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Don Boyd | all galleries >> Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries - largest non-Facebook collection on the internet >> Memories of Old HIALEAH, Florida - Historical Photo Galleries and Commentaries - click on image to view and read > 1950's-1960's - bottled Pee-Wee sodas, brewed in and distributed from Hialeah
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1950s-1960s - bottled Pee-Wee sodas, brewed in and distributed from Hialeah
1950's and 60's

1950's-1960's - bottled Pee-Wee sodas, brewed in and distributed from Hialeah

Hialeah, Florida

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Debbie Garven 09-Jun-2017 20:23
Oh my gosh...just for the heck of it, I typed Pee Wee in the browser and this came up. We lived a few blocks from the pee wee factory in Hialeah and my friend's dad worked there. Had all the Pee Wee's I could drink for free in all flavors. What a mom worked at the diner across the street as a waitress. I was 9 or was 1965. Debbie G SB, CA
Don Boyd02-Dec-2016 06:04
I got mine at the 7-11 in the southeast corner of W. 68th Street and 12th Avenue in Hialeah.

Guest 01-Dec-2016 05:04
U,tow,tum. Store was the only store to find the pee see dringks,,,I loved them,I wood ride my20"bike a coup ov miles 2 getem
David Garner 15-Jul-2016 21:33
I also lived on 183rd st. when my family first moved to Miami in 1953 from High Point, NC.I remember the Pee Wee drinks only 3 cents each .Those were great times. We didn't have much money,but you didn't need it to have a good time. All you needed was your buddies.
Guest 08-Feb-2016 02:43
I remember Pee Wee! We bought them at Archer's on 27th Avenue. I loved the Grape ones
Van 23-Oct-2014 20:27
My dad had a grocery store in oneida ny in the 50's and sold them. They came from the Rochester soda water co. I believe the had grape but can't remember the other flavor .After a flood years ago I found 2 bottles in the basement of the store. I see them every day in my shop.
Estela 05-Oct-2014 04:20
U-Totem Stores? Wow I remember going to these stores as a child, just a 7-11 or Tom Thumb Food Store? Does anyone remember the old Tom Thumb Food Store on E. 49th St & 8th Ave next to the gas station? It's now an Interior Designer business. My late Dad would take me there to buy a box of Marlboro 100 cigarettes for him while he waited in the car. The store clerk would sell them to me even though I was only 10 or 11 at the time! These were the days before they asked you for ID.
Ben Godwin 29-Jan-2014 04:41
Now this website brings back many fond memories. My late father owned a neighborhood grocery store at the corner of 57th Ct and Flagler St., SW Miami, FL. It was called the Flagler Park Grocery. Dad would always allow me to invite my school friends to come with me to his store after school for sodas, candy, and/or comic books. He had a large Coca Cola ice chest that was filled with chopped ice and a variety of sodas. Among the drinks he sold were Pee Wees. I think they sold for a nickle apiece and there was no "deposit" for the bottles.The flavors I remember were: Orange; Lime; Cherry; Grape; and Strawberry. These were by far the very best fruit flavored drinks (aside from Nehi's) that I ever tasted. Trouble was they were so small (about 4oz) that after three gulps they were gone. Far too bad they are no longer available.
harold martin 02-Dec-2011 13:25
hi! yelp! good ol pee wee's back in the later 50's i lived in carol city off miami gardens drive A.K.A. nw183rd st i think i drank mostly grape as all the kids we use to hunt for bottles back then they gave you 2cents for the 16 once and 1cent for pee pee,s man back then you could get a 16 once coke or rc cola or nihi for 12 cents and 5 cents for a candy bar .
edster4323-Apr-2010 16:34
I used to live in North Miami Beach, and we used to get these all the time from a little grocery store on 163rd street in the 1960's. They were GREAT and only $.03. I miss them...
Kim 17-Oct-2009 16:20
Watching College Football today reminded me of a time when I was around 4 or 5 years old. My father would pick up Subs from Mr. Glicks and bring my brother and I back Pee-wees from the Sub Shop.
All were very delightful. Subs, Pee-wees and College football with my dad and grandfather in Hialeah. I always comment about this little drink that was just my size, but never able to back up my memories, until now. Thanks. Kim
Lily 23-Apr-2009 02:13
Pee-Weeeeeeeeeees! I liked the red ones! *^.^* I remember the store... It had an old, squeaky screen door that would slam shut with the spring hinge. haha Gee... someone mentioned 2 cents? Wow! I didn't remember that. All I know is that they were small enough to fit nicely into my little 3-year old hands. :)
deb 16-Nov-2008 16:31
are these bottles collectors items?
Robbin P. Learned 13-Sep-2008 21:36
Oh, and I Forgot to Mention, Pee Wee's were a Real Bargain, even if they were only one fast sip. They only cost, back then,---In the 50's; 2 Cents a Bottle. I would Drink, 5 at a time, for only a Dime !!!!!!!!
Robbin P. Learned 13-Sep-2008 21:31
I Had my share, of Pee wee's, when I Was in Elementary School. Right next to Hialeah Elementary School, was A Candy Store, and I went there, all the time,and one of the things I always Had there, was Pee Wee's. They also Had Pee wee, at U-Totem Stores, and I Had them there. I Loved the Taste of Pee Wee, and I Remember, they Had ; Cherry, Grape, and other Flavors, and Ice Cold, They Were Great Tasting. What A Memory !!!!!!!
carey-gigi 12-Sep-2008 02:47
I remember this place on s.e. 8th st, just west of Lejune rd. . They bottled all the different flavors there. I really think it was just a lot of sugar with flavoring, not much brewing involved here. I do remember they were pretty good, but only about 5 oz. and my tounge would get sucked into the bottle.