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Wonder Magnificient Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu (Quechua: Machu Piqchu Old Peak; sometimes called the "Lost City of the Incas") is a pre-Columbian city created by the Inca. It is located at 2,430 m on a mountain ridge about 70 km northwest of Cusco. Machu Picchu was constructed around 1450, at the height of the Inca empire, and was abandoned less than 100 years later, as the empire collapsed under Spanish conquest. It was never found and destroyed by the Spaniards, though. It is said that the silhouette of the mountain range behind Machu Picchu represents the face of the Inca looking upward towards the sky, with the largest peak, Huayna Picchu (meaning Young Peak), representing his pierced nose.

Needless to mention that it's the best Machu Picchu image in existence...

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Guest 14-Apr-2010 03:04
Amazing light and colors Eldar!!. You are so right, the best photo of Machu Picchu I have ever seen!! V
Jim's Atavistic Visions13-Apr-2010 02:34
You do get around and yes, this is postcard perfect.
Gemma 21-Mar-2010 08:21
Great picture, great place!
Pentti Kyyronen25-Nov-2009 06:21
Magnificant view to Machu Picchu!! Great angle in this image! I think two incas transformed into birds are flying above guarding this sacred place and nose. V
photobuff12-Nov-2009 01:28
Wow. outstanding! BV 12-Jun-2009 03:17
you were right! love it! what a picture!!
Raymond Ma31-Dec-2008 01:03
Magnificent! The picture is not bad either! V
nomada16-Mar-2008 17:44
Hodero13-Jan-2008 22:25
Best shot of Machu Picchu you stated ;-)))
No indeed,you are right !
Pity you had no Canon 5D with you ;-))))
Lampridis Dimitris12-Jan-2008 19:17
Amazing shot ! ! ! Wonderful image of Machu Picchu *****
GeneWard09-Jan-2008 04:33
a superb shot with the clouds and birds
POMAH13-Sep-2007 00:37
Speechless... what a capture!
Eldar Kadymov08-Sep-2007 14:06
Spirit of Tupac Amaru was guiding me during the shutter discharge, while his powers brought to life even the eagles ( condors ?) from nearby Colca canyon. I guess they were well prepared to our visit, as they never saw such ultimate diabolic presence since those old good times of Spanish conquistadors of Francisco Pizzaro... Needless to mention...
Michael Weinberg08-Sep-2007 02:37
Very interesting eldar that the action of this photo is in the "heights" of Machu Picchu, for I believe that this photo is the height of this spectacular gallery... and this gallery is the height of all Peruvian Galleries of all time.... but on the particulars of the photo: though the technicals, the colors, the contrasts, the dof, focus and perspective are superb, what makes this photo great is the heavenly light upon its composition.... so pure and beautiful, that it must have been created by evil itself..... for it is only the greatest evil that can create perfect beauty. Great work Tovarische. Ciao, Michael.
Elina 25-Aug-2007 01:56
oh my god,,,perfect!
Sabine Stetson03-Aug-2007 03:37
utterly awesome......phantastic...tear driving picture
mathilda williams02-Aug-2007 00:50
i am speechless.
i am in awe of your photos.
well done doesn't even begin to say it!
judi221-Jul-2007 12:42
YES I agree!! There couldn't possibly be a better shot anywhere !! It is perfection plus...triple vote if I could !!!
Guest 12-Jul-2007 13:08
Magnificient and Magical shot my friend, pure magic...and now, a new 7th world wonder. Voted.
John Farrar04-Jul-2007 23:40
I also think this is one of the most interesting photos of Machu Picchu anywhere! The birds and the low cloud coming down below the peak make it really magical.
Guest 24-Jun-2007 15:23
Great photo.
PS-the music in this gallery is a nuisance.
John de Voogd17-Jun-2007 15:41
Great shot! Magnificent view. The birds really add to the effect. Well done!
Eldar Kadymov13-Jun-2007 19:16
I personally checked all other sites and should admit that this is the best image of Machu Picchu ever taken by human being ! No modesty from this fella, ah LOL ?
Guest 13-Jun-2007 18:10
I think you must have taken one of the best photographs of this famous view´s Eldar!
Ann Cleeves12-Jun-2007 22:55
Incredibly magnificent! The circling eagles and the ring of mist around the peak....what a composition. Bravo!
DENZA11-Jun-2007 16:58
Eldar, Wonderful capture of a mystical experience. Voted for not only the photo but the gallery is fabulous!! Denza
Eric Carrère09-Jun-2007 19:30
Une image merveilleuse Eldar, bravo !
Alina09-Jun-2007 12:22
It’s a wonderful photo. Beautiful color of the grass in the city.
Jay Levin08-Jun-2007 04:44
Incredible image. This is just wonderful.
Eldar Kadymov07-Jun-2007 18:19
Dima, it is simple; as I am in charge with powers of dark side, my loyal servants show up whenever I clap my hands, LOL
Dmitry Zamorin07-Jun-2007 18:10
Just a fairytale!!! Really have to visit place!!! How did you made this shot? Asked the one of the eagles!?
Noor Khan06-Jun-2007 19:33
Wow, beautiful shot. The birds and cloud... Great!.
Guest 05-Jun-2007 05:54
amazing shot on this one. Thanks for sharing
Eldar Kadymov04-Jun-2007 14:06
Vincent, they are almost microscopic but you still can see them
Maxim Popykin04-Jun-2007 07:50
WOW, you are lucky man Eldar!!! Big vote on this!
Andrew Vincent04-Jun-2007 06:04
Awesome! Great capture, the falcons and cloud are magnificant. Superb comp. Always wanted to go. Where are all the thousands of tourists! HUGE VOTE!
Michael Shpuntov04-Jun-2007 00:29
This is really stunning shot. I mean the place itself amazingly beautiful, but in your capture it's absolutely stunning.