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Jesus Saves

Jesus Saves

>3,000 died on 9/11

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Paul 04-Jan-2008 03:58
The entire world should hope & pray that the next US election picks the one true American in the campaign! Otherwise expect to see a lot more of the American Military at venue near you soon!
This planet is small so a nationalistic view is a limited perspective. In truth what affects me affects you as well as the universe. So make fun of others if that makes you feel better about yourself. The world is asleep not just America.
Guest 18-Dec-2007 03:14
A population of brain dead,if there were such a thing as god, the whole USA would have been thrown into damnation.
Hodero07-Dec-2007 14:23
Hey,one day rest the Man should have !!
Wonder why I always thought it was on friday .
Erich Mangl07-Dec-2007 11:15
:-)) what a comment, thanks for the laugh
Guest 07-Dec-2007 10:50
THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!! ONE DAY YOU WILL STAND BEFORE GOD AND ANSWER FOR THIS ERICH!!! You must fear God- look in History and it will tell you that God judges sin!! And this animation is SIN! If you don't accept Christ then your judgment will be worse!!!
Jason Anderson03-Nov-2006 05:32
Solves that question...7th day must've been a Tuesday. You're a lightning rod for controversy, Erich. :-)

p.s.: To the commenter below, I'm pretty sure this earth is my home, I've been getting mail here for oh, 33 years now.
Guest 11-Sep-2006 22:30
JESUS SAVES EVERYTHING, He was with us that day as well, for those of you who believei n Christ know what i' m talking about. We shouldn't blame things like this on God. This world will start getting worse before it gets better, b/c this earth is not our home, Heaven is, where its a place of PEACE and LOVE. I look at Jesus Christ as the peace in the world we are looking for.

Erich Mangl11-Jan-2006 14:13
it is what you see.

are you such ashamed of your belief that you have to write anonymous, LC ?
LovingChrist 11-Jan-2006 14:10
is dat an insult to christians?
Mac21-Apr-2005 23:38
Religion got alot to answer for! Fundamentalist,IRA,Islam, just another way of justifying thier own ends, by whatever means! regardless! And now in the UK, we cant even voice our opinions about race or religion! without fear of being arrested!Sorry got carried away! great galleries! excellent! Mac UK
yippee200008-Sep-2004 20:18
I agree that religion is a crock of shit, devised to control the masses and keep the population "in check". Religions (whether Fundamentalist Islam, Mormon, Catholic, etc.) don't want you to question things or think on your own. If they say women without veils are bad, or men who love other men are bad, or using a vibrator is "bad", then it all MUST be true. My favorite line from "believers" is..... if someone they love is dying, and suddenly they make a full recovery, they say "See, all our prayers worked!" If this same person dies, they don't say "oh, I guess praying is just a crock of shit...". They say "ah, it must have been God's will then". Well then wouldn't it stand to reason that EVERYTHING is God's will, and that therefore, prayer won't make any difference?! It really irks me how sheep-like so much of the population is.
Erich Mangl29-Aug-2004 17:20
does anyone know who Schwartzineger is/was ?
nevadaoutback20-Aug-2004 15:35
The next President should be Gov. Arnold Schwartzineger, His family left the collective mess of Europe ( Austria ) for freedom. They could have gone to france or england. Had the dropped three airliners on your soil you would?
Guest 19-Aug-2004 18:53
I would like you to know that the reason we do not want "GOD" on our money and in our pledge is because not all of us worship him, and why should my children be forced to say the pledge which is supposed to pledge their love and devotion to their country, when it is also saying they choose God to worship. In everyday life, passing and circulating "American" money I am thus attributing ot the promotion of "God" whom I do not believe exists, I do not worship the Christian God, I live in America, brought here by my ancestors to be FREE, how am I free when I am shunned for my religious beliefs. Please do not get me wrong, I do not criticize Christians for their belief in "God" I criticize them for thinking everyone else should do the same. And that I am wrong for my beliefs, or anyone else who does not believe te same as they.... The Bill of Rights gives me the freedom of religion, so why must I put my trust in a God that I do not believe in. I am not one to attribute good or bad to anyone but the actual person(s) responsible I just do not think it fair that I am being told who to worship in this supposedly FREE country!
Guest 16-Aug-2004 22:30
so much christians
but only a few lions :(
Nabob 12-Aug-2004 19:07
Sad that you chose to take a tragedy like 9/11 and use it to take a cheap shot at Christianity. Why not use your free will constructively?
Lou Giroud11-Aug-2004 08:26
Not completely right, some where warned and had other things on that day and unfortunately there where more people in there they expected. Good work Mr. Cia & Co. Just a pitty for the innocent lives, but who cares, Nixon did not and Bush does not as well. Important, we started a long expected war for petrol and a family vendetta.
Congrats Mr. Bush.
Guest 08-Aug-2004 15:28
lol that is cool
JF4L 14-Nov-2003 03:38
Why is it we are so quick to shun God when times are good, but when times are bad, blame Him? When things are going great "God! Get off those dollar bills! Get out of our pledge! Leave us alone!!!!! We don't want you here!!!" and then when things get bad "Where WERE you????" Oy.
gilbert 11-Oct-2003 19:52
very funny ideal this litte animation with the 2 tours: only a joke ? in fact jesus never save any body from death, he died like every body 2000 years ago ! He only succed to make believe a lot of poeple they can survive death. the most obvious lie since 20 centuries. Nobody bless America except America it self. America even if it is a great country and democratie, is deeply reponsible of a lot of blood and atrocity all around the world ! Why should some one bless america ? It s easy to send bomb and tank army and destroy earth climat with oil industry ! What about peace, love and future generation preservation ?
St. Jackanapes 09-Oct-2003 16:16
He was very busy doing catering work that day for a couple of weddings. Give the guy a break!
Guest 09-Oct-2003 15:49
That is a powerful comment regarding the 9/11 tragedy!
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