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Nikon Coolpix 8800 Digital Camera Sample Photos

Marketed: 16-Sep-2004
Megapixels: 8
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v3/61/338261/3/47794494.DSCN8991.jpg g11/17/390417/3/168752625.4B4u16gJ.jpg g12/17/390417/3/170574714.NcvKf0Dp.jpg g1/50/364350/3/98083834.2WGqMdPb.jpg
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Manny25-Aug-2005 18:10
Very pleased with the camera only gripe I had was with the flash but now I have purchased the SB600 speedlight problem solved.

Haydn Greenow28-Mar-2005 22:50
Generally pleased with the 8800, but disappointed with it's abiblity in low light and flash photography
Martin Trachsel19-Mar-2005 14:33
After 12 weeks and 2000+ pictures I think, it is one of the best choices among the "compact" digicams. The strong points are its lens (10x zoom, decent macro), and VR. The lens is not as bright as some of the competition, but apart from heavy barrel distortion at the short end it has no obvious weakness. It is reasonably sharp from center to corner, and both vignetting and colour fringing are low - at every focal lenght and even when used wide open. The short end seems to be the weakest part, though.
Viewed at 100%, the pictures are not very punchy and colour rendition could be better (too graphic for my taste), even at ISO 50 and RAW. But that's the same with many 8 MP cameras. A Nikon D70 has only 6 MP, but is better pixel for pixel, and when used with quality lenses keeps it's nose clearly ahead in direct comparison. Other consumer DSLR are struggling, though. But remember, they do it at ISO 100 or even 200 (D70), while the Coolpix 8800 pictures rapidly degrade at ISO 100 and higher.
Its real weakness is speed. Extending (at startup) and focussing this long a lens takes its time, of course, and is not too much of a problem here. But in camera image processing and writing times are compact standard, i. e. x-times longer than in a DSLR. Shooting RAW is welcome exercise for Zen masters, and frustrating for everyone else.
Apropos frustrating: the 8800 sports a manual focussing procedure that's absolutely useless. If I want to focus on something in the foreground and the autofocus keeps going for the background I hold a greycard behind my subject, get and lock the focus, remove the card and take the picture. Works fine on arms lenght ...
My conclusion so far: the Nikon 8800 is no match for a DSLR with a decent set of lenses when it comes to swiftness of operation, focussing and quality above ISO 50. But it is a compact and flexible package (zoom range, macro capability, not forgetting the tilt-and-swivel display !!!!), sturdily built and capable of delivering almost DSLR-quality pictures at ISO 50. VR helps staying at ISO 50 even on a cloudy day, as long as your subject does not move around. VR is also a great help in macro work, a feature rare among DSLR (only offered by the Dynax 7D so far).
I am so happy with the strenghts of this camera, that I am ready to work around it's weaknesses. It's going to stay my main camera until I can afford a DSLR - and it may see much use even afterwards.
For samples and some issues see my pages, especially:
Guest 06-Mar-2005 18:42
Ijust bought the Nikon D-70 and love it. However; for general photography and traveling light, I'm thinking about getting the 8800 as an option. I'm fussy; so the 8800 looks best for my second camera so far. I also have a Coolpix 950, but it's only two megapixel and the lense is only 3X. I like the 10X feature, because there are times when a bird is within that range, and I like the possibility of getting the shot off.

Good luck, and thanks for sharing! BTW - Love that arrangement with the eye and the tree!

Guest 15-Feb-2005 13:40
Very very pleased with the results from my 8800

Best Regards
Guest 20-Dec-2004 00:11
Easily the coolest CoolPix so far! The new 8800 is just incredible! It's on a par (sort of) with the Canon Powershot Pro 1, but has the distinct advantage of having more telephoto range, i.e. 7x zoom in the Canon, but Nikon gives you a huge 10x zoom! This is the 'magic number' which makes the difference imo! Also, the new 'vibration reduction' is a great addition to a camera with a 10x zoom, believe me!
Well done Nikon!

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