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Don Boyd | all galleries >> Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries - largest non-Facebook collection on the internet >> Memories of Old HIALEAH, Florida - Historical Photo Galleries and Commentaries - click on image to view and read > 1963 - aerial view of north Hialeah with Lake Tahoe, Twin Lakes Elementary and O'Quinn Park
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1963 - aerial view of north Hialeah with Lake Tahoe, Twin Lakes Elementary and OQuinn Park
27-DEC-1963 SUS of Florida / Don Boyd

1963 - aerial view of north Hialeah with Lake Tahoe, Twin Lakes Elementary and O'Quinn Park

Northwest Dade County & Hialeah, Florida

Click on "original" below to view the largest version of this image. My reference to NAS (Naval Air Station) Miami at Opa-locka Airport is so people know where it is now. It did not become Opa-locka Airport until the federal government gave most of the property (excluding what is now Coast Guard Air Station Miami) to Dade County and then Opa-locka Airport was born. Until then the property was known as Naval Air Station Miami and Marine Corps Air Station Miami after the Navy pulled out. We kids growing up in northwest Hialeah just called it the "government property" because of the chain link fence with barbed wire on top that was around it with "U. S. Government Property" signs on it. Other Naval Air Station Miami/Marine Corps Air Station Miami property on the south end was given to Dade County for use as a regional park (now Amelia Earhart Regional Park thanks to State Senator Ernest Graham's efforts and a large chuck of the southwest corner was auctioned off in sections by the federal government's General Services Administration to various developers with the highest bids. The auctioned off federal property was along NW 119th Street (W 65th Street) from W. 2nd Avenue to W. 4th Avenue (Red Road / NW 57th Avenue) and northward to where the Gratigny Expressway is now. The City of Hialeah annexed the land and it became developed in the early 1970's with apartment houses, the Lovell Brothers "Palm Springs Estates" townhouse development, warehouses and offices to the north of that development and restaurants and gas stations all along Red Road.

What was the name of the pretty girl who lived on the northeast corner of W. 8th Court and W. 64th Street where the red question mark is? I knew her in April/May 1966 before I went off into the USCG and I saw her again after Christmas Eve Mass at Immaculate Conception in 1968 and we had numerous long-distance telephone conversations after that. I flew down from Tampa on a weekend in January 1969 to go out with her but she had to babysit a neighbor's kids because the neighbor was in the hospital having a baby. That was a bad sign for me and I stupidly stopped calling her. She would have graduated from Hialeah High in 1968 or 1969, probably 1969. I've lost her name over the years but her home was at 6417 W. 8th Court, Hialeah.

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Don Boyd24-Apr-2016 07:25
Isn't your real name Martha? I have you listed on this page that has Palm Springs neighbors listed by addresses and names: I knew Sarah and John way back when but I don't remember you. I see Sarah posting on Facebook every once in a while. You moved in two years before we did on W. 9th Lane and the only silo I remember was just west of W. 12th Avenue at about 54th/55th Street. Is that the silo you speak of? I can't remember the name of the bakery at the Kwik-Chek shopping center either - was it Grables by any chance? Thank you for your comment about the site.

Mert Carroll Liin-Jankowski 21-Apr-2016 21:13
My parents purchased a house at 11101 NW 62nd Court in 1955 and my mother lived there until 1995. My sister, Sarah, my brother John and myself, Mert all went to Immaculate Conception, Palm Springs Jr High and Hialeah Sr High. When we first moved there, the property several blocks west of us was farm land and there was a silo on the property. We used to ride our bikes to the silo and play all day. We also used to ride our bikes every Saturday to a bakery, cannot recall the name that was located near the Winn Dixie. They had the freshest glazed donuts. It was the best place to grow up, but things have certainly changed in Hialeah. Love the website, great job putting it together.
Don Boyd08-May-2014 16:20
Thanks for writing, Terry. You were pretty close to O'Quinn Park to the east of you and I used to ride my bike through your neighborhood to get there. That's funny about your mom going to Kwik Chek everyday because my wife goes to Publix in Miami Lakes everyday or so it seems. I think some women are addicted to grocery stores, haha. I'm glad you enjoy the website and there is a ton more yet to come if I don't croak anytime soon, haha.

Terry Suarez 08-May-2014 08:29
Wow, finally a map that shows where I lived from 1955 to 1974.
I went to Immaculate Conception School and church, Palm Springs Jr High and Hialeah Sr High, graduated in 1973.
My mom went to Kwik Chek, like, everyday.
We lived at 5760 NW 113 Terrace. My mom to Douglasville, Ga, selling the home when dad passed away in 2003.
I love your website. I've been looking at it all week. What memories!
Don Boyd24-Apr-2013 06:26
Guest from 24-APR, what was your last name and what was your address? I'd like to add it to the list of names of people in the area. Thanks.

Guest 24-Apr-2013 04:46
Back in December of 1956, when we first moved into our house on 10th Ave and 55th Place, there weren't any homes on Lake Tahoe yet. We used to go swimming in the lake and sunbath on the white sand; quite a treat for former New Yorkers.
Itty Barry 04-Dec-2009 00:27
Itty Barry
We grew up on lake Tahoe, my Mom used to stand by the lake and clap her hands when it was time for dinner, those were the days, kick-the-can rocked!!!!
Guest 03-Jul-2009 19:10
We lived right across the street from the tennis courts of O'Quinn park. Wonderful memories growing up. Dad would walk out a whistle for me when it was dinner time - I knew that whistle and I knew it meant "time to go!"