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Don Boyd | all galleries >> Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries - largest non-Facebook collection on the internet >> South Florida SHOPPING CENTERS, STORES, and MALLS Historical Photos Gallery - All Years - click on image to view > 1960s - Richards Department Store and Royal Bakeries truck at 163rd Street Shopping Center
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1960s - Richards Department Store and Royal Bakeries truck at 163rd Street Shopping Center
1960s Courtesy of Daniel Worth

1960s - Richards Department Store and Royal Bakeries truck at 163rd Street Shopping Center

163rd Street Shopping Center, Dade County, Florida

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Estel 06-Oct-2014 03:16
I remember the Richards store on W 49th St in Hialeah.
Guest 19-Jul-2013 22:54
Just wondering if anyone knew or worked with someone named Greg at the Richards Department Store in Hialeah, Florida in the late 60's. I don't know his last name. I believe he was a manager though. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Guest 01-Sep-2012 03:11
I worked part-time at the Richards in Hialeah in 1974 while I was a senior at Hialeah High. I did mostly gift wrapping plus relief switchboard operator. I once cut off an Assistant Manger, Mr. Rigobono, 3 times in a row because I plugged things in wrong on the PBX switchboard (the kind you see in old movies with operators plugging & unplugging cables).Funny memories! I spent all my money on clothes (great discount!), which were relatively expensive in those days as they were all made in the USA.
lois styche 29-Nov-2011 20:25
I always loved, Possession perfum by corday,,I have not been able to find it since Richards dept. store in Hialeah closed. Do you know where I can find it
Lisa Hoffman 25-Jun-2011 20:58
When I got married in Miami, Richard's Department store did our wedding photos. That was in 1974. When Richard's was going out of business, my father went to Richard's to see if he could buy our wedding negatives (film back then). They did for $50. 200 negatives. Probably because they were going out of business and they would have been thrown out. I still have those negatives.
Guest 06-Apr-2011 00:07
"... At Richard's.... smart shoppers meet...
"...Richard's.... value can't be beat....
**Announcer reads copy...**
"... Richard's says, 'Come save and see!'...
"... Their only 'high'... is Qua-li-ty!" Music tag.
Joy Norman 27-Oct-2010 14:41
I started working aty the main Richards in Miami in 1959 and was one of the employes who helped set up the store at 163rd and Cutler Ridge. It was the main store that the most input as to what we thought would sell there,as in the Cutler Ridge Store. the main store was 12 stories high with a basement and a messadeam on the second floor that was not used as the thought a store with 13 floors was not a good omen. After the Cutler Ridge store was opened I worked there for a while and I still have one of there shopping bags.
Randy 14-Nov-2009 07:58
Richards was a great store, good merchandise at good prices. My brother worked there and sure got us a lot of stuff with his employee discount. Someone mentioned the restuarant on the second floor, it was really good. We would sit at the counter and order one of the tastiest hamburgers. And the rest of the shopping center was like a vacation to us that lived out in the county where there was nothing but pastureland.
Phil V 22-Oct-2009 20:24
I worked at the Harmony Music Shop in the "arcade" in the late 60's. The only enclosed part of the 163rd st shopping center at that time. I also remember eating "Olieburgers"? at the amusement park grill. Jeffersons department store was actually west about 3 or 4 blocks on 163rd. The big Buddah was at the restaurant at the corner of 163 and west dixie,just north of the big propane tanks on west dixie. You could smell those tanks a few blocks away. When I was a kid that smell meant we were going to be at Sunny Isles beach in a few minutes.
RCiordia 13-Jan-2009 20:55
This is a wonderful pciture of a Royal Bakery delivery truck. My father was a security guard there in the late 60's until 1970. I still have some of his business cards from that era! Great gallery. Thanks!
James Monday 25-Oct-2008 03:28
I worked at this particular store in the mid 70's on the second floor in the shoe department as a stock boy. My mother was in personel. (she helped get me hired) I have fond memories of the mall before it was enclosed. Saw the mall last year and it's almost unrecognizable from it's original form. All the anchor stores are gone and this Richard's store is now a Marshalls.
Ira 13-Oct-2008 19:47
This is definately the 163 Street location of Richard's. Directly to the east of the building were rides and games, very popular for children's birthdays, back in the 1960's
davidbloom 07-Oct-2008 18:41
This IS 163 Street Richard's.....I worked was my FIRST job.....I made $1.30 an hour ! They had a GREAT restaurant on the 2nd floor, and Richard's was really a good solid middle class store ...
christian w. olson 29-Apr-2008 22:27
if this is 163rd street, then just east going towards the beach, there was an asian restraunt almost on the corner with biscayne and the railroad tracks. along the main road, there was this really big buhda figure who sat on a giant turtle in order to advertise the restraunt. my cousin and her friend would always paint the head of the turtle red, so it looked like something suggestive. everytime the owner would repaint the turtle head, my cousin and her friend would go back and paint it red again, so that when you drove home from haulover, everyone in traffic would see the buhda man with something suggestive between his legs.
Guest 16-Dec-2007 04:11
I remember Royal Bakeries was of N.W. 7th Ave. & 12 St.
Helen 26-Oct-2007 23:42
Yes. This was the 163st shopping center in North Miami Beach, Fla. Across the street
was Jeffersons and behind the shopping center was my school J.F.K Jr. High. I never saw it when it was a mall. Oh, and let's not forget Zayres on the other side of
the Center. And I still have a bag from Zayres from probably the late 60's or early 70's.
Joanne 16-Aug-2007 20:18
I remember a Richards at the Cutler Ridge Shopping Center as well.
Guest 20-Jul-2007 14:51
Lets not forget there was a Richards located on the corner of NW 103 Street and Red Road in Hialeah
Diane 16-Jul-2007 20:52
I looks to be the one on 163rd street. Funny thing, I was just trying to tell someone about this store the other day. Now I can show them.
Jeff 13-Jul-2007 21:19
For some reason, part of my post was abridged cut off...

The store owner, Richard Gimbel, settled on naming his store (located on North Miami Avenue in Downtown Miami) Richards...
Jeff 13-Jul-2007 21:16
I'm inclined to believe this photo was taken at the 163rd Street Shopping Center, as Richards was the most Western building, and the "open air" look of the building in the rear of the phot looks like the "plaza" area of the mall...

For historic note, Richards was not the original name planned for these stores... Back in the 1920's, the family of the owner refused to let him use his surname on settled on using his first name.
Roberta Perry Hughes 09-Jul-2007 19:36
Thank you so much for this picture! My father, & his brother, Johnny, both worked for Richards, delivering packages. Their delivery trucks were similar to the Royal Bakeries truck pictured, only the ones used for Richards were dark green.
I don't believe this particular store was in downtown Miami, however, as it appears to be by itself.
Even so, many thanks, for including this picture in the Gallery!