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1966 - a bunch of Hialeah boys in the Tri Omega fraternity at Miami-Dade Junior College
1966 MDJC "Falcon"

1966 - a bunch of Hialeah boys in the Tri Omega fraternity at Miami-Dade Junior College

Miami, Florida

A bunch of Hialeah bubbas, I mean boys, in the Tri Omega fraternity at Miami-Dade Junior College. I know that Ron Losey, Pete Ciolfi, Don Cullars, Joe Pascual, Bill Swann, Jack Turnier, Shannon Warren and Mark Zubal were from Hialeah, some of them going to school with me at Immaculate Conception and Hialeah High or just Hialeah High.

I think Shannon Warren's father set a Northside Sears store record for unusual refunds when I was working there as part-time supervisor at night and weekends in customer service in the early 1970's. He brought back a five-year old mattress because the edges were starting to fray and he wanted a full refund. I wouldn't give it to him due to the age of the mattress so he insisted on seeing someone higher and I called in a duty store manager, who gave him a full refund just to get rid of him.

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Ralph Azuz 27-Aug-2012 01:12
Speaking for Ralph Azuz, I can say that he had a lot of love for these guys, who were brothers in more ways than just fraternity-speaking. Over the years, we all lost contact with each other, but Ralph Azuz and John Kozma remained close for another decade or so, until that friendship also dissipated.
I can say for a fact that Ralph was never a PRINCIPAL in Dade County, but he was a PRINCIPLE there for many years, most spent at Coral Gables High School; then, in the early eighties, he moved his family to Georgia.
Now, Ralph is retired, divorced, and living in Central Florida. He can be found on Facebook and YOUTUBE, and he has a son, Carl, who is employed by CNN, Atlanta, as an anchor for CNN Student News. Both men can be also found on Google.
Finally, I can absolutely say that Ralph would be pleased to hear from his/these former friends.
Don Boyd15-Jun-2011 15:28
Hi Bill (boy, we go back a long ways!),

Thank you for writing and for the updated information on the guys. Maybe someday one of the guys will find this site and provide more updated information. I did a Google search on the words "Mark Zubal" and there is one Mark Zubal on Facebook but it's not our Mark (maybe his son?).

Bill Swann 14-Jun-2011 13:21
Hey Don, I enjoy your site. The last I heard anything (in the 70's) Mark Zubal was in Belle Glade. I don't know what has happened to him since. The last I heard of Ralph Azuz he was a Principle at a middle School in South Dade. The Tri-O bunch had a get together at his house. Ron Losey and I went in the Marines togrther with Frank Kelly. Ron got himself in hot water in the Corp, but managed to get it together before he got out Frank ended up in a lot of trouble and recieved a DD. I haven't seen either of them since then. Bill
Mary Anne C 27-Feb-2011 01:03
I dated Joe Pascual while a student at Miami-Dade in 66-67. A finer young man never existed. He was a sweetheart. I understand he has passed away.
Alford17-May-2008 07:44
I remember some of these guys! Maybe I know you, Don? HHS 1966. I think these guys were a year ahead of me. I remember the names Ron Losey - and Jack Turnier because a classmate either dated him or had a crush on him.