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Paul Hornick 11-May-2013 20:01

Could you please tell where the three women picture was taken.
lynda frese 02-May-2013 16:08
hi Chuck! nice to meet you at Monday Manger. would love to see the pictures from that evening. festival was glorious.
Lynda Frese
Richard Bracegirdle03-Jun-2012 11:55
Fantastic galleries Chuck. I like your work a lot. Thanks for sharing.
Major.Mack 01-Apr-2011 04:12
you have some beautiful pictures here chuck.
I would definately recommend you do as you had said. Bite the bullet on the Onkyo 609 as futureproofing with the added features will benefit you in the future even if you're not using it all now. It is very cheap for the high powered product.
Les Meyers 02-Jan-2011 17:59
Les is living in Bozeman, Montana as of November 2010. Come visit and we'll go into Yellowstone, our backyard. Terry can paint while you take photographs. Les will watch. He has cancer and is having treatment at Bozeman Deaconnes and doing well. Still does tai chi type exercises every morning at 6:30 am or so. Get in touch if are Les's Chuck Kuhn.
Mary 20-Oct-2010 22:27
WOW what more can I say
Jeff 27-Aug-2010 20:46
Surfing, Traveling, Baseball. Motorcycles!!! This is my kind of photo gallery. Nice job Chuck. The pictures look great!
Khun Hans18-Feb-2010 11:49
Hi Chuck
Hope you are doing well. Long time no news from you. As I'm a member here since some time I always stop by at your pictures.
Justin C 02-Feb-2010 20:46
Hi Chuck,
- I am at work right now and can't get mt mind off of traveling, so I logged on and found your site through google. I want tant to let you know, you have some great photos and think it's great that you don't let age get you down, and are still traveling strong. I have traveled within the USA only, besides being adopted from Korea. I dont remember being there because I was just a baby. Im looking to start traveling more by summer, and taking the resto f my college courses online so I can travel. I really dont know exactly what I want to do in life yet, but I think I will find out by traveling. It's what my gut keeps telling Anyway, great stuff Chuck! Maybe i'll run into you on my adventures.
Omi Ota 13-Dec-2009 01:27
Hi Chuck, Bravo, beautiful, amazing shots. Thank you, & how are you? Best, Omi
Kevin Whitcomb24-Dec-2008 21:24
Hi Chuck, Thanks for the kind words on my guestbook. You're work is awesome too. I'm sure well meet someday out in the field... Kevin Whitcomb
jon peters 29-Nov-2007 20:15
I have a question. I want to photog. Vietnam, (like your gallery), but I see mostly shots ( in many galleries) of people's faces, market. etc. They are interesting, but without a model release I can't sell them; and at local shows...people don't want to buy prints of faces to hang on their walls. So I'd like to shoot boats, harbour views, landscapes etc, or people without faces identifiable...and can you tell me how or where I can accomplish this? thanks a lot. jon.
Edmund Li31-Jul-2007 15:52
excellent photo. thanks for sharing
Guest 13-Jun-2007 15:52
10 out of 10.
Guest 07-Mar-2007 14:36
It's a pleasure to spend a lazy evening sifting through your pictures.
Danny12-Feb-2007 12:14
Chuck, I enjoyed your galleries immensly! Great photographic technique, vision and composition. Well done! See you back on FM>
Cecil14-Dec-2006 18:53
Just thought I'd say hi. Met you at Vietnam, Sapa, Bamboo Garden Restaurant. Hope you get lots of nice shots.
Charlie Doggett02-Nov-2006 01:25
Thanks for visiting my site and your comments about the Katrina photos. You do great work my friend! -Charlie
Martin Zepeda 19-Oct-2006 00:26
WOW!. I have been delighted to have seen your work; it is some of the best I have seen.
I was just surfing, loking for a man with a similar name as yours, when I googled the name, your stuff came up and I was hooked.
Thank you for sharing your work with the rest of us.
Jennifer Bair 12-Oct-2006 00:31
As always your work is beautiful. Many years ago I had the honor of meeting you & being part of the production team that produced a folio (Rainier Color Lithography)of some of your work. I am now taking a photography class & was given an assignment to pick a photographer to do a presentation on & thought of you. Can you give me any insight on what you would like the world to know about you & possibly tell me what one of your favorite photo's is & why. Thanks!
Lavon Silveira 12-Sep-2006 23:31
I Love Your Work! I want to be a Photographer but don't know where to start. I have a Sony Cybershot 5.0 Megapixel Digital Camera...Any suggestion on what type of Camera I will need to start. Love all your Galleries. Mahalo,Lavon S
Gio Sabio16-Jun-2006 04:20
philippe carpentier21-May-2006 14:54
Hi Chuck
Nice gallery, I appreciate your photos of Vietnam!! A wonderful country, and you know to give the best with your pictures.
Pavel Bartunek 05-May-2006 18:39
I am from Czech republic and i found your site trough Czech photo server ( Firstly your site is really good work and i really enjoy of looking trough your galleries. I prefer photos of flowers and i must say that u are pretty good at it! I´ll check out this site often because I think that here´s inspiration a lot and i am sure that not just for me :) I just wanna tell u that, as a reaction of your pretty good photos.
Bruce A. Brecht 19-Apr-2006 00:45
I often check out your pages to see any updates. You have got a great eye for the "shot". Where do you find the time? Are you retired?
Guest 10-Apr-2006 12:57
I regularly browse through your galleries and found them very inspiring. What a great eye you have. Wonderful composition.
Guest 10-Apr-2006 09:15
Nice pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brian Sartor01-Apr-2006 00:05
Thanks for your comments on my photos. I've only been able to view a couple of your galleries so far -- but they sure were excellent (Vietnam) -- will be back for more!
Niquin31-Mar-2006 13:55
Thank you so much for you comments and vote! You have some really sutnning pictures here!!
Gigi Chan29-Mar-2006 23:07
Nice to find your gallery. I enjoy to look at your travel gallery. Keep up the good work. ^_^ Regards, Gigi
Guest 25-Mar-2006 02:52
Very nice photos. I'll be back for more.
Riza Alirahman12-Feb-2006 15:14
Surely you are one with the photographer's eye.. keep upload Chuck. Waiting to see your next photos...
Chris Williams 19-Jan-2006 20:57
Hi Chuck
Paul B forwarded me a link to this site. Great photos. The photos of JW products certainly are more expressive than many of those in the catalogs.
Peter Chou27-Nov-2005 01:22
Hi Chuck,

I enjoyed your photos of Vietnam very much! Brought back some very fond memories of my own trip there. Keep the photos coming!

Guest 14-Oct-2005 00:18
Great photos. I especially like the aerial photos -- the first one. Thanks for sharing them.
Roger B.
guest 10-Oct-2005 21:16
Dear Chuck, I am regarding your excellent photos you have made at Vietnam. It remembers me at my time in Vietnam in 1955/56. I had been in Tonkin in NamDinh.
The Halong Bay has an special regard for me. In 1955 we have done the recuperation of Vietnam people from Macoi at the chinese border. This autochtone people has then joined the south. After having retired from Tonkin I had been at Hacoi in UN mission for controlling the border at the 17th degree. Thanks for your photos you have done.
Your Gerd
mdbassman(Dan) 03-Oct-2005 15:38
Vietnam didnt look like this when I was there(1967-1969). It indeed is a beautiful and colorful country. Your images are great Chuck!
Hung N. 16-Sep-2005 01:18
Hi Chuck!
Great pictures!!!
Hima 10-Sep-2005 19:38
Never would I lay back isnt it CHUCK... :D... Its 1:06 am now and I am checking Ur space... would drop in a mail with comments on them soon :D

Guest 29-Jun-2005 03:38
you have some amazing shots here, and so many!! i can feel your sense of humour in the way you have taken some of them - good stuff. let me know what you think of mine from vietnam etc ( i especially admire your sensitivity while shooting the 9/11 project. i visited the site much after you did but the feelings are still there... alex
Alex25-Jun-2005 01:01
Hey, wow, looks like you had a great time in Vietnam. You have taken some awesome shots and not just there, I really liked your aeriel photos too. You'll really like Laos when you go next year.
Guest 20-Jun-2005 19:27
Good stuff, hope to see you over there sometime. Look for a big guy with camera strapped to the wrist and a pony tail... I would love to trade stories over a hot cup of kope luwak..

Mort 15-Jun-2005 02:19
Saw your post on Frommers. Wanted to contact the agency, but the web site is not up and running. So I check your profile and was lucky to find your photos. Breathtaking---and I will not take another picture!!
Guest 03-May-2005 05:51
Dear mr. Chuck
I spent two days(30 April and 1st of May ) at Hai Thinh Beach again to shoot all the scence that we missed last time .
This peaceful town areally attract me !
Wish you wrer here !
Please take a look !
Guest 02-May-2005 17:43
Hi Chuck, thanks for your message on my guestbook. Yes, I responded on your TrekLens site, but your surfer wasn't the first time I did it.

Great site!
Guest 14-Mar-2005 20:05
Hi Chuck. Thanks for viewing my gallery. Great to hear you will visit Vietnam soon. As a photographer, I know what you mean by taking 10000 pictures, especially in a beautiful tropical country like VN. Looking forward to see your shots!
Sylvia 23-Jan-2005 15:36
Loved the Bangkok gallery Chuck, thanks for sharing .
Guest 18-Nov-2004 22:16
Thank you for leaving a comment in my gallery and giving me a link that allowed me to explore your work. You have great skill and a wonderful eye for composition... especially your macro photography and architectural work.

Thanks for sharing,

Marisa D.L.17-Oct-2004 12:55
Hi Chuck!
Your galleries are a precious mine of sensation and enjoyable images. I will take all the necessary time to look at every single picture. I was moved and flattered at once for your generous remarks on my work, by the way, when you have a little time, give a look at this page, it’s a funny joint venture, a way to discover the world, not only virtually…
In a way it’s so rewarding to realize that adult people can still have the magic sparkle of fancy and fun, because the child who lives in each of us is still there….
My most friendly regards
Guest 12-Aug-2004 21:59
I like it sooo much!!
Guest 11-Mar-2004 08:22
Great, diverse work!!! Enjoy PBASE! There is a wonderful group of people here!! And I'll see you in Marin, from San Fran!
Guest 25-Feb-2004 23:32
Hi Chuck,

Thanks for dropping by and leaving the kind (and generous) comment. I took a look at your pictures and they're very nice too! I particularly like the Charleston NC one. I also see that you have a sense of adventure too!

Kai Tam
Jeff Cochran21-Feb-2004 13:13
Hello, I enjoyed your photos.Thx for sharing. :)