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please see my 3 calender galleries for 2006 to raise money for the hurricane relief efforts!... and Please see the our gallery on my all galleries page... "IMAGINE"...images for peace", and please send an image if you would like to contrubute to the project for peace, by emailing an image to ....... drop me a note on pbases messages place so i know who and where you are on pbase...ok here is the work flow...what is work flow anyway, see the am light, pink cloud, wow, sunrise wow, sunflower lieing on the ground, shoot airplanes, say yes officer ill move, try to understnad if in speed mode you can go +or -.3 cant, out of film, crest the high ridge and see the light of night coming and an approaching storm... brace camera on window delete shot i dont want to delete, shoot it right, shoot it darker which i think ill like...wait it gets better than not ...1 more battery is DEAD, so put it under my armpit, try again 3 more shots, enjoy this one, wake, shoot moon and planets, think think what to pad today...
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DSC03598.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT by DONALD VERGER lighthouses an extraordinary dawn october 1 2006 DSC00010.jpg BROODING PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouses by donald verger DSC00533x600 BRIDGING THE DARKNESS.. WITH LIGHT!   LIGHTHOUSES PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger september 29 DSC00251 BEACON PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT please seen the adjacent pad image linked below, it went on at midnight and
DSC00132jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger september 26 dawn... here comes the sun DSC00160.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES cruisin to port/SENTRY by donald verger september 25 DSC00008plane.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES HERE COMES THE SUN! fedex lines up to land by donald verger DSC00259.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES BY DONALD VERGER don verger september 25
DSC00574.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger 3rd in this dawn sequence DSC00558.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouses by donald verger DSC00015.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE as seen by donald verger september 4, see... DSC00147 DAWN OF PEACE ... portland head light lighthouse by donald verger, september 19, see more
DSC00297.jpg seen from the portland head light lighthouse by donald verger :) DSC00211.jpg THE LIGHT in the DARK... portland head light lighthouse by donald verger sunrise september 19 PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE amazing evening by donald verger this is sunset DSC00366.jpg BEACONS! PORTLAND HEADLIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger at sunrise september 16
00173 BEACON of HOPE, hand held :( PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT by donald verger lightouse september 15 1382DSC09975/stnd PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT, by donald verger lighthouse angler meets the sunrsise! jpg/9994  5 ANGELS/GULLS RIDE THE LIGHT!!! portland head light, lighthouses, by donald verger 09902 ANGLER FISHES THE DAWN... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT MAINE by donald verger, can you see the angler?
DSC09836.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT donald verger, WAVES OF GRAIN DAWN ... see... SEPTEMBER 11th... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT ... a new dawn DSC09568.jpg seen ealry yesterday from PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT.. see them all at DSC09535.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT... for me a more normal view... the one linked below is the most viewed
portland head light.... JOURNEY!!!  this one may be my fave! what do you think? donald verger, see them all... did an outdoor art show at the last minute, stunned to get first prize, left exhausted... ate here... headed home DSC00094.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT ... donald verger... see this series mostly from one night DSC00056/647/659 PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT... maine The most photographed lighthouse in the world!
DSC00103.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT #5 IN A SERIES TAKEN THE OTHER NIGHT from the market, tomorrow i will pad a new lighthouse from the series... thanks for your comments/votes! see... 87MEANDERING FENCE AND SHADOW PLAY...PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger please comment your fave! 1387FIRE LIGHT!/ BROODING LIGHT! PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger see 2 others in this gallery, more tomorrow
204THE KISS! see yesterday's pad linked below...Portland Head Light... see link below.. AGLOW Portland Head Light see linked belos DSC09908.jpg 7DSC09715.jpg HERE COMES THE SUN
33DSC09722.jpg revisited my fave maine lake, see the images from 30 below zero DSC09589.jpg i like this one! i drove to retake the pink flowers from two? years ago on the white barn door Karen Montanaro... a life in the light... unposed... just a moment seen... see last few pads and all Karen images... SMALL PINK CLOUD/ todays sunrise... MY LAST PAD was the most clicked ever!!! of world renowned ballerina/mime Karen Montanaro
Karen Montanaro KAREN MONTANARO... mime and dance KAREN MONTANARO... resting.... see the growing gallery of this world renowned mime,ballerina... at KAREN MONTANARO
4. KAREN MONTANARO... renowned ballerina, dancer, mime, and teacher... 146. KAREN MONTANARO.... world renowneded ballerina, mime, storyteller ... see yesterday's pad as well  Karen Montanaro... poised for dance DSCN8403.jpg ....  STARS....   this image was taken about 1 year ago today... and almost all the image...
DSCN7255_1 FOUR WHITE LILYS... PS ME? i reallly somehow delight in yesterdays pad 2456DSC08733.....     #63.... my neighborhood... Munjoy Hill, Portland, Maine... i rarely regret getting out of the car DSC08703.jpg DSC08616.jpg see yesterdays pad for a similar image/horizontal and...
DSC08609.jpg Dawn's Lights ...... ps should i straighten this a bit in iphoto? DSC08562.jpg Dawns first lights.... Quaddy light house... Lubec, easternmost miane DSC08459.jpg see all my newest images and lighthouses at... DSC08440.jpg LYDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lost my focus on nubble light house!
DSC08362. REDROSE  a quick storm blows ...see more at DSC05295.jpg my frined Richard painting by casco bay maine, near where i live 2207DSC08221.jpg this was an after thought after shooting the barn you can see at... DSC08261  TREE SWALLOWS' SKY! my last 5 days pads here have been clicked a bunch, plse comment on your fave
DSC08182.jpg i like yesterdays pad a lot! bit dark? 12DSC08122.jpg the little road taken after the little road taken... see my last two days pads and... 1854DSC07958.jpg GLORY available as a greeting card DSC08027.jpg nubble lighthouse last night.... see
see these other things... DSC07879.jpg DSC07512.jpg BLUE HOPE... glittering like salt.... see...
DSC07501.jpg see a 2nd image4 of this bounddary marker and other new images at... DSC07638.jpg 3am fire in my neighborhood...all safe..many images later in... DSC04998.jpg all my new images are at.... DSC07440.jpg so happy to see this yesterday... do you like this or the link below better????
DSC07263.jpg where i live.. my neighbors fence garden... off to lighthouse at dawn DSC07235.pad well i guess i am enamored by this lighthouse... and i love blue and pink and white.. and red! DSC07257.jpg more distant, more isolated, more quiet, to me more iconic and mysterious, see more at... jpeg7259?this was the very last shot/an afterthought... handheld at 1/20 :(, but a bit dreamy and quiet
2308!a last image...  NUBBLE LIGHT, maine... please comment on this or last nights pad image, also 13;DSC07252.jpg just taken...after i had stopped... see more in this series and other new shots at... 55;DSC06905.jpg DSC06972windrowmachine?.jpg ah, i like this piece of :) maine sculpture! see new images at
DSC06959.jpg from a conference this weekend in northern maine... a few images only DSC06857.jpg see the gallery linked below for many new images... 42DSC06891.jpgpadded i got soaked yesterday... wish i had an umbrella holder...please help me pick one or two... DSCN9812.jpg 1,000,000 views today... thanks for all your looking and comments!, don
DSC05078pad, I Will be putting other images of this moment in the gallery linked below... Peace... title #2 curvy white wire... oh, i.. love this image... i love white, and red, and green/rusty wheel DSC06779hooyhockbeuatyandjoy.jpg see yesterdays PAD....DSC06515whtiemountainlaundry1?.jpg This image has caused me a lot of trouble...
overlooked image... Pohnpei, Micronesia from Black Coral Island... 34b 43b33see my ABSTRACTION gallery... these images were hand held and an afterthought DSC05587_2bricksandirissss.jpg SOME OF MY FAVORITE ELEMENTS..  a moment in time and...
DSC06453weedseenwhilefrustratedahthelightindarkness.jpg SEE how i first saw this scene... reconstruction/seeking... FINDING BEAUTY... Pohnpei Classroom 43mDogwood Dance
what all do you see...????****  SEE yesterdays picture in this gallery for the shot i was trying to take click!.... SUNFLOWERS SEEN THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS... DSC05866_3flowerclose.jpg river run... JOY.... would you try to crop some of the foreground from this image?
Leeorme.foldabookforpeace.jpg See this Gallery/conmments to see/learn of Lee Orme's project! 18clouds # 3 in a row in this gallery... please comment on the one you like best... Crawford Notch, NH 23#2 in a cloud series here on the pad=  1 picture a day.. taken near Mt Washington at Crawford Notch, NH 244m191for look up challenge...thanks Jola!  WHITE MOUNTAIN HUT SKY...  looking up! at Crawford Notch, NH
58mDSC03799.jpg these are the peace cranes i brought for the children of Pohnpei, Micronesia... .see... read the image comments and the gallery coments to see if you can quess why this books where folded??? QUESS! WHY WHERE THESE BOOKS FOLDED...what do you think... why where they folded... gathered... see the gallery...
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! MAY the fire and warmth of life and light fill everyones day today! ps market flower... focused on 1 of thousands... my last four pads are all from the wed and sat Portland Market 58mTHE MAGIC OF CHILDHOOD... gather petals where they may fall... treasures to be found everywhere DSC05864libelia? quiet flower dance.. from portland market... my last pad was from market also
DSC05852peakofflowers.jpg DSCN4182insyncwithcarolynmarch04?.jpg 153mDSC05825june12thsunset PLEASE SEE MY Next  PAD... PLEASE COMMENT ON ONE YOU PREFER last nights sunset... hate it when i take a bunch and cant decide which i like best... this is 1 of 4
HAPPY BIRTDAY CAROYLYN 25!!! THIS IS THE SUNSET ON HER BIRDTHDAY LAST NIGHT... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY JUNE 11TH TO MY DAUGHTER CAROLYN 25!!! yesterday we walked... 1115HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DAUGHTER CAROLYN TODAY june 11th!!! 25 years!!! she and Rob DSC02338charliestore.jpg Charlie... see....
103mDSC05649croppedmotherdaughterinfog.jpg DSC05720_3tomatochild.jpg NEW FRIENDS OF A RAINY DAY.... TAKEN THE SAME TIME AS 102mDSC05719radishes.jpg farmers market.... in the rain on my knees DSC05693sunsetracingbackformycamera-.jpg when the sky ws the best i was in
DSC05511pansielacewaterdropletsdarkish.jpg AS BOQUET OF FLOWERS DSC04170lovers st scene.jpg.. happy moments DSC02687_2favoritelittlegirl.jpg DSC05460openstudioearly.jpg
i shoot this barn just for the little window almost not seen in this view... the lilacs drew me DSC04938runningiwhtscossors.jpg THUNDERSTORM ROLLS INTO PORTLAND! today... wild flooding rain...wild wins..underexposed to reveal detail i am trying to get ready for the open house tomorrow and saturday... and intern will help me
TRADE!... met a new friend... artist Richard Southard... google him 173mquit work... MAKE PEACE KOOLAID.... please send me your email address...THIS HAS BEEN A LOST IMAGE FOR ME... BUT was just  FOUND DSC04979harryeyes.jpg HARRY at PORTLAND STREET DINER... my show goes up on these...
DSC04941planningmyshow.jpg PLANNING MY SHOW OVER ETERIAN? LUNCH :) 182m43DANCE OF BLUES... an old image from trip to my sister Linda in Michigan... overlooked HARRY!!!! 353m105DSC02434BESTROOSTERKASELELIA.jpg I WAS DRAWN TO THE FAR AWAY BLUE!!! amid... rubble...
These three children are the ones i walked behind in a Pohnpei giant rainfall... and 231b116BANANA TREE GIRL DREAM/33//63//68///68 maybe my very favorite image! a surprise dream in the tree 194SURPRISE IN THE TREE GIRL!!!//69/121//126 238*FLY!!! SEE YESTERDAYS/50/83 PAD... A SEQUENCE... THIS YOUNG MAN IS BEEN LAUNCHED BY MY SON
137.jpg 36 at Nan Madol Ruins.. see the GROWING GALLERY OF POHNPEI VISIT AT... PLAY BALL! POHNPEI, 8/39/52 MICRONESIA... SEE THEM ALL AT... DSC02087threeflowers.jpg  SEE my GROWING GALLERY  FROM POHNPEI, MICRONESIA   ...AT 265DSC03042Pohnpei.jpg4/56/88/107 purchase photographs from my website linked below
surpriseonwaytopohnpei.jpg25/52/58 328n205..lateTAKING CARE! a peaceful 11/51/67/68/77 moment in Pohnpei, Micronesia where my son  teaches H.S. 2055Pohnpeian Flower!39/57/71 ... see a now growing gallery from Pohnpei at... Pohnpei sunset! 49/69/71
145SUNSET ON POHNPEI,46/71/81 MICRONESIA LAST EVENING... I walked this mornings POhnpian dawn..44/65/71  too suble for most... 219*children on Pohnpei! Micronesia52/97/104 Pohnpei Micronesia as seen from Black Coral Island
DSC02112.JPG57/x/80/84 DSC02513.JPG 34/51/56 163posted from Pohnpei,71/88/92/96 Micronesia by satalitte dish... see my pad= one pic a day taken 1 minute ago71/100/111 on back path from my son's home to Kolonia, town Pohnpei!
192GREETINGS62/91/97/101 FROM POHNPEI, MICRONESIA! DSCN0497_1.JPG +74 DSCN9076.JPG Lily!!! and her Dad, Mike... New Friends!
i rarely shoot vertically....  SEE ALL THE SHOTS OF THIS MOST FAMOUS NEW ENGLAND CHURCH PRICELESS!.......hand in hand.jpg barnwtrees.jpg TODAY WILL BE HIGH IN THE 50'S, but rain coming tomorrow so gather nuts today!
see all these little white church images at... DSCN5599.JPG see my newest favoirite images at hyd at dawn.jpg trying to make friendes with my camera! focus is a good thing 1071see the series gathered together here on pad= picture a day gallery and...
CAROLYN'S ROSE 17th of a series... new england most photoed church i have since learned...usually in fall LINEN AND ROSES 17th or so of these moments... recovering from hernia surgery... bit boredd?what wd u name this one?
i like this one alot... :) this is the 15th image... my new sight on seen SONY R! comes tomorrow see them all and let me know which ones you like best and why if you get a sec 2693A ROSE for my daughter CAROLYN!!!! day hernia repair today... this is a nice image to carry with me... enjoy, don
DSCN5306_1 small top left.jpg 1225/331SEE my profile image and the AMAZING GRACE Gallery at... See all the images... see the series AMAZING GRACE at...
#3 #6...  click it to see details :) jpg 5270 i think jpg 5311 whitend?*...#5 this is one noah whiten by mistake 1272/394..#1 conversion
  AMAZING GRACE little white church eaton nh new hampshire ... 5312jpg the little white church eaton nh new hampshire by donald verger 1529/590#4 printed in my living room! 2674Little White Church Eaton NH
DSCN5170rebirth.jpg I have one that is a bit lighter... see BLUEBERRIES SHOT  2 days ago nyc seen.jpg How Many people do you see? DSCN8089.JPG sunlight.... ps YESTERDAY'S PICURE OF THE DAY...PAD... is one i and many liked
DSCN0096greenyellow.jpg A quiet little overlooked soft and darkish take on colors... frosty morn.jpg  in my gallery.... 2,000+ HITS there is a RED DOOR the everyone loves DSCN5161hunkereddownneatly.jpg SEEN in VERMONT right outside a photography DSCN5242takingabow.jpg found while fastly following a fire engine!
DSCN5186thruwindow.jpg DSCN0083earlystorm.jpg rockers.jpg Title #1 Set a spell #2drapes match curtains #3 new lilac #4 google... DSCN5572.jpg//242 LUPINES AWAIT THE DAWN... please comment of this one or my profile
DSCN9370_1 barnatsunset.jpg LUCKY HORSESHOE... Barn prepares for one more night DSCN0142 athena awakens.jpg DSCN9543_1favorite barn.jpg I will put all my images of this barn in a new gallery tranquility.jpg
LANTERN wagon wheel of peace.jpg This is a wagon wheel at vermont home in a tiny village mittens.jpg DSCN0011saw dusk shack.jpg
i am back in the lovely maybe 30x40 foot orange/pink tin cieling internet cafe TWO WOMEN HAVING COFFEE AND TALKING... on a portland cobble stone street DSCN0550_1 light  colors.jpg SEE YESTERDAY'S PAD IMAGE TO see...more or less clearly DSCN0544_1monhegan shack.jpg
412DSCN9906fireydawn.jpg thejoyofonemomentexperienced.jpg DSCN9998nyctulips.jpg  sunlight.jpg
image  2.jpg a brief moment in time.jpg DSCN0090_1interestingassemblage.jpg DSCN9992_1nycstreetscene.jpg
10561FLOWER DANCE FIRE DAWN dscn1666 -1 WINTER SERENITY DSCN9998nyctulips.jpg
jpg 0069...HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHARON ROGERS!!!!...WHAT is a DIAL CAGE??? share your IDEAS and... DSCN0042handheld3inarow.jpg DSCN0211geraniumswithchristmaslights.jpg DSCN0480 lilac butterfly in dancing light.jpg
Blue Green Flowery Door... goodmorningeveryone DSCN0370 girl sleeping in wagon.jpg 465..DSCN4142.JPG/0/2///465 DSCN4131.
Portland Maine street scene by unfocused guy... Ps see yesterdays pad and... 318))DSCN4152.JPG 2  see AMAZING DAY GALLERY FOR OTHER IMAGES! DSCN7539.JPG DSCN6850.JPG
yesterdays pad was also a fire scene image... noone hurt DSCN8542.JPG DSCN0147.JPG the moment of dawn... yestwedays pad was clicked alot and... DSCN9982.JPG awaiting sunrise... ps yesterdays pad i discovered was 1/18th hand held
DSCN9971.JPG the quiet light before dawn DSCN7402.JPG See my all galleries page... for many island shots...DSCN4017.JPG Dec 16th 04, see my first gallery... Amazing Day... DSCN0089.JPG
for Carolyn, my daughter...taken a moment ago,  HI Bean! DSCN9488.JPG dec 15th again... ps people seemed to like yest pad... and in past days DSCN0074.JPG/685//693///696  Which do you like better... this new image, a bit dark... or if you go Maine State Trooper medflighted out... news reports, non life threatening injuries!
setting moon.... moon set Angels of light visit my lunch! bowl and salt shaker in a moment of dancing light... hey! noone saw my pad posted late last night :) last 5 or so pads have been sunrises same spot DSCN9911.JPG DAWN OF A NEW YEAR... HAPPY NEW YEAR! all my pads for the last days....
732DSCN9906.jpg/657//660///661 HAPPY NEW YEAR! A DAWN USHERING A YEAR OF PEACE! DSCN9500.JPG yell when i bore you... the last 4-5 pads are of this morning DSCN9484.JPG PROMTHEAN MOMENT... have you ever witnessed this brief moment of dawn? my last 3 pads are ISLAND SUNRISES like my profile image... also see my barn gallery for more....
DSCN9504.JPG my last 2 pads are of this dawn, which do you think is best?... A New Dawn, A New Year of Peace and Hope... this shot was taken 1 minute after yesterdays PAD... Whoops... tried to put up adjecent jpeg... i will tomorrow of alt. island sunshine! A Christmas/Hanukkah Card to Everyone! ps see yesterdays PAD for more holiday imagery!
462DSCN3496.JPG 106/454//459///459 Peaceful Dawn... 3 reindeer/ 3 sisters/ 3 angels... Merry Christmas/Happy Hannuka! to all! My Haystack... i return to this barn & ash tree all the time over these 3 years in maine... DSCN9736.JPG
my niece, Hannah! DSCN2108.JPG WINTER'S WOOD PILE DH000006.JPG
ARMS...  ps... my pad yesterday is an image from dec 18 last year... old but a favorite!!! 22118/21146DAWN OF PEACE see my peronal website linked below HOPE... :) Splash of sun... red surprise... a detail from my yesterday's ..1 new picture a day gallery
DSCN9090.JPG serenity found DANCING ON THE WATER... safe at harbor... ps see Yolanda Fusco gallery and Monhegan gallery VENUS DANCES!!! !!! !!!
MEMORY GARDEN :)... a winter's gift/of memories for you also see 2,000+ and 1,000+hits galleries and my barn gallery to see one like this DSCN0116.JPG may you have all these things in your life today
DSCN9976.JPG enjoy the light of this day... PS... see yesterday's pad... maybe the fastest clicked! SPIRIT OF THE LIGHT... RAINDROPS in the FOG jpeg 9932 SAFE AT HARBOR... this is the view from artist Yolanda Fusco's tiny bedroom...
SERENITY... A birthday card just found this in a sequence from dec 15 04.......DSCN3998.JPG BEAUTY... not so different really than yesterdays pad of sky/clouds... and 1 of my DSCN9845.JPG
a GIFT... refuge in the storm! What do you imagine this image is about??? let me know first.. and below i will share HAPPY DAY! one day at a time... one of many happy days! nature imitates woman? taken near the Weary Club, Norway, Maine
FEEKING THE STILLNESS.........take a look at my last 4 pads if you get a chance.... #1 Please comment on my last 2 PADS... which do you like better??? #2 What might you title this image...? AND I WILL CREATE yesterday's pad had my first example of a little logo and more words about it one of two logos i am considering... what do you think???
leap into the day!... ps i am putting a 2nd shot in gallery,,, shawn please print DSCN3499.JPG day of glory! :)... the last warmth of the sun reflects in the ocean beach sands last moments of day on the sands of time... see my pad today for a 2nd image
father and child... title #2 green clobs... ps each foot was in a pocket :) in the pink :) each day a gift DSCN0077.JPG
vectored back softly to earth... follow... follow the lights to settle back to earth the Stadler Art Gallery... i will have the show in this wonderful! space... touched by fire seeing out... the last of the sugar maple sun...
Keep a fire for the human race, let your prayers go drifting into space......9979.JPG Stars in the Sky... the sun dances on the face of the water, bring light to the dark` sugar maple .... ps i will be putting up some ...all new shots today in my first gallery
see the IMAGINE... images for peace gallery... 1067good morning Dan!!! and freinds... Monhegan island...  i will add this image... The spirit of the Light... hope faith love :) please see IMAGINE... images for peace... my first gallery and see Cory Bamburg's image
i now have 2006 calenders! $5 to hurricane relief... drop me a note if you'd like one 1469mseeing... sweet vestige of summer gone by... soon to return... :) ... oct 29th, 200...4! MONHEGAN ISLAND... maine WINTER, COME SHE WILL... WINTER AND FALL HOLD HANDS... my view yesterday
my last exhausted shot... today,,, all the others are of winter conditions,,, MT W POEM... ps if you like this strange little shot... try to tell me why, thanks, d EMBRACE... listen to Rachmaninov's cello/piano sonata while viewing... 3  WINDOWS...ARTISTIC FARMER/ARTIST... see more in my !st gallery... white mtns...DSCN9563.JPG
DANCER...   believe it not... some how the texture of the white/brown weatered shakes... the sun came out! and i went out.  to find a way to see the fall colors.............9992. ALISON HILL - ARTIST... Monhegan Island Maine... #1 Safe at harbor...#2 Planets repose... #3 people on earth...#4feelings/muted light9181.JPG
PEACE DAY'S END... two faint planets slip into sleep ... CLOUDS GOODNIGHT KISS DSCN4144.JPG A LOST LOST found at 3am shot... again quiet like yesterdays SERENITY...DSCN0009.JPG
7 lamps... what do you see in this shot... what story do you imagine... c 10/13 pad FALL SERENITY... the trail head for Mitzvah Hun AMC  ..............DSCN9626 FOUR LIGHTS... don takes the train to boston... THE GIFT... another dawn, and other day
ELM SAFE 315ma gift for Audra, Isi, and Alice, +++... can anyone guess what this is???... make a guess!!! TRUCKIN... the creative expressive artistic life! of an artist... bethlehem, N.H.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY TO... AUDRA!!!   IMAGINE! 29!  VOTE FOR AUDRA'S BD AND friends! Pam and Uttham... bethlehem, HH, oldest US theater, poetry capital home... a moment of wonder and peace Please see my 3 calenders galleries for hurricane relief... this shot is walmart
DSCN5127 i just found this image! on my new imac... saved on a flash card HAPPY BIRTDAY ROB!!! a birthday moonrise at dawn September 30th, 2005... 27!!! please add water droplets 775,649m583jpeg 89...72///525///538//541///542THE SPIRIT OF THE LIGHT... joy and freedom... taken a few moment ago sitting on
safe/connected/loved/joy/play... another quick snap at the common ground fair :) this is the one full of energy and joy, yet unfocused and too light that i meant to upoad Sisters go to the fair, don sat on the ground under a tent JOY AND BEAUTY... whoops i wanted to put the next one up... a too light unfocued, but real joy...
Rachael...2006 common ground fair, google it up, read my comments on yesterdays pad... May? please look at my first gallery! and comment directly on shots you like to help me DSCN6359.JPG
#1 for ref/ please comment Erin y690 SEE THROUGH... oh, how i LOVE the WHITE :) December, 18 2004 4132.JPGx272 y368 DSCN0045.JPG 172x358
change/choice/my mom's plate 1092February... RED and White.1036//1038///1038 SAFE... at sea.... fellolw ferry riders... the first of a series/old images, harddrive full DOVE/Angel  OF MERCY! 8406jpeg
CHAIR vermont  7289.JPG i loved the motion and the light and sound, came out of the phili train  journey home.  St J' Academy;;; ps this image is a fave of mine.. languised on pbase... DSCN7932.JPG
DSCN5984.JPG what do you think :)...DSCN8361.JPG enough fog shots for now! me personally im thinking of PINK HAIR!!! :) 3257August0060jpg... note 1/06///3194 this pink a blue shot is one of my very favorites!
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