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13-JUL-2002 Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd

Opa-locka City Hall in Opa-locka, Florida

Opa-locka,, Florida

Please visit my Old Hialeah/Old Miami/Old South Florida website at with a separate gallery of photos of Opa-locka at

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Brenda Ruth jones weekley 28-Feb-2012 03:20
I lived on the other side of the air base, but loved going there on week ends, I go bye there every time I go down there, now we live in Georgia. I can not remember the name of the fun park? can some one tell me. I lived there from 1948 till 1970.
Janet Armstrong Kliven 01-Jun-2011 04:57
I also married a Marine that was stationed in Opa Locka, we met in 1954 at the skating Rink and married in 1959. We went to Camp LeJune right after getting married.
Janet Armstrong Kliven 01-Jun-2011 04:54
I wish I had come across this site before this, back in 2008. Kathleen Holten, you were Elaine's little sister. You lived in our Apt Bldg. it was 1240 Sesame St. I remember you and your cousins, Linda Lou and Buddy. We all did have fun back then in this city.
Janet Armstrong Kliven 01-Jun-2011 04:45
I lived in Opa Locka from 1946 to 1959. Went to Opa Locka Elementary from 1st thru 6 grade It was a beautiful quiet city. I lived on Sesame St. in a building that was the same decor, but of course smaller scale (do not know if it is still there). The City Hall looks in sad shape in your photo from how I remember it. I spent a lot of time in this building and the recreation center. My father was on the Police Department back in the 40's. My Grandfather was on the Building and Planning Department in the 50's. I could go on and on about the life in Opa Locka back then.
It makes me so sad to see what disgraceful condition it has become.
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd13-Apr-2011 13:18
Susan, thank you very much for writing in with your memories. Please visit my other website that is dedicated to the Old Miami area at: and the gallery of images of Opa-locka at:

What year did you marry your Marine from Opa-locka?

Susan Case 11-Apr-2011 16:28
I lived in Opa-Locka in 1954-1956 on Jann Avenue and again for a short time around 1959. I remember the town hall as very impressive as well as the annual Arabian Nights Pageant that was put on. We loved it as kids. I have very fond memories of the public library which was in the Town Hall, to the left of the arch. Now that I have traveled the world I often think back to Opa-Locka. It was then a very prosperous town with an active Marine Corps Base. There was a country at the drugstore where you could buy nickel cherry cokes and great ice cream cones. And the five and dime store was a paradise, if you had a nickel or dime to spare. I didn't know any policemen personally but always respected them! :-) Strangely enough, when I was 8, living in Opa-Locka, the man I would eventually marry was a Marine there, age 18 at the very same time. I always told my mother than one of those good looking Marines was waiting for me! Well, sort of.:-)
I was just in Morocco for a vacation and was very much reminded of Opa-Locka.
I have been living in Bavaria, Germany - Munich - for the past 30 years. Basically grew up in Toledo, Ohio where my mother was from. My father was from Long Island, where we lived a bit too. It was a triangle: Ohio/NY/Opa-Locka.
April 2011 Susan Case
Mario Forte 20-Nov-2010 06:20
My Name is mario Forte And I also am from Opa-Locka I lived there till 1981 I was born and raised there. I went to Opa-Locka Elementary and to West View Junior High. I know that it was not the best place to live in because it was a dangerous. But to me it was home. My memories are mostly positive. playing sports at sherbundy park. Picking up coke bottles and selling them at the 7-11 for ten cents! My favorite teacher was MR Jones and Mrs Chastine. Anyways its great to connect with all of you. I still drive by and take my kids there to show them our humble beginings.
Carol Harrison 09-Jul-2010 21:59
Just spent 4 hours with Chuck Hopper reliving the days in Opa Locka. He was a member of FBC where my husband was pastor from Jan., 1974 to Nov. 25, 1990.
My two children Kevin and Carmel went to Miami Lakes. We need a newer picture of City Hall because it has been improved and is now a Museum and used for special affairs.
Carol Harrison now living in Ocala, FL
Carol Harrison 12-Mar-2010 00:02
We attended the Memorial services for Officer Tony Lacks and toured the city while in town. Lots of changes and most for the good. The City Hall is used for City Council meetings and special events like Tony's service. It was spotless and being kept in good care. The City Hall has moved down the street to brand new 3 story building. We went to a dinner there following the service. We also checked out the former FBC of Opa Locka which is now a very nice black Baptist church and is in great shape. Attendance and care. We didn't feel as bad about town as before. I think they are doing much better. We were pleased. Try to remember all the good events and good people. We love our new home in Ocala, FL.
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd28-Nov-2009 07:47
Carol, I'm sorry I haven't been on the site to check the comments for a while and I'm just seeing this now. I remember Tony Lacks. He took a report on a hit and run accident back in the late 1980's that I witnessed near the post office. I followed the two guys in their seriously damaged car all the way up into Carol City and took photos of them and their car with the tag number. I had a county airport radio with me and was communicating with a dispatcher for most of the chase but all units were tied up or at a donut shop and they never showed up so I gave up at 183rd Street and returned to the scene. I gave Officer Lacks the information and mailed him the photo prints a few days later. He never said thanks but he must have been busy because he was real nice in person. RIP Tony Lacks!

Carol Harrison 06-Nov-2009 22:22
We lived in Opa Locka from Jan.,1974 to Nov. 25, 1990. My husband was the pastor at the FBC of Opa Locka and we lived at 901 Salih St. Today we are planning to return to Opa Locka to be a part of a memorial service for Officer Tony Lacks of the OLPD who died 11-03-09. The service will be in City Hall, Monday, Nov.9. We do not have a time yet. Does anyone remember Officer Lacks? You might want to come to the service.
Jefferson D. 27-Oct-2009 20:08
After reading some of the posts I felt compelled to add a comment. I too remember going to the "scary" movies on weekend nights on the ballfield behind city hall. I remember staying at the park long after the Little League games were over. After they turned out the field lights the big white owl that lived in the tallest spire of the city hall would silently swoop over the field in search of a meal. I even remember the name of my first grade teacher in the '50s - Mrs. Klein. I remember the 5&10 store, Glenwood Market, A&C Italian Bakery, Old Scandia...
I've also thought it would be nice to visit again but as Sandra said, perhaps it's best if I don't.
Sandra Jackson 17-Sep-2009 23:41
I have such wonderful memories of living in Opalocka in approx '54-55 when I was in grade school. I rode my bicycle to school and all over town. I loved the free movies at the park in the warm evenings and played in the park for hours. The Arabian Nights celebration was magical of a 7-8 year old girl. I lived in Aladdin Apartments which may very well be gone by now. I was so disappointed to be told by someone familiar with the town that it's far removed from what it once was, with crime rampant and the freedom known in the fifties long gone. I'd love to visit again some day, but maybe I'd be better off just with my memories.
WAULINE SUSIE 31-Aug-2009 23:57
robert 30-Mar-2008 02:14
It just came to me. The exact address was 1260 E. Sesame Street. I even remember the school song, "Opa-Locka Elementary its my school and I hope its proud of me.... won't you come over and see me... at Opa-Lock Elementary..." Funny what you can recall from childhood.
robertR 30-Mar-2008 02:05
I too lived in some small apartments on Sesame Street in 1972. I attended Opa-Locka Elementary from the second grade through the fourth grade. I still remember my fourth grade teacher Ms. Barbara Welch. We were very poor and Ms. Welch inspired me to always do my best. I am now a lawyer and I always wonder what happened to her. I remember walking everywhere with my mother. We collected bottles and took them to a nearby 7-Eleven Store for the money. I also remember the canals and playing baseball at a nearby field. There was an airport nearby that housed blimps and we would go see them land and take off. I was young but I still have vivid memories of this place.
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd02-Mar-2008 23:27
Kathleen, Dena and Cindy: thank you for your comments and memories. Y'all should visit my Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida website at for some visual treats from many decades ago.

Kathleen Holton 28-Feb-2008 08:05
I graduated from Opa-locka Elementary in 1955. Lived at 1111 Sesame Street, in the Armstrong apartments on Sesame Street and also on Fisherman Street. I went to kindergarten in the city hall, read every one of the "girl's" books in the library and was occasionally allowed to read one of the "boy's". Rode my bike all over town. Many of the streets were not paved and I still can't bear to wear shoes. It was major excitement when an alligator would get into one of the canals and we would all run to see the police shoot them. I climbed trees, swam in the pool on the base before it was recommissioned in the late 50's and went to the drag races as a teenager. I skated at the roller rink on 27th Ave. I haven't seen Opa-locka for many years but like you remember it fondly. It was a wonderful place to grow up. I too have been told it is "dangerous" but sitting here in California I can't fathom an Opa-locka that a little girl couldn't walk in or believe in Ali Baba and the 40 thieves and know that life was magical. That city hall was incredible. Thanks for the picture. Too bad about the rats . . . Kathleen
Dena10-Jan-2008 18:16
I used to live right across the street from the park behind city hall, I went to Opa-Locka Elem and OLPH. I remember swinging during the start of Hurricane David. The pool at the airport was so much fun, I think there was an empty "haunted" pool there too. My mom, dad and step dad were all Opa Locka cops. I loved the uniqueness of here but was told it was so dangerous. I can't believe they let the city hall get so run down and rats too, it's a shame. I have such awesome memories here. My kids have no idea what an alley is or how much fun it is to walk thru them to get to school (unless your little brother runs ahead, hides and jumps you Thanks for a great pic and walk down memory lane. Dena (I'd love to talk to others from Opa Locka (
Cindy Schneider Barbera 22-Mar-2007 12:09
I wondered if the building was still pink. Opa-Locka City Hall brings back fond memories of riding the school bus in the late 1960's. We would pass City Hall heading to Our Lady of Perpetual Help School on 27th Avenue & 135th Street. I read the recent article that the rats have taken over and City workers are moving out. Seems all good things don't last. Thanks for a great picture. Cindy Schneider Barbera - born and raised in Miami and now in beautiful Bonita Springs, FL 3/22/2007