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George War Bush

George War Bush

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Dracula 12-Jul-2006 20:10
am so ashamed that I wasted my vote on a piece of crap like george warmonger bush. It is clear that the last three presidents produced by the republican party were nothing more then corrupt puppets who only represented the interests of the rich and elite of this country. There is a very special dark place in hell for these people who have manipulated the stupidity and one dimensional voting habits of the religeous right wing of this nation. The religious right wing of this nation should be ashamed. They will vote for any worthless idiot who claims to be against abortion. You people are anything but conservative and you do not represent the interests of the average typical American voter. Bush pimped the presidency and the the republican party has turned Congress and the Senate into an auction house for sale to the highest bidder in the corporate business community. Bush, Cheney and all of their republican suporters have a lot of innocent blood on their hands as they are responsible for the murder of our sons and daughters in illegal unconstitutional wasteful military actions that have nothing to do with protecting our nation. I'll never make the mistake of voting republican again. Thanks for the memories GOP.
Erich Mangl17-May-2006 22:54
pretty smart question, jebka
Guest 17-May-2006 22:39
So which part of the picture did you take to post on pbase, a photography site?
Michelle Rhea26-Oct-2005 20:24
Ellsworth Weaver29-Nov-2004 05:52
Ordinarily, Erich, I find religious art done modern to be off-putting. In this case, I think you are putting your message across just right. Keep on manipulating art and consciousness. -- Ellsworth Weaver (Viet Nam 1970-71, 1st Cav. & 23rd Div)
Guest 23-Nov-2004 08:35'd think the 20th Century would have shown you that atheistic secular ideologies are just as dangerous if not more so than the most dedicated religious fundamentalists. I can just as easily say "Must we go down the secular path, and repeat the atrocities of Hitler and the Soviet Union." People indoctrinated to any ideology, whether is radical Islamism or Fascism are dangerous.

And if you're that concerned with politicians praying; you'd better not ever watch a session of Congress that begins with a prayer. Or walk around Washington and see many references to Christian religion and tradition. Or read any of the speechs of the founding fathers. Or for that matter many of ex-president Clinton's speeches; who evoked God more often in his first term than Bush in his. Honestly, the idea that if a politian is religious or mentions God than he's somehow creating a theocracy is idiotic.

Christians and the right are supposed to be so intolerant, but all I'm hearing from the left these days (and just take a look through these galleries for perfect examples) is how anyone who disagrees with them is either stupid,evil, or insane. People with different beliefs than their atheistic faith are mocked and demonized in the worst ways Sounds like tolerance to me! Admit it, the only things you want people to tolerate are those that assist your socialist agenda.

And for the record, I find this image offensive.
Linda McIntyre13-Nov-2004 14:10
As a non-religious US citizen, I find the direction this country is going in to be very frightening. One only has to look at the fractured New York skyline to see what religious fanaticism can do. Must we go down the same hateful path?
PHOTOSTYLE.CA13-Nov-2004 08:05
poor saviour--the crucifixion continues for 4 more years. glad we had chretien to keep us out.
yippee200008-Sep-2004 20:11
It was truly frightening to watch parts of the Republican National Convention, and see prayers being said as part of the convention. That stuff has NO place in politics. Our country is being run by people who are scared of others who think differently than they, and if you do, you are "bad" or "unpatriotic"!
Guest 20-Aug-2004 05:24
i;m cathlic and its Bush that offends me
Megan 15-Aug-2004 18:42
I do respect peoples religion and beliefs but I dont believe that anyone's religion should intefer with the state which George Bush has done. It has been said that George Bush was put into the White House by God. I say it was by Hell
Erich Mangl13-Aug-2004 17:18
3255 views so far, John, no comment deleted: so much about "deeply offended viewers"
John 12-Aug-2004 18:31
No what your political views, you should be ashamed to post an image that mocks Christ as this one does. I am deeply offended by this image, and I believe others who see this will be also.
Lou Giroud11-Aug-2004 08:18
Like one uses to say, beat or fight enemy with his own weapons. Holly war against holly war...... assholes they are.
Guest 04-Oct-2003 11:21
great! "war Bush" *war in the name of God?* LG Farasha
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