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tim 06-Jun-2009 22:41
He just said and did some things that he shouldn't have done..he made mistakes like everyone else but thousands and thousands of people saw his mistakes..just like alot of other tv preachers.
Jose 12-Apr-2009 15:06
This is Jerry Fallwell, as he appeared in his casket and then soon after being ejected down the slide into hell.
Joe 03-Apr-2009 06:47
The reason he was sliding down the water slide was because they had raised big bucks to help pay off the debts of Heritage USA. He promised that if they raised a certain amount that he would slide down fully clothed. You can learn this and a lot more about Heritage and the Bakkers in the documentary, "The Eyes of Tammy Faye". Truly eye opening!!
A Jim Bakker listener 06-Jan-2009 00:13
Jerry Falwal can not hurt anyone anymore,
Good by and also
I feel that Jim Bakker was a "Fall Guy for the troubles at PTL. May God Always Bless Jim Bakker and I Pray he will raise again. Thnaks Jim for the Many happy hours of the TV show It was an Inspiration to me.
Guest 24-Aug-2007 02:36
Likewise, Bill Gates and family have donated numerous computerized devices and an untold sum of money to schools in trouble, yet people still dislike him and blame him for the Windows Fiasco!
Go figure! ;)
Guest 24-Aug-2007 00:58
Former Staff,
I never meant Fallwell in person, nor did I ever work for him.
Numerous times though, I saw Falwell on the news sharing his political views, ranging from war to sex to school.
I personally thought the guy was a nut. Don't get me wrong, there were a few thing I did agree with him on, and just because I don't agree with the political views of another doesn't automatically make him/her a nutcase.
But Jerry, wow, I really had a problem with him and his support for war. I thought, "God! How could a person who claims to live by Jesus support such a poorly planned war killing humdreds of innocent women and children. I heard of an eye for an eye, but geez, we're dying in a country to find a guy who did not create the disaster on 9-11.
There were other views he had which I thought he was nuts for (and I won't even start them.) , but the war, that cemented the nut in the case for me.
Its too bad he past, but every one does at one time or another. However, I feel the world is better off without his opinion on every news channel. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and yes, even Don Imus all shared the same additude as Falwell did. That additude was that if something was wrong to do, but I did it, then its ok.
Sorry, but I feel if its wrong, then its wrong for everybody to do, and there are no exceptions.
I guess the bottom line is the side of Jerry you saw was totally differn't from the side I saw.
I hope I've givin you a differn't perspective as to why many folks don't like Jerry. But remember, it wasn't the media who shoved it in our heads, it was Jerry's own words while talking with the media that left him his legacy.
Perry 23-Aug-2007 19:04
you should know that Jerry donated his life insurence to pay the debt of liberty univerity... He was no an evil man... It is because of him that many young people have a great school to attend.
Former LBN staff 22-Aug-2007 22:17
I also worked for Jerry Falwell in Lynchburg from 1986 to 1991, right in the middle of the whole PTL "mess". I can totally see why some of you posted such trash about him on this site based off of what the media stuffed in your head, BUT the "real Jerry" was a great man. Not just spiritually but personally.
No More Jerry 31-Jul-2007 00:43
Now there is one very EVIL man.
The devil in disguise. Good riddance.
Guest 24-Jul-2007 14:44
Both Jerry and Tammy died this year.....I wonder if people who made such horrific comments about them regret it just a little....lesson to learn for the future.

I'm confident that they are both in heaven.
Guest 23-Jul-2007 00:34
This picture should clear up any questions as to what happened to Gotti!
Guest 22-Jul-2007 04:42
all these money hungry morons are all going to hell they lived the high life and used gods name to do it. look at all of them they had the best and had no problem spending other peoples money my god look at their life styles. its a shame there are so many morons that still blow their hard earned money on any church, trust me the real god i love and hold deep in my heart doesn't CHARGE........ like all these rich morons do falwell was no different a money grubbin scumbag along with all the others.
Fred 09-Jul-2007 02:14
To Gayle: Seriously, I think this is how the lifeguards asked everyone to go down the slides "arms folded across your chest - feet together" for safety guidelines. I don't think he was trying to prove anything - it DOES look a little creepy in the suit and black and white photo, though. Could be an impromtu shot on a business day - having a little fun.
lesflutist 07-Jul-2007 05:20
How can Falwell's actions be any more righteous than the rest of it. Lying and deceit is also a sin, is it not? The tools he used to sabotage the ministry are as bad as the rest of it.
Gayle 02-Jul-2007 04:30
what would cause jerry to be in this position (see pic), did he have something to prove? Also if Jim Bakker has forgiven this man for his part in (Jim's despair) then we should also. There is no room for judgement here.
Guest 09-Jun-2007 09:32
I knew Jerry personally. He was my friend and a long time friend of my family. You didn't know him except for what you thought about him or how you judged him. He was a great man who followed God's word and was not afraid nor ashamed to speak out against what was wrong. He went beyond the call of duty as a pastor and relogious leader in rallying the conservatives to go to the polls to vote. It is our duty as Christians to vote. I disagreed with many things he said but he apologized for those things. We are all human. Look at the other televangelists....Bakker, Swaggart, Haggard, and many others....they have messed up and have gotten God's forgiveness, in fact, Jim Bakker even has another new television show now, but Jerry Falwell stay true to his calling. He remained faithful when all the others were falling into the sex scandals. Praise God for a leader like him. I am so thankful that I can call him a friend of mine.
Acacia Grove 30-May-2007 07:41
Mr Jerry Falwel died this month 5/07
Guest 10-Mar-2007 07:42
Did anyone know that he had people appoach Jessica Hahn. He knew about her from his cronies and used it against Jim Bakker. Jessica would not have done the damage she had if he didn't get her to believe there was big money in it.
Guest 02-Oct-2006 18:13
Guest 25-Jun-2006 17:35
They should pray that god heals his ugly neck fat. Maybe then I'll take these people seriously. amen
Guest 07-Feb-2006 07:32
Good Bye Rev. Falwell.. Is this your slide down to HELL!
Sharon 27-Jan-2006 13:44
Wow, he sure looks like he's having fun!
Guest 08-Jan-2006 08:10
It seriously looks like they just hurled a dead guy down the slide. And you're right, Lynette...too bad he didn't drown. What a HUGE pile of douche this guy is. Him and Pat Robertson. Both. Piles of Douche.
Guest 15-Dec-2005 23:45
Jerry was the best thing to happen to H.U,.S.A.
Jimmy 03-Sep-2005 02:36
I'm glad hes not wearing a bathing suit in this photo. Yikes!
Guest 02-Sep-2005 02:25
Too bad he isn't being shot the other way.
Guest 15-Jun-2005 16:05
He will pay for his actions on judgement day. I feel sorry for him
Michelle 09-Jun-2005 18:04
It would definitely "appear" to be Dracula!
Herve 01-Jun-2005 02:14
Folks, that is Dracula... make no mistake.
happypartner! 16-Jan-2005 04:04
Sam 12-Nov-2004 21:37
Is this how he got baptised?
Lynnette 27-Jul-2004 00:27
Ace, I'm sure God forgave me for writing it, and you for smiling!
Kappasigmapi15-Jul-2004 16:36
I hope God will forgive me for smiling at your comment.
Lynnette 14-Jul-2004 02:48
Too bad he didn't drown.
Dacid 22-Jun-2004 04:18
It's appointed unto man once to die than the real judgement