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Canon EOS 20D SLR Digital Camera Sample Photos

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Marketed: 23-Aug-2004 to 01-mar-2006
Lens Mount: EF
Megapixels: 8.2
Random Canon EOS 20D Samples from 1170183 available Photos more
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Guest 05-Jul-2008 13:55
I'm planning to get a new body this year. "3D" or whatever will be released in this class.
However I've decided to keep my 20D forever.
Guest 14-Jun-2008 12:52
I've had my 2D for three years now, I shoot fashion, prints and commercial with, I love this camera so much, I do have 5D, 30D but I still prefer my loved 20D :)
Guest 18-May-2008 01:07
I bought my 20D Janurary 2005 and taken over 30K shots with it. I now have the 5D and the 20D has become my 2nd camera. It has served me well and will remain with me for years to come.
Guest 17-Feb-2008 12:24
20Dis much better than 30D
Guest 17-Feb-2008 12:22
its same as 10D,
Guest 01-Feb-2008 05:59
I love this camera body. I've taken quite a few pictures from this?

You can see examples here:
Chris Sofopoulos10-Dec-2007 22:41
Superb camera!
Guest 25-Oct-2007 03:49
I just got my new Canon 20D and would love any links to teach me how to properly use it. This is my first DSLR.
I'd like to take more action shots of animals...not sure what lens to get for that. I am also planning on taking indoor portraits of animals soon.

Thanks for any help!
Stacy Jon Peterson14-Mar-2007 20:44
I'm loving my 20D for wildlife and scenery shots. I'm trying to get into "northern lights" photography -- can you tell me what lens(es) you use for aurora shots with the 20D?
Rick Delaney06-Jan-2007 19:00
I am interested in taking pictures of clouds and scenery..would anyone suggest this camera for that purpose.. If you wouldn't mind ..please see my photos ..and any advice would greatly be appreciated
Guest 02-Aug-2006 02:44
I had been using Nikon SLR with slide film for many years until last year when I finally went digital. Tried out the Canon S2 IS and could get some very nice results in nature photography. However for bird images it could not do flight shots. Scenery shots were also so-so. With the encouragement of another photographer, this year I finally went all the way and bought the 20D. I am SO happy with this camera. It is the best camera I have ever had. I have only been using a 75-300 lens and will eventually get the 100-400 VR lens or a 300 prime lens and a tele-extender. But the Canon S2's image stablization is great and it can do some amazing macro bug shots. Still building my new galleries. natureniche
Dougie Young23-Jul-2006 10:34
All I have read here has justified my decision to upgrade fro my 300D to a 20D Thanks all..:>
Guest 25-May-2006 23:10
s the EOS 20D all it's cracked up to be? After using it a couple of days I have to say yes. What makes it so amazing?

My top reason, LOW NOISE even at ISO 1600. At ISO 3200 it will create a photo that is ok if you run it through Neat Image. (a free noise reduction program)

Here are some of the other reasons I love it. Excellent quality images. Virtually NO shutter lag, instantly starts up from standby, shoots 5 frames per second. I was able to shoot 32 continuous frames set at 8mp fine using a 1GB Lexar 80X CF card. It has simple to use menus. Very fast to focus (I used a Sigma 24-135mm lens.) The built in flash is good. It has a solid feel; it's light but not too light. Battery life is great; you can set it to go to standby after 1 min because it starts instantly when you press the shutter release.

I have tried to find something I can complain about but I can't. This camera is great!!!! At the price it is in a class by it's self. This is minor but the camera raw software is so so. I'm sure Adobe will update their camera raw plug-in for Photoshop before too long.

More Reviews
Guest 21-May-2006 18:55
whats the diff between 20D and 30D??
Carole Stevens13-Mar-2006 18:59
Im without it fantastic camera for which Ive won many club competitions, where over 50 people have picked my prints out of over 50 piks anonymously! I love it no wish to change!
Guest 10-Mar-2006 05:41
I bought it at one month ago. before it i used EOS 300D.
the new one EOS30D is a good camera.

my MSN:
homepage: welcome
Valery Titievsky06-Nov-2005 09:58
Really love taking pics with this DSLR.
I love this camera, beautiful takes.
Guest 18-Oct-2005 14:47
W la 20D !!!!

It's the best camera of the whole world !!
Guest 14-Oct-2005 09:13
Ho acquistato la Eos 20D solo 3 giorni fa insieme al 17-40/4 L ed al 70-200/4 L. Sono rimasto veramente stupito dalla qualità delle immagini, dalla velocità della macchina e dalla robustezza del corpo. Complimenti alla Canon !!!
E' una macchina stupenda.
Rispetto alla Nikon D70, non solo le immagini sono più grandi, ma anche più dettagliate.
Grande !!!!
Gunnar Horpestad13-Oct-2005 07:06
Is there anyone out there who can tell me how to sett up the Canon 20D so that the pictures are rotated correctly when i tranfer them to my PC?
It works ok with my 300D but not for the 20D
Guest 18-Sep-2005 20:09
I've been looking for a digital SLR for ages, and recently got an EOS 20D. After an Oly 5050Z - which is a superb (little-ish) digital prosumer which I'll keep - the huge ratio of useable to unuseable photos with the 20D is mindblowing; and it's so FAST. I just wish 2 things:
It had saveable user modes like the Oly.
The shutter button was a bit bigger and more positive.
But if you want a kick*ss DSLR for reasonable bucks, the 20D it the one. Did I mention it was fast? It feels like a 35mm with high spec motor drive for point'n'shoot, if not better. PS it's fast.
Guest 12-Sep-2005 05:50
I am absolutely in love with this camera, and discovering more things abt it every single day!
Guest 16-Aug-2005 07:11
This is the camera that I have always dreamed about...outstanding!!
Ron S. Bernardo04-Aug-2005 16:26
is it true Canon discontinued the 20D?
Chantal01-Aug-2005 19:20
I have always owned Canon cameras then went to Nikon when I began experimenting with digital photography and digiscoping. Last year I upgraded to the Canon 20d and have not looked back!!! It is an outstanding camera!! I added the Canon 300mm and 70-200mm IS lens and can honestly say I have never used anything quite like them. It allows you to use lenses by hand that traditionally required the use of a tripod. I have been using the 300 with a 1.4 extender and getting some truly awesome handheld macros!!! I would recommend this camera and lenses to everyone. Chantal
Guest 31-Jul-2005 15:41
torn between the Canon 20D and the Rebel 350??? Any suggestions??
Guest 22-Jul-2005 15:42
Ever since I bought this camera, I have no regrets except for the lens which is not wide enough nor long enough for telephoto shots. Any suggestion of a good lens which can be used for both wide and telephoto shots?
aukipa21-Jun-2005 18:15
Canon EOS 20D is our 2nd digital camera. It offers true SRL features, versatility in exchangeable lens selections, and all the digital gadgets. Before you buy this camera, beware the kit lens that comes with the body is Canon's lowest grade lens. It will be better to buy body only and purchase a separate 18-55 mm lens from a third party. Check your local camera shops for selection.

Check out our galleries using Canon EOS 20D and Quandaray 70-300mm f/4-5.6 EF zoom lens:
Polynesian Cultural Center:
Kamehameha Day Parade:
Please note, some photos were taken with our 1st digital camera - Fuji Finepix S7000.
Guest 01-Jun-2005 15:56
Try clicking the refresh button instead of clicking on more.
Guest 22-May-2005 04:04
Does anybody know how I can browse more example. I click more but am getting only the same photos.
Guest 16-May-2005 21:01
Guest 04-May-2005 15:46
Ideal camera for night or low light photography without flash. Extremely low noise at high ISO rating.

Sample nightshots are here:

Hope this info is useful for you.
Snapping Turtle25-Apr-2005 05:53
An excellent camera. Focusing speed and rate of fire are a delight for hobbyists and advanced amertures. I love this machine; suitable for all of my subjects. Anything more, and I'll be asking for a 1D/1Ds MK II!!!!
Guest 31-Mar-2005 12:33
Love this camera especially for underwater photography.
Guest 30-Mar-2005 17:57
I wanna one of those!!!! My Minolta Dimage F100 is too old!!! =\ Very Very Very awesome CAM this one!!!
Guest 29-Mar-2005 12:10
The best digital SLR so far.
Guest 27-Mar-2005 17:06
Fantastic camera. fast multi-point AF, instant on, mega frames per sec!! Get one!
Guest 20-Mar-2005 12:51
You gotta get this camera!
Anonymous 09-Mar-2005 16:16
A very great camera.
Digital Rebels24-Jan-2005 21:25
Digital Rebels Users Group Invites you to visit our great PBase Galleries
or to join our discussion list
We are a friendly group welcoming photographers with any level experience using the Canon 300D (Digital Rebel) or 20D - some of our most active members 'upgraded' but we didn't have the heart to kick them out. ;) Some of our members have both cameras so we might be a good place to visit if you are torn between the two.
netascape23-Jan-2005 23:09
Love this baby!
Adalberto Tiburzi23-Jan-2005 12:57
Guest 16-Dec-2004 22:44
The Canon EOS 10D is a terrific camera in every respect and just can't be faulted in any way which is of any real consequence as the camera itself is being offered at a price now whaich makes the price of previous (and present) 'Pro' cameras look almost unjustified.
Guest 29-Oct-2004 09:05
my favorite.

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