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Hard At Work, Take 2


Showing me slaving away at the two activities on which I spend most of my time in retirement...
adding to the callous on my shutter finger and toiling my fingers to the bone on a hot computer. ;-)

(Take 1 of this self-portrait had me only on the right side with the computer, but I later felt
the chair on the left being empty just begged for this dual exposure treatment.)

Photographed in the 'sitting room' of the RV that was home from 2004 to 2009
and while located near Lindsay, Ontario, Canada.

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wfreiman18-Jul-2013 18:59
Excellent!! VV
Hubert Steed27-Feb-2011 12:33
Well done. V!
Guest 18-Dec-2010 20:46
Great idea! V
Suzanne Lanthier19-Jul-2010 13:32
I just love this "photoshopped" composition...
Guest 15-May-2010 10:55
Very well done.
Frank Kavanagh Photography24-Feb-2010 12:28
The master at work.
Anne Jutras30-Jan-2010 15:31
That's a cool shot!
Guest 27-Nov-2009 23:11
amazing and chuckling photo..thanks for making this photographer laugh on a rainy day..
David Bannister09-Nov-2009 21:47
This one is great! V
Fay Stout02-Sep-2009 17:10
You are so clever! I love it!
Mike Loring Photography03-Aug-2009 18:26
very nice well thought out,clever photo!
Isabel Cutler25-Jan-2009 02:16
What a fun pic! Great exposure!
Guest 08-Dec-2008 15:04
Fred Parsons16-Nov-2008 17:43
Now that I look at this again, I would have been resigned to viewing just one of you ! Which one I am not sure ;-)
Rosemarie Kusserow13-Nov-2008 12:49
I like this duplex self as well Gordon, some times it is good to view at yourself from a distance, take your other self that it would be nice to smile a bit, don´t be so serious! Lol, vote, Rosemarie :o)
Hernan E. Enriquez10-Nov-2008 23:51
Terifick! I am laughnig too! jajaja (LOL in spanish) Chao
Lloyd & Sandy Spitalnik19-Oct-2008 03:53
Hi Gordon, Love this new version! L&S
Jose09-Oct-2008 01:22
I just love this self-portrait. V
BleuEvanescence01-Oct-2008 04:34
How lucky can we be!!! Two Gordon!
One that create the images, the dawn chaser,
...the other who post them, the afternoon guy.
What a team!!!
Lucky Mrs. W. hiihihihihiii (=lol in french ;)

Mary Bowles30-Sep-2008 10:56
This is a wonderful double portrait.
I assume your other triplet took the picture !
I always knew there must be more than one of you.
Guest 21-Sep-2008 11:03
Amazing, what a cool and well done selfportrait! Big V
Bob Moul21-Sep-2008 00:32
Ah c'mon Gordon, that's your twin brother isn' it? LOL Very ingenious.
laine8206-Sep-2008 04:19
Now your wondering why you waited s long...nice blending job !!
Karen Moen30-Aug-2008 13:18
Great composition/ great composition!! That's one for each side. When you do it again, it needs a little dog or cat laying at your feet, looking at you adoringly! Lol!
Guest 22-Aug-2008 04:25
Very good, got a good laugh from this, maybe in another 2 1/2 years you can add someone else.
alfredo camba jr.10-Jul-2008 11:34
Beautiful image!! Very nice self portrait! vote!
Marijka03-Jul-2008 01:17
Working hard or hard at work, I never understood the difference. :)
Treas30-Jun-2008 13:26
I understand your pain. It is torturous for a wonderer to be locked inside.
Nice torture chamber!
Treas :o}
Noor Khan02-Apr-2008 23:53
Nice portrait. Great feeling!
Guest 26-Jan-2008 15:48
Very nicely done! V
Tim van Woensel24-Jan-2008 13:13
You sure look stressed! ;)
Pablo Yez23-Jan-2008 15:14
Brother, I feel your pain, if only my wife understood :-)

Brilliant image.
clark langley13-Jan-2008 03:42
That there's an RV, Clark(Christmas vacation Chevy Chase)
Boy they don't make 'em like they used too
Guest 05-Dec-2007 21:54
Very Nice SP V
Andrew Vincent29-Nov-2007 10:01
You have a palace on wheels! Nice SP, VOTE!
Reflections by Ruth18-Nov-2007 11:52
WOW, that must be some RV. I had a feeling you might be a full RV'er now when I saw your note that you cant sell prints because of your full time travel.
Which Moho do you have? We have the 35' Adventurer :)
We would love to travel across country one day
petesie05-Nov-2007 13:06
Oh, now I will be feeling so sorry for you, working so hard to get those beautiful images into our homes. All kidding aside, Gordon, what a fabulous way to retire. Wow!!!
Cindi Smith30-Sep-2007 15:37
Hard at work, indeed! I think I will have to invest in one of those torturous chairs....nice to meet you Gordon.
Marcia Colelli28-Sep-2007 21:04
very nice sp V
Guest 17-Sep-2007 14:06
Hi Gordon,
Thanks for dropping by, i like your work very much and i did visit your gallery before.
All your pictures on your gallery speak it self, inspired me a lot and help me to better my photography skill. I just started shotting pictures seriously almost a year now, with the help of those beautiful Humming around my backyard as my target practice. I'll be in Yellowstone next month and hopefully you can advice me a nice place to get good wildlife subjects, i'll be at the Hotspring area but i'll stay for a week inside the park.
Sorry for my long message, you just make me feel happy.
Thank you again.
Guest 18-Aug-2007 17:00
Ah! A man who likes to suffer in comfort! Very nicely done! V
Guest 18-Jul-2007 13:41
Hello Gordon! Nice to meet you. :) A nice SP! V.
Bryan Ramsay04-Jul-2007 11:43
A Canon Shooter and a Mac user, My father would be proud! ;o) -BJ
Simon Chandler01-Jul-2007 07:07
Creative SP. Great image. v
Guest 30-Jun-2007 12:58
Magnificent RV - keep on trucking :)
Paradoxal Studio Classic16-Jun-2007 14:37
A small corner of the paradise...
arminb14-Jun-2007 18:44
I don't know why, but I am always coming back to this one, ending up in studying it for a long long time - to understand, why I really like it so much. Wonderful compo! And great choice for the profile image!
Pawel Kazmierczyk08-Jun-2007 08:33
your RV looks better than my appartment :) Very funny shot and caption.
Ken Chambers ARPS01-Jun-2007 16:48
Certainly a great way to travel, Looking forward to seeing more photos from your various ports of call.
flowsnow18-May-2007 00:34
:D Nice to meet you Gordon. Working hard, huh? ~smile. Yes you deserve to rest on a comfy chair!
Tripti 17-Jan-2007 16:16
Fantastic pictures!!....out of this world!....Great Work..thank You very much!
Shu27-Nov-2006 03:50
I admire a photographer with a sense of humor. You look exactly as I pictured you as I viewed your "Art Gallery." But who's sitting in the other chair....ha ha ha ha....shu
Guest 29-Oct-2006 06:23
Should be an ad for Apple/Mac. Terrific s-p.
Hodero17-Oct-2006 12:19
Hey my friend,in a chair like this who doesn't want to work hard.Problem is the lap gets hot,so you need a lap-cooler ;-)))
Jola Dziubinska26-Sep-2006 11:57
Working hard, indeed. Very nice surroundings :)
Karen Moen09-Sep-2006 23:45
You have a beautiful travel unit. My parents RV'd during their 30 year retirement. Is this a trailer or a single motorhome? Voted.
Guest 29-Aug-2006 09:10
C'est la bon vie!
laine8222-Aug-2006 21:55
You have a very hard life it to swap !!
beverley harrison22-Aug-2006 20:25
oh boy!! you look overworked!!;)
Guest 04-Aug-2006 01:17
You are the Jedi Master of Photography. Seriously, I have been looking through your galleries and just hope that a fraction of my photos will ever look as well executed as yours. Thank you for sharing. Best Wishes.
Willa Dios10-Jun-2006 18:08
You look quite cozy there with your little apple! What a gorgeous RV, I might add! I've spent the good part of an hour checking out all of your galleries, Gordon, and each and everyone of your galleries is just delightful ~ a true pleasure to view! Thank you for showing your talented work here! ;)
Eldar Kadymov07-Jun-2006 14:23
Jesas, is that what you call hardwork ??!! Are you serious ? The only thing is missing here to compliment epicurean life style is glass of wiskey !!!
golfpic05-Jun-2006 23:23
Ahhhhh...this is the life. Nice composition and that's one cool looking RV interior.
Marisa Livet01-Jun-2006 18:52
Oh, I had not paid attention to that before. Gordon it's a lively and nicely taken self-portrait, it's meanigful!
What is a RV?
Anyway you live in a mobile place, as far as I know, intriguing and fascinating!
Michel CORBOZ27-May-2006 10:08
Great Self-Portrait! your RV looks very comfortable.
Guest 07-May-2006 17:54
Nice meeting you, a nice self protrait,
We share the same taste for laptop !!
Fred Parsons25-Apr-2006 16:50
Like this one better - trust this is in the slide out section of your mobile home?
Robin Reid23-Apr-2006 22:03
You look VERY comfy. Fun shot.