Your ability to visualize 'meaning' within the photograph is superb. Better yet, you have a magical means of conveying that 'meaning' to everyone who views your world. You have risen above being a photographer. You are a true artist. Here's to the UnReality of Reality *^*. ( ) ( ) Bryan
Robert20-Jun-2004 13:38
Really like the use of a gradient in your style sheets. There is an error in the scroll bar code. It won't take effect in IE unless you put the code for it in a separate section labeled 'HTML'. I commented on it in the forum:
Guest 04-Jun-2004 19:14
I loved your Sanctuary and Atmospheres galleries. (Not that the other galleries were too shabby either!). Nice work. I've bookmarked you in my favorites. Brian
Jim Chiesa04-Jun-2004 15:02

I only discovered your gallery today and am pleasantly surprised by the degree of creativity you have to produce these kind of images ! Well done.

126-May-2004 21:04

Your galleries are I N S A N E.
Congratulations on your skills and
thank you for sharing your wonderful work!

Guest 12-May-2004 09:25
Your architecture shots are perfect. Perspective, colors and exposure ... like if them had been taken with a view camera, I'm impressed.

ginger 16-Mar-2004 15:47
Hi, i was surfing the net looking at galleries in the hopes of finding a picture to put on my website. Your gallery is breathtaking. I was wondering if it's ok with you to use one of your photos on my site. It's just a personal webpage but i love good art and i would put a link on it to your site. Keep up the good work.
Guest 12-Mar-2004 17:30

I realy like your photos.
Alex Lau12-Mar-2004 03:49
Hi Rob,
Thank you for leaving comment at my ablum. I am just a beginner, please give me some advice to improve my shooting skills.
I visited your photo ablum as well, I think you are very creative and make good use of speical effect. I will visit your photo ablum more and learn from your great skills.

Ilan Rosen11-Mar-2004 03:52
Hi Rob

I came in for a quick look around and I was amazed. I could not find where to start so for a start I added you to my friends list so I can come back again for a more serious browse I am sure I will enjoy it.
Well done
Knight Ong23-Feb-2004 01:30
Excellent works, some of them actually looks like painting.
Colin Nicolle 17-Feb-2004 01:23

I really like demensions, much more so than all the other ones. What do you do these with, may I ask?
David Dong05-Feb-2004 13:12
Your photos should be hang on my walls!!! Excellent images, wonderfully done, Thanks :)=
paul yung03-Feb-2004 17:59
Very nice wrok! Hats off to you!
Bernadette 27-Jan-2004 21:00
Thoughtful and subtle work .You have an ability to show others the beauty that surrounds us .I also like the literary allusions and the sly wit.
virginiacoastline23-Jan-2004 21:22
Hi Rob
Thanks for stopping by (way back in the Middle Ages!) It has taken me a little while to get back & say hi . . . altho I flip thru here on a regular basis just to see what you are posting. ^_^ I tend to not stay & post as often as I'd like, so this is just a quick hello.
Carolyn B.21-Jan-2004 22:49
Thanks so much for stopping by my gallery, Rob - I'm honored for your notes to me considering the brilliance of your collections.
Marie-Hélène Raletz19-Jan-2004 04:37

by Edgar Allan Poe

Oh! that my young life were a lasting dream!
My spirit not awakening, till the beam
Of an Eternity should bring the morrow.
Yes! tho' that long dream were of hopeless sorrow,
'Twere better than the cold reality
Of waking life, to him whose heart must be,
And hath been still, upon the lovely earth,
A chaos of deep passion, from his birth.
But should it be- that dream eternally
Continuing- as dreams have been to me
In my young boyhood- should it thus be given,
'Twere folly still to hope for higher Heaven.
For I have revell'd, when the sun was bright
I' the summer sky, in dreams of living light
And loveliness,- have left my very heart
In climes of my imagining, apart
From mine own home, with beings that have been
Of mine own thought- what more could I have seen?
'Twas once- and only once- and the wild hour
From my remembrance shall not pass- some power
Or spell had bound me- 'twas the chilly wind
Came o'er me in the night, and left behind
Its image on my spirit- or the moon
Shone on my slumbers in her lofty noon
Too coldly- or the stars- howe'er it was
That dream was as that night-wind- let it pass.
I have been happy, tho' in a dream.
I have been happy- and I love the theme:
Dreams! in their vivid coloring of life,
As in that fleeting, shadowy, misty strife
Of semblance with reality, which brings
To the delirious eye, more lovely things
Of Paradise and Love- and all our own!
Than young Hope in his sunniest hour hath known.
Guest 18-Jan-2004 22:43
Hi Rob!

Thanks so much for looking at the Garden Gallery's flower photos today and leaving us a compliment! I took a look in your galleries and was enthralled at all your magnficant imagery! I posted a link to your galleries so that all the members of our flower photography club can enjoy your work as much as I did. I also added you to our list of favorites so we can come back and visit South Wales again! Wonderful work! - Pat
Lisa Haskins14-Jan-2004 10:44
What a wealth of strong material! Just spent some more time browsing your stuff, really original and excellently carried out. Nice!
Frances & Buffy14-Jan-2004 01:34
I'm really happy for your comments. Thank you! ^^
I love your "Creature Feature" a lot!
Happy New Year!!!

Best regards,
Mary Bowles11-Jan-2004 17:30
Hey Rob, Thanks for your kind comments. Coming from you, it means a lot. Just seen your galleries and am blown away. Will be checking on you again. I cannot pick a favourite gallery or image. Wonderful stuff. Cheers ;-)
Guest 11-Jan-2004 10:01
What an inspiration to photography!! I never knew my home area could be so beautiful!! Great inspiration for me to start looking closer to home for inspiration. Keep up the good work!
Romatti09-Jan-2004 19:30
Exceedingly beautiful galleries! Thanks for stopping by my site as well!
Marisa D.L.06-Jan-2004 20:51
I'm happy I have discovered your galleries, I feel them very close to my personal temper and I appreciate your technical skills too. It's all very inspiring for me.
ac06-Jan-2004 10:07
Présentation professionnelle, chic et technique et des images où la poésie est omniprésente. Bravo, Rob, c'est une toute belle nouvelle galerie.