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Daniel D. Dye | all galleries >> Galleries >> Non-venomous Snakes of Florida > Yellow Rat Snake (Pantherophis obsoleta quadrivittata)
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07-APR-2007 Daniel D. Dye

Yellow Rat Snake (Pantherophis obsoleta quadrivittata)

North Florida

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Guest 22-Dec-2019 00:23
Saw, what could have been this snake, on the bike path on Orchid Island. About 4feet and moving slowly into the bush onto the west side of the path.

Guest 24-Oct-2018 16:32
Poisonous and venomous are totally different. snakes are either venomous or non venomous, or venom is injected to cause harm and poison is ingested to cause harm.
Guest 04-Jul-2018 15:56
just encountered the rat snake inside my house on my dvd player. I freaked as I did not know if it was poisonous.After watching it for a while it was slithering towards the sliding doors which I opened and it disappeared into my ferns in my lanai.
Guest 05-Sep-2017 21:43
9-05-2017 Saw a yellow rat snake in my yard today. Pretty but still a creepy snake
Guest 08-Aug-2017 10:26
Found what I thought was a juvenile yellow rat snake, but it had a single stripe down each side, and was patterned like a corn snake between along his back. What was is?
Guest 02-Jun-2017 01:49
just say one on my porch hope it doesn't go inside my house
Middleburg its about 4 ft but skinny
Margaret 01-Jun-2017 12:48
This one was long and more yellow, black stripes.
It seemed to have bumps--maybe fed? -- once I learned it was non-poisonous and a rat snake then let's keep it.
lee smith 27-May-2017 23:30
4 1/2 footer in backyard east arlington Jacksonville. Cats chased it up gutter drainpipe.
Guest 15-May-2017 11:31
Saw one on the middle of our street. Try to run it over thinking it was poisonous, missed and it got away. Then I found this page. I won't try to kill the next. Thank you all. Orlando, Fl.
Guest 30-Apr-2017 16:49
Found one in the back yard today, about 4 ft. We tried to heard it off the other way, but it rattled its tail like a rattle snake and got in a strikeing position. It was mad.. Finally went the other way
Rob 14-Apr-2017 00:30
Saw one today outside our screen in Jacksonville FL. Was not aggressive when I approached (from inside the screen!). Calmly went on his way. I'm glad he was a rat snake, always good to have them around to help control pests.
Phil in Leesburg Florida 16-Oct-2016 21:52
We just seen 3 1/2 footer. Hopefully he is eating rats under our mobile...
Guest 26-Sep-2016 03:08
Boca Raton. In my driveway. Bear downspout. I know we have roof rats.
Guest 11-Aug-2016 14:14
i has 3 foooter on thr side of my wrap around porch last week it went off the porch into the grass. i live in orland fla.
Guest 11-Aug-2016 14:12
i had one on my wrap around porch last week about a 3 footer it went off the porch into the grass i live in winter park,
Guest 08-Aug-2016 19:02
At hunting island state park in SC saw a huge one about 20' up an old oak tree raiding a nest. Just incredible...largest snake I've ever seen and really beautiful colors and markings. I had binoculars so was able to see it very clearly as he climbed the tree.
Russell 29-Jun-2016 20:59
Seven footer experienced accidental death two months ago meeting an SUV on my street. Four footer just visited in my family room this afternoon. Good to own a handy butterfly net. Yellow Rat/ Chicken Snakes are not poisonous. Next door neighbors have chickens and also like such snakes. I fear for the chicks.
Guest 29-Jun-2016 20:55
7 footer fell accidental victim to SUV on my street 2 months ago. This afternoon 4 footer politely came into my family room thru open back door. Handy butterfly net solved that problem. Yellow Rat/Chicken snake is not poisonous. Next door neighbors have chickens and they seem very forgiving of such snakes.
Guest 07-Jun-2016 16:05
June 2. 2016. Bay Hill, Fl. About a 4ft. Yellow rat snake on my front door step. Beautiful brown stripes, yellowist head. First one I've ever seen in 21 years here.
Steve 28-May-2016 14:49
Have a 4ish footer hanging around my shed.
Guest 18-May-2016 00:55
I saw one while biking on the West Orange Trail around the 14 mile marker. It was about 3 foot long and slender. It lay motionless for a while and then slowly crossed the trail. The Yellow Rat Snake is a very nice looking snake.
Guest 27-Apr-2016 02:08
Found one in the engine compartment of my car. This is in Brooksville, Fl. Don't like snakes at all. Just don't want it to get inside of the car, and it show up as i or my wife is driving.
Guest 22-Apr-2016 17:45
Saw a 3-4 footer on our porch today. Stayed motionless until we all left, and then continued on its way. (Lakeland, FL)
guest 18-Apr-2016 23:21
Found one this morning on our screened porch in orange Park, he was over 6 ft. long. He was big, and the only place he could have come in was under the screen door. The crack was so small, it's hard to believe that he could come thru it. He was laying on the metal ledge suning himself. He almost gave my husband a heart attact, whn he sit down right next to him. Hope I never see him again.
Guest 07-Apr-2016 22:13
Just saw one in my chicken coop will try to relocate it , if that doesn't work I'll have to get read of it permanently. will not enjoy doing this.
Guest 09-Nov-2015 14:05
had one hanging on the gutter trying to eat a tree frog about the size of my palm. good luck on that one. looked like a two and a half footer.
Guest 23-Oct-2015 00:55
Just saw one on the side of a palm tree in Tavares, FL
guest 27-Jul-2015 16:53
I was watering my hanging baskets of Mexican heather and one about 3 ft long drops out of the basket on onto my deck steps...we were both surprised.
Guest 25-Jul-2015 19:49
I just found one in the street. 4ft yellow rat snake. I almost ran him over, I stopped, backed up glad I didn't kill him and caught him to release in the woods casselberry FL seminole county
Guest 25-Jul-2015 17:39
Just found a 5ft. one in our chicken coop this morning so had to kill it. It was eating our eggs and thought it had got another one after we killed it. However instead it had ate a golfball that was in the nesting box we put in there to encourage the new hens to know where to lay their eggs....Interesting the snake didn't know the difference. :)
ML 18-Jul-2015 09:07
Just had one battle the A/C fan motor...guess the victor!?
Sorry to lose any nonvenomous snakes. Oh well, at least the air's working again.
Donna 02-Jul-2015 19:05
Just had one eat a rat under my stove..I let it go had to be 3 to 4 feet long.
Donna 02-Jul-2015 19:04
Just had one under my stove eating a large rat..I let it be. It went back into the hole in wall that rats made. I sealed hole he can have all the rats and mice he wants..
Jess 01-Jul-2015 23:23
Central FL here. Found one hanging out on the driveway gate.
Audrey 23-Jun-2015 15:00
Just found one in the front yard. Dog was trying to play with it. Does anyone have anymore information on these? If they are going to be hanging out in the yard I need to know if my animals are going to be ok. Thank you!
John b 05-Jun-2015 21:09
Just watched a rat snake grab a rat in my staghorn fern he swallow ed him in about cool!!!
Guest 03-Jun-2015 14:57
Just caught a 4' one in our kids plates in the backyard here in Riverview, Florida.
Guest 20-May-2015 13:12
We had one this morning attempting to get under the patio screen door. It was a good four feet long. Odessa.
Guest 16-Apr-2015 14:13
Ocala, Fl

Had one a little over 5' in the chicken coop last night, he had to go.....
Guest 12-Mar-2015 22:56
Do they travel in pairs????? Deltona fla
Guest 12-Mar-2015 22:53
My cat found a 4 footer in our deltona back yard. They had a staring contest- my cat got hungry- the snake won...
Guest 12-Mar-2015 22:51
My cat found a 3 footer in our backyard in deltona fla. They had a staring contest.... Our cat got hungry....the snake won.....
Ray 30-Dec-2014 15:20
I have a 3-footer in my horse barn. He has eliminated all mice and rats. Non-aggressive.
Steve 21-Dec-2014 02:07
just got one out of the road was aggressive and bit my boot and held on for a second, abot 3.5`
Guest 04-Oct-2014 14:27
I had one of them in my laundry roomearly this morning I was trying to find out what kind it was! I have three small children will it bite does anyone know!?!?
Leticia bartolo 24-Sep-2014 21:22
In ocala fl 1/2 meter
Dayne 04-Aug-2014 04:16
Just saw one of these babies a few days ago in Hernando County. They're nonvenomous. You can tell because they don't have a pointed head like a viper. The one I saw was around three feet long and my sister easily walked up to it, gently picked it up by its tail end, and moved it away from the door of the laundromat so that an elderly woman would feel better. The snake then slithered under a tree and out of sight.
Guest 29-Jul-2014 01:38
Wildwood FL..4-5 footer in our chicken coop at night time
Randy W. 25-Jul-2014 19:40
Had a 4 ft one of these in yard this morning. Wasn't aggressive and ignored our dog, who nearly stepped on it. It crawled off toward the river and under our dock. Astor, FL.
tina 17-Jul-2014 14:40
saw one on carport about 4 ft last night during rain storm watched him climb 6 ft wooden fence then into the trees in south marion county(dunnellon) what a sight to see 7/16/2014
Guest 01-Jul-2014 15:25
Last week we heard our 4 month old hen scream and ran out and a 5 foot snake was wrapped around her in the coop. I grabbed the snake and unwrapped the hen and she was fine. Killed the snake. I'm not even sure how the snake would have eaten the hen because at 4 months, they are quite large! Found two others ones this week! Should I be worried about my adult chickens?
chip 27-Jun-2014 13:44
found one in our office this morning in largo florida. the girls freaked and some guy. we put it outside on a window sill. put some water on the sill and it went to it within a minute. god has made wonderful creatures for us to marvel at.thank you for the info
Guest 15-Jun-2014 18:50
Found one a out 3 ft. In our back yard today. Land O Lakes, FL.
Guest 12-Jun-2014 02:29
Found one about 4 ft long sunning itself on my driveway this afternoon. We live in a heavily wooded subdivision, lots of pine trees, and a full retention pond due to all the recent rain. I have no idea where it went but I read they can climb trees. Might explain the dwindling squirrel population on our property :)
Gloria 10-Jun-2014 01:56
9 p.m. tonight, found one hanging on the back porch second story screen door; head and tail outside, the rest of him was inside, twisted around the handle. We knocked him into a garbage can and once we figured out what he was, turned him loose in the woods down the street. Moon Lake, Pasco County
Guest 28-May-2014 11:59
Just found one last night here in Clay county, just when our goose was about to hatch out another set of chicks after sitting so well my wife come in and tells me there is a big snake eating the eggs in the nest. Well there goes our new chicks. The snake was about five foot long
capt rick 19-May-2014 23:32
Just watched a hen turkey kill one in my back yard. Have a two minute video
Guest 11-May-2014 21:14
Found one of these snakes curled up between my front screen door and my front door when I came home. Approx. 4-5 ft. long and aggressive. I opened the screen door hoping it would leave, but it didn't want to move. Took a "long" stick with moss on it and tried to shoo it out of the doorway but it went into strike mode. Several times it tried to come towards me and I needed to use the stick to try to brush it away. Took me several tries to get it to move away from the house. It wasn't in any hurry to leave and now I am scared to go out my front door. Must have been very amusing for the neighbors to see a big, fat woman with a stick jumping crazily in the front yard. Hope it doesn't end up on youtube. Ugh! At least I am glad the snake wasn't poisonous.
Lorna Darley 15-Apr-2014 13:39
Last night while putting the Golfcart this guy was crawling across my back steps....scared the Beejeebies out of friend Ms Evelyn sent me this link of Florida I think this is the guy right here....Glad to know he is non-poisonous...but still real leery now...of going out my backdoor....
Guest 13-Apr-2014 18:44
Glad to have figured out what kind of snake I saw. Easily 4-5 ft. long, on a fence in backyard. After we had a stare-down, and it realized I wasn't going to kill it, it headed off in the direction of the rabbit that was near it. I of course shrieked when I uncovered the plastic it must have been hanging out under. Always a good reminder to use a pole when moving stuff around rather than hands. I've seen green snakes, and black ones, and the red rat snakes, first time for this kind. Heavily wooded yard, we have to co-exist.
Jim Albro 27-Jan-2014 14:46
I was taking the floor of my yard shed up, and found a 6 foot one there. He wasn't very happy. I'll take a break for awhile so he can go away. (I hope). I'm just south of Middleburg, Fl.
Guest 11-Jan-2014 15:34
Found on in the one.
Libby Burke 24-Dec-2013 04:06
Noticed one on the ledge in my screened Florida room....came in through a squirrel hole in the screen...clearly looking for the way out...went half way up screen and then to the floor amid a string of lit Christmas lights and tinsel...pretty sight...this guy was easily 5 feet long...I live in North Pinellas County. left the screen door open(and sliding glass one closed!) and twenty min later no sign of him.
Rich 30-Nov-2013 19:07
Had one sneaking up on me, 4 foot long. Looked like he just ate. I Live in pinellas
Guest 22-Sep-2013 23:29
My 4 year old daughter almost stepped on a 4 foot one in Hillsborough River State Park.
Guest 17-Sep-2013 02:41
Found one about two feet long when I tried to close the screen door off my porch. Actually squished the poor little guy pretty good, but he went along his merry way when I shoo'd him. We're in the NW part of Marion County still considered Ocala.
Delight Sierra 09-Sep-2013 12:16
Just found one this AM in place of my baby chicken :/ in Reddick, Fl. will move it to the empty pasture across the street.
Tom Swartz 01-Sep-2013 16:59
Found a 4 footer in my chicken coop here in Saint Augustine, Florida. They may not be harmful to humans but I can't allow it to be around my chickens or eating my eggs.
Guest 17-Aug-2013 13:06
Found one in our chicken coop last evening. It had at least four eggs in its belly! We put him the pasture. Wonder when he'll be back!
Scot 16-Aug-2013 19:11
Just found one on the back porch 3' my dog killed him.....
Guest 01-Aug-2013 21:44
This morning one of the dogs I pet sit found one on the lanai. He was about 4 ft. and was cooked up by the door . When I went out to take some pictures he began to stretch out and climb the screen door. Later we found him sunnig himself in the back yard. He clearly didn't like having his picture taken. This was in Prairie Creek Punta
Gorda, Fl.
guest 23-Jun-2013 16:20
We just saw one in a driveway, in Plant City, about 5' long. We shooed it into the yard and it headed for the trees. Good-looking snake and moves fast.
Guest 06-Jun-2013 20:31
I just saw one at Lake Proctor Wilderness Area. About 4 ft long
Guest 06-Jun-2013 20:30
I just saw one at Lake Proctor Wilderness Area. About 4 ft long
Ed Gilman 30-May-2013 18:45
One was in my garage in Pasco County.
Pamela Rico-Miller 25-May-2013 01:03
I'm new to Florida and their snakes. Just 20 minutes ago I found one of these beautiful little guys in the middle of the street in front of my house in Apopka, Fl. He (or she ) seemed to be very passive and friendly. Is this true ? By the way, I did shoo it out of the street and it went up a tree.
Glenda Davidson 21-May-2013 12:50
Not sure why, but a large yellow rat snake bit me on the insole of my foot (I was wearing sandels). Possibly he was crossing the sidewalk and I stepped on his tale which looked like a twig. The emergency squad came and identified the snake and we let him live. I have seen others here - we live in a suburb of Ocala, Florida. I saw one that had just eaten what must have been a squirrel. He had caught it on the roof of the patio and made quite a racket before I saw him coming off the roof.
Guest 03-May-2013 19:39
Just saw one go 18 feet up a tree to a hollow and pull out a squirrel. Both fell out of the tree, but I think the snake won.
Guest 25-Apr-2013 23:38
Had one about 3 ft long on our screened porch today - sent him on his way back in the yard :)
Guest 22-Apr-2013 22:54
Yellow rat snake is just another species of rat snake that is widely spread across the northern hemisphere. Belonging to the family Colubrids, this reptile pose no threat to human life. It is also known by the name 'chicken snake'. Scientifically, it is known as elaphe obsoleta quadrivittata. Population of the yellow rat snake is prevalent in regions from coastal North Carolina to southeastern Georgia and over most of the Florida peninsula. The yellow rat snake is a constrictor; it suffocates its prey to death, like pythons and other boa species. While hunting, it coils around its prey. As the prey exhales, the snake tightens its grip further leaving no scope for the prey to inhale. This causes the prey to suffocate and die. Thereafter, the snake swallows the kill whole headfirst.
Guest 15-Apr-2013 18:32
saw 1 something like this on Holden Ave in Orlando I would like to know if they are poisonous
Scarver44 25-Mar-2013 02:13
Saw one 3/22/13 about 5-6 ft at Habitat Golf Course, Valkaria in Brevard County.
Guest 19-Oct-2012 22:31
Just had a 4 foot one eat 2 of my week old baby chicks and kill 2 others in Mims, Florida, space coast.
Guest 04-Oct-2012 17:56
Just found one approx 5' living in an old drain pipe. Ridge Manor, FL
Guest 03-Sep-2012 18:52
Just found one sneaked into my house in Orlando..about 5 ft.
Dave 03-Sep-2012 16:18
Found one in Lake Butler, FL last week about 3 ft long
deedee 26-Aug-2012 21:32
Saw 3 foot plus snake of this kind just south of St. Cloud, Osceola county...on Lake Marian...was a bit wimpy at first then I noticed he had no interest in me...he kept on his same course into the neighbors yard...
Paul 07-Aug-2012 20:13
I saw one on a golf green in the Villages, it was about 20" long, we gave him a lift as women were behind us and we didn't want to give them a heart attack!
Guest 20-Jul-2012 22:02
I live one hour south of Sarasota and have a large one that roams the backyard. I would say around 4 foot!
Guest 20-Jul-2012 22:01
I live one hour south of Sarasota and have a large one that roams the backyard. I would say around 4 foot!
Guest 08-Jul-2012 20:43
I just saw one today on my bike ride here in Wesley Chapel, FL. a b
one about 4ft.
Guest 21-Jun-2012 23:10
i dont think this snake is poisonous i saw one when i went to chekika in the everglades here in florida and my dad did not notice it and he just kept on walking then i screamed he saw it then he started to act like a little wimp so,yeah! :)
Guest 11-Jun-2012 03:48
one got into my home today and after i thought i caught it i had a spasm in my back and it went under the sofa i just moved here from wv and arrived yesterday so i called my neighbor and we turned sofa and cut lining and no snake so im afraid its in my house
guest 02-May-2012 22:23
These snakes are in central Florida too. I've seen a couple large ones in my back yard in northern Pinellas County.
john 01-Apr-2011 17:32
It says nothern florida,but I seen and photographed one at six-mile-cypress natuer
walk in fort myers fl.which is in southwest fl. wher can I get more info. about this
jay 25-Mar-2011 22:26
are they poisonous
Guest 16-Oct-2010 15:10
are they poisonous
Guest 12-Aug-2010 23:35
i found a baby one are they poisonous?
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