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God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

(October 2009 - just a prayer now...)

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Paolo Peggi (aka Bracciodiferro)17-Dec-2011 19:31
Great work! VVV
David Buzzeo10-Jan-2009 06:11
Great image very Dali like. Intersting questions they remind me of a line from a Tom Wait's song. "If god is great and god is good why can't he change the hearts of men?"
Karen Stuebing04-Jan-2009 15:34
Gorgeous image and provocative and thoughtful commentary. V.
Lord Inaire03-Jan-2009 23:53
Jolie image, je lirai le texte plus tard, là je suis flemmard !
Et puis, j'aimerai la même photo, sans le "2009" en-dessous, je sais, je suis un peu chiant comme mec, lollll !
Happy new year to you ! Did you receive my words by email ?!
Marco Valk03-Jan-2009 16:08
beautiful creation, Claudia!!
CM Kwan03-Jan-2009 08:40
A beautiful picture and very inspiring message, Claudia! V
Wish you all the best in 2009!
carol j. phipps03-Jan-2009 01:47
Well said ~ "WE, each and everyone of us,
have the responsibility to bring back a more decent life
to each and everyone of us..." God help us!
carol j. phipps03-Jan-2009 01:45
Artistic! Happy New Year!
Dave Hein02-Jan-2009 20:17
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
May your wishes come true, Claudia! For all our sake.
Best wishes to you and yours for a 2009 filled with joy and love.
Milos Markovic02-Jan-2009 18:47
Tough days are coming, right words to get all of us thinking how to live and act accordingly.
Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and healthy New Year, Claudia.
through_the_lens02-Jan-2009 13:43
A great image to go with your words.. a wake up call and a little hypnotism with the swinging pendulum is what they need for 2009
Jean-Luc Rollier02-Jan-2009 11:22
Utopia...Quel joli mot!...
Belle année 2009 Claudia!
Michael Tauber02-Jan-2009 09:08
Happy Holidays & New year. May 2009 bring joy and happiness to you and your family.
j>a>e>17 :):):)02-Jan-2009 08:37
mega thanx for sharing YOUr heart's care HERE... & many on pbase & innn our world TRUE~ly should read & embrace ALLL :):):) 17 windy city AAAHHHvationzzz with cladddgah care :):):) as my native maericna greats say, "mitake oyasin" & like my celtic greats say, "cead mille failte" alwayzzz dream~~~dare~~~dive as THE AUTHENTIC GIFT YOU ARE :):):)

Maaike Huizer02-Jan-2009 07:06
great entry!!! Wish you and your family all the best.
Flo Hendry02-Jan-2009 05:22
Hoping 2009 is a healing year for the world.. Hope yours is happy
Cindi Smith02-Jan-2009 03:35
Well said and may God listen and give us hope. We are in hard times and I don't think they'll be getting better any time soon. I keep looking up to God, that is the only place I find complete solace. And, pray for our world, our leaders and those that can make a change for the better be allowed to do so. I agree with your sentiments and understand, but humans are greedy and when in power can be very dangerous. Perilous times indeed are ahead if it continues the way it has.

Apart from that, I want to say Happy New Year and pray that God blesses you beyond measure!! For only He can bring us altogether if only we will be quiet and listen. God Bless you this year, Claudia! Love ya!
William Tockes02-Jan-2009 03:08
Love the image and what you had to say. Have a very happy new year.
Flying Dutchman02-Jan-2009 02:55
Well done Claudia!
I love the tone of your spirit that shines through those words and I hope we can all enjoy more of your pieces of art in this coming year that will for sure bring you some very good things.

Keep up the good work!
Jola Dziubinska02-Jan-2009 02:12
Happy New Year, Claudia! Beautiful image :)
Jeff Real02-Jan-2009 01:34
You are off to a powerful start in 2009. KEEP IT UP! VOTE!
laine8202-Jan-2009 01:25
Well said, Claudia....!!!
virginiacoastline02-Jan-2009 00:56
Hodero02-Jan-2009 00:16
Say no more !
You really kicked ass!
Hope anyone takes the time to read it,and if not they should be kicked in the ass as well!
Taking photographs of beautiful whatever,means a responsability to that whatever.
Not only talk about it,but to take it and try to educate the idiots in this world what is responsability.
Well spoken Claudia!
Big Vote
BleuEvanescence01-Jan-2009 23:44
Dear Mathilda,
Thank You so much for your comment...
I have added this to the text...thanks to you ;).
** By blow i mean an awakening, not a physical attack.
For example, if we were to STOP putting our money in the bank (yeah sure)
the "bankers" would perhaps pay attention to better serve our needs in a
decent and reasonable way for both parties. Think about this and be creative.
That is what i mean by "blow".
Actions that would make those deciders go...ehm, perhaps we went too far, it is
time we become more faire towards the ones who makes us live...
I don't believe in violence. But something that will shake them enough
so they "wake-up" and SEE what their actions are doing to others. A bit
like the "scrooge" story around this time of year.
I won't hold my breath though...
Jeff Lobaugh01-Jan-2009 23:41
A superb image and a fervent wish! Time will tell, won't it?
mathilda williams01-Jan-2009 23:33
Happy New year Claudia. I salute your beautiful image, your clearly well-thought-out declaration. Just one thing (and I did read all the way to the end):
"I wish a serious blow, just big enough
Would happen to the deciders/controllers/manipulators of this world
from any walk of life and at any level"

I have lived long enough, and been dealt hard enough blows to know that one should be careful what one wishes for. This blow, dealt to "the deciders/controllers/manipulators of this world", might affect someone you dearly love. It might be your mother, your husband, your child. It might be aimed at the manipulators, the controllers, but inadvertently, many many more will be affected by it. They will be called the "collateral damage". The innocent bystanders. I know this for certain, because someone I loved was "collateral damage", an "innocent bystander in the wrong place at the wrong time". And it changed nothing. Because it is the nature of human beings not to learn from costly mistakes.

So, while I salute your sentiment, I also fervently wish that no blow will be dealt, because it will break a mother's heart, somewhere. Or a father's, a brother's, a child's heart.
Kathryn01-Jan-2009 23:18
Well said Claudia - Hope our friendship grows this year too.
I agree with many of the things you say.
I pray that the world could change X
marie-jose wolff01-Jan-2009 22:35
une image fantastique pour cette nouvelle année 2009!
ce que tu dis, Claudia, est tellement vrai... cessons d'être des moutons et réveillons-nous!
Guest 01-Jan-2009 22:12
if only.. love the image and the words/thoughts [a]
David Royall01-Jan-2009 21:23
A fantastic image and vision for the new year.
One voice can change the world.
Happy New Year, Claudia!
Giancarlo Guzzardi01-Jan-2009 19:41
marvellous over time image and serious deep declaration
c'è bisogno di anima nella vita, noi tutti abbiamo bisogno di più anima ed un sorriso.
un sincero augurio di serenità
Ann...01-Jan-2009 18:58
A wonderful image to bring in 2009. I do so agree with your hopes and wishes for the peoples of this world. Let us hope that at least some of them become reality.
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