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Don Boyd | all galleries >> Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries - largest non-Facebook collection on the internet >> Memories of Old HIALEAH, Florida - Historical Photo Galleries and Commentaries - click on image to view and read > 1974 - the Direct Oil gas station at 2915 W. 4th Avenue, Hialeah
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1974 - the Direct Oil gas station at 2915 W. 4th Avenue, Hialeah
1974 Florida State Archives

1974 - the Direct Oil gas station at 2915 W. 4th Avenue, Hialeah

2915 W. 4th Avenue (Red Road), Hialeah, Florida

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Juan C. Pena 08-Jul-2012 18:11
To Harold:
We're glad you and the other bigots left Hialeah (Miami). THE FLAG WILL REMAIN. Even though I was born in Cuba, I'm as much American as you, my citizenship paper states so. I remember being the only Cuban kid in my class almost every year in northern Hialeah (N. Twin Lakes Elem) in the mid 60's. My Anglo classmates were not bigoted towards me and others.
I remember quite well the development of Hialeah. Graduated from HML in '75. Have children born in Dade County (name back then). We are all proudly here and will keep the flag waiting for you if you ever change your mind
harold martin 30-Nov-2011 03:48
hi ! harold again continuing my jorney down memorie lane worked at this Direct gas station in 1975 and 1976 had a lot of great times there worked with two pakastani guys muslims this was long before 9/11 these were great good friends people today some say all muslims are terrorist , they don't know what there talking about (not true) the gas was 47% per gal. thats great but when i lived in carol city in 1960 the reg. at the shell station on 27thave and 183rdst or to some of you carol city and norland people(miami gardens drive) was 26% per gal but that was 15 years earlier the cubans use to give me a tip if i spoke spanish to them this was still before self service this was full service with a smile! i use to see a lot of accidents here the cuban men would be trying to teach the women how to drive and they would crash seems like they always drove old chevy impalas i dont think i spelled this right (starting to go brain dead) any way they liked some kind big old american car i guess to make a statement show they were american, never impressed , i'm sorry but i feel the same way the american indian felt you invaded are land our town you raped and polluted the land and took over and ran us out our this government sold us out and i;m not a hateful person by nature (but i'll never forget) this is one reason why this site means so much to me i'm conversing with fellow miamians that i know has to share some of my hurt seeing these pictures of a miami when miami was america and english speaking i'm going to say before the cuban invasion this my opinion and mine alone no ones liable but me the constitution still says freedom of speech what happened to miami is happening to america mexico is moving north the days of white america are numbered all who lived through the invasion in miami you know what i say is true no other city in the us has had a complete take over and as fast as miami, none of us live there anymore because of this reason miami is dead gone a third world ghetto iv,e said it before(will the last american leaving miami please bring the flag) God help us all!

Don Sanders 19-Oct-2011 00:52
I remember getting gas there in 1976 when i first started driving..regular (leaded) gas was 49 cents a gallon. I used to live on 42nd st and west 3 really bring back memories...8 track
Don Boyd15-Jul-2011 03:01
I'm sorry Douglas but if it is in the Florida Archives, which is where I found it, it is a public document and anyone can use it.

And if the photo is used non-commercially, like on this site, it can be used under the public domain rules whether it is a public document or not.

Additionally, only the actual photographer has any copyright ownership rights, not descendants, and those rights are limited by the public domain rules which permit non-commercial sites like mine to display photos.

If you give me your dad's full name or name that he went by I'll be glad to make the notation under the photo that he was the photographer.

Douglas Tackett 14-Jul-2011 15:50
NicePicture just wish people would ask before they take pictures that belong to other people. This is one of my fathers photos and I don't mind sharing but could you at least ask.

Joey 15-Apr-2010 23:52
51 cent/gallon gas? I WISH! lol
rainroosty07-Nov-2009 12:07
....another great one, Don! ~V~