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1940 - Jeanne High and Dot McEwen in front of the Hialeah School (Elementary and Junior High School)
1940 1940 Rose Farrell Taylor

1940 - Jeanne High and Dot McEwen in front of the Hialeah School (Elementary and Junior High School)

E. 5th Street and 2nd Avenue, Hialeah, Florida

Jeanne High was the daughter of the Dade County Sheriff and Dot McEwen married Hialeah police officer Al Smith.

Rose states there wasn't a high school in Hialeah back then (Hialeah High opened in 1954) so all the kids in Hialeah were bused to Miami Edison. They could also attend Miami High if they provided their own transportation.

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Rick sawyer 17-Sep-2013 05:22
I attended south Hialeah elementary in the 60's. the principle was Mr Bouche. He also attended my wedding. Rick Sawyer
Guest 26-Jul-2009 17:28 I have seen photos of Hialeah Elem today and do not believe it. I began there in Kindergarten-1946, Elem School the moved over to the new Hialeah Elem on 7th street. Graduated 6th grade and moved back to a renamed Hialeah Junior high. The principal was Everett G. Pease. I went to school with his son Louis, Barbara Cate and many wonderful friends. I do remember the Saturday mat movies at the Essex and all the activities that went with it. I worked as a bag boy at the Foor Fair there. I lived in Deer Park, just across the street. Where have all the beautiful trees gone? I saw photos on the internet and can't believe how much Hialeah has changed. I could go on and on, but won't Hialeah was a great place at one time but is now just a memory.
lacubana13 10-Feb-2009 16:13
I attended South Hialeah Elementary from 1986-1991. This picture brought back so many good memories. I loved the school and I loved the teachers. Now I live away from Hialeah, but I do visit whenever I can. I will say that this school has gone a hugh transformation within the last 2-3 years, but in my heart it will always be the way I left it years ago.
LLllllda 07-Aug-2008 18:35
I was also a "High". My dad Jack A. High was born in Miami in 1919. He worked for Libby McNeal and Libby until about 1958 when he went to work with his brother Jimmy High of Jimmy High's Tires (main store was on Miami Ave. and 62 Street. His dad was from Michigan and his mome was from Georgia. Linda High Thompson
Evy 10-Apr-2008 03:59
I attended South Hialeah Elementary from 1990-1995 and the changes that this school has under gone in the past 2 years in incredible. If you were to stand in front of this school right now you would definitely not recognize it. It is amazing how little the school changed over 60 years and in only two years its a different place.
Guest 04-Feb-2008 20:35
The great debate was whether Lash LaRue was tougher than Whip Wilson. Lash, dressed all in black, was cooler. He died in a hotel on the Beach. Remember the Duncan yoyo shows at intermission? Once I brought in a bag filled with fiddler crabs, obtained from the mangroves that once lined much of the Bay, and let the crabs loose during the movie. My brother was an usher, dressed like a doorman at the Ritz. Remember the huge ficus trees north of the school and the Little Store where kids went for snacks? Later there was Rose's Frozen Custard down the street. During the '47 flood, my brother and I took a pingpong table stored under a school portable and poled around Hialeah.
jsledge03-Aug-2007 18:43
Does anybody remember the old Saturday afternoon matinee's at the Essex theatre?
Serials of Gene Autrey, Lash Larue, Roy Rodgers,etc., etc. and 1 hour of cartoons
between the features. Cost a dime to get in, and a dime for popcorn.
jsledge03-Aug-2007 18:17
I attended South Hialeah Elementary School in 1955, in the 5th grade. My teacher's name
was Mr. Brewer. I have vivid memories of Mr. Brewer drilling us on curtsive writing
skills that year and the many field trips that the class made that year. We also had a 1 hour
Spanish language class that was broadcast over the school P.A. system. I was also
a member of the school "Safety patrol" . We were stationed at nearby school crossings
before and after the school period. My family moved back to North Alabama that Spring,
and have only been back to Hialeah twice, once in 1958 and once in 1993. In '93, I couldn't believe all the changes in Hialeah.
Susa 14-Jul-2007 02:47
Yep went to school with Joyce Wood,Beverly Rogers,Bob Graham(Fla Gov)Barbara Peace,Bucky,Sandra,oh my.My Mom had a furniture store called Austin Furniture Co.In Esexs Village. Went to Hialeah Jr and Miami High.Thanks for the memories. Susan Austin Marsh
Guest 29-Jun-2007 23:52
This was known as South Hialeah Elementary School in the 1960's when I attended. I forgot the name of the principle the first year or two, but it was Mr. Bouche' mid- to late sixties. My great first grade teacher was Mrs. Jane Bauer, who I ran in to years later when I lived in Stuart and she had retired there. I was amazed that she called out to me by name, and I had two children of my own by then it had been so many years. She was amazing! She is now deceased.