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Nikon Coolpix 8800 Product Photos
Nikon Coolpix 8800 Information and Samples
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Press Release

Sep. 2004
Nikon COOLPIX 8800 -- The new flagship for the Nikon COOLPIX line comes equipped with 8-megapixel resolution, a high-powered 10x Zoom-Nikkor ED lens and Nikon’s extraordinary VR System.

TOKYO - Nikon Corporation is pleased to introduce the COOLPIX 8800. The 8-megapixel COOLPIX 8800 carries a high-powered 10x Zoom-Nikkor ED lens with the Vibration Reduction (VR) System - a first for the COOLPIX line. With such quality and performance, the COOLPIX 8800 plans to lead not only the Nikon COOLPIX line, but the entire consumer digital camera market, as well.

The COOLPIX 8800 is designed for serious photographers who aspire to take the highest quality images. With its 10x zoom, it also targets those who require higher zoom power and those who benefit from its fully loaded yet completely portable design. The extremely versatile COOLPIX 8800 meets their requirements, as well as demands from those who want state-of-the-art image quality and even greater ease of use. And for those who want to expand their options, the COOLPIX 8800 offers a range of lens converters, Speedlights and other accessories.

The COOLPIX 8800 carries an astonishing 8.0 effective megapixels for ultrahigh-definition photography. Your image clarity is ensured because of a professional-quality, 10x Zoom-Nikkor ED lens. With its 8.9-89mm focal range (35mm equivalent to 35-350mm), the lens incorporates two ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass lens elements to minimize chromatic aberration and produce amazingly sharp and clear images.

The lens of the COOLPIX 8800 incorporates the Vibration Reduction (VR) System - a first for the COOLPIX line. VR automatically detects and compensates for the small camera movements that cause image blur. This offers the user the ability to shoot at shutter speeds up to three stops slower without the risk of camera vibrations blurring your image. Along with Normal Mode, which enables remarkably clear handheld shots, Active Mode helps to ensure a smoother view in shaky conditions, such as shooting from a moving vehicle. Thanks to VR, users can achieve sharp and clear images when shooting in low light or when taking handheld telephoto and macro shots. It even works with the accessory telephoto converter lens at 600mm (35mm equivalent).

The camera offers four exposure modes: Programmed Auto [P], Shutter-Priority Auto [S], Aperture-Priority Auto [A] and Manual [M]. These modes combine to give you the greatest degree of creative control possible. The COOLPIX 8800 also offers [AUTO] mode, in which the camera automatically selects appropriate exposures and shutter speeds, giving users high-quality point-and-shoot capability. And for striking images in practically any situation, the new COOLPIX 8800 features 15 versatile [SCENE] modes. Simply select the mode appropriate to your lighting conditions, and the camera will automatically adjust the aperture, shutter speed, focus, flash, contrast, sensitivity and white balance.

The COOLPIX 8800 features many advanced digital controls, such as BSS (Best Shot Selector), AE-BSS (Auto Exposure-Best Shot Selector) mode, Noise Reduction mode, Saturation Control and White Balance Bracketing. These features can be crucial to obtaining optimum image quality. Furthermore, the camera has a 5-shot buffer mode to help you more accurately capture those unexpected or fleeting moments. The COOLPIX 8800’s versatility is further enhanced with handy, innovative features such as movie capability with audio and the Time-Lapse Movie Mode, which is ideal for observational recording (i.e., a bird building a nest, the progression of a construction site or a beautiful landscape as the sun sets.)

A large, Vari-angle LCD monitor lets you shoot from various perspectives, as well as providing optimum visibility - even during bright daylight. The high-resolution EVF (Electronic Viewfinder) offers greater contrast and clearer images. In addition, the COOLPIX 8800’s compact, lightweight magnesium alloy body has been designed for maximum durability and portability, with a secure, comfortable grip for stability during shooting.

The new D-Lighting feature in Playback mode compensates for the underexposed area while maintaining the properly exposed area. Another new feature, Advanced Red-Eye Reduction, automatically corrects the red-eye inside the camera in most instances when using the Red-Eye Reduction mode of the built-in flash. Framing Guides on the LCD monitor offer the best means possible for achieving ideal composition, and the Real-Time Histogram display lets you select ideal exposure values while shooting. For those who desire more creative freedom when editing, the COOLPIX 8800 also offers RAW data image mode. Also available is a newly adopted JPEG EXTRA mode allowing less compression.

The COOLPIX 8800 comes loaded with all the essential accessories, such as battery and charger, A/V cable, USB cable, cordless remote controller and the comprehensive PictureProject software package.

You can also expand the photographic possibilities of your COOLPIX 8800. The camera is compatible with a host of optional accessories, including a wideangle attachment, as well as telephoto and fisheye converters. It is also compatible with a battery pack and lens hood. In addition, the COOLPIX 8800’s accessory shoe enables TTL flash operation using the Nikon SB-800 or SB-600.

This incredible array of features and quality accessories helps make the COOLPIX 8800 a truly special achievement in digital photography.

Note: Specifications, design, product name, standard accessories, and release schedule may differ by country or area.

Nikon COOLPIX 8800 Feature Highlights

Astonishing image quality
The COOLPIX 8800 carries a 2/3-inch-type CCD that realizes 8.0 effective megapixels. This makes images of exceptionally high definition possible - even when cropped. The camera’s 10x optical Zoom-Nikkor lens (f/2.8-5.2) offers a focal range of 8.9-89mm (35mm [135] format equivalent to 35-350mm). The lens incorporates two ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements that minimize chromatic aberration to give you sharp, clear images every time.

Steady images with VR
The COOLPIX 8800’s lens incorporates the Vibration Reduction (VR) System for the first time in the COOLPIX line. It automatically detects and compensates for the small camera movements that cause image blur. The effect is like shooting at shutter speeds three stops faster.* In addition to clear handheld shots with Normal mode, Active mode provides an even smoother view for shaky conditions such as shooting from a moving vehicle. You can even use VR with optional COOLPIX accessory lenses.

*For example, if you can shoot clearly without camera-shake at 1/250s, VR makes it possible to stop down three steps (in this case, to 1/30s) and still shoot without camera-shake.

Professional creative control
Nikon’s exclusive image processing technology provides natural color reproduction, detail and gradation. Its 256-segment Matrix Metering system ensures ideal exposures in even the most challenging lighting conditions. For even more control, the COOLPIX 8800 also offers Center-Weighted, Spot, and Spot-AF metering. Furthermore, the COOLPIX 8800 offers various exposure controls: Programmed Auto [P], Shutter-Priority Auto [S], Aperture-Priority Auto [A], and Manual [M], as well as Exposure Compensation for an exceptional degree of exposure control. Expand your photographic possibilities with optional lens converters, Speedlights and other system accessories unique to the Nikon COOLPIX line.

Sophisticated, ergonomic design
The COOLPIX 8800 comes in a compact, lightweight, easy-to-handle magnesium alloy body. It is designed to give photographers smooth, intuitive handling. The COOLPIX 8800 offers a 1.8-inch-type Vari-angle LCD monitor that provides high visibility and makes it possible to shoot from almost any angle. The Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) provides high resolution for greater contrast and clearer image display. The camera’s ergonomic design and style come from famed industrial designer Giorgetto GIUGIARO* - exclusively for a new generation of Nikon cameras.

Nikon COOLPIX 8800 Other Features

1. Macro shooting allows shooting as close as approximately 3cm (1.2 in.) from the subject.
2. A built-in Speedlight further extends shooting possibilities.
3. Nikon’s exclusive new D-Lighting feature in Playback mode compensates only the underexposed areas of a picture without altering the properly exposed areas.
4. With the new exclusive Advanced Red-Eye Reduction, the camera automatically removes most instances of red-eye.
5. BSS (Best Shot Selector) takes a series of ten shots and then saves only the one with the highest level of detail to the memory card. AE-BSS (Auto Exposure BSS) selects and saves the best exposure out of five sequential shots. The camera also offers a choice of Highlight mode, Shadow mode and Histogram mode.
6. White Balance Bracketing takes three white balance settings (reddish, selected value, bluish) with a single release of the shutter.
7. The Framing Guides are displayed on the LCD monitor for ideal composition, and the Real-Time Histogram display helps you choose the best exposure value.
8. 15 Scene Modes: Portrait, Party/Indoor, Night portrait, Beach/Snow, Landscape, Sunset, Night landscape, Museum, Fireworks show, Close up, Copy, Back light, Panorama assist, Sports and Dusk/Dawn.
9. Newly adopted JPEG EXTRA offers higher image quality with less compression (compression rate: 1/2).
10. RAW data recording for post-shooting image manipulation.
11. The new Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL7 enables the shooting of approximately 240 images.
12. Continuous shooting enables five images to be taken at 2.3 fps. Multi-Shot 16 allows 16 consecutive shots to be taken in quick succession. The COOLPIX 8800 also features a 5-shot buffer.
13. Movie with sound function records TV-size movies (640 x 480 pixels) at 30 fps for up to 60 seconds. Time-lapse movie, Sepia movie, B/W movie, and Small movie are also available.
14. Voice Memo function allows the user to attach 20 seconds of sound to each still image.
15. PictBridge support enables direct printing from compatible printers.
16. AF-assist illuminator and a high-brightness LCD make for better results when shooting in low-light situations.
17. PictureProject software makes it easy to view, organize, adjust, print and send your images.

Nikon Digital Camera COOLPIX 8800 Specifications
Type of camera Digital camera E8800
Effective pixels 8.0 million
CCD 2/3-inch type (total pixels: 8.31 million)
Image size (pixels) 8M (3,264 x 2,448), 3:2 (3,264 x 2,176), 5M (2,592 x 1,944), 3M (2,048 x 1,536), 2M (1,600 x 1,200), 1M (1,280 x 960), PC (1,024 x 768), TV (640 x 480) selectable
Lens 10x Zoom-Nikkor; 8.9-89mm [35mm (135) format equivalent to 35-350mm] f/2.8-5.2; 16 elements in 10 groups; two glass molded ED lens elements included
Vibration Reduction Lens shift
Digital zoom Up to 4x
Autofocus Contrast-detect TTL AF with AF-assist illuminator; Center, Auto 5-area multi AF, manual 9-area multi AF selectable
Focus modes 1) Continuous AF, 2) Single AF, 3) Manual Focus (from 3cm [1.2 in.] to infinity () with focus confirmation indication)
Focus range 50cm (19.7 in.) to infinity (∞) (W)/1m (39.4 in.) to infinity (∞) (T); 3cm (1.2 in.) to infinity (∞) (W) in macro and manual focus modes
Viewfinder 0.44-inch type, 235,000-dot, polysilicon TFT color LCD viewfinder; Diopter adjustment: -3 to +1m-1
LCD monitor 1.8-inch type, 134,000-dot High Transmissive Advanced TFT LCD monitor with brightness and hue adjustment; frame coverage: approx. 97% horizontal and vertical (shooting)
Storage Media: Type I and II CompactFlash™ (CF) and Microdrive™ cards
File system: Compliant with Design Rule for Camera File System (DCF) *, Exif 2.2**, and Digital Print Order Format (DPOF)
File formats: RAW (NEF) and TIFF-RGB (uncompressed), JPEG-baseline-compliant (1:2, 1:4, 1:8, 1:16) (compressed), QuickTime (movies), WAV (sound files)
*A standard widely used in the digital camera industry to ensure compatibility among different makes of camera.
** Exchangeable Image File Format for Digital Still Cameras. Version 2.2 allows information stored with pictures to be used for optimal color reproduction when images are output on Exif-compliant printers.
Number of frames with 256MB CF Card (approx.)
Image size 8M 5M 3M 2M 1M PC TV 3:2
Image quality
RAW 20 -- -- -- -- -- -- --
HI 10 -- -- -- -- -- -- 11
EXTRA 30 50 80 130 200 310 710 35
FINE 60 100 155 250 390 600 1,305 70
NORMAL 125 195 310 485 710 975 1,955 140
BASIC 240 370 600 870 1,305 1,565 2,610 275
Shooting modes AUTO, SCENE, P, S, A, M, MOVIE
Scene modes Portrait, Party/Indoor, Night portrait, Beach/Snow, Landscape, Sunset, Night landscape, Museum, Fireworks show, Close up, Copy, Back light, Panorama assist, Sports, and Dusk/Dawn
Shooting menu 1) White balance, 2) (Exposure) Metering, 3) Continuous (Shooting), 4) Best Shot Selector (BSS/AE-BSS), 5) Image adjustment (Auto/Normal/More contrast/Less contrast), 6) Saturation Control (-2 to +2/Black & White), 7) User setting (two combinations of mode setting can be memorized as #1-#2), 8) Image mode,9) Sensitivity, 10) Image Sharpening, 11) Lens, 12) Exposure options (AE Lock, Bulb/Timed release), 13) Focus options, 14) Zoom options, 15) VR mode, 16) Speedlight options, 17) Auto Bracketing, 18) Noise Reduction, 19) Reset, 20) My Menu, 21) CF Card Format
Capture modes 1) Single, 2) Continuous H (2.3 fps; up to 5 frames), 3) Continuous L (1.2 fps; up to 11 frames), 4) Multi-shot 16 (16 consecutive frames at 1.6 fps), 5) Ultra HS (high- speed) (640 x 480 pixels; 30 fps, up to 100 frames), 6) 5 shot buffer (0.7 fps),7) Interval Timer Shooting, 8) Movie*: TV movie 640 (640 x 480 pixels) with audio at 30 fps; up to 60 seconds, Small movie 320 (320 x 240 pixels) with audio at 15 fps; up to 895 seconds, Time-lapse movie (640 x 480 pixels) at 30 fps; up to 35 seconds (1,050 frames), Sepia movie 320 (320 x 240 pixels) with audio at 5 fps; up to 895 seconds, B/W movie 320 (320 x 240 pixels) with audio at 15 fps; up to 895 seconds are selectable
*Approximate maximum total length [256 MB card]; may vary with make of card.
Exposure metering 4-mode TTL metering: 1) 256-segment Matrix, 2) Spot, 3) Center-Weighted , 4) Spot AF area
Exposure control 1) Programmed Auto with Flexible Program [P], 2) Shutter-Priority Auto [S],3) Aperture-Priority Auto [A], 4) Manual [M]; Exposure Compensation (±2 EV in 1/3 EV steps); Auto Exposure Bracketing; AE-BSS
Exposure range EV 0.0 to +18.5 (W), EV +1.8 to +18.5 (T)
Shutter Mechanical and charge-coupled electronic shutter;
2-1/3,000s (auto and exposure mode P), 8-1/3,000s (exposure modes S and A), BULB/TIME (max. 10 min.) and 8-1/3,000s (exposure mode M), 1/30-1/8,000s (Ultra HS). Maximum at some apertures is 1/1,500s.
Aperture 7-blade iris diaphragm; 10 steps in 1/3 EV increments (to minimum of f/8)
Sensitivity Approximately equivalent to ISO 50, 100, 200, 400, and Auto (auto gain to ISO 200 equivalent)
White balance 1) Auto White Balance with TTL control, 2) 6-mode Manual with fine-tuning (Daylight/Incandescent/Fluorescent/Cloudy/Speedlight/Shade), 3) Preset, 4) White Balance Bracketing
Self-timer 10s or 3s; can be used with supplied Remote Controller ML-L3
Built-in Speedlight Shooting range: approx. 0.5-6.0m (1.8-19.8 ft.) (W), approx. 1.0-3.0m (3.3-9.10 ft.) (T)
Flash modes: 1) Auto Flash, 2) Flash Cancel 3) Red-Eye Reduction (Advanced Red-Eye Reduction) 4) Anytime Flash, 5) Night Portrait (Slow Sync Flash) 6) Rear Curtain Sync
Sync method: Standard i-TTL Flash
Accessory shoe Standard ISO hot-shoe contact with safety lock
External Speedlight Hot shoe connects to external Nikon Speedlight SB-800/600
Playback menu options 1) Full-frame, 2) Thumbnail (4/9 segments), 3) Slide show, 4) Movie with audio, 5) Playback zoom (up to 10x); File information; Shooting information; Histogram indication and highlight point display; Hide and protect attributes can be set to each image; Focus confirmation indication; RAW image playback; Small picture; D-Lighting
Interface USB 2.0 (HIGH-SPEED)
I/O terminal DC in; Audio/Video (NTSC or PAL selectable) out; Digital I/O (USB)
Supported languages German/English/Spanish/French/Italian/Dutch/Swedish/Japanese/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Korean selectable in menu display
Power requirements One Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL7 (included), Battery Pack MB-CP11 (optional) with six 1.5V LR6 (AA-size alkaline) batteries*, AC Adapter EH-54 (optional)
*1.5V FR Lithium, 1.2V NiMH, or 1.2V NiCd batteries can also be used.
Battery life (approx.) 240 images (EN-EL7; based on CIPA standard*)
*Industry standard for measuring life of camera batteries. Measured at 25°C (77°F); zoom adjusted with each shot, built-in Speedlight fired with every other shot, image mode set to NORMAL/8M.
Dimensions (W x H x D)

116 x 85 x 121mm (4.6 x 3.3 x 4.8 in.)
Weight Approx. 600g (21.2 oz.) (without battery and storage media)
Supplied Accessories* Lens Cap, Strap, USB Cable, Audio Video Cable, Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL7, Battery Charger MH-56, Remote Controller ML-L3, PictureProject CD-ROM
*Supplied accessories may differ by country or area.
Optional accessories Additional Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL7, AC Adapter EH-54, Battery Pack MB-CP11, Soft Case CS-CP21, Various size CompactFlash™ Cards, Fisheye Converter FC-E9, Step-Down Ring Lens Adapter UR-E18, Telephoto Converter TC-E17ED, Step-Down Ring Lens Adapter UR-E17, Wideangle Converter Attachment WM-E80, Lens Hood HN-CP14, Speedlight SB-800/600, COOLPIX Filter FF-CP11NC/FF-CP11CPL/FF-CP11ND4

PictureProject System Requirements

OS Mac® OS X (10.1.5 or later)

RAM 64MB (128MB with RAW images) or more recommended

Hard disk 60MB required for installation

Display 800 x 600 with 16-bit colors (full color recommended)

Others CD-ROM drive required for installation

OS Windows® XP Home Edition/Professional, Windows®2000 Professional, Windows® Me, or Windows® 98 SE pre-installed models

RAM 64MB (128MB with RAW images) or more recommended

Hard disk 60MB required for installation

Display 800 x 600 with 16-bit colors (full color recommended)

Others CD-ROM drive required for installation

Microsoft® and Windows® are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Macintosh® and QuickTime® are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Apple Computer Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. The FotoNation logo is a trademark. CompactFlash™ is a trademark of SanDisk Corporation. Microdrive™ is a registered trademark of Hitachi Global Storage Technologies in the United States and/or other countries. PictBridge is a trademark. D-Lighting technology is provided by Apical Limited. Products and brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

Specifications and equipment are subject to change without any notice or obligation on the part of the manufacturer.

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