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17-JAN-2018 Press F11 for a Full Screen view

IC2177 The Seagull Nebula

Click on image to see the full size full resolution Ha version

The nebula IC2177 Soars like a huge magenta bird just south of the celestial equator on the boarder
between the constellations of Canis Major and Monoceros. This is a largely narrow band image
processed as a true colour image.

Takahashi FSQ106EDX4
FLI Proline 16803, CFW-5-7, Robofocus
Ha OIII SII RGB = 330 230 130 44 44 44 min = 13.7hrs total exposure (bin 1X1)
New Deep-Sky RGB Astronomik filters
-30C chip temp, dark frames and flats (using Aurora Flat Field Panel) applied
Focal length 530mm, FOV = 4deg X 4deg
Image scale 3.5"/pix
Guide Camera: Starlightxpress Lodestar

Data collected over three nights, 5, 6 and 14 Jan 2018, good seeing, good transparency

Equipment setup:

Some links to equipment used to take this image:

StarlightXpress CCD Cameras and imaging equipment

Finger Lakes Instrumentation CCD cameras:

Astro Shop (Aus)

Astro-Elecronic FS2 scope GOTO controller:

Gerd Neumann and Astronomik filters:

MSB Software & Astroart 5

Catseye Collimation

STAR Atlas:PRO planetarium software:

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Sakib 28-Jan-2018 03:31
Ooh how about a mosaic of the Antlia Supernova Remnant, which has a size of 24 degrees?! :-)
strongmanmike200226-Jan-2018 01:52
Ha ha mate, man, that's why I got this wide field scope and have the big I don't "have" to mozaic! LOL :-) RCW 114 fits in my FOV anyway (just)...
Sakib 23-Jan-2018 18:45
Would you be willing to do a 4 frame mosaic of RCW 114?
strongmanmike200223-Jan-2018 11:02
As it says in my image credits :-)...4deg X 4deg @ 3.5"/pix
Sakib 22-Jan-2018 12:42
Well yeah that is a PN but I was referring to a more hidden one. :-)
strongmanmike200222-Jan-2018 00:15
Aaah ok then...the PN must be the little pink bit, middle left hand edge..?
Sakib 21-Jan-2018 22:40
Yes you got the bowshock but that little thing is the "not a PN". :-)
strongmanmike200221-Jan-2018 13:02
Cheers Sakib! :-) Is the PN the little feature just above the Seagulls head..? And I guess the bow shock is around the brightest blue star above centre there..?
Sakib 21-Jan-2018 12:57
I'am so glad you did this one, the field of view is perfect for it! Well you've done one of my all time favourite nebulae perfectly, love all the little details. You can even see a planetary nebula (if you know where to look), a "not planetary nebula" and a bowshock!