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Uniquely Singapore 2008

In november 2008 I spent 5 days in Singapore with my wife Dagmar. It was a spontanious decision to travel to this city triggered by the intention to see our dearest friend Ai Li again very soon after the memorable and amazing days with her and our dearest friend Adrian in Berlin and Frankfurt in summer 2008.

This gallery contains the photographic impressions of the countless highlights we experienced in a short time. It`s like a patchwork of memories of many many precious moments. Word can`t express how deeply we have to say thanks to our friend Ai Li and to your incredible effort and patience to show us your exciting and inspiring hometown. You was our perfect host and wonderful friend from early morning till the evening every day. Knowing you a bit we expected a lot - but reality knocked us simply out. Never in our lifes we saw so much visual art exhibitions (Singapore Biennale 2008!) in a short time! Never in our lifes we experienced so many cultures and their everyday routines in a few days!. Time was flying so fast but what remains for ever are magical moments of deepest friendship and common experience.

A special highlight and great honour for us was to meet your best friends Rosmini and Melvin and spent a day together sharing our passion of photography. All the beautiful and funny moments are still fresh in our minds, you definitely made us feel "to be at home" in your city and we really hope to see you guys again soon, in Singapore, in Germany or elsewhere in this world! Please see Melvins fotos from our meeting: here

This will be a "wild" series, there`s no order, no chronological diary, in the tradition of my street photography from other cities.

Some special words to our friend Adrian Reilly:

We are very sorry you couldn`t accompany us on this trip because you had to take your responsibility for your job in Wales in that time. With these pictures we`d like to share some of the unforgettable moments with you. The gallery is dedicated to you.

ZENtimentAL lioness splashes of red - moments of happiness the grapes of S`pore ;) weightlessness despite the fastened seat belts... ;)
Trio Infernale (Rosmini,  Ai Li and Melvin) aesthetics visually parachuting
early morning routine construction worker primary school pupils orchard rd blues BBC
light Ricoh Auto Half E (1964) contact sheet of Chang Chien-Chi (Magnum photographer) rain and sunhine at the same time! ;)
visually paragliding enlightenment Melvin Austin Noronha, Singaporean, Canonian  and a  great guy and friend :) inside SMA disabled man at the front of the mosque/arab quarter
Hot Shots switching center on a stroll through the arab quarter couldn`t resist... Dagmar
Chinatown  lights Rosmini Sukardi the dark room arab quarter collective dreaming
Newsflash: the global situation is blurred stone carving / Chinatown checking the revenues of the day waiting on the traffic lights
face to face papparazzi shot by papparazzi ;)  Hi Melvin! :) couples underwater photography ;) cityscape  with Merlion and D. ;)
the city is still on the move girls just wanna have fun...and ice cream ;) this was certainly a BIG gift... ;) traditional and contemporary
sm Ai Li ng hands the lucky winner take nothing
Johnny B. Goode tonight... ! (regards, Chuck B.) lunch break Timeless.
the green point Because you cannot  detect your own body odour... Quotation of Chang Chien-Chi (Magnum photographer) the pleasure of old men
echo lunch break drowned wisdom under the eyes of her majesty...
2 singaporean talents alien couple after landing ;) Durian halved ladies talk heart en vogue  ;)
Chapeau and flowers for this sm Ai Li ng Lady! a smile in the SMRT irresolution friendly  pirañas retro seesaw
the blue room Should we better take the trishaw ? self portrait and self reflection Changi International Airport, Terminal 3 morning fog and light
food for bikers ;) S. E. X.   In The City paper collector  after a rain shower hair saloon without clients faces
Butterfly Garden, Changi International Airport heart to heart a city rich of contrasts... the colors of singaporean rain silence is golden
the moment... forms and colors MING FA  FISHBALL  since 1946 construction worker and passant different points of interest...
nostalgia Attack After the visit of a mosque... teacher and primary school pupils
the face behind the door doubleness... flashback in time the dancer film rolls for (my photo sister) Ann LT  ;)
the instruction need cold drinks here - cheers! Hi have to take off your shoes here!  ;) NO COPIES
the masks  salesman What`s to expect at the end of the corridor ? the red chamber Old tray with advertisement featuring actress Maria Menado fates and memories
human expressions catwalk music cycle fan switch center esplanade and buildings of the new casino  (in construction) at daylight mitsubishi air con
hotel room accessoire Raffles Hotel arcade KRAFTWERK  (means power station) ... window
coming out outdoor portable camera set, China, 1960s freshly made drinks the greedy throat living on an island...
west meets east: in a friendly competition of smiles ;) concept that counts house of the rising sun eyes and freckles
1/8s passion and tenderness triple hug distracted by the photographer ;) astronaut (kind of) ;)
A bunch of keys around his neck but not the right one to open her heart... doubleness (composite) Orchard Rd picnic silent laughter ***
photographer... the unsuccessful attempt to escape ;) How about eating fish this evening ? ...makes me pensive... the butterfly man
the uncertainty foreboding... cutting the rays of light ;) the home of a patriot lioness on the scout...
Please queue here... triple smile in vertigo... singaporean blues... He` s no longer able to walk but he`s all the more able to listen to her music... the golden earrings
to early for breakfast - time enough for playing in the bathroom ;) my little x-mas present for mescALeroman ;) fruit seller *** ***
muslims praying in the male section of a mosque colorful  Little India ladies talk,  men`s silence... charming guide with umbrella ;) players and spectators
the lion sleeps tonight (wrapped for christmas)  ;) birds and people rain singaporean daydreamin`   blues... Thanks for the amazing time we spent together,  Ai Li! xxx