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Spring 2004 Wolfgang Wander

Rose Breasted Grossbeaks Pheucticus ludovicianus

NY, Suffolk

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Leb 05-May-2011 22:25
Just out side of Chicago IL, I have the Rose breasted Gossbeak for the first time this year. Time to look out for the indigo bunting!
Birdwatcher 02-Aug-2010 00:28
we have had a red breasted grossbeak at our feeders now for over a month. Also looks like 3 other grossbeaks as I look through the binoculars - they all feed at the same time with one sitting on top of the feeder - kind of looks like the lookout - beautiful to watch - I think the other 3 are the females with more white under the belly and not as pretty but the same shape beak - maybe it is a family. The creek runs in the back of the property and I have feed heavy for the last couple of years here and have started seeing the most beautiful birds and colors this year - I also put out lots of black sunflower seed and suets and cracked corn and another feed mix
beth 17-Jun-2010 17:54
OH MY GOODNESS !!! TWO male rosebreasted birds today at our feeder! Along with the yellow finches and downies, and later a female grossbeak. Just wish my camera would take better pics of them.
Guest 07-Jun-2010 01:52
We have had a male and female visiting our feeder regularly for about a month now. We had not seen these birds in our yard for the 17 years we have lived in New Hampshire. Today it was feeding alongside a Cardinal - quite a sight!
Guest 26-May-2010 13:36
we usually have gross beaks but have had zero this year any ideas?? we live in east central iowa
beth 19-May-2010 12:35
I was SOOOOOOOOOO excited !!! I have NEVER seen a rose breasted grossbeak before. I heard a beautiful sound outside my kitchen window. And there he was in all his glory enjoying blackoil seeds!! I just moved to Newfield in December and have been enjoying the outdoor birds and creatures immensely. Hopefully he will return again !!
Guest 20-Apr-2010 18:06
Saw a Rose Breates Gross Beak in our feeder today 4/19/10 in Monroe LA
Marty Posner 22-Jun-2009 15:45
We get these beautiful birds quite often at our feeders in Putnam County, New York. They are gorgeous.
D. Hill 11-May-2009 00:16
We had two Red Breasted Grossbeaks at our Feeder in Tulsa Oklahoma yesterday. We had never seen one here previously.
Guest 10-May-2009 23:22
We live in western Wisconsin and they have been here for about 2 weeks. I have one that has an orange breast instead of a rose colored one. Does anyone know if this is another species - I cannot find it in my bird book. Right now they are eating the sunflower chips. I put out some golden raisins to see if they will go for them,
Aubrey 10-May-2009 13:19
Three males and one female arrived at our feeder yesterday. The past 2 years we had one male and one female. They love the sunflower seeds.
Jeanie 03-May-2009 18:52
Have lived here and fed birds for 29 we have this rose breasted grossbeak. Jackson, NJ
Phyllis 02-May-2009 16:02
Just saw two of the grossbeaks at my feeders for the first time ever. Also just saw a Baltimore oriole for the first time at my feeders. Can't wait to see who shows up next!
george 02-May-2009 05:49
i started feeding birds 3 years ago and this spring is the first time i have had them at my feeders. three males for 3 days so far . carroll iowa
Rufus 29-Oct-2008 14:10
We've had one (male) for the past three days. He's come two years in a row but in the spring. Never seen one before. Pelham ,Georgia
Guest 14-May-2008 19:07
I just spotted this bird in my backyard, he stayed for the entire day. Visited in one of our trees, ate at the finch feeder for some time and then hung out by our water fountain. When I looked for him the next day he was gone.
Kitchener, Ontario
jean and bill 05-May-2008 21:37
they like flat, platform feeders. sunflower seeds are a favorite
Freda 04-May-2008 18:48
Have 1 rose breasted gross beak at my feeder. First time here where we have lived for 20 years. Hope he stays he is lovely. put out some grapes in the plat form feeder . Will wait and see if he likes it.I live in Northern Canada (Ontario)
robert 03-May-2008 11:56
just spotted this bird in the am at my feeder and couldn't find it in my guide
so did a llittle searching and foung out what it was..beutiful bird
ivan 28-Apr-2008 17:20
2 males at the suet cake w corn and nuts .1 is larger than the other. 1 is having problems clinging to the cake. Boyds Md.
PT Spencer 26-Apr-2008 21:32
Have two males at my feeders. They seem to just flit from one feeder to another.
What is their favoriite food and will they summer in central Virginia ?
Jackie 06-Jun-2007 20:28
I had a family of 3 male and 4 female red breasted grossbeaks in my bird lot in Soddy Daisy, TN for about 2 weeks when the weather was cool in May. I have not seen them since.
bill 17-May-2007 00:57
This guy has been serenading me for the last week. I live in northern Vermont. He doesn't seem to mind my chain saw. I was finishing cutting prior to the trees leafing out, so as to not disturb their nesting
Barbara Williams 13-May-2007 20:33
Have a male and female grossbeak show up today to feed here in NH. I was interested in these as I hae never seen the rose breasted only the yellow but also they have a wild canary keeping them company at the feeder.
Laura Beasley 10-May-2007 12:26
We have one male and female in our yard. I have never seen them in our yard before. We live in northeastern North Carolina.
Mary 09-May-2007 20:31
We have had 2 families of grosbeaks since May 4/5 in Orangeville, Ontario Canada. They will stay for a couple of weeks and then move on. They truly are a beautiful bird.
Fran 06-May-2007 00:36
I had a Grossbeak at my feeded in Pikeville, TN. near Dayton,TN May 5 '07
GERRY EISERT 28-Apr-2007 01:22
Tony 22-Apr-2007 13:48
Just received 5 rose breasted grossbeaks at feeders for the first time in ten years in Sarasota, Florida. 9:30AM, April 22, 2007.
Paolo Giallonardo02-Oct-2006 17:35
A beautiful shot for light, composition and colour.