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Jan and Cora Gordon Two Vagabond Adventures

"Poor Folk in Spain", published in 1922, launched a series of "Two vagabonds in ..." illustrated accounts of travel in Spain, the Balkans, Lapland and Sweden, France, Albania, Portugal and the USA (though "Two Vagabonds" was dropped from the titles after 1928). Their titles and frontispieces are shown below, photographed from my own copies of these books.

- "Poor Folk in Spain" 1922 ( a copy was in the library of Lady Ottoline Morrell, ), issued as "Two Vagabonds in Spain" in 1923 ( ). The fact that this journey took place in 1920 is established from the fact that the Gordons were exhibiting paintings from the trip in London at the beginning of 1921 ( ). Public painting was a challenge at the time and included extensive crowd participation! ( ).

- "Misadventures with a Donkey" 1924. (See: )

- "Two Vagabonds in the Balkans" 1925. A journey tainted by the pervasive stench of rancid mutton fat and an oppressive atmosphere, but also including folk music and fine villages and countryside. See:

- "Two Vagabonds in Languedoc" 1925, issued as "Two Vagabonds in a French Village" in the USA. For information on the odious Fritz Vanderpyl (to whom the book is dedicated) see: (Ken Bryant's recent website, though weak in most areas, is good on this book and the village of Najac: ).

- "Two Vagabonds in Sweden" 1926. See: ; an article on "Lapland's Pagan Music", 1925: ; and this book review, mentioning weak Swedish beer, swarms of biting insects and knife-wielding babies:

- 'Two Vagabonds in Albania" 1927. See: and

- "On Wandering Wheels" 1929. Covered here: and ; ; ; and

- "Stardust in Hollywood" 1930. Covered here: ; ; ; and .

- "Three Lands on Three Wheels" 1932. See: ; ; ; and

Not all of the journeys made by the Gordons resulted in a book and a brief account of a trip to Germany in 1930 can be found in the January 1931 edition of Britannia & Eve:

- "Portuguese Somersault" 1934 (including the accounts of both a 1926 and a 1933 journey). See:
Poor Folk in Spain, the account of a 1920 journey, was first published in 1922. Frontispiece of Poor Folk in Spain, A Spanish courtyard. Published in 1924, this describes the second journey of the Gordons to Spain. Posada at Lorca, etching, Author's collection
Guitar concert at Puerto Lumbreras, Author's collection Dwarfs on the road from Almeria, Author's collection Cover of the American edition, in England known as Two Vagabonds in Languedoc. Published in 1925, this is the American edition
Dedication to Two Vagabonds in Languedoc (1925), or Two Vagabonds in a French Village in the US edition. Frontispiece of Two Vagabonds in a French Village Two vagabonds in the Balkans and Two Vagabonds in Albania places Continuing the illustrated travelogue tradition begun with the accounts of the two Spanish journeys, this was published in 1925.
On the cog railway, frontispiece to Two Vagabonds in the Balkans. Two vagabonds in the Balkans places The Sweden and Lapland account was published in 1926. A Lapp of the Lule Alv, frontispiece to Two Vagabonds in Sweden and Lapland.
Published in 1927 Frontispiece of Two Vagabonds in Albania Two vagabonds in Albania places Portuguese Somersault
This book, published in 1934,  combines the accounts of two journeys, one in 1926 and the other in 1933. Published in 1932, an account of a journey by Sunbeam motorbike and sidecar through France, England and Ireland Frontispiece of Three Lands on Three Wheels Buying a moto in France