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Chris Cox19-Nov-2016 05:20
Hey my friend, hope you're doing well. I haven't been shooting a lot, hopefully that will pick back up. Always love viewing your photos.

Chris Cox
henkverbiesen04-Jun-2014 14:49
Great galleries here, and thank you for your comment.
Bill Adams16-Apr-2013 19:51
Thanks for visiting my Africa gallery, and for your generously high grade. In return, I dropped by your gallery only to be wowed by the truly artistic nature of your captures. Your nature work is second to none, especially in terms of color and composition.
Bill Adams
Tom Backlund28-Nov-2012 05:33
Thank's for the comments on my pictures! Quite an impressive collection you have got there.
Bill Kueczynski21-Sep-2012 23:15
Your wildlife galleries are awesome I can only hope to be that talented with my cameras. Thank you for sharing.
Bill Kueczynski21-Sep-2012 23:15
Your wildlife galleries are awesome I can only hope to be that talented with my cameras. Thank you for sharing.
Doris Sharrock13-Mar-2012 15:54
Beautiful galleries Ashley, wonderful photography. I will enjoy returning to view your amazing work. Doris
John G Reed18-Nov-2011 18:09
Some really great work. Best J
Raymond J Barlow03-Nov-2011 21:10
you do amazing work my good friend, always a treat to browse your galleries!
Jay Samuel02-Sep-2011 06:21
Your photo's are inspirational and with wonderful colors and details as well as framing of the subjects. Just awesome!
Don Burkett22-Jun-2011 02:17
Terrific sense of subject, frame and light. Really enjoyed the galleries.
Ben Leung30-May-2011 18:59
Hi, Ashley,
Your album is on my "favorites group" now, as I believe that I can learn so much from you.
cpr-photography.com22-Mar-2011 04:39
Your work is amazinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng
Lisa06-Mar-2011 00:43
Beautiful galleries!
Lisa06-Mar-2011 00:43
Beautiful galleries!
Lisa06-Mar-2011 00:43
Beautiful galleries!
Al Andersen12-Feb-2011 16:20
Your galleries were a treat to view, both artistically and technically. Wonderful work, Ashley!
Lisa07-Feb-2011 15:15
Wow! Your photos are wonderful!
Dave Callahan photography25-Jan-2011 12:09
Thanks for the kind words
Dave Callahan photography25-Jan-2011 03:11
What fantastic work you do.Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us.All the best to you.
Danny Tuason17-Jan-2011 03:16
Thanks Ashley for your comments on my pictures!

I just read your profile message!'re a hobbyist just like me...but you shoot excellent pictures...putting some "experts" to shame...seriously... don't listen to them...listen to your gut instincts...that's the way to go...more power to you!!!

Take care!

Danny :)
usha 04-Jan-2011 03:39
If all of us could do a stressful job and still take these photographs hats off to you. Bravo. Beautiful work.
herptog03-Jan-2011 03:42
Wonderful galleries Ashley, thank you for the kind words.
Migara Photography23-Dec-2010 16:15
Thanks Ashley, love your work!
Mikek22-Dec-2010 19:17
Thank you for your visit to my site and your kind comments. I, too, am a recreational photographer. I do wish I had the time to do some nature and landscape photography as well. You've got some wonderful galleries here and I enjoy browsing through them.
Fred Parsons20-Dec-2010 22:54
You take a lot of great pictures for a Steelers fan ........... Fred Parsons - I have a home the next town over from Gillette Stadium.
Kat04-Nov-2010 22:04
I remember this day well
I love all pussy cats, big and small
Nella Pascal23-Oct-2010 03:33
I visit your galleries again and again, and always find new beautiful scenery to look at.
Ian Stickland04-Oct-2010 23:24
Some superb stuff here. Enjoyed browsing through.
Toby Crumpler02-Oct-2010 19:02
Thanks for checking my photos. I need to add new ones, but work gets in the way. Enjoyed your great galleries.
jy23-Jul-2010 14:50
Amazing collection of beautiful and varied photographs. Keep up the fantastic voyage!
Solamio28-Jun-2010 02:07
Love your photos and I'm so proud of you for your message!!
D Fratto15-Jun-2010 02:32
Thank you for viewing my galleries. You many great photo's.
I love your message!!!! So True!!
Craig Pilecky17-May-2010 05:21
I like your pictures. I am also a hobbyist photographer. Feel free to visit my galleries. It really is a wonderful relaxing art, thats why I love it and it sounds like thats why you do too. =)
Nella Pascal16-May-2010 13:29
Your photography is a true inspiration to me, Ashley. Also, thank you for stopping by previously. Nella
plischeid10-May-2010 16:40
Ashley, thanks for viewing my galleries. I to am a hobbist. I enjoy capturing images that
please me.
You have some great galleries with excellant compositions.
Keep up the good work. I will follow your site for new pics.

Thanks again Paul.
Giorgio Gregori29-Apr-2010 20:21
Hi Ashley,
many thanks for your comment.
By far I wasn't visiting your galleries, and I have found tons of excellent images.
I have also appreciated a lot your witty message, and I totally share your position. A bad experience I have seldom suffered has been share a hide with digital fanatics speaking in a loud voice about nothing.
Greetings from Tuscany.
Joo Adalberto Pereira22-Apr-2010 13:15
Thanks for your visit to my albuns.
I had visit your galery too and I liked very much of you style. You are a great photografer. Congratulations!

João Adalberto
from Brazil
Dan Greenberg20-Apr-2010 04:46
Thanks for visiting my galleries. I am so glad because it pointed me to your magnificent body of images. I will spend much more time here looking through your world class reptile, amphibian and other shots. --Dan
David J. van Unen10-Apr-2010 18:25
Wonderful and varied collection of nature and wildlife photos to spend some time looking through and enjoying! Thank you for commenting on my site Ashley, and directing me to yours!
Maja Waiss07-Apr-2010 20:38
Thank you for cheking out my images.
Your images have impressed me!!!
Excellent galleries!!!!

Maja Waiss
Timothy Guenther03-Apr-2010 03:23
A friend sent me a link to your galleries. Very impressive work!!
Tim Guenther
Anna Yu21-Mar-2010 06:08
Thank you for your visit to my galleries and kind comments.
Snke18-Mar-2010 20:45
Hi there Ashley,
have been ewnjoying your galleries alot! I especially like your approach towards the so-called experts.Thank you very much for backing the views of a rookie! Keep up your magnificent work!

Best wishes

Walter O. Koenig06-Mar-2010 03:44
Thanks for your recent visit and comments Ashley. I appreciate it.
I enjoyed my visit to your site, especially the Zoo Gallery.
I'll check back again soon.
Best Wishes,
C. White07-Feb-2010 02:47
Thanks Ashley for visiting my galleries. I would like to say I fully agree with your opening comments. Relax and have fun. It's what it's all about.
I especially love your owls. They are excellent.
Toby Gorman03-Feb-2010 22:55
Hi Ashley,
Wow.... wonderful work. Your owls gallery is especially impressive and you have a real talent for composition, colour and capturing quality moments. Well done. My only critique is you appear to be a Steelers fan :) (Go Detroit!)
Stan Parker02-Feb-2010 19:12
Hi Ashley,

Just spent some time in your gallery. Very impressive collection you have. I see similarities in our interests and style of photography. Maybe that is why I like your work.LOL

Stan Parker
Inga Morozoff30-Jan-2010 02:23
I completley enjoyed my time wandering through your galleries. You have a wonderful eye for compostion and detail and I'll be back often. ~Inga
Dima&Nelya08-Jan-2010 13:50
Thank's Ashley for warm comments!
You have many excellent pictures and great galleries!
We are looking forward your new wonderful shots!
Best regards. Dima&Nelya/
Happy New Year Ashley!
Ronald Kamphuis13-Dec-2009 20:09
Thanks for visiting my gallery and leave some comment! You have some great photo's too, I like the Canadian Rockies gallery, My favorite place!

Harriet Feagin08-Dec-2009 03:53
Like you, I have a real job and my photography is for my artistic expression. Now, I have a question and would appreciate your help. I am very interested in photographing birds. May I ask, what lens do you use for birds or what lens would you recommend? I am not able to get a 400 2.8 or 500 or 600. I shoot with a canon 40D for birds and a 5D for landscapes. Thank you for your help.

Harriet Feagin
David Lewins LRPS25-Nov-2009 15:49
I have enjoyed very much looking at your superb images, I also enjoyed reading your profile statement...good for you! ;-) Thank you very much for visiting my gallery and leaving your kind comments. I have bookmarked your Pbase site and will be back to view and comment on your images.
Best regards
Julian Baum22-Nov-2009 23:02
Really great photos. So glad you share them.
Alan Tsai11-Nov-2009 15:00
thanks for visiting my gallery, your gallery is a great collection, fabulous works!!
Charlie A. Sindiong31-Oct-2009 09:47
thanks for visiting my gallery. you have great collections here.. i want to browse some more..
Suzanne Klump13-Oct-2009 20:20
I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your galleries. what great Photos

Dani Barchana05-Oct-2009 20:12
You have some amazing galleries, beautiful nature documentation.
Thank you for visiting my galleries
Marshall Comisar27-Aug-2009 02:52
Thanks for the nice comments. I browsed your galleries as well... Excellent work!
Take care.
Michael Ottaviano17-Jul-2009 02:49
Thanks again for the comments, Your images are truly inspirational.
Peter Chou09-May-2009 15:19
Thanks for visiting my gallery. Love your excellent portraits!
Rick Roluf09-May-2009 00:33
Excellent Work
Tom Merigan08-May-2009 19:14
Glad you visited me and I could return to your site. Now I see what an excellent eye for composition you have as well a commitment to the animals Best Wishes Tom Merigan Portola Vally,CA
paul yung23-Feb-2009 19:36
Outstanding galleries! Congrats!
Stan Parker03-Feb-2009 14:28
Hi Ashley,

I always enjoy your photos, as they represent pretty much what I TRY to accomplish, with less success. You have a great variety of shots, all done with a style I appreciate. Your message to the "experts" is something else I can appreciate. Best of everything, Stan
skhin25-Jan-2009 07:21
Hello Ashley,
If you can spare some time, I would appreciate very much your comments on the gallery:
Hope to hear from you. Thanks.

uri avitan12-Jan-2009 23:05
You have a remarkable galleries.
for sure i`ll visit here again!
Marc Vermeulen09-Jan-2009 00:32
Best wishes to you and to yours at 2009!
And thanks that you visit my site regulary.
miriamj08-Jan-2009 08:32
Ashley, Thanks for visiting my gallery. I'm glad I took the time to visit your gallery and enjoy the beautiful sites as seen through your eyes.
MESS13101-Jan-2009 03:45
A hobby well explored !!! your message on your profile page says it all, thanks for sharing.
Happy 2009
John Armstrong30-Dec-2008 15:51
Thanks for your kind comments. I really enjoyed looking at your pictures

skhin26-Dec-2008 09:04
Hi Ashley,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Richard Young20-Dec-2008 02:43
Thanks for visiting my galleries. We've had some fantastic fishing on the Gaspé, Yukon, and Miramichi. I've been to Nunavik and had some great brookie and lake trout fishing.
I enjoyed your photos very much. Keep up the great work.
Gar Cropser16-Dec-2008 01:40
You have some wonderful work. I wish you continued success. Gar.
Gabor S15-Dec-2008 10:17
Thanks a lot for stopping by at my galleries and the kind comment !!
BKT Photography03-Dec-2008 02:19
Hi Ashley

Thank you very much for your recent visit to my galleries. Your kind, supportive comments, and vote are very much appreciated.

Your galleries are amazing .I do enjoy very much, will come back to check more

Best regards,
Roman Solovjev30-Nov-2008 08:29
a remarkable sense of color, excellent treatment
Thank you for sharing
scottbeckman27-Nov-2008 16:31
Very gifted photographer. Your site is truly inspirational and educational. You obviously have a gift for capturing light as well as subject matter. Beautiful gallery Ashley. Looking forward to seeing more.
Phil26-Nov-2008 16:01
I have enjoyed viewing your images, great work lookforward to seeing more.
Regards Phil satch
Marj Shockley05-Nov-2008 17:19
Ashley, Thanks for your recent led me to a new favorite photographer. :)
I love your work and am looking forward to viewing all of your galleries.
Best regards, Marj
Guest 01-Nov-2008 00:20
Ashley-thanks for visiting my site and your kind words. You have some outstanding images-I particularly enjoyed the Nova Scotia galleries-I was there some years ago but would like to go back and "digitally" capture it again.
Harris Brown
Barry05-Oct-2008 02:29
Ashley, beautiful shots! I love the way you see the world around you.
showmeafuture14-Sep-2008 06:41
pass by...
Dovid Kaplan03-Sep-2008 20:59
wow... i came back for more, traveling with you in your Nova Scotia Gallery. in the 60's i lived on a 54 ft Newfoundland Schooner in the Lunenberg harbor... thank you very much for your Creative Captures
Dovid Kaplan03-Sep-2008 20:48
dear Ashley... i wound up looking at your Yellowstone Gallery through your comment on one of my reflection images, and thank you very much now for providing me this delightful vicarious journey with you.
John Hudson25-Aug-2008 17:14
thanks for all the comments!
Charles22-Aug-2008 05:09
Hi Ashley,
You have an amazing galleries.
Scott05-Jul-2008 17:24
Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your comments! You have a beautiful gallery here. I hope to stop in again soon and spend more time looking through it.
Great work!
Tom Merigan27-Jun-2008 03:28

Ashley Thanks for visiting me again. You are getting better and better and I really like your nature shots. I'm going with Chris Dodds to Gaspe to shoot the Gannetts on Bontventura island this summer so I'll see a bit of your area Tom Merigan
Stu Fraser26-Jun-2008 20:10
Hi Ashley
Amazing photographs; your work really is exceptional!
Dawn C. Schu25-Jun-2008 01:03
Hi Ashley
I just stumbled upon your Site today and I love it. Your Galleries are Beautiful and I intend to take some time and visit all of them. Thank you for sharing with us!
Guest 16-Jun-2008 19:59
Hello Ashley,
This is Kok Peet keong (Paul). Thanks for your kind comments on my website. I realise you are a keen still-life photographer capturing the God given beauty in nature and the animal kingdom.

Soon my Pbase website will be terminated and I have a new website, feel free to browse through. I am sharing that with my partner at:
Guest 09-May-2008 02:56
Thanks Ashley, for all your great comments! I´d earmarked your site as well. I am a Candian but have been living in South America for the past 14 this is home right now! Will look through your galleries soon! Have a great day!
Patrickver05-Apr-2008 21:59
Thanks for your nice comments on my gallery. You got a great collection of photographs!
ajuett31-Mar-2008 02:31
Thank you Ashley for the comment on my site. I have a way to go before I have the collection you have, excellent work.
Dennis Lorenz17-Mar-2008 15:05
Thank's for your kind comments Ashley!
I'm glad I looked at your site. Impressive work and such a variety! I don't know many people that produce high quality landscape, bird AND reptile/amphibian shots!
AnteKarlsson13-Mar-2008 19:11
Thanks for the comments and for visiting my site. Like your photos very much
pstone11-Mar-2008 04:35
Thank you for taking the time to comment on my photos, you have a great collection of images.
Thanks again Ashley
Lynda Reneau09-Mar-2008 14:34
beautiful galleries and thank you for the nice comments on my Wyoming Gallery.Im marking yours under favorites to spend some time looking thru yours
Lynda Reneau
lejun21-Feb-2008 18:39
Thanks, Ashley for you comments on my Moth Gallery. Your work is outstanding and I enjoyed your galleries!
Gerwyn Gibbs07-Feb-2008 17:39
Thanks for the visit to my galleries. You certainly have a very diverse collection of images. I shall return from time to time. Like your Osprey shots, beautiful bird.
Guest 17-Jan-2008 00:25
You have a great collection of photographs here. You have a good eye for composition. It'll take me a while to go through them all, but it will be well worth it!
tomr-photos15-Jan-2008 15:48
Hi Ashley. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I would like to see more of your work. I hope to be back soon. :)
Tom Warner10-Jan-2008 23:31
Gorgeous galleries you have here and thanks for the kind comments on my galleries.
Khurram S. Sheikh27-Dec-2007 02:36
Thanks for visiting my gallery again and leaving comments. I enjoyed your galleries as well - particularly the Jasper and Banff galleires!
Pic Chick12-Dec-2007 22:12
Thanks for dropping by my galleries and all your kind comments! I have to give myself more time to really go through your shots- but they are great!
ofer zilberstein03-Dec-2007 17:08
I like your photo style very much.
What kind of treatment do you do to your photos if any ???
Dimitris Stathakis22-Nov-2007 19:45
Thank you very much for visiting my gallery.
You have fabulous galleries, I like very much your pictures.
Peter Chou20-Nov-2007 13:12
Hi Ashley, thank you so much for visiting my gallery and I love your work on the Amish community! Keep your photos coming! :)
Brent Andersen20-Nov-2007 03:27
Ashley, thanks for visiting my place. You have excellent galleries here. Great work! Brent
Jim 08-Oct-2007 17:35
Thanks for the comments on my images, I enjoyed going through your galleries, wonderful wildlife images. Best Regards, Jim.
² ŧ | Chien Chia-Hung08-Oct-2007 15:09
Great job, buddy!!
Andreas Hielscher25-Sep-2007 03:07
Thanks for your kind comments - you have an amazing range of galleries here. Great work ...
francesco scipioni24-Sep-2007 13:32
you are a great nature photographer.great collection!
vok7421-Sep-2007 19:37
Fantastic collection of photos; you have some great shots here.
Tom Merigan17-Sep-2007 03:43
Great Pictures!! Tom Merigan Portola Valley,CA
Gary Perkins14-Sep-2007 00:10
Great Galleries, very talented indeed.
sboettger12-Sep-2007 04:00
if you are into wildlife and nature photography this is it. very nice!
Pacific Spirit Photography20-Aug-2007 22:55
You are a very talented photographer, Ashley. Wishing you thousands more great images,
Al & Gloria, Vancouver
Nick Clayton08-Aug-2007 21:24
This is a beautiful gallery Ashley
10kzoomfz18-Jun-2007 17:40
Lots of real nice images here. I didn't have time to look at all of them; I must return.
btw, thanks for dropping by my galleries.
Raymond J Barlow31-May-2007 02:07
Hi Ashley Thanks for stopping by my pbase, and all the cool comments.. great site here!!
Sharon Payette08-Mar-2007 00:34
Thanks for stopping by my galleries & commenting.
I very much enjoyed your galleries.
See you back at PS.
Guest 07-Mar-2007 17:22
Thanks for your recent visit to my galleries and the comments, Ashley.
I am astounded by your work looking thru' you galleries. I will have to come back for more thorough scrutiny :-)
I am envious of the variety of landscapes and nature that is literally in your backyard. You've certainly done justice to it with the fantastic close-up and spectacular landscape photographs in your collection.
Looking forward to more...
David Chauvin06-Mar-2007 23:45
Ashley,,,,tnhanks for stopping by my macro galleries. You have a lot of fine work displayed here and I especially enjoyed the Canadien wildlife.

Best Regards,,,,,David
sundevil306-Mar-2007 20:17
Thanks for your comments, I enjoyed your galleries especially the landscapes.
Chris Klapheke05-Mar-2007 00:58
Hello Ashley, and thanks so much for your kind comments on my wood duck images.

I have really enjoyed browsing your galleries. Very nice!

Rod Darrah18-Jan-2007 20:09
Hi ,Thank You for visiting my gallery .......... I have started to browse through yours ...... great piccies , I will be in the Canadian Rockies later this year ..... would love to find a bear ..... from a distance ! Rod
Gary & Sam Wilson21-Nov-2006 04:10
Ashley.... I have enjoyed cruising through your Galleries. Will look forward to the future Pics. Sam
Photoland02-Nov-2006 21:35
Thank you for sharing your wonderful galleries.
Wayne 30-Oct-2006 16:19
Well done
Lynda Blair29-Oct-2006 23:52
I love all your galleries so much! Keep up the great work. You have some great scenery, birds and mammals there in Canada...
Thanks for your very kind comments on my gallery..
Yours are wonderful :)
Keep shooting!
Guest 28-Oct-2006 17:44
I appreciate your comment, much thanks. I hope you'll find many more opportunities to keep the shutter release of your camera busy, as you provide a diverse array of fine photos, really wonderfully done.
Keith Rankin28-Oct-2006 03:34
Thanks for commenting on my gallery Ashley....It was a real pleasure visiting your galleries! Most excellent :)
Ron Fredrick27-Oct-2006 02:07
Thanks very much for your nice comment about my Birds of Prey gallery. You have some terrific wildlife and landscape shots in your galleries and I've only begun to explore them. The bird and other wildlife images you've captured make me want to get North of the border and enjoy the beautiful surrounding you have up there.
Jeffrey Lewis Knapp22-Oct-2006 13:13
thank you for visiting Ashley. you have a
very nice website full of wonderful photographs. keep up the great work. JLK.
Jim Woodworth11-Oct-2006 18:33
I hadn't visited your galleries for several months, thanks for reminding me of what I'm missing - I really enjoy your work.

I'm glad you enjoyed my California gallery, I was adding to it as you visited. I'll be adding more from last month's trip in the next few days.

Thomas Bailey18-Sep-2006 17:53
Hi Ashley,
I really liked your most recent spread of images! Some great wildlife
shots and nice variety of subjects. Also, I saw Blackwater Falls looking
good! Would you believe I've never been there in my 46 years and it's just
2 hours or so. I've been doing butterflies lately but I'm way behind on
developing. I'm ready to start digital but keep putting it off.
All your stuff is great and I appreicate you checking in on me occaisonally.
Thanks - Tom Bailey
dancy14-Sep-2006 14:32
I really enjoy your collections of nature's beauties. Thanks for sharing!
ee11-Sep-2006 04:16
Thank you for your comments. You also have a wonderful gallery on pbase.
Steve Ainsworth10-Sep-2006 05:21
Thanks for your comments on my Reflections gallery. I enjoyed looking at your West Virginia gallery. I have ties to West Virginia--my sister was born there. The Berkeley Springs area is only about a 2 hour drive from my home in Northern Virginia. I have a few photos of that area in my Virginia/West Virginia gallery. Regards, Steve
Heidi Vaughn 25-Aug-2006 00:24
Great pictures Ashley. I didn't know you were such a photographer. The pictures are really gorgeous. Wish my vacation pics turned out half that good.
John Hastings18-Aug-2006 16:28

Thanks for your visit and kind words. My return call was a real delight. I greatly admire your work – wildlife especially. I envy your location for the accessibility of that wildlife – but not for its temperatures!

Thanks for sharing your images,


John H
John Hudson14-Aug-2006 21:59
thanks for the comments! how would you say your 60mm macro compares to your 150mm macro? both are f2.8, one is sigma and one is canon....i'm in the middle with the Sigma 105mm f2.8. gotta love nature macros :)
R. Schmuck04-Aug-2006 19:30
Thank you for visiting my galleries. Your photos are beautiful!
Kathy Parsons Friedline 30-Jul-2006 20:46
Ashley, Imagine my surprise when a friend told me i could find great reference photos for my artwork on pbase and I ended up coming across your name. i was looking for a bird photo and there you were. What a wonderful photographer you are. I LOVE the West Virginia gallery and your intro paragraph is great also. I was excited to see the hometown shots and also particularly enjoyed the "dog in flight" photo. I wrote you a long email but couldn't get it to go through to you. Has your address changed? Please email me so I can forward it on to you. I have told other old W.V. friends to look up your galleries. Kathy Parsons Friedline Email me at
Jeffrey Klassen02-Jun-2006 21:43
Thank you, very much for your comments. You have a very nice gallery.
Andrea 31-May-2006 19:32 are so incredibly talented...these photographs are amazingly beautiful, and really touched me...thanks for sharing!
Olivia 29-May-2006 23:03
Hey Ashley,
Very nice pictures. I gotta go to Niagara Fall again and get a new camera....
Guest 29-May-2006 16:55
Hi Ashley,
Just visited your galleries, very beautiful photo's...Great work :)
Chris Assam 01-May-2006 14:17
Bravo...Bravo..! Very good pics!....You need to sell these photos on and can make a killing....
Chris 26-Apr-2006 11:40
Hey Ashley.
How is everything? I came across your photo gallery online. Really nice. West Virginia looks like a great place to visit. I hope all is well with you.
Chris Pople
Stephen Lee25-Apr-2006 15:15
Hello Ashley,
Thanks for leaving me comment :)
Your galleries are very beautiful and interesting too!
vincent chan15-Apr-2006 21:11
Thanks Ashley,You have a very nice gallery too.
Guest 14-Apr-2006 15:13
thanks for visiting! great nature stuff!
Cliff 12-Apr-2006 05:32
Ashley - Thanks for looking at my rattlesnake gallery. You have some really nice pictures on here, and those owl shots are killer! Also the butterflies.
Tom Grey29-Mar-2006 14:51
Ashley, thanks for visiting and commenting -- you are really rolling yourself! Tom
Gigi Chan26-Mar-2006 09:11
Thank you for your comments on my gallery. You have a very nice gallery here and keep up your good work!!! ^_^ Regards, Gigi
Monica I. Diaz17-Mar-2006 18:25
I do not speak english but ..I am using the language tool of google to be able writing you. Your phothographies are amaizing and I feel flattered which you have time for visited my galleria of photos..greetings from Panama Monica
Judy M13-Mar-2006 15:40
Hi Ashley! You have the most incredibly beautiful collection of photos! Thank you, i enjoy browsing!
rick bolt28-Feb-2006 17:04
This is a stunning collection of photographs of professional quality. A standard to seek. John Matt
Conrado Amiller Jr.26-Feb-2006 23:30
You have an exotic style ashley. keep it up and keep shooting!...And by the way, thanks for visiting my galleries.
Michael Welschenbach23-Feb-2006 18:51
Ashley, thanks for visiting and for your kind comments.
Sheldon and Marci Morton21-Feb-2006 14:15
Ashley.....thank you for you comments on my pbase galleries. You have some awesome galleries yourself!

Ron S. Bernardo21-Feb-2006 03:09
Thank you for sharing to us your beautiful photos.
Guest 20-Feb-2006 04:32
Hi Ashley,
I like your galleries, especially the Great Horned Owls' photos.
Thanks for sharing!
BTW, My web site had been fixed yesterday, you can check it at
From English NAV -> Frontier -> choice links in left menu
You will find the latest photos (Lynde shores).

Raymond J Barlow13-Feb-2006 15:26
Ashley, great shooting out there! Thanks for visiting my wildlife gallerys, and for all your kind words and comments.
Guest 13-Feb-2006 15:09
Great galleries...nice shots. Impressive. Thanks for sharing your work. It has been an inspiration for me.

Steve Goldthorp10-Feb-2006 11:07
Hi Ashley, Thankyou for visiting my macro gallerioes - it was fun using the Coolpix 5700 with reversed lens - I've moved on to the 20D and not really managed the same trick - yet! I have a reversing ring (no electrical connections) and a 50mm Canon lens so it all fits and works manually. I just need to get out there!
Love your galleries - I will return to have a more leisurely look!
Regards from Glasgow, Scotland,
Guest 08-Feb-2006 06:44
Thanks for visiting - I love your naturescape gallery!
Jeff Cochran08-Feb-2006 04:38
Impressive galleries.
Tom Merigan01-Feb-2006 21:46
Thanks for the useful comments on my pics I enjoy your photos Tom
Guest 30-Jan-2006 01:23
AWESOME AWESOME!!!! collection of butterfly photos
My son went wild over the antique cars too. You're amazing !!!!
Thanks for sharing, Donna B
LeeG28-Jan-2006 03:48
Ashley,Thanks for the king words and visit to my Death Valley gallery. Your pictures are fantastic!!
Chun Lo22-Jan-2006 05:24
Thank you very much for visiting my gallery and all nice comments you have made. You have a great variety of wonderful shots. Great galleries, keep it up,
natalitsa20-Jan-2006 16:58
Thank you very much for your support in my pictures :) I am very pleased.
Sunny Wong15-Jan-2006 04:47
Thanks a lot for your nice comments. I like your shots on autumn colours. And there are also many nice shots on birds. Enjoyed.
Charles Graham 14-Jan-2006 20:07
Ashley, you have many, really good photos on, I enjoyed them...cgra2
fdt13-Jan-2006 15:16
Thanks for visiting my galleries. I enjoyed touring yours. Plenty of excellent pictures.
Guest 04-Jan-2006 10:41
very nice gallaries.
Scubalex02-Jan-2006 17:25
Thank you for visiting my galleries, I will check yours out later today...Happy new year.
Garrett Lau01-Jan-2006 16:59
Thanks for all the comments on my photos. Happy New Year! --Garrett
Vilone01-Jan-2006 14:45

Best wishes for you & a happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for giving me an A+ grade.

Jarek M01-Jan-2006 13:30
Thanks for visiting. Much appreciate your comments.
Happy New Year.
Herbridge01-Jan-2006 02:23
Thank you for visiting my galleries. I love your photos very much, esp those zoo shots.
Phuoc Pham31-Dec-2005 05:21
Thank you for visiting my galleries. Your pictures ARE SOOOOOO GOOD with Rebell XT,now I am really think that I won't need to buy any new release camera anymore LOL. Happy New Year.
Bob Smith30-Dec-2005 23:21
Thanks for visiting my galleries. It's always fun getting feedback from other photographers and I can see from your work you are a photographer. I live in Texas so I get to practice bird photography all year round. Stay warm
mm29-Dec-2005 16:41
Thanks for the visit..
You also have beautiful pictures!
keep it up
NicolE29-Dec-2005 02:47
Tks for ur good comments, u also shared wonderful pictures. u are a great photography:)
Sean Liu 27-Dec-2005 23:40
Hey Ashley,

Your pictures ARE really good. Now I am really thinking I need to buy a better camera :-)
Funny to see Min-Na and Amy's message below.
Richard Young26-Dec-2005 06:51
Thanks for visiting my galleries. I enjoyed your nature images and shots from W Virginia.
Keep up the good work!

KM25-Dec-2005 00:31
Ashley, your galleries are amazing. That canon really is a great camera and you are a wonderful photographer.
Guest 23-Dec-2005 23:30
Excellent galleries, great photography.
Arch Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
caveman_lee23-Dec-2005 15:39
Thanks for visiting my galleries and your kind words. Merry X'mas and Happy New Year.
Peter Stahl12-Dec-2005 03:38
Thanks for the kind comments and look in my gallery. I enjoyed very much your Ontario birds and Heron galleries.
Cheers Peter