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2/2nd Infantry (Mechanized)

Both the 1/2nd Infantry and 2/2nd Infantry were deployed to Vietnam. 2/2nd Infantry was converted from a leg infantry battalion to mechanized in 1966. Both infantry battalions had outstanding reputations and served valiantly. You can read a brief history of this very distinguished infantry regiment here:

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Elmer Robinson 05-Aug-2022 05:16
Elmer (Butch) Robinson 2/2d C company 1/1 Gulf 69/70 is there anyone here that was there at the same time? Jim Troutman, Larry McCabe also gunners in the 1st platoon. Also George Kimble was assigned to B company at the same time. Does anyone know him?

David Wilson 10-Apr-2022 23:55
Take me to my base camp in Lai Khe. 2/2 C Co. 1st. Platoon 4th squad Ramrods
Guest 07-Apr-2022 21:52
Anyone remember Sgt Joe Van Sickle 2nd BN Mech 22 Infantry Regiment?
Jeff Loranger 30-Mar-2022 22:33
Loranger: Does anyone remember when 2/2 first went armored a friend of mine named Mike (forgot his last name, he was Polish, who got blown in half by a shape charge hit by a tank. He was in. the command turret when the tank hit the mine and the door slamed shut cutting the poor guy in half. Anyone remember Mikes last name. I think it happened during the monsoon season of 1966. I served with Charlie company 2/2. Also does anyone remember the big ambush our battalion pulled off on the Cambodian Vietnam border in. 1966? I was leg until around January 1967. We were routinely sprayed with the defoliant agent orange. that was considered "safe" at the time.
Glenn Haring 26-Feb-2022 16:26
Served in 2nd/2nd Mech Inf from Feb 68 to mid summer of 68 then moved to 2nd/34th Armor until my deros in Feb of 69. On April 3 68 I was in a battle in a area E of Hwy 13. We had 4 KIA and 31 WIA. We drove single file into an NVA ambush. Curtis Parker above speaks of battle above- "3 April 1968 engagement battle with a NVA Regiment with Red Chinese northeast of Chahn Thahn". Any of my brothers who were there that day please reach out to me to talk more about that day.
John Jones 27-Dec-2021 03:37
On June 6th, 1969 I was with the 2/2 when we were ambushed. The track I was on was hit with RPG’s and that’s about all that I can remember. I sustained many injuries (lost an eye) traumatic brain injury and would like the story filled in by anyone who remember. Thanks, John Jones Thanks!
Larry Landis 31-May-2021 21:52
Guest: Larry Landis. Just saw this site and at the bottom of the list was Charles Keating, 2/28 Recon 1968-69. We were in the same Recon unit at the same time in Lai Khe. Get back with me if you see this please @
Guest 02-Jan-2021 04:02
Hi Parker i am Artur Paul i served with the 2nd batt 2nd inf at Lai Khe 66*67 miss you guys
Joe Tackett 10-Dec-2020 05:13
I served with The Big Red One as a platoon medic then senior medic I was there from February 1967-February 1968. I left as the Tet Offensive was still going on. I served with Bob Fazio, Joe Lupo who was killed in August 1967, York Penn Sit. I was replaced in the field by Don Scott. I remember Bill Green, Senkovich and a few others.
George A Marino 13-Nov-2020 14:29
George Marino 1 st Infantry Division 2/2 Mechanized Base Camp Dau Tieng April 69 to April 70
johnny bryant 27-Aug-2020 14:34
curtis parker....i was there with you from mar 1968 to dec 1968 on b221 track until capt hanson took over. then i drove for him until dec 1968. i remember all the instances you mentioned in your message. on the night of bandit hill battle, 6 track and 2 others were staked out on ambush, but came back to ndp when attack started. my best friend at the time, dave lockard 50 gunner on medic track, was killed during that battle. if you like you can write me at johnny bryant 20 e floyd ave hazlehurst ga 31539
TIM PEACHEE 19-Jun-2020 22:51
to Jeff Loranger i was there brother, in 66-67 they were still leg when i arrived but went mech. very soon after, so sorry to here about u and agent orange hope this finds u still
going my very best wishes
Curtis Parker 12-Jun-2020 12:31
Curtis Parker call sign Daring Bravo Bandit 31,I was assinged to B 2/2 Inf, 3rd Platon, Track B231 from 9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968 under the command of Cpt Gratzer(Bandit 6),Cpt Burke(Bandit6) and Cpt Hansen(Bandit6) and my Platoon Leaders were 1LT.Morrisey(B36),1LT Johnson(B36) and 1LT Richard E.Brown(B36) and my Squad Leaders Sgt Ron Cron and SSG Glenn and Sgt Dune and Platoon Sergeant was PSG Chapaco(B35).Basecamp Lai Khe,I still remember places of operation like Phu Loi, Highway 13 "Thunder Road",Thunders 1-Thunder 4 (B 2/2 Inf built and occupied Thunder after the TET OFFENSIVE from 15 Feb 1968 -31 March 1968 then moved to Thunder 2),Iron Triangle,Song Be,Claymore Corners,Sherwood Forest,Michelon Rubber Plantation,3 April 1968 engagement battle with a NVA Reegiment with Red Chinese northeast of Chahn Thahn,Battle of Bandit Hill Oct 1968,Ben Cat,Rome Plow Operation,...and Rocket City "LAI KHE"...I served as a Rifleman,M60 machinegunner, Grenadier (M79 Grenade Launcher "Thump Gun"),RTO, TC 50 Caliber Machinegunner then Spc4 Squad Leader those were the days..Noli Me Tangere
Joseph Malone 17-Apr-2020 02:47
Joseph "Joe" Malone Recon Platoon 2/2 HQ Co. Big Red One Dec.65-Dec.66, drove 3/4ton pick up when we escorted convoys. Looking for My Buddy Thomas Moore or anybody from my platoon. Lt Branch was our Platoon Leader. Recon operated like a Little Company when we were in the field, we went through a lot, still respect you guys. Call 404-421-5155
Bob Short 24-Dec-2019 17:53
I was 50 gunner on 6 track I was wondering is there away I can get a copy of Captain Kelley’s after the battle reports 1969
Guest 07-Aug-2019 10:44
Does anyone remember John Wesley Wedge, water purification specialist?
Jeff Loranger 01-Jul-2019 01:52
I was in C company 2/2 out of lai khe 1966-67. I was there when 2/2 was leg infantry. Anyone out there still alive from my company? They called me lowranger. Agent orange is doing me in.
Mike MacDonald 02-Apr-2019 21:41
Anyone know anything about a battle that took place 4/18/1968 about 7 km East of Hwy 13 near Hwy 310 involving 2/2nd?
asking for a guy named Tom Perato
johnny bryant 05-Mar-2019 18:06
bill akins, this is johnny Bryant from Georgia. I was driving cpt hansons track when we hit a mine on 12 sept 1968. there was an fo onboard that may have been you. cpt hanson had a broken arm, I had head and facial wounds and the fo on board was thrown quite a distance in front of the track. I referred to cpt hanson as the "one arm bandit" for a while after that, which he was not real fond of! my cell is 912 278 7000. I do have some photos
Bradley Price 21-Dec-2018 21:35
Thanks for the chance to place a message on your page my name is Bradley L (Lightening) Price, however the L doesn't stand for my nickname given to me by James (Stretch) Reineke who believed everyone should have one hence Russell (Rusty) Lejuene, John (Lurch) Durkin, Bill (Pop) Lindley, ? (Meat) Hill, Lagoon, Zuber, Battery, Lemon, and a number more.I served in the 2nd squad 2nd platoon of the 2nd battalion mechanized of the 2nd Infantry Regiment, 1St Infantry Division based at Laikhe Vietnam from Feb. 04th 1967 until Feb. 04th 1968 Those who were first in my platoon were Rusty Lejune, who quit us 02-22 and Howard Dexter Gerstein from Pacoima who was KIA Thursday Feb. 23rd 1967 when our APC, NO. 122 Was ambushed by a Chinese Claymore being placed in a tree level with the top of the track since that's where we rode. This was blown on us as we led a convoy north of the Black Virgin Mountain toward Pre Klock. This wounded all nine guys in the squad seven of which were med medevaced Pfc Bunce and I just had shrapnel removed at the field hospital. And since he had less than 30 days left in country. He said I'm going to ask the CO if I can work with the cooks now. So I got a new track and a whole new squad Of guys.
Dave Berry02-Aug-2018 19:48
CPT (Retired) Sonny Gratzer passed away from long term complications from his serious Vietnam wounds on 7 Dec. 2016. Sonny was 76 years old. Gone too soon!
Guest 02-Aug-2018 12:54
Chaplain Clemmons: CPT Sonny Gratzer, Bandit Six was ordered up to HQ in Eternity in 2016, RIP. (I am prettu sure it was late 2016.)
TLM 05-Mar-2018 19:00
Does anyone know what happened to Sgt. Richard B.Burke Co.A 2nd Battalion 22nd Infantry in 1967-1970? He was from Cumberland Md. Thanks for any help.
Dave Cummings 15-Dec-2017 20:29
I was with Co. A 2nd2nd Mech. I arrived in country 12/69. Dusted off shortly after getting to my unit in the field. Back in the field in a week. Looking for our driver that was hurt same time as me, also Sgt. "Ben". Sorry the names are long gone from my mind. Any help would help me to remember things that are a blur in my memory.
J. Gregorio Valdez 08-Dec-2017 23:59
I was 2/2 B company Big Red One from 12/23/67 to 6/28/68 l was assign to be the 50 cal gunner on one of the APC, some friends never made it back to the world alive God bless them. First part of my tour was 6/26/67 to 12/22/67 with the 2/18.
Larry Dahlka 17-Aug-2017 22:46
Hi, was in B co. 2nd of 2nd in 1968 nickname was DI because I used to be a Drill Instructor. Me and 3 others transferred to tanks (2nd/34th) when they needed Armor MOS people
John Maravick 13-Aug-2017 16:31
I drove command track 140 2/2 between 3/68 3/69. my nn was mack. Jim Harker, I do remember,thanks for chance to remember !!! John (mack) Maravick.does anyone remember me?
Carnell 02-Jul-2017 21:54
Hello Eagle glad you made contact.Be writing you later.
Guest 30-May-2017 03:45
Stationed at Ft Lewis as a medic with 2 / 2 when I got back from Korea, May 79
Kenny Jackson 04-May-2017 17:43
Hey Guys...Don't remember many, however I was with 1 inf 2/2 out of Lai Khe 67-68 do remember good friend Otis Thompson that didn't make it back also remember Sgt Berney and Contreas I was a New Yorker. Believe my track number was 313..
h.l. royles 3rd,moose 07-Apr-2017 15:59
bill akins,moose royles,jim beal,teddy was 50 gunner,jimmy was our driver it was one big hole from un exploded b 52 strike.long timeto hear from somebody.capt hanson took over and put on his apc sat cong,remember real good
tony muniz 20-Feb-2017 18:33
tony muniz 11-67 9-68 lost pictures anyone have any
Ted Rupel 06-Feb-2017 21:30
I have a photo from Lai Khe 1968 that I have been told just may be of the C/2/2 1st ID. On the back it says "4th Platoon Tracks in Lai Khe Base Camp during stand down in July.
340-FDC's track" Photo has a red photograph stamp date July 68. I would be glad to send a scan to anyone and see if anyone recognizes it
John Kotowicz 19-Nov-2016 02:08
looking for anyone that was in the company c 2/2 in 69-70 with me. I was in the 1st platoon and would like to hear from others.
Arnold Lizana 01-Nov-2016 18:13
My name is Arnold Lizana. I was with A Co., 1st /2nd Inf in Vietnam but have not been able to prove "boots on the ground" for VA purposes. Is there anyone else here from the 1st/2nd who was there who might can help with this?
Earl Granger 17-Oct-2016 20:24
My name is Granger, Earl. I was with Co A 2bn 2inf 1div. I'm in search of a friend name Patton. We were in the same Co. I don't have much info on him. He carried me out of the ambush site to dust off. If there is any information about him please contact me at information below
rich garcia 05-Oct-2016 16:35
A Co ist squad, ist platoon 3/69 to 3/69; Loc Ninh was a bad M-----------.
Dave Berry21-May-2016 00:55
You made my day - especially around Memorial Day, when we remember the ones we couldn't save. Thank you so much!

Tommy 20-May-2016 23:21
Hi DOC you probably don't remember me I was wounded May 7th 1967 I was with 2/2 Mech B company I was hit with SGT MALLORY thanks for saving my life
Gary griggs 13-May-2016 14:18
Hey guys my name is Gary Griggs, was with a co. 2/2 . I remember an loc and loc Ninh west of town thanksgiving Day 1968. I drove 2-4 track than later drove the old mans track . We lost some good buddies there not especially good memories anyway, am living in Missouri now and doing pretty good with all of it. Got to go for now...out.
Frank Samora 11-Jan-2016 18:55
I was in Charlie Co. 2nd 2nd and David Wilson was one of my friends. We also went to Ft Riley, Kansas after Vietnam, the home of the 1st Inf, so we wore a Big Red One on both sleeves. I was also assigned to Bravo Co. as a minesweeper and met a friend Bill Bolin. I hope he made it safely back to the States too. "Doc" Reynolds might have been the medic who sewed my upper together after I flew into a 50 caliber turret. If that is you thank for doing a good job out in the jungle. We had good and bad times and somethings you can,t forget even after years of trying.
Guest 31-Dec-2015 14:27
Bill, when the 6 track hit the mine on 4 July, Cpt. Burke was C.O. Cpt. Hanson then took command of B co.
Bill Akins 20-Dec-2015 21:38
Looking for anyone with pictures of B 2/2 pictures. I was FO for them mid 68 - mid 69.
Was on track 4 July with Cpt Hanson when we hit a mine.
William J Johnson, 69-70 30-Nov-2015 01:06
Looking for Ronald Naylor from Philidelphia
Vic Boddie 27-Nov-2015 12:41
In A company 2/2 Mechanized, track 113 from Oct. 1968 until May 1968.
Sec Inf Reg Assoc 20-Sep-2015 23:44
All you guys from the 1-2, 2-2 the regiment has a website at
BOB ( EAGLE ) FARRELL 20-Aug-2015 22:15
Amos E. Clemmons 01-Feb-2015 22:05
I am Chaplain (COL) Amos Clemmons. I was with the 3rd BDE, 1st Division, August '67-August '68. I was attached to 2/2 from Aug '67 through January '68 and then attached to 2/28th for the remainder of my tour. If there is anyone out there who remembers me, feel free to contact me at I am in contact with CPT GRATZER, Bandit 6. I just finished reading the book, "Days of Valor" by Robert L. Tonsetic, a company commander with the 199th Light Inf. BDE. A lot of the book resonates for it focuses on TET '68 through May '68....very good read.
Karl West 16-Sep-2014 17:18
Hello: Bill Green, T Van Winkel, B Fazio, D Scott and D Wilson
I served in Lei Kai with Co C 2/2 1st Infantry Division. Our Platoon Medic was Arthur Dabney a big black man from Texas and our Platoon Leader was Lt Sullivan. I was dusted off and never returned to my unit was further assigned to Camp Zama Japan and stayed in the Hospital 4 months. I am now retired and found this great site. Should any of you remember Arthur and have any information about him and the LT, I would appreciate any and all assistance.
Very Respectfully
Karl West
Co C 2/2 1st Infantry Division
Hard Luck Charlie
Karl West 16-Sep-2014 17:05
Hello Bill
I don't know if you might remember a Medic by the Name of Arthur Dabney from Texas big black man he was the Medic with C Co 2/2 in Lei Kai he was my best friend and I am unable to locate him. I was dusted of and never returned to my Unit. Ended up in Camp Zama Japan retired in 1985. Also our Pl Leader was Lt Sullivan his Mom would always send him Grape Cool Aid for his Canteen. Should you or anybody you know have any knowledge of either of these Gentleman I would appreciate this information.
I also would like to share the following the DD 214 that is issued to all and showing your Medals is not good according to the VA to substantiate that you served in Vietnam. What yo9u think about that.
Very Respectfully
Karl West
C Co 2/2 1st IDF
Hard Luck Charlie
Terry Van Winkle 15-Mar-2014 02:12
This is sargent terry Van Winkle,2/2 Charlie Company Lai khe December 66 to December 67. Wounded Feb.67 Now living in Leesburg, Florida. Like to find buddies. Email please
bob fazio 25-Dec-2013 17:15
there was a medic I served with by the last name green Also Joe Lupo Joe Tackett. York Sit and my self Bob Fazio. Joe and I were on the 20 track when we hit a mine. Joe was killed and I suffered wounds which were taken care of by 2 other medics. Aug.26 1967
rich garcia 02-Dec-2013 21:49
I was with A Co 2/2 March 68 to march 69 At Loc Ninh 11-29-68 as leade track driver
Bill "Doc" Green 21-Oct-2013 20:05
To D. Poitras.....Sorry for my delay in answering your questions. Sorry to say I have a POOR time remembering names but faces, sometimes I do remember them. Do you have a photo of Robert? As a Combat Medic, you are exposed to more pain and death than you would like to experience. After a while, you block out many of the details surrounding the death of a fellow soldier. I have listed my email address below, please feel free to contact me anytime. I will try toremember what I can. Best Regards.....Doc
Guest 30-Aug-2013 15:57
Hi Don and thanks for your comment. If you could link up with me by email I can give you more
Don Scott 29-Aug-2013 21:07
Richard. I was with a medic with alpha July 67 thru mid Feb 68. Platoon medic , then senior aid man. I wasn't in very fight, it just seemed like it. Let me know if I can help.
Richard Cieszinski 28-Aug-2013 19:47
Looking for anyone who would have been with A Company 2/2 during the early months of 1968, more specifically, Feb 2, 1968. I was an Armor Platoon Leader with 2/34th Armor OpCon 1st infantry in 1968. From Mid Jan 68-Mid Feb 68 I was with an infantry Co in an NDP between Lei Kai and An Loc. On Feb 2 68 my platoon went N on Hwy 13 close to An Loc and then a bit West to help pull out an Infantry company (A2/2?) who was ambushed and had heavy casualties. I had one KIA and one WIA. I am looking for the CO of that company. When I showed up with 3 tanks he was crouched down behind 2 burning PCs---I went over to him to see where his men were. We spent 3-4 hours helping extract his unit. Please let me know if you have any info. Thanks
Efraim Rivera 07-Aug-2013 06:21
I served HHC 2/2 Jan-Jul 1969, spent some time in Lai Khe, but most time in the field. MOS was 11B, but was assigned to the COM platoon.
william young 15-Jul-2013 00:22
william young (lucky) here the pitter patter of little feet.b/2/2 1967 morter track driver and gunner rember dan haire (rabbet) rudy acala (ally cat) doyle lewis skip rohmer paul wittman Ohio i think. And of corse Sgt Clark ,Candy took his place after the short round hit him in the chest.
David Wilson 22-Jun-2013 12:40
HI,Guys. I was there 2/2 mech. Inf. Dec.66 thur Dec. 67. On the side of the APC was the numbers 313 C company, 1st platoon, 3rd. squad I think. One of my home town buds was a door gunner with the Robinhoods. my co. was in the rubber tree plantation on the other side of the air strip. It seems so unreal. I'am so glad I found this web site. Thank You! David T. Wilson ( Rochester Michigan )
Bruce W. Randol 27-May-2013 21:54
I am looking for some of my A 2/2 Mech. buddies. I was with them from June of 68 until they were taken out of the field, when the Big Red One came home, in I believe April of 70. I just recently found 1 but am looking for other people such as: Jim Harker, Kenny Tyson, Clarence Alexander, Brian Hill, Paul Body, Ron Edding and Brian Kidwell.
I was the mortar gunner, base gun, on 42 track. Ron Edding used to call me Mom because I was often cooking something up from the inedible c-rations.
There are other but they are still ghosts in my mind. I am Bruce W. Randol and am just now starting to look for friends from the war.
I enter a local Veterans Day parade each year. I have driven my customized 2003 GMC Sierra for 5 years now. It is so cool having people coming to a parade to honor the veterans. This year I want to add a magnetic door sign with the Big Red One, A 2/2 Mech, my rank and time in Viet Nam. I need some artwork that my sign maker can use to help in making the sign. I would like artwork for Big Red One and A 2/2 Mech. Is there any help out there.
D. Poitras 18-Feb-2013 00:54
Mr. Geene, My Mother's cousin Robert DeDominic died May 17, 1967 he was in Your Regiment. Can you share any memories about him - a young guy from Ridgewood, NJ. thank you.
William "Bill" Green, aka DOC. 03-Nov-2012 00:07
Dave, Great photos! I think I remember you. I am Bill Green. I was a medic with the 2/2 Mech. from 3 Feb 67 to 2 Feb 68. The first 6 months I was in B Company, 2nd Platon, as their platoon medic. I roatated back to Lai Khe in August, 1967 and soon went back out to share the Company B Senior Medic position with another medic, Leroy Grady. We worked together until my Jan. 1968 at which time I went back to Lai Khe to be the NCOIC at the company aid station. I was a tall guy with glasses, skinny (140 lbs.) and hung around with Dave Senkovich and Denny Abiazar. Do you remember me? I have lived in Tampa, FL for the past 31 + years and stay very active with the Tampa Vet Center and the VVA too. Give me a call sometime and we can play "remember when". My cell is (813) 294-5476. Best Wishes and hope to hear from you soon.
Mike Hansen 21-Sep-2011 06:59
Thanks for the pics they bring back memories and all familiar places. 2nd of the 28th used to cover us while we did our jobs. BTW I have allot of pictures I took all around the area from 67-68 if your interested.
Don "Doc"Reynolds 05-Sep-2009 17:12
These pics are priceless! It really kicks in memories of 42 (has it really been that long) years ago. Thank you, I think! You guys,2/2 mechanized Infantry, when not in the field, were just to the east of the 173rd AHC Robinhoods, and just south of the Engineer Battalion on the other side of the road. We called our little section of the rubber plantation at Lai Khe "Sherwood Forest"
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