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How to make your own Shanghai wonton

I am far from adept, let alone an expert, at the culinary art of making wonton, a la Shanghai, but several friends of my friend Rufang excelled at this during a homemade wonton-making party. Wrappers from both Hong Kong and Shanghai were used, as well as vegetarian and meat-filled dumpling ingredients. How does one say, "I want more, in Shanghainese...?"

Here's some more insight into Shanghai wonton from the host of our wonton-making party:
"We will make the Shanghai style dumpling ( wonton, which is more like tortellini) instead of the northern one (jiaozi, which is more like ravioli). [To act more like an anthropologist, let me quote this from Wikipedia: "Other cultures have parallels to ravioli. The Chinese jiaozi or wonton (indeed in Chinese ravioli and tortellini collectively are called "Italian jiaozi" or "Italian wonton"), the Russian pelmeni , the Ukrainian varenyky, the Tibetan momo, the Turkish manti and Jewish kreplach are a few examples." ]"
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