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28th US Infantry Regiment - Black Lions of Cantigny

This crest is worn proudly by members of the 1st and 2nd Battalions, 28th Infantry Regiment. Both battalions are known as Black Lions. When we were in Vietnam the units were differentiated by a 1 or a 2 across the chest of the lion on the patch. You will find a brief history of the Regiment, as well as other information regarding both battalions here:

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Vincent Vass 19-May-2022 06:13
My grandfather served in the vietnam war with the big red one, charlie division, black lion. His name was Joe Boxx and he sadly passed away in 2003, however I was wondering if anybody on this forum knew him from the war. He passed away when I was a little boy however I'm proud to know that I am his grandson and was curious to learn more about him.
Clarence Schmig 17-Apr-2022 14:35
Clarence Schmig HHC 3/28 Co.Maint.
82-83 Wiesbaden.
I served with Rudy Gauthier, Tab, Dusty Hill, Ray Landers, and SSG Mafnas.
I can be found on FB.
chad abbott 28-Jan-2022 15:28
Hey! my step-dad Ray Marsh passed away 1-3-2022 he was a radioman in Vietnam 67-68 with HQ 1/28 Inf The big red one or Bloody One, he would call it. He loved being a "BLACKLION" he said he got Jungle bunny or jungle devil training from the special forces this the recon I read about above. He spoke of all the places Bill Powers is talking about. I would guess because his Arcom with V device says BUdop. He later recieved a purple heart he said his whole patrol was wiped out he took an off direct hit with a rocket passed out when he came to he was on a chopper with a chaplain giving him his last rights. He said once he shot a jammed round through the top of the tent said the special forces SGT chewed him a new asshole LOL. I think his nickname was Marshmellow If you remember him get back to me please.
John Lehman 22-Dec-2021 20:45
John Lehman. Black Lions Co. B 2nd 28th 10/68 - 04/69. RTO (36 Tango ). WIA 9 April 1969. Anyone else there during that time?
Steve Quesinberry 17-Dec-2021 16:06
Hello All- I am working on a book about the young men KIA in VN from my part of Georgia. One of those guys was Grady Elder, a member of the Recon Platoon, HHC 2/28. He was killed on June 11, 1966 at the Loc Ninh rubber plantation. If you knew Grady, or were there during 1966,or knew someone that was there then, I would really appreciate you contacting me and helping me tell his story. Thanks! Steve
Charles Rafferty 05-Aug-2021 01:50
I talked to steves younger brother. He said steve h rafferty who passed away over a year ago from massive cancer throughtout his body, was with 1id 1/4 cav at cu chi 1969/70 he drove a v t r. He was shot in leg but not bad enough to go home. He filed for agent orange. But never recieved a settlement . He waited for years. He could have used the help. How many others wont get a penny. They wait till we are gone and forgotten.
Víctor R. Algarín 19-Jun-2021 21:55
Black Lions RECON Platoon 28th Infantry, served june/1968- june/1969
Guest 25-May-2021 23:05
I want to acknowledge the recon patoon of the second 28th infantry, red one, most of them were killed on an operation. They were in between two slit trenches and the enemy caught him in the middle. Some of the men made it to the other side and were killed by the VC who were in the trench when they were killed by the VC. My heart goes out to Nicholas mencola who had two purple hearts when he was killed. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless their souls and give them eternal life in his kingdom Paul

Greg Etzel 30-Apr-2021 16:12
19 June 10 68 RIF 10 clicks East of Lai Khe C 2bn/28th I was serving as point with another point manit was a double point operation. We were ambushed the other point man was injured I pulled him into a depression in the ground I never could find him cant find records of his injury which was hit in right shoulder. He was from Pennsylvania some where, his name was Deeter or Deitrich cant remember any one with info respond.
S.Berry 25-Apr-2021 21:04
Wondering if anyone might remember my father he was HHC 2d battalion 28th division Ronald D Berry from Trenton, Missouri.I won't ever forget some of the stories he shared over the years.He passed July 20,2016.Just kinda wondering if anyone had any stories or memories of him.He was a Mortar Man and I heard some of those mortar stories
Nancy 09-Apr-2021 21:06
Hello, I hope you can help me. I'll start over 😅 He was stationed in Zirndorf Germany around 1966/67. We only know that his name is Garry / Gerry Smith and that he is from Virginia. His nickname was Smithi. We are doing a DNA test on Ancestry, unfortunately we only found 4-5 degrees Couseng there. We have all written to you, but nobody knows him. We have also uploaded the DNA to the other sites. Unfortunately, I no longer know how and where I could look. Maybe someone can give me a few tips here. Many Thanks
Lyle Leonard 07-Mar-2021 21:07
Lyle Leonard 1968. Company A 1/28th. Lima squad leader. Blown up December 1968. Alive and doing well 53 years later in Delaware. There are 20-30 of us still around if anyone is interested in reaching out.
William Wilkerson 06-Mar-2021 02:53
Was in 2/28 Infrantry Big Red One 69-70. Looking for Harvey Black and Bobby Blanchard ?
Dennis Happel 03-Feb-2021 03:24
Ed Otterson or anyone else that may have known my brother Jerry Happel, He was with Company B 1st Battalion 28th Infantry. Jerry was killed on November 8,1966 during the Attleboro Operation near the Cambodian boarder. They were engaged by 2 Vietcong main regimens. My brother manned a M-60 machine gun and repelled multiple Vietcong assaults. Jerry fought until he was killed by hostile insurgents who mortally wounded him with a grenade. I know it is a long time ago now and 16 other men were killed there that day but I would welcome anyone to respond if you were with him or knew him or even fought in that battle. Thank you, Dennis Happel (I am on Facebook or you could message me on messenger).
Richard Doyle 22-Jan-2021 01:47
I was a Black Lion from 78 to 81, loved our unit C 3/28. Roger "bulldog" Wilson and Bn Cdr Richard Davis. Man it was great.
Guest 13-Jan-2021 19:23
1/28 b co Lima ply Lima 5. I remember like yesterday. The time we were taking automatic weapons fire. We were strung out in front of nova bunkers. The shit got hot and I was crawling to an indentation in the soft Forrest floor. We were pinned down for 72 hours . Monsoons kept air and arty support. 11 ace took days to get to us .
The bunkers lit up and we repelled the probes through our line. On the second day I looked up and you were standing up and asked how is your ammo. I had only five rounds. You tossed me a bandolier of quick loads and went down the line giving out ammo. That took guts . Thanks. Lima 5 wardell
Charlie Brown 23-Dec-2020 21:47
I was in Charlie 3/28 Black Lion Wiesbaden 80-82. Black Lions rise up! My name is Charlie Brown; got there a PVT and left the Battalion a Corporal. I retired in 2001.
Guest 05-Dec-2020 14:41
I was with HHC 3/28th Wiesbaden air base 80 until they disbanded. I was the Battalion welder. My name is Donald Mckinney retired in 87.

Dave Hutcheson 21-Oct-2020 05:39
Cindy Moore Lindquist . I was CO of A Co 2/28 Inf at Lai Khe Jun-Dec 1966. Your dad was my First Sergeant. I remember him as a great man and a trusted friend. I'm retired in Minnesota. I would very much like to hear from you at Dave Hutcheson.
Jason Hickman 03-Aug-2020 12:08
Looking for anyone who served with Weapons Platoon B/2-28 IN 1969-1970 who knew my father SSG David Hickman. He was an 81mm mortar
Ed Otterson 29-May-2020 16:59
I stumbled upon this site, served with B Company, third platoon, third squad, from 3/66 to 3/67.
Cali 11-Nov-2019 16:37
Little joe from philly. This buds for you. Still remembering on vets da 2019
Curtis Gilliland 21-Oct-2019 21:38
Vietnam today been back around 30 times. Been up to Lai Khe, Tay Ninh, Black Virgin mountain, An Loc, Loc Ninh, Dau Tieng and around the area. It’s so peaceful today.
Jo Pearson 10-Jul-2019 17:24
I'm trying to locate anyone who remembered Henry Burch who served with A company,2nd Battalion,28th Infantry Regiment. He was KIA on 11 Jun 1966. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Bruce Burnett 25-Mar-2019 20:52
Looking for anyone who remembers or has served with Steve Burnett 69 B 2 28th - lrrp as well. Please contact me (his son) at Thank you.
Don Clendenin 17-Mar-2019 23:36
Company C 28th Infantry Phuc Vinh left Ft Riley w/unit 1965 as a cook, Gillispe, Miles and myself were all E-5's Robert Nail was mess sgt !
Guest 21-Feb-2019 18:14
TOM Hasson 2/28 2nd sqd. 2nd plt. june 67 to june 68
Bill Powers 31-Jan-2019 06:07
Fishing on the Web and just found this site. I was with A Company 1st of the 28th from Jan.67 thru Jan.68. When I got assigned to the Company our base camp was at Phuc Vingh and then some time around Nov. we moved up to Quan Loi. In early Dec. we were sent up to Bu Dop to secure a Special Forces Camp and we were making contact almost on a daily basis. It was the start of the build up for Tet.
I would love to hear from anyone who might remember me. If it helps they gave me the nickname "Bunny" because I had a tattoo of a Play Boy Bunny on my belly button.
Eugene Gitelson 06-Nov-2018 03:51
Platoon Sgt Larry Kitchens, 1st Platoon, Charlie Company, 1/28th, 1st Infantry Division.
"You were the best!" from 1/Lt Gene Gitelson, Charlie One, 1966-67. Would like to hear from you.
Nelson ASPORT 20-Sep-2018 21:33
I was with the 1-28 69-70 D company
Ben F Martin Sr 18-Aug-2018 03:51
Would like 2 hear from the person that wrote an article, pertaining to a young man whose father was an officer with 2/28th S4 section I think his mothers name was Hua.
Guest. 29-Jul-2018 04:29
Chico thanks for remembering me. I remembered a white guy named Meyers I believe. Light brown hair little over 6'. Big guy. Friendly. A good guy. I remember thinking how did he get the nick name. Peace to you brother. ( Cali b co Lima plt 1/28 6/68 to 6/69.
Jose E Troche 07-Jun-2018 22:51
Jose Troche Lt. Platoon ldr, A and C company 68-69
Jesse Lake 20-Apr-2018 01:14
Hello good people "Love of Country Conquers"! My name is Jesse and my fathers name was Daniel J. Lake. He served in the 28th C company from 1960 to 1963. I grew up hearing stories and learning the lingo and only imagined the life that the old man got to experience. I admired him and all of you for the era and the values that you lived and fought for. Although my dad has passed i still remember and reminisce of the world he endured. I thank you all for your service and being a part of mine and my fathers life. I imagine their probably isn't anyone that remembers that old M1 carrying fella but if so feel free to email me. thanks again Pf1 Jesse Lake
MARSHALL KNIGHT 13-Apr-2018 17:37
My name is Marshall Knight I served in Aco/2/28th from Nov 68 to March 69. Sgt Dando and Sgt Manning were our NCO's I have recently been given 220 photos of the company when we rode on tanks into the Iron Triangle. There are many images of individuals from my company. I would be glad to share if anyone is interested.
Guest 24-Feb-2018 14:43
I have a camo scarf with in country black lion patch with the large red one on body. I post a picture of that scarf with patch. On face book if anyone is interested. Look it up.
Larry Illig 19-Feb-2018 16:12
Larry Illig 1977to1979 Looking for my guys that was in Mainz Germany 2nd BTL 28th Infantry 2nd squad B co. I was a driver for a M113A1 Plone# (989)701-2202
George Barnes Kelly 24-Jan-2018 02:28
We lost Ken Mathers today he was with C co. 2/28 68 69 he was shot up at Julie in 68 Im going to really miss him Cancer got him agent orange. He was the best man at my wedding.R.I.P. my BROTHER BLACK LIONS.
Jack A. Pankoff 21-Jan-2018 14:10
I am Jack Pankofff. I was with the 2ed/28,3ed brigade,A company. Jan-May 1966, medic 3ed platoon. Wounded May 12 Operation Birmingham. Looking for 2018 reunion and A company soldiers.
Loren Richards 14-Jan-2018 01:10
my email is if anyone remembers me my name is Loren Richards
Loren Richards 13-Jan-2018 08:23
Hello Black Lions I was in Charlie company 2/28 INF from January 1966 to January 1967 I was suppose to go to A company but Charlie company was short on troops so I ended up there my Platoon was next to a company we were out on a operation when it was time tor me to go home the company clerk said what am I doing back he said I was suppose to be dead but it was another Richards
HERMAN P CASNAVE JR 04-Jan-2018 18:11
HEMANPCASNAVE JR I served from 1967 to 1968 headquater co lai khe vn in commucation toc 2nd 28th black lion bless all of troops look for ALONZO CASARAZE A GOOD FRIEND IN NAM.
George Barnes Kelly 01-Jan-2018 04:26
Want to tell all of you Black lions Happy New Year. Hope 2018 will be a great year for all of us.I just got done with cemo, radia, for cancer. thanks to agent Orange,we all got a dose of that. LION FOREVER...................
John Chmielewski 31-Dec-2017 05:11
Did anyone serve with my brother Steven Chmielewski? I don't remember if he was in the 1st or 2nd. Trying to find out where he was in 'Nam. He passed away a little over a year ago.
Ken Brown 14-Dec-2017 22:17
Jeff Norman, Co C 1/28. I was with C 1/28. Have you kept in contact with anyone? I have been with Rex Mills, Sugerbear (Alan Curb), Dick Sewell, and Teddybear. Rex has died. SFC Lemaster also died some time ago. You might remember me Sgt Ken Brown. It has been a long time.
Jimmie trejo 05-Dec-2017 19:57
HHC 1/28 communication until any body else on here from them 68/69
Jason Wonner 23-Nov-2017 17:20
did any of you guys know David Lee Wonner? he was part of the 28th?
crobb12-Nov-2017 21:49
I was with C/1/28 on September 13th 1968 when things hit the fan at Loc Ninh. I caught RPG shrapnel in the neck. As I recall,I was walking front left flank at the time and the NVA were hitting the rubber trees with RPGs. I called for a medic and a hispanic guy got to me. For the life of me,I can't remember his name. Anyway he patched me up and I caught a medevac back to Quan Loi.Does anyone know the name of that medic?
Guest 04-Nov-2017 01:19
I was in Charley company first battleion 28th infantry we had a patch of hustle the black lions head with a big results one in the head is want so very much to find a copy of that Patch thanks Jeff Norman at
kgwatson 27-Oct-2017 15:00
Seeking info on Cpt. Thomas Reese,Co C, 2d/28thInf, RVN 1967-8
ken koch 16-Oct-2017 16:50
I served with sgt tom wilson in lai khe in 1965,same squad
BILL CANINO 29-Sep-2017 03:11
Guest 26-Sep-2017 16:43
L Nolen
To Ron Mogenson, I was in C,2,28th hv wepons ammo bearer.
Deoplyed Ft Riley Ka via ship to VN. I remember some faces but cannot relate them to names.
Never the less let me know if you would like to talk someone time. Best wishes
Dwight Godfrey 23-Sep-2017 22:48
Dwight Godfrey, I served in 1st infantry 2/28 Inf. C Company from end of 1965 - end of 1966. Based out of Lai Khe. I would like to find the African American friend that I exchanged places with, given him my Bn. admin job for his infantry job, I was infantry and he was a high educated person for my job. 9/2317,
Guest 23-Sep-2017 05:06
Milton Bazinau, Army
unit was: 1st infantry 28th battalion a co, where served: vietnam when served: 1965
J. Glover 21-Sep-2017 02:57
Hi Black Lions did anyone serve in Vietnam Nam during the period of Oct. 1966 thru Oct. 1967? Our company commander was Captain John Turner. Hoping to hear from you.
Tracy 09-Sep-2017 15:06
Did anyone know a Mike Worsham?
Guest 08-Sep-2017 23:49
Anyone remember Sgt Tommy Wilson a co 2/28
Kia 2 Dec 65
Guest 14-Aug-2017 03:19
I am looking for anyone who served in A company 1st battalion 28th Infantry between Nov 68 and Dec 69
My uncle was a Sgt and squad leader during that time. Thanks in advance.
Charles rafferty 08-Aug-2017 15:56
I never see much from others in my fire team others who worked hobo woods . I realize all my blithe rings about self and experiences. I know what you went through I saw it. If you ever want to talk contact me. I don't want to say much about anything that could hurt another participant. Everyone I worked with did a much better job than I. And if I hadn't blocked out names somewhere in the wreckage of that military excersise in S / E. Asia all names would be there. This wasn't just about me this was my attempt to get this down for anyone to see.
Charles rafferty 24-Jul-2017 21:19
Jeff Norman. I was in b co. 1/28 68/69. I was given a camp scarf with an in country black lion patch sewn on. It has the red 1 on it. That patch may be hard to find.
Frank Bender 17-Jun-2017 23:18
Does anybody rememmber my father? Harold J. Bender. He was in country just before the Tet: 67-68. Company A: 1-28th. Carried the 60. He's still kicking - strong. We were just talking about his Nam experience and I found this online link. My contact information is Frank Bender:
Guest 29-May-2017 22:01
This buds for you little joe from philly.
Kia September Friday 13 1968 at bandit hill trapazoid loc ninh area.43 days short
Glenn 25-Apr-2017 01:19
C 2/28 as FO RTO 69-70.
Arthur, some high school guy contacted me about a kia friend a couple years ago. Probably the same type of assignment. He found me from a post I made to his virtual wall page. Good luck.
Arthur 04-Feb-2017 22:35
I am a student at Westlake High School in Austin, TX. I am looking for information about Pfc Jack Golden who died October 13,1968. We are doing a project to memorialize Vietnam Veterans. I would like information about where and how Pfc Golden served, and any personal information to add to my account of his life. Thank you.
Charles rafferty 30-Jan-2017 01:27
I never knew captain frank lietel c o of i believe. He was a go geter like a lot of captans in charge of an infantry co in vietnam 68/69 only my referance time. But captain was shit up really bad across thigh area. Back from vietnam i went to fort ord to finish ets. Captain lytell pulled me into his company Name not sure of spelling. I became a platoon training sergent for a i t troops. One day we went for helicopter acquaintace flight. The chopper was the old korean war vintage. All piled in but me cptn lytell called back arent you going i said i would wait. They went up 20 feet and the blades started hitting the trees close to chopper. Blades started flying all over as the bird crashed to the ground I stood in shock as debri stopped flying around i went in checking if all were ok. Lucky no one was injured badly enough to need ambulance. Frank did me a great favor signing me early out for college captain wanted to go back to v n so bad he was applying to flight school . His wounds were bad enough he was told not as a combat officer again. Thanks frank lytel co of black lions c co 1/28 68 . I always hoped you got your wings.
Buzz 16-Dec-2016 02:07
George Kelly...this is Buzz, C 2/28th 2nd platoon....same as you. Email me at: BLKLION@MC.NET and I can get you in touch with Olson and others.
Guest 05-Dec-2016 23:11
Cindy Lindquist Moore I served with your father call me at 832-381-0564
Charlesrafferty 04-Dec-2016 22:40
My email acct changed to
As my email at Charles rafferty6 was with other server. I have arbitrary numbers as mail.
george kelly 03-Dec-2016 03:43
vas in viet nam 6/68 6/69 want to say hi to all of you.And if Richard olsen out I have some pictures for you. to all of you happy holidays.hope everyone is doing o.k. go lions.
Guest 12-Nov-2016 01:45
My thanks to all serving out front , during our current wars. It's time to end this one up by taking territory Mosul and setting a major force other than American. Time for a stand down I'm sure black lions crossed those trails as well.
Charles Rafferty 07-Nov-2016 21:19
Dave berry. Another vets day and same old questions what if. But never an answer. Thank you Dave fellow black lion. This buds for you little joe kia 9/13/68. Friday. And the two burned officers bodies carried by myself and others. We had : bodies on airstrip that night. Services for joe and choppered from bandit hill to quan loi and eventually walking point into the rear of loc ninh village . After major battle had ended. But the stench was still in the air.
Charles Rafferty 21-Oct-2016 21:40
My thanks to officers and men of 1st inf div. that was a wild ride. Peace bros. b co Lima plt 1/28 68/69. Black lions
Charles Rafferty 02-Oct-2016 22:37
After reading lots of info on experiences country rvn. I haven't heard anything about anyone taking out the rocket launcher on truck. This truck launched a salvo of large rockets into lai khe one night thee rockets went directly over our heads and seconds later hit the first division camp

This took place march 1969. I would have gone up there and blown it up myself. But never got to. The truck was approx 300 yards from fsb Lorraine . Above us In the rubber plantation.
Charles Rafferty 28-Sep-2016 20:12
Why I never complained about walking point
In bad areas. This was the only place in the whole of the military complex where you were free from all the rank and file above . No one wanted combat point man of a line company in vietnam 68/69 . So you never had to hear the jumble of countermanding orders flying about. I enjoyed the freedom of running the large pathways of the nva supply routes. I could get jump on nva soldiers who I could dispatch around a bend in trail or face to face.i do not pretend the men in my squad would catch up were witness I had them take a couple nva officers dispatch currier bags leather shiny Russian leather. With papers etc back to lt. Funny things about lt. They didn't stay long with you in field.
Jon Lampert 23-Aug-2016 21:50
I know my father served as an officer w/ the 28th because of his pictures which he avidly documented through out his experience (thank goodness specific dates were expressed on film back then unlike now ?). Listen everyone, I didn't serve, sometimes I really wish to hell I did & I thank all of you so very much for all sacrifice in any American conflict. My father is David Lampert & he served from I believe because of the photogrametical footage July 66' to August. 67' .. I understand something really bad happened over there & I just wanted to know if anyone out there who can help me who "knew" my dad please feel free to let me that it's OK or something so I can tell him while he's still alive in the hospital that everything's going to be OK mainly because all of you are ok . He's suffering from complications to COPD & pnuemonia, there's a possibility he may not pull through this hardship ? He may not remember you if I told him to his listening ear, but I would like to know who you were? & what's become of you in some way that @ least he would really enjoy . Thaank you for anything ?
Jeff Norman 22-Aug-2016 15:16
I was in 1st battleion 28th infantry Charley company I'm looking for our company patch it was a black lions head with the big red one in its head I looked all over I need help please1
Gloria Anderson 25-Jun-2016 21:48
Anyone remember Charles Shamblin...called him Sham...received 3 Purple Hearts and remembers Captain Rogers
Daniel Engel 30-May-2016 22:00
Dan Engel 1st of the 28th Big Red One HHC recon Feb 66 to 67. Still kicken. Liven life for those who can't. I guess the 1st moved to Quon Loi after I left. Looked at Sat pictures of Phouc Vinh and can not find any thing of the old base camp.--Anyone know how to locate major Steele battalion XO in the same time period?? Here's a Black Lion that sure like to find him.
Curt Lance 26-May-2016 16:51
Co C, 1st Bn, 28th Inf. - November and Oscar Platoons. Jan 11,68 to Oct 16,68. An My, Thu Duc, and more. All those Thunder Road NDP's waiting for replacements, sweeping the road... Remeber Sgt Hildebrand of Oscar, and Frank "Cheech" (sp)Correccia, but not much more. We lost 32 men during Tet and that and more med-evac'd. Anyone who remembers the First Sgt Name, let me know... I also remember some good acey-duecy games.
SP/4 Alfred C McMaster 19-May-2016 15:45
I was in C co, 2d Bn 28th in 65-66. I've been searching for Kenneth Bove from Arkansas and [Norman] who was from Chicago for more than 50 years. All that I remember is that [Norman] was severely wounded when we were ambushed on March 5, 1966, while on Operation Coco Beach. Bove was blown up on April 18, 1966, when we were on patrol about 5 klicks outside Lai Khe. To all other "Black Lions" I can only say WELCOME HOME...

I'm now living in Ormond Beach, Florida.
Guest 18-May-2016 21:25
John Parmenter:
I guess we are showing our age. I was with Combat Support Co (Davy Crockett Section) 2nd Battlegroup, 28th Inf in Munich (Warner Kaserne) '61-'63 and the with Co A, 2nd Bn, 28th Inf, Lai Khe '66-'67. Bill Woolridge was Battlegroup Sergeant Major in Germany and 1st Div Sergeant Major in VN.
current email:
Guest 15-May-2016 18:06
hi all blacklions sgt mc waters a co 2/28 1966 and 1968 u all take care
Guest 15-May-2016 00:23
Richard, this Julio From Recon 67-68 2/28th Sorry I don"t remember who you are but you can email me I would love to talk to you,
John Turner 19-Apr-2016 16:09
Lonnie Mosby what year was you at Wiesbaden? I was there in 77-79. Wasn't a mechanic , but your name sounds familiar
allan Myers 12-Apr-2016 20:56
I remember you Rafferty. Allan Myers a.k.a. Chico I as in B Co and recon 7-68 7-69
Guest 25-Mar-2016 20:23
Back in the world, was with black lions C co. 2/28 in Lai Khe. Battalion attacked by VC on 5 March 66 early in the AM. Was wounded. Anyone out three remember that?
Guest 16-Mar-2016 18:59
I read where Purcell passed. He helped me in vietnam he and Steve Robertson. Thanks much. Purcell c. Co I was b co 1/28 68/69
James Marsala17-Feb-2016 21:47
Great web-site !!! I did my time in Vietnam in 1968.I just stop by to say HELLO. I'll be posting comments from time to time. JIM,
Paul Del Chiaro 16-Feb-2016 20:33
Bless all the soldiers who never came home from Vietnam
Paul Del Chiaro 16-Feb-2016 20:32
I was attached to the Black Lions 2nd 28th Infantry. My second MOS was a mechanic, spent a lot of time on the perimeter in Lai Khe and went on operations in support of the infantry. On Operation Crimp our Battalion Commander was killed. His name will never be forgotten by all those who knew him: LT Colonel George Eyster He graduated from West Point following the foot steps of his father. Bless this man and may he enter eternal Life with the Lord
Madeline Hawkins 12-Feb-2016 19:56
My name is Madeline Hawkins and my English class is beginning a project memorializing servicemen whose names are on the Vietnam Memorial wall. We are commemorating lost servicemen and I received Michael J Hunter's name. Through my research I found this site. He served in the B Co, 1st BN, 28th Infantry. I was wondering if anyone had or would be willing to share any memories,experiences, photos, or any information that I can include in my memorial to make my tribute more personal. If you would like to see similar projects to the one I'm working on and where my memorial will eventually be posted please visit .
Thank you very much for your time,
Madeline Hawkins
Patrick , Gregory Earl 04-Feb-2016 13:17
Hello Black Lions! I am Dale r. "Moose" Nagan, VFW Dpt of Europe Service Officer. VFW is assisting a retired vet Gregory E. Patrick with his claim before VA. He served in 2/28th 65-66 in Vietnam. The records of his service have been lost and VA claim denial is based on no proof he was in Vietnam. If any of you knew him in Vietnam please contact him at email below. If you are willing to give a statement please send to him on a VA 21-4138. Thank you all for your service.
“No One Does More for Veterans”
“Honor the Dead,
By Helping the Living”

Have a Great VFW Day!


A great VFW Day for a Service Officer is when you help a Vet!

Dale R. “Moose” Nagan
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States
Department of Europe Service Officer
(Do not put DSO’s name on any APO Mail)
Send mail to:
VFW, Attn: Dpt of Eur Service Officer
CMR 454 Box 3799, APO AE 09250 or
Dale R. Nagan, Ackerstr. 39, 90513 Zirndorf, Germany
OFFICE TEL: 0911-9602633 INT: 011-49-911-9602633
Office Fax: 0911-60046025 INT: 011-49-911-60046025
EMAIL: CEL: 01791239518
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Joshua Mercado 15-Jan-2016 21:23
My name is Joshua Mercado, I served as a corpsman in the 1/28th during the 1968-1970 of the Big Red One. Anyone without might remember me or other persons who served during theses years please contact me at Joshua Mercado, 2929 west 29th street,Brooklyn,N.Y. 11224 or free to call my cell number at. 718 864 7182 your assist will be appreciated. Have been looking for a friend of mine, also a medic whose name was Isaac Fritz from San Francisco,Cal.....also a platoon buddy of mine by the name of Frank Camacho of Puerto Rico. Thank you in advanced.
Spec 4 Anderson, Dennis 14-Dec-2015 07:22
I'm Dennis Anderson, and I served in this unit from 1980-1982 at Weisbaden Air Base. I was a crew member of an ITV 11 Hotel Echo 9!
1st. Sgt Keogh was Top, and Bulldog was our CO!
Fred R.Riney 06-Dec-2015 16:51
Fred Riney or was called Ho Ho Green Giant I was in Nan 68 TO 69 with 1/28 RECON carried the 60 gun. We came into the unit right after they lost all but three people,LT. a SGT.and Indin from Calf. who walked point. I still live in Kansas.
Guest 01-Dec-2015 01:49
Merry Christmas black Lions rvn 68/69
Daved 29-Nov-2015 12:36
Hello my name is daved leaton B/company 2/28 (67/68) i have several photos of company area and village with buddies and operation Billings. Email, i also fighting prostrate cancer.
Guest 27-Nov-2015 22:01
I am looking for any personal pictures or war pictures of James W. Phair who was killed Casualty Location in battle at Loc Ninh rubber plantation
1966-06-11 for my mother his wife.
Ron Mogensen 14-Nov-2015 16:52
I was with company C,2/28 Black Lion and arrived in V.N. by ship from Ft Riley In Sept 1965. I was a gunner on 81 MM Mortar, Looking for anyone I served with.
Ron Coselman 29-Oct-2015 08:08
If anyone is interested, Facebook has a group page for FSB Gela. Alot of great pictures and contact info for others who where stationed there and at Lai Khe. Stop in and join the group.

Ron Coselman
A co. and HHC 1/28th Inf
Richard 22-Oct-2015 06:04
My name is Richard Hunter,served with 2/28th Black Lions may 67/May 68 HHC Recon. Julio Martinez you were something then.
Donald M. Holmes 01-Oct-2015 17:12
Hi my name is Donald M. Holmes, Sgt. USMC. My Brother's name is Sgt. Delbert C. Holmes. He served With Alfa Co. Black Lions of Cantigny 2 Bn. 28 INF 1st Infantry Division.
I am looking for any information on my brother while he was in Vietnam. He served two times in Vietnam, last served and was shot in the neck sometime during the Tet offensive 1968, resulting in him becoming a Quadriplegic. Anyone who knew him or anything regarding the Battle he was in when he got shot please notify me, thx God Bless Our Troops.
sylvester grant 09-Sep-2015 04:26
i served in Vietnam 67/68 june to june 1st. 28th my brother also served in 2nd.26th. in laikay passed away this march his tour was 66 to 67 my best bud was walter weeks from Detroit mi,kia 1967 with about 13 days left in country {short}e and a couple of friends had visted me in the camh rahm bay hospital anybody remember him or me {Sylvester grant}
Terry Brown 02-Sep-2015 02:55
I'm trying to find info of my friend, Ronnie "Joe" Payne, 2nd Bn 28th Inf, 1st Div, C Company. Ronnie was KIA on November 7,1967. He only had 18 and a wake up left. The info I have stated KIA by small arm fire in Binh Long Province. For forty eight years I have had such a guilty sole for not enlisting with him and watching out for him. I thank anyone that can give any info please.
Guest 25-Aug-2015 22:04
I am helping a friend (Terry Post) who served A Co. 1st Battalion 28th Infantry Brigade 1st in '68. He's looking for a casualty report for the time he served and I've had no luck finding anything for him. Does anyone know if that information is available and where it could be found? God bless you all.
Guest 13-Aug-2015 21:41
Guest: My name is Jaime Perez and served with Delta Co. 1/28th. From Dec. 68 to Dec. 69. Base Camp Lai Khe. If anyone remembers me, I'm at:
Ken Brown 25-Jul-2015 01:25
C co 1/28 may 68 to 69. Rex Mills died of cancer. SFC Lemaster died long ago. I was in Lima mostly, jumping from squad leader to Plt Sgt, Leader, field First. Never knew what was going to happen.
Ken Brown 25-Jul-2015 01:19
I served with C co 1/28 may 68 to May 69. Rex Mills died of cancer. Sgt. Norman out there? Maute. Dixon? Purcell. SFC Lemaster died. Dick Sewell.
Dave Berry19-Jul-2015 04:33
Kurt Francis Ponath
Milwaukee county
Vietnam Conflict
Regular Military
Light Weapons Infantry
Private First Class
1st Infantry Division, 1st Battalion, 28th Infantry, A Company
★ National Defense Service Medal
★ Combat Infantryman Badge
★ Purple Heart
★ Vietnam Campaign Medal
★ Vietnam Service Medal
Ambush 5 km NE of Loc Ninh, South Vietnam, Binh Long province
Died through hostile action .. small arms fire
VVM Wall, Panel 44w, Line 41
Guest 18-Jul-2015 02:29
Carp. Did you know ponath I believe a co 1/28 Kia loc ninh. 1968
Guest black lion 11-Jul-2015 17:21
Thanks for being out there berry. You are helping us touch bases. Black lion 1/28 b co 68/69 quan Lou lai khe.
Guest black lion 11-Jul-2015 15:49
I met a tank commander on a big boy. Went out on ambush outside fire support base doc end of April 1969. We were basically the trip wire for a large mass of Nva who were moving towards f s b doc. After talking with the t c for a couple hours his radio watch was handed over to me. Mortars rockets and tracers were flying in the air some in our direction . I woke the t c and he called in ground attack in progress. . We blew the ring of clay mores we had set out. On three everything in our per emoter was blasted. We then set out to take on the Nva spivey myself romping off on the metal beast which blew track. We three and one cav machine gunner. I took weapons off the Nva bodies to keep away from enemy who could be seen between each axial flair milling back and forth. I had a dead Nva r p g launcher with half his head blown away. His brain on my face and field shirt. It was small sticky particle
Guest 22-Jun-2015 18:06
To all black lions. Last year this month I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I found out the major problem was a large carcinoma next to read duct. And five other biopsies over different parts of body. We were in the same shit. I'm sure mine is throughout my body. Insist on regular exams. To you b 5 Wardell. Cheers to little joe.
Ben Martin 22-May-2015 20:06
To:Chaplain Clemmons
my name is ben martin I was wounded april,2,1968 by friendly fire.I just wanted to thank you for your visits while I was at the hospital.
Guest 07-May-2015 20:30
Julio Martinez I served with the 2/28th from July 67 thru June 68. When I first arrived I was assigned to Alpha Co. then was transferred to HHC Recon. Many memories and lots of brothers.
Jerry Smith 22-Apr-2015 18:12
I was Arty Recon Sgt with Company "C" 1st Bn. 28th Infantry from Oct.1967 to Oct. 1968. I was right beside Captain James Hay when he was KIA. I've forgotten most of the guys but still can recall a couple of names from the unit.
Jay Gurry 05-Apr-2015 18:03
My name is jay Gurry in country 67 October with a co 2/28 black lions big red 1 wounded in October on lp mission. Later wounded in May 68 outside of Saigon the 12 th. Sent to Japan ! Now suffering from agent orange. Searching for surviors who served with. ! Remember terry kempher. Sgt. Harris. Delong. Wheeler ????? Contact me please via mail at 16 swan pond rd north reading. Mass. 01864. Or call 978. 664 4075 ! God blesss it's been way to long !!! Hope to hear soon!
Lonny Mosby 23-Mar-2015 03:34
Looking for Black Lion buddies -- Please contact Lonny Mosby 3/28 Infantry HHC mechanic
Guest 17-Mar-2015 18:39
Thanks Dave. Rvn 68/69
Guest 11-Mar-2015 01:19
Black Lions Of Lai Khe on facebook at

Lee Helle
Steven Webb 27-Feb-2015 00:47
My first unit was B 3/28 in Wiesbaden Germany in '83 unfortunately they disbanded a short time later.
Chaplain Amos Clemmons 01-Feb-2015 22:23
I moved from 2/2 to 2/28 (Rocket Alley) just before Tet, '68. My "hootch" behind the O Club was destroyed the first night of TET by a 122 mm rocket....just the beginning of many "adventures" with the Black Lions. LTC's Menetrey and Coffee were the battalion commanders during my tenure. Menetrey became a 4 Star; Coffee was a military to President Nixon for a while....SP5 Eric Snoberger was my assistant...great field grunt!
Santiago Griego 26-Nov-2014 01:30
To Alvin Lewis My name is Santiago Griego I remember you from D co. Please contact me . We have been looking for you for many years .
jose troche 17-Nov-2014 03:11
I served as a platoon leader in C and A Company in 1968 at Quan Loi
Mary Bazinau Bolthouse 11-Nov-2014 04:37
Did anyone serve with Milton Bazinau? I am his daughter
Alvin L 20-Oct-2014 03:01
My name is Alvin L.Lewis i served in the Big Red One.The year was 1967-October.
Gene Ritchhart 31-Aug-2014 00:22
I was on line poking about for guys I knew with the 28th in Mainz-Gonsenheim,Germany. I found an old comrade had passed away in 2012. His name was Randolph Ottoboni. I was pleased to know that he made sergeant before he left the service. Any one out there that was with C-2-28 , please remember him.
Guest 29-Jul-2014 17:21
Daughter of First Sgt. Raymond R. Lindquist Company A 2/28th served in Vietnam 1965-1966 would like to find anyone who knew my father he has just passed away.
Cindy Lindquist Moore 29-Jul-2014 17:12
I am the Daughter of First Sgt. Raymond R. Lindquist, Company A 2/28th. My father has passed away and even though its late I would like to know more about his military history. I know he was with SFC Jerald L. Dozier, Platoon Sgt. Loyle Hale. He was a Black Lion from Fort Riley, Kansas 1960's, a highly decorated war veteran. Was in Vietnam Sept 1965.
Guest 22-Jul-2014 09:37
Guest: This was my first unit in weisbaden in 83. What a history.
Guest 19-Jul-2014 10:01
does anyone remember frank r hill in the 1/28 black lion in november of 67
larry schaffer 01-Jul-2014 01:49
RTO 69/70 D 1/28 & HHC
Guest. Black lion 29-Jun-2014 04:34
If u were a black lion please have regular tests for cancer we are falling to cancer cause A/o.
Guest 26-Jun-2014 01:53
Being the "next" generation after Vietnam- my father's war. I'm a huge Vietnam junkie! What I can't figure out through years of listening, reading, watching, learning history, etc; why? This war makes no sense to me. What pisses me off more than anything- the very same protestors who "exercised their Democratic right" to protest the war and bring the GI's home. What a bunch of bullshit! Spitting on veterans, calling names to young men who were sent to do the government's bidding. I can firmly say that I've worked with many vets on different levels through the years. They are all proud, yet hesitant of their experience. I'm disappointed in how we treat our fellow American. If you think killing another human being is a natural action, you are crazy! To live with that is awful enough , but to be labeled as a killer and treated like an animal-is bullshit! 58,000+ for what? You had the balls to pick at one guy or two coming out of an airline terminal, but not to stop a war. Feel proud about nothing protesters. You spit on the guy next to you at work, not the guy who made them do it.
Carter Swart 23-Jun-2014 18:44
Carter Swart and Howard M. Swart
1958-60 Cold War vets

Drafted, and lucky to serve in Munich. The only fighting we did was with each other. Still proud of my service, tho it pales next to you combat vets. Always a Black Lion!
BILL CANINO 15-May-2014 22:52
George Moore 20-Apr-2014 02:44
Hello all,
Asked by a friend to try to find, John F. Hinderson, Vietnam Nam 1968.
1st. Div. 1st. Btn. 28th. Inf.
Any info would be welcome.
Thank you.
George Moore.
John Parmenter 10-Apr-2014 14:11
Cold War Veteran of 1st Battle Group & 2nd Battalion, 28th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division 1961 - 1964. Assigned to Ft. Riley, in 1963, 1st Battle Group deployed to West Germany & advanced through communist East Germany to reinforce Berlin Brigade. We returned to Ft. Riley later that year. In 2012, I was honored to be appointed Distinguished Member, 28th Infantry Regiment. Black Lions forever!
Louis Pisano Sr. 10-Mar-2014 14:39
I was a medic for Charlie Co. and HHC medical platoon from Aug.'66 to Aug. '67. My name is Lou Pisano better known as on the 1st Infantry Assoc. lounge as 'DocLou'... I served with Charlie Co. Sept. '66 through Nov '66. If anyone remembers me and has photos of the time please send to ... God Bless All the Blacklions and troops overall.
JOHN K PARMENTER 03-Dec-2013 15:54
Having served in both 1st Battle Group & 2nd Battalion, 28th U.S. Infantry, I salute all salute all Black Lions, past, present, & future. Perhaps the proudest day of my life came in 2012 when I was appointed Distinguished Member of the 28th Infantry Regiment.
walter wordell 24-Jul-2013 19:21
charles rafferary my name is walter wordell i was once know as lima 5. the platoon sgt.
Casey Victorino 30-Apr-2013 17:48
My Dad, Peter Victorino, Was a combat medic in a recon unit with you guys for a couple years, he doesn't tell me much though. anyone remember him? id love to talk to you.
E mail me at
LARRY CATALDO 26-Jan-2013 16:43
ALLEN COLEMAN 24-Oct-2012 12:12
looking for friends in black lions 2 28 inf. also lrrp served 6months each
Carp 29-Sep-2012 13:29
I have my 1st Bn. unit crest in my medals and awards display. Also have my old camo cover from my steel pot. Means a whole lot to me! Looking back, I'd do it again in a minute. The buddies I have are more family to me than family!
John Rich Carpenter, Alpha Company, 1/28th Infantry, Oct '68 - Nov '69 Mike platoon
charles keating 30-Aug-2012 03:33
68 69 b co. Laikhe and e co. Charles keating aka buda
charles keating 30-Aug-2012 03:28
Big red one black lions god bless all
Jon Lanham 30-Aug-2012 01:24
Black Lions in the Night! 2003 - 2004, Fort Jackson, SC. C-1-28 3rd Platoon "Terminators"
Patrick A. Shew 23-May-2012 14:55
Patrick A. Shew 1/28th Alpha. I still morn friends lost in Nam, and the ones that seem to be dying daily now. The older I get [65] the more I reflect. Just bought a cap, decals, and watch from "The Quartermaster" something and support them...great resourse. If you remember Have a wonderful day! In Him, Patrick
C.R. McClain 02-May-2012 19:13
My Bro was 1rst and 28th around 68-69. Made it home safe age 65 went to sleep one night closed his eyes that was the last time we saw him. He was proud of the Black Lions,didnt talk much about it but then I didnt ask. But I know he was proud!! P.D.McClain 1944-2110 a.o. cause of death!
Dave Aldridge 09-Mar-2011 02:01
To Dave Turnball,
You can purchase by downloading the Quartermaster List on our website at
our website as shown above...without the "his.htm" at end of hyperlink. It is the official Black Lions Website. The checks or money order for purchases can be mailed to 28th Infantry Assoc. (D. Aldridge) P.O.Box 5328, Fort Lee, VA 23801-0328
Donald Turnbull 31-Mar-2010 15:45
Where may I find this patch? B 2 28th Black Lion I would like to purchase.
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