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2nd November 2004 - Vote for me....

2nd November 2004 - Vote for me....

….and I’ll set you free!

Oh I will be so glad when the US elections are over and done with. I am getting sick to the back teeth of every news broadcast with the same old stuff about how neck and neck they are. I know I should care deeply about who wins but frankly I’ve completely lost the plot on this one. I should care because our British politicians are, by and large, the lap dogs of our friends across the Atlantic so whatever happens today WILL, without any doubt, affect the lives of all of us in Blighty.

But I really have lost it. I thought Kerry probably got the better of the debates and that may well have been what prompted the wave of reports about how if you are pro-life then you should vote for Bush from the church leaders (a way to ‘limit the damage’?) Call me cynical but it strikes me that it’s hard to poke a stick between them all really both in terms of support and in terms of policy. They’re all claiming they can sort out the mess they’ve made in Iraq, they’re all claiming to be best for the country and they’re all madly dashing around today galvanising their supporters to vote.

I think I know who is the ‘good guy’ and who is the ‘bad guy’ but I must say it’s all relative in my opinion…..most politicians the world over only know shades of grey.

What will happen tomorrow? Probably much the same as any other day but hopefully we won’t be hearing quite so much about it.

I heard a terrifying report on the radio on my way home tonight with someone exiting a polling station in the USA who was proudly claiming they’d voted for the first time in their life – and the age of this person? Forty four. That’s so scary.

I had planned an Alice Cooper style ‘I wanna be Elected’ today but then this line from the Temptations Ball of Confusion kept popping up in my mind and I decided to take a peek at the lyrics. When I did, I was shocked to see that the social problems they wrote about in 1970 are as relevant today as they were then.

Maybe someone should spend a bit of time thinking about sorting out those things rather than chucking bombs around in other people’s countries.

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Ray :)02-Nov-2006 18:08
OMG - we still got two more years of him...
Guest 09-Nov-2004 02:14
I agree with you about the elections, & was also glad when it was over. Hopefully, the best man won...I wasnt surprised about the 44 y/o woman who voted for the first time. Dallas (Texas) news broadcast reported voters calling the city to find out if they were registered & where should they go to vote. (on election day!!)
John04-Nov-2004 20:25
And Mr Kerry kept saying "Help is on the way" ... and it's not arrived here :((
Jacky Costi03-Nov-2004 18:59
Great thoughts
penny roots03-Nov-2004 17:33
Haha , nice one Linda !!
Guest 03-Nov-2004 14:17
Larry Ahern03-Nov-2004 10:33
Great stuff!!
Cheryl Hawkins03-Nov-2004 05:00
I love this photo. I voted for Kerry but don't know if it will matter. I'd rather vote for you!
Robin Reid03-Nov-2004 00:45
LOL... sorry Luv, I voted for Kerry.
Pepe Zyman02-Nov-2004 23:15
Cliff02-Nov-2004 23:03
I'd vote for YOU any time Linda!
Pedro Libório02-Nov-2004 22:43
ehehehe...absolutly fantastic and so creative!!!!
lovely done.
Guest 02-Nov-2004 22:18
haha Ray! Must you REMIND me the sad fact of the Governator???

You look cute here, Linda, great expression!
Ray :)02-Nov-2004 22:13
Its a shame that being a Brit you can't run for President. But, hang on a minute, you can run for something like State Governor of California, can't you?
WHISTLING BADGER02-Nov-2004 21:28
could'nt agree more Linda
Guest 02-Nov-2004 21:02
Amen Linda! Love the photo for today. And even as an America, I'm sick of all the election stuff too! I can't wait till it's over and done with.