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Don Boyd | all galleries >> Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries - largest non-Facebook collection on the internet >> Memories of Old HIALEAH, Florida - Historical Photo Galleries and Commentaries - click on image to view and read > 1947 or 1948 - Rustic Roller Rink 8th Anniversay Badge
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1947 or 1948 - Rustic Roller Rink 8th Anniversay Badge
1947 or 1948 Courtesy Sherry Fassett-Bradley

1947 or 1948 - Rustic Roller Rink 8th Anniversay Badge

Hialeah, Florida

Thank you to Sherry Fassett-Bradley for contributing this image. Thank you to Jim Schang for the information on when his family established the business and who was involved in it. Good times!

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PATRICIAGAST 25-Jul-2017 21:55
Jim Morris Jr. 25-Aug-2015 21:29
My name is Jim Morris my email out there was asking about the name of the rooster it was Pete, and the name of the chimpanzee was Mr. Moke.
Don Boyd24-Oct-2014 14:59
Dino and Guest from 15-OCT, I don't know why your car comments are under Rustic Roller Rink's image but in the CARS gallery there is a photo of the Cabriolets Road Club and the members, specifically at: .

Dino, that was great money back in 1961 - the minimum wage was $1.25 in 1965, and probably lower in 1961, when I worked one hot sweaty summer for a family friend's storm shutter business. Maybe they were trying to teach me a lesson to move on to better air-conditioned occupations and I did.

leonard Sclafani 24-Oct-2014 01:29
I believe it was called village custom cars and there was a car club off 103 st and by that bridge that went over the r.r. tracks called Hialeah Cabrolets and I knew a guy in it called Barret Glubber ,he was a cool guy. Im Dino also known as Leonard Sclafani lived at 112 e.14 st my mom worked at Mae and Daves making pizza there for years I went to South Hialeah elementary then Miami springs the first year it opened then Hialeah High for 1 year and quit to go to work at Preston Pipe line company making $3.50 an hour back in 1961......
Guest 15-Oct-2014 15:09
Does anyone remember the Custom club of Hialeah?
I helped Tom Finley build

Guest 05-Oct-2014 02:28
Where was this Rustic Rink exactly located in Hialeah? I remember the old Hialeah roller rink on West 29th St across the street from Filer Jr. High. But this is the first time I've heard of this one. My family moved to Hialeah in '66 and we lived on E. 52nd St til '78.
Guest 01-Mar-2014 20:37
Does anyone remember Buddy(Walter) Parks and his broth SAM…….they worked at Rustic Roller Rink in the day……..MJ
Guest 30-Jan-2014 21:34
I skated at Rustic 4 or 5 years until I married in 1961 and moved away. My brother
Larry creel, met and married his still wifw, Donna and they live in Arcadia, Fla.
I live in Covington, Ga. My mother used to punish me by not letting me go to
the rink, she could get me to do anything to keep from missing. I met my first
husband there. I was able to go to the reunion party in Ft. Lauderdale in 88-90 yr.
and met up with all the group. Had a huge group at reunion. My daughter and her
husband skate today at 50 and 63 yrs. of age. Larry has some of the old pictures
of people skating and games we. Love to look at them. I went to Mia. Springs Jr. High and Hialeah High/ grad. class of 62' Linda Creel Trotman Simpson

Guest 12-Jul-2013 22:26
My e-mail has changed Jim. Who remembers Tom & Pat Finley? I was Toms best man at there wedding. Remember when Mr. Finley would come up with, races,contests of all kinds we had a lot of fun there, remember seating out side on the front of your car watching the skaters, and don't for get the putt putt next to the rink.
Connie Devendorf Maddox 28-Apr-2013 00:04
I sure remember going there. Started going in 1957 and went until 1966 or later. Mr and Mrs Findley were so sweet and kept us all on our toes. My brothers went there too. Don't know if anyone would remember us, My brothers Richard and Tom and me Connie Devendorf. Live in Georgia now and all my grands skate too, just as my kids started skating at 4 yrs old. Still love to skate, just a little bit more careful, lol.
Guest 16-Jan-2013 22:07
My name is Jim morris I think that I live there most of the time. We all had a great time. Mr finley did a great job. If you would like to e-mail is
Billy Hess 16-Oct-2012 21:54
I'm checking on it, anybody remember the skating monkey, his name was muggs!
Guest 03-Sep-2012 19:00
Does anyone remember the NAME of the skating chicken???
Guest 15-Jul-2012 14:23
I loved Rustic Roller Rink. I went every Saturday afternoon and skated both the indoor and outdoor rink. I got my first pair of skates there when I was 7 and skated there weekly until I was 12. Then we moved and I went to the Friday sessions at North Miami Roller Rink. I took dance and speed skating lesson at Rustic. Loved the skating chicken...does anyone have a photo of it?? Would love to see it....
Judie 18-Mar-2012 21:19
My mother and father met there. Nellie O'Shield and Jack Raffield. They were married in 1947 after my Dad got out of the Army. They skated there for many years to come with my older brother and me. I don't remember exactly 1963 or 64, but I had a birthday party there. Good memories!
Guest 21-Oct-2011 20:41
I used to go to rustic rink back in the fifties.I met a girl there that I have never forgotten.Pattie Lee was her name.As I remeber didnt the Findley family operate it ..I can be found in face book...Jim Holland is my name
don reeves 02-Jun-2011 20:39
I remember going there,also my sister Georgianna broke her rist ther right before we went on a vacation.spent the summer in a arm cast and could not go swiming.
Melinda 01-Jun-2011 02:01
I learned to skate at this rink. It was very close to where we lived. Wasn't there a rooster there that had a tiny pair of skates?? I was very young going there. My brother taught me how to skate there. I fell flat on my back in a race, on the outside rink, one hot afternoon. The rink was close to Southeast Park, where we had loads of fun, 24/7, growing up there in Southeast Hialeah. Good times!!
Guest 26-Jan-2011 21:59
Wally Duffy, I skated at Rustic almost every friday and saturday night from 1955 to late 1964. I got in free for 8 years (my dad took publicity photo's). Mr & Mrs Finlay were always there to keep everyone skating to the latest music. I worked there 1963 to 64. Met so many nice girls and tried to skate with every girl that came in. Had a great group of friends.
Billy Hess 09-Jan-2011 00:31
My grandmother worked the ticket counter there,my uncle Ellis was the one who had the rollerskating chicken,but I can only vaguely remember.Ellis just retired from teaching at univ. of Maryland ( Salisbury).My first memories started about 1960,good times.
Tina Smith 20-Sep-2010 23:16
My parents meant at the Rustic Roller Rink in 1950 (Wilbur Smith and Frances Fleming). I also skated at Rustic and Hialeah. Pom-Poms red and white 2 on each shoe. Learned to dance on skates at Hialeah with a guy I liked. Showed the dance to my son when he started skating in 2006. WOW the memories are so cool.
Guest 13-Aug-2010 16:37
When I was a little girl the whole family learned to skate there - remember the skating chicken - inside and outside rink - snow cones! Great times!! I thought I was the only one around who remembered this and I"m just discovering your website and so very very grateful - thanks! I went to Twin Lakes Elem., Palm Springs Jr. and then Hialeah High graduated in 69! Now living in Indianapolis!
Guest 26-Jun-2010 21:56
I was a member of the Rustic Roller Rink Birthday Club..Every year they sent 6 free tickets for your friends and my Mother would bring a cake for them to set up. They were Great Birthdays...Gayle from Hialeah
Guest 27-Jan-2010 02:12
There is a new group on facebook called hialeah roller rink in case any of you would like to check it out! it's getting bigger and bigger! THE RABOLDS are in there as well
Guest 16-Jan-2010 17:47
Hey, i used to skate at Hialeah Roller Rink, knew all of the Rabold family. Miss it, the Race Track. I miss the old Hialeah. Rhonda J. Rollason
suzanne Burke Hansen 08-Nov-2009 03:12
I adored Rustic, back in the 50's that was the happening place, so many memories there. Then along came "Hialeah Roller Rink", Ahhh, now we were teenagers and we had our own skates and POM, we were so cool. I love all the memories and I loved growing up in Hialeah.
Marcia 18-Aug-2009 16:01
Oh, Rustic Roller Rink! I loved that place with its great tongue and groove wood benches, organ music, snow cones and the wooden indoor rink! Remember how they had kids doing the bunny hop on skates? I broke my arm there outside on the concrete rink - it was my 12th birthday party and I thought I was really flying till I lost it. Something to remember it by, but really only good memories. So sad when it burned down. - Marcia
Don Boyd23-Jul-2009 03:09
Jim, thank you for writing in and letting us know about your family running the business, who did what, etc. It's obvious that everyone who has written in, not only under this photo but also in the comments galleries, loved the place when they went there.

Jim Schang 22-Jul-2009 22:41
My father and uncle started Rustic Roller Rink in 1939 or 1940. They borrowed the money from my grandfather to lease a dance hall in Hialeah and ultimately converted it to a skating rink. I learned to skate at about the same time I learned to walk. My dad sold his share to my uncle during WWII. During the fifties we lived in a small apartment built onto the old indoor rink. My dad played the records, my mom worked behind the soda fountain and my brother and I skated every night. Great fun. Great memories. Jim Schang
Ken Griese 07-Jan-2009 23:32
I first went to Rustic Roller Rink in about 1957 or 1958. I loved to go on Friday nights and skate on the outside rink. We used the inside rink on Saturday afternoons. SO many fun memories. I remember the Limbo Stick contest and the races. I also loved the couples skates and skating backwards with your best girl. Good clean fun and never any fights. Thanks for the memories.
Robbin P. Learned 08-Dec-2008 00:36
I went to Rustic Roller Rink, Roller Skating, For years, Back in The 50's, and until The Early 60's, And it was a Wonderful Place To Go, and I Enjoyed Myself, Lots, and Lots Of Times. You Could Skate either inside, on The Wooden Floor, or Outside, Fresh Air Style, and you Had Fun, Met Guys And Girls, Skated All Skates, Romantic Couples Only, Races, ect. I Loved That Place, and Everytime, I Get Near There, I Go By, and see The Place Whereit was, and all The Memories Come Pouring at Me !!!!! On TYhe Exact Spot, Where All Of Rustic was, There's A P arking Lot, with Lots of Parking Spaces, and I Think it's an Extra Parking Lot For Home Depot, that's Behind it, and I Love it, Because This way, I Can See Rustic's Exact Spot, as it was, excet; Minus The Buildings, Fence, and Rinks. In Fact, I Took A Sunday Drive To Miami Springs, and Allapattah, and I Stopped in That Parking Lot, To Remember Rustic, and That was only 1 Hour Ago. What Memories, I Have Of Rustic Roller Rink.
Louis 05-Oct-2008 23:48
Does anyone remember a Dexter's Roller Rink on NW 7th Avenue next door to the Strand Theatre?
Alford17-May-2008 06:58
Rustic Roller Rink! With the world's only skating chicken! His grave was outside at the north end of the outdoor rink. I used to love skating there on Saturday mornings in my little pink and gray skating outfit.