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Don Boyd | all galleries >> Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries - largest non-Facebook collection on the internet >> Memories of Old HIALEAH, Florida - Historical Photo Galleries and Commentaries - click on image to view and read >> OLD HIALEAH - 1920's and 1930's historical photos gallery - click on image to enter > 1920s - Hialeah Drug Company, Palm Avenue and E. 1st Street and County Road (later Okeechobee Road), Hialeah
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1920s - Hialeah Drug Company, Palm Avenue and E. 1st Street and County Road (later Okeechobee Road), Hialeah
1920s Florida State Archives

1920s - Hialeah Drug Company, Palm Avenue and E. 1st Street and County Road (later Okeechobee Road), Hialeah

Hialeah, Florida

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Guest 27-May-2011 15:00
To this very day, right on the corner of Palm Avenue and 2nd or 3rd street, there is a store, a sandwich shop called Sarrussi, that looks just like this building. A few blocks north there is another small group of stores that have an apartment building on the 2nd floor. Quite run down yet historic.
Alford17-May-2008 06:11
We moved to Hialeah in 1951 when I was three (mother, daddy, two boys, one girl) and I have such warm memories of "downtown" Hialeah, especially Baker's Drugstore and Milander Meats.

As a kid, it seemed like we drove down from East 30th Street and 4th Avenue about once a week to go to Baker's and talk with Mr. Baker. I was quite young, but my "treat" would be 10 comic books - at 10 cents a pop - and I LOVED comic books. I remember many times going into Milander's butcher shop, which is what we called it, and Mayor Milander would be behind the counter to wait on customers.

And Ellen, I DO recall that pink house! Hialeah Drive was a very nice street. I of course remember the Essex theatre (and the Circle in Miami Springs) since I spent a lot of time in both as young pre-teen and teen.

I barely recalled the bandstand until reading about it here refreshed my memory. And remember Benny Babcock Park? I attended kindergarten at Babcock Park when it had a nice little "forest" of young pine trees - and a pool that didn't ever seem to be clean!

I went to South Hialeah Elementary, Flamingo Elementary, Filer Jr. High, and Hialeah High.
Gail Kennedy 06-May-2008 23:30
Mt parents moved to Hialeah in 1951. I remember well Baker's Pharm and doc Baker. Remember the Coca Cola syrup he bottled up for upset stomachs? Dr. Brown was also our doctor. I can still remember the very antiseptic smell of that office and the cold leather couches in the waiting room. My mother worked at Hialeah City Hall when Mayor Mylander (sp) was there. Everytime I went to my moms office she would take me to his office. No matter who he was meeting with, he would motion me to come in and reach in his desk drawer to get me a candy bar. Sorry to hear the race track is in such disrepair. We lived on W. 33rd St and during racing season we would set up out lemonade stands and make a killing. Traffic used to be backed up for miles. I went to Mae M Walters elem and my brother went to Filer Jr. High.
Don Boyd27-Dec-2007 19:31
Thank you very much for all the information that you posted. I'm sorry that I failed to notice it until now. Don
Guest 26-Oct-2007 19:24
The drug store pictured was at the corner of Palm Ave/E. 1st St./Okeechobee Rd
right across the street from Triangle Park. Doc Wilson was the pharmacist, Doc
Baker worked for him. The property was sold to Royal Castle and they built one of
their restrurants on the corner just a few door down from Mialander's Meats. Doc
Baker went on to build his own drug store at the N.W. corner of Palm Ave. My mom
was a great customer at Gilbert's Dept Store, both old and new stores, and knew the
Gilberts personally. Remember the Gilbert's home on Hialeah Dr and remember the
girls. They went on to open Sandrell's Dress Shops. My parents were living on E. 15th street when I was born in 1939 just about 6th Ave. There were 10 siblings and I
was in the first graduating class out of the "new" high school. My class just celebrated out 50th class reunion. Growing up in Hialeah was special and most of
the kids growing up in the 40's,and 50's still a very special bond. We all feel a very
close kinship,
Guest 03-Oct-2007 22:41
I had a school friend that lived across from triangle park it was in the early 70's his name was Willie or Wilbur he preffered the first. He lived there with his grand parents. i belive his mothers first name was Rhoda but we called her Mrs. Ames.

Guest 18-Jul-2007 15:20
My mother shopped at Gilbert's. That name is a blast from the past. I remember the
ceiling fans (bac-before air conditioning) in the store.
Guest 18-Jul-2007 01:38
My Aunt and Uncle, Ann and Irv Cole lived at 44 W 3rd St. in Hialeah in the 40's thru the 60's. They had 3 children, Rhoda, Russell and George Cole. I stayed there thru the summer months in the 40's. There was a boy that lived next door named Barney can't remember the last name. It was right across from Triangle Park where there was a bandstand and we played in the park. My grandfather, William Cole built the house in the 20's. So many memories.
Patricia Delahanty Stephens
Ellen Levy Kessler 13-Jul-2007 19:44
I love seeing all this about Hialeah! My father's family moved to Hialeah in 1926 and suffered through that terrible hurricane. My grandfather opened Gilbert's Dept. Store on Palm Avenue, and my parents owned and operated it until it closed in the late 60s. I was born at Jackson Memorial Hospital, in 1941, before Hialeah Hospital existed, and we lived at 24 W. 4th Street until I was 12 and then moved to 300 Hialeah Drive (does anyone recall the big pink house at the end of Hialeah Drive? That was it!) where my parents lived until 1989. I remember drinking cokes at Baker's Drug Store and shopping with my mother at the Winn Dixie when it was the Table Supply. My parents knew Henry Milander well, and we bought meat from his meat market. Dr. Brown was our family doctor! I went to Hialeah Elementary when it was the only elementary school in Hialean, Miami Springs Junior High School the first year it opened, and then to Miami High. My sister, 5 years younger, went to Hialeah High and my brother, 11 years younger, went to Miami Springs High School when Mr. Jenkins was the principal. I remember when the Essex Theater first opened and how exciting that was. Thanks for reinvigorating all these memories!