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1969 - Hialeah teens and Thoroughbred cheerleaders at McDonalds on Palm Springs Mile, Hialeah (info below photo)
1969 Courtesy of Tony Villella

1969 - Hialeah teens and Thoroughbred cheerleaders at McDonald's on Palm Springs Mile, Hialeah (info below photo)

1101 W. 49th Street (Palm Springs Mile), Hialeah, Florida

Thank you to Tony Villella for contributing this great old image depicting teens and a few Hialeah High cheerleaders at the McDonald's on West 49th Street (Palm Springs Mile) in Hialeah. You can see the open air counter where you placed and received your order and one of the several concrete tables and benches that had decorative tiles embedded in the concrete.

This McDonald's opened in the early to mid 1960's (prior to 1965 as I recall) and was one of the first McDonald's in Dade County at the time. I remember the Filet O Fish sandwiches were 25 cents and they tasted a lot better than today's Filet O Fish that they serve.

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harold martin 29-Nov-2011 23:47
we moved to hialeah from carol city in 1967 because my mother raised greyhound dogs there was a lot of kennels in hialeah we lived on w27th st and2nd ave went to henry h. filer jr high, graduated hialeah high i can't make out the faces in the picture but i bet i know some of them use to shoot pool at family billiards ,raced,slot cars at hobby mart one of the top cars there correct me if i,m wrong was i think it was called the Garvin or something like that the stink rey we use to put cheeta slick on the rear tires for grip people you know what the world is ready for #1 bring back slot car racing were competative creatures by nature get those kids off there butts away from those mind destroying computer games #2 bring back royal castle on a grand scale like mcdonalds nice big place to sit down in made like a castle with frosted birch beer guarantee you would put a hurtin on all the other burger joints, example look at little ceasers pizza there were in k-mart stores some one re invented them now some ones getting rich there every where,if one of you fellow miamians would like to take about this as a venture and the possibilities my e mail is ok enough about business did any body know,Steve Ruffino or Betty Depilito she was a surfer from hialeah high she moved to california she was a surfing annoucer shes the woman who put womens surfing on the map shes known all over the world,she lives in maui a lot of famous people went to hialeah high harry caset bucky dent ted hendrig ( the mad stork the raiders) thanks for letting me share
Robbin Learned 24-Oct-2011 19:16
I see A Few Familiar Faces in The Picture , and I went to this Mc Donald's A Lot. I went there , when it first opened, in 1965 , I believe it was. Brings back Memories of Going to eat here, and Of Hialeah High.
Terry 13-Jan-2011 03:18
The reason the Filet O Fish doesn't taste the same, now it's the McMullet.