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Don Boyd | all galleries >> Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries - largest non-Facebook collection on the internet >> Miami Area RESTAURANTS, Drive-Ins, Bars, Lounges, Liquor Stores, Clubs, Strip Joints, etc. Gallery - All Years - click to view > 1964 - Liquor Store and lounge at 11359-61 Bird Road, Miami
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1964 - Liquor Store and lounge at 11359-61 Bird Road, Miami

1964 - Liquor Store and lounge at 11359-61 Bird Road, Miami

11359-61 Bird Road (SW 40th Street), Miami

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Lorrie 27-Jul-2014 04:05
Omg! I lived in village green back in the 60s as my parents were one of the first buyers back then! I sold gerbils to the pet store there on account of my gerbils reproducing gerbils! The pet store was in the Concorde shopping center as well. I recall mass, as they were building the St. Kevin's church, was being held at the movie theaters. Got my drivers license there too, wow!!!
Guest 16-Oct-2013 02:06
Used to be a clothing store called The Hairy Eyeball.
Grants dept store was in there too and a little pizza joint
Called Mario's. Awe, the good ole days.
Rick L. 22-Oct-2012 02:33
Remember the L Luria and store that used to be on the south end opposite the concord lounge.
hugo drax14-Sep-2010 22:49
The 5 and 10 was called Rowseys 5 and 10. I remember this mall quite a bit in the early 80s. My dad ran Bolita (numbers) and the concord mall was something I remember quite often. (This was before lottery became legal.)

They had a Mona Lisa Pizzeria also in that mall back in the days people used to come by the place to play the numbers, pay or collect winnings some times. hehe

I remember wanting to be a "Bolitero" when I was a kid, ironically now I make markets in the equity options market (Chicago Board of Options)
Thelemos 07-Jul-2009 14:33
Yes! Carroll Music and the Concord Theater. I moved away from the area in 2nd grade (1967) but would walk to the theater from Miller and 107th with my brothers who wer less than 3 years older. Do kids still walk a mile and half for anything? And Tyler's tall milk shake with whipped cream and a cherry on top was a special treat we'd get if Mom was out of town and Dad did't want to cook. Years later my brothers were at the Bird's Nest strip joint. They were 17 and 15 and a fight broke out. The bouncers were dragging a guy out and he grabbed my brother's chair. My brother didn't want to draw attention and just sat looking at the stripper as the bouncers dragged the customer and the customer dragged my brother's chair with him in it!
Guest 30-Jun-2009 18:42
Tom Antczak
My mom used to take me for guitar lessons at Carrol Music around 1972.
Later on I taught there part time. I also got my driver's license here.
Don Boyd22-Feb-2009 18:19
Eb, thanks for your response. I believe Johnny was one of the pressmen operating the equipment that printed the paper. Thanks. Don
eb walker 22-Feb-2009 17:02
don i dont recall the name. there was several hundred working there. do you know which dept. he worked in. might have know him by sight. my wife worked there also, she doesnt remember him .
Armando 31-Aug-2008 16:06
Concord Shopping also had a driver's license place, the gun shop & indoor shooting range.
Don Boyd22-May-2008 03:44
Old Perrine Boy, you mentioned the Miami News closing their building on NW 7th Street in 1966. Thanks for that date because I couldn't remember when it was. By any chance did you know a gent working there by the name of Johnny Cheleotis? He moved to Lima, Ohio in the late 60's.

Guest 22-May-2008 00:11
my old stomping grounds. had a home built in village green in 1962 lived there till 1966 when the miami news closed its 7th street building we moved to ohio. what a change over the years. the old home doesnt look the same, or the area. an old perrine boy.
Guest 19-Feb-2008 04:14
Oh yeah...almost forgot...there was a movie theater there as well. My step mother left screaming one time when we were watching a movie and we saw a rat the size of a buick run down the aisle.
Guest 19-Feb-2008 04:13
I remember Grand Union. There was also a police station there at one time and a cool little 5 and dime store...cannot remember the name to save my life. Now I go to Home Depot there.
Steve 29-Jan-2008 05:09
Yes, that is NW corner of the old Concord shopping center. My parents owned the hobby shop there (A&H Hobbies, about 4 doors south) until the mid 70's. I lived at that place! Other stores in Concord included: Grand Union, Grant's, Tyler's, Carrol Music and Rexall. All open fields to the west to 117th avenue. No turnpike back then! Things have really changed since then!
Guest 29-Nov-2007 23:52