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Nikon D50 SLR Digital Camera Sample Photos

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Marketed: 20-Apr-2005
Megapixels: 6.1
Random Nikon D50 Samples from 237868 available Photos more
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dr mork22-Mar-2013 16:46
I had my D50 as a birthday present from my husband. This camera is perfect for crisp and detailed images and shows you no hint of digital-itis. I can say that this camera is an excellent choice. Plus, you could easily print out 8 x 10 photos and they would look perfect.
Marco Jansen18-Apr-2011 21:21
I'm still using it 3 years more :)
Whole my PBase is made with it.
Harry Lavo29-Sep-2009 19:46
Was my original DSLR; used it two years, bought a D300 and gave D50 to my daughter. A year later (now) I just bought another one for walkaround is the perfect light walkaround dslr...can use all lenses, synced flash to 1/500, great jpegs, reasonably-sized RAW files, and decent high iso performance.

No, it won't replace my D300 for serious photography, or my D1H for sports backup, but it has a permament place in my photo array.

I think I can say that for me, it has proved its value over time.
blizzard15-Feb-2009 19:38
amazing the d50 is one of the most reliable and creative 6 meg cameras ever made
perfect colors sharp detail
3 people in my family have used this camera, now it's our go to back up camera
it never failed us in any way even in death valley, or high in the Colorado mountains with
temp of minus 12 F and aboard a whale watching boat in the storm tossed

North Atlantic it out performed our Rebels and the famous 20 d this little camera pushed us to replace all other gear and go with Nikon gear . never looked back
please check out our gallery see for your self
Marco Jansen10-Nov-2008 03:28
oeps i didnt expect them to popup :(
Marco Jansen10-Nov-2008 03:26
3 years later and i still have it i still love it
here a recently token pic Living Colour in Amsterdam Paradiso at iso 800

A su-22 static

50MM shot

Next month ill have the great 300 F4 on it
Guest 26-Oct-2008 15:44
What more do you need when the camera makers are bent on a trend to suck your bank account dry? Hang on to your D50. It is so good, professionals still use it.
Guest 31-Aug-2008 04:25
I absolutely love my D50. Been using it for about 3 years now. I even wore my shutter out and had to replace it! lol. I'm planning to move up soon but will definately keep my faithful Nikon D50 for back up.
John Stevenson17-Aug-2008 22:38
Just replaced my D50 with a D300 after 2 years of great service. Definitely will keep it as a backup. Wonderful camera.

Here's a gallery of every D50 photograph I've ever put up:
Guest 15-Apr-2008 21:09
I've owned my D50 since September 2005, and I have to say that I've only been impressed with it's performance and ruggedness. I've been happy with the excellent Nikon 18-55mm kit lense and a solid performing 18-200mm Sigma. Although I am in the market for a lense and body upgrade (hopefully a D300- I'm really holding out for a full-frame D300) this summer, I will continue to use my D50 until it litteraly dies on me. Check out my pics at:
Bill Collinson10-Mar-2008 23:04
Ok, I have to throw in my nickel here. The D50 was a no-brainer choice as my first DSLR, moving up from the cult classic Panasonic FZ-1. My D50 kit now includes the 18-55 kit lens, the plastic fantastic 50mm f1.8, and the bargain 70-210mm f:4-5.6 zoom. Don't forget the SB-600 for flexible, affordable lighting. I have taken thousands of shots with this kit and I am happier today than I was when I acquired it. Why? Still fantastic image quality, rock solid construction and handling, the catalog of Nikon glass and accessories... I could go on! Still a better camera, in my opinion, than the D40/40x despite their slight advantage in IQ straight from the camera. The top LCD panel and legacy lens support are too great a sacrifice in my estimation.
Guest 22-Jan-2008 02:52
The D50 didn't even merit to make it on the RS Photography list because I suppose it's not considered worthy. I hope to strive one day to the higher rated dslrs. My D50 sample.
Guest 15-Jan-2008 14:03
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Guest 21-Aug-2007 07:18
I have made quite a lot of pic's by D50 on 2006 ... most of them with 18-200 VR but also with 18-70 as well. This camera is really nice for the 1st step into the DSLR space,. Once it was my 1st cam I started to post here on APR 2006 ... Since this time I had a lot of cams until I've got Nikon Professional title (cause I spend a lot of EUR for Nikon stuff so far) ... now I believe that D50 was really a great choice on MAY 2006. Till JAN 2007 I have made more then 40.000 pic's by this body changing mostly only a lenses,. I really advice this stuff for damies and those of you who might not be able to test and check new D40/D40x which contains much more technical things then pretty old now - D50 - even if have really great ISO :o)


Nikon Professional # 2597564
Guest 03-Aug-2007 12:02
I make photos with Nikon D50 in the stadium football FC Barcelona. I publish photos in this web: I wait comments.
Guest 22-Jun-2007 05:05
I've used this model for last two years and it is sufficient for me to write a daily life. The battery is great so that I don't need more batteries.
I have Tamron 17-35mm 2.8-4, Nikkor 28mm 2.8D, 50mm 1.8D and 85mm 1.8D.

I have a blog and you can see my pictures.
The address of my blog is here:
I modified some pictures by Adobe photoshop. :p
Guest 31-May-2007 20:57
i meant
Guest 31-May-2007 20:56
Pretty much all the pics in my gallery were taken with a D50, I had the 18-55, 18-70 and tamrom 70-300 but now I use the 18-135 (would buy the 18-200 if i could afford it)here are some photos taken with the D50:
City pics
oh actually 95% of this is D50 so I might as well send you here
James Clarke25-Apr-2007 06:07
Lens recommendations:-
I think the 18-55 (kit) is good for most people needs, except the colours are a bit dull open wide for landscape pictures. The other Nikkor 18-X lens all are bigger/heavier and don't focus as close for close ups, probably the best performer of these is the 18-70 but is it worth the extra price? Personally I use the 18-55 lens about 70% of the time.

I've heard the Sigma 17-70 f/2.8-4 DC Macro is a good alternative to the kit lens. I don't own it myself, but I've seen so good shots on PBase taken with D50/D70 + this lens.

I tried out a friends Nikkor AF 28mm f/2.8 with on my D50 and was quite impressed with the colours and sharpness even open wide, I'm considering buying one soon now that you can find them for around $300.

The other lens I've bought are:-

Nikkor 70-300 f/4-5.6G, feels very tacky, takes good shots up to about 200mm, at 300mm its not quite as good but still acceptable. I prefer the colours from the 18-55 and any other of my lenses though. If I was starting again now I'd get the Nikkor 55-200 f/4-5.6 VR, the 70-300 is just too big. I use this lens about 5% of the time, I'm sure I'd use the 55-200, more because it's more portable.

Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D, A great portrait lens and also amazing colourful and sharp from f5.6 - f8. The focal length on a 1.5x crop camera makes it not as useful as it was on film camera. I use this lens about 5% of the time.

Sigma 24-70mm EX DG Macro, This lens is a big (82mm filter size) heavy noisy tank, but it does wonders for available light shooting, but you need a external flash if you want to use the flash from 24-35mm otherwise you'll get lens shadow. No other of my lenses focus so fast and accurately or give such vivid colours for available light shooting. Given it's massive size and weight it's not really and ideal walk around lens and I think the other lenses perform better in strong contrasting sunlight than this lens. I use this for shooting live concerts and other indoor events. I use this lens about 20% of the time.

In this "Japan" gallery I've used mostly the 18-55, with some 70-300 and 50mm shots

In this "Motor Show" gallery I've used the Sigma 24-70

I hope this is useful for someone.
Guest 05-Apr-2007 18:42
WOW! i'm impressed to see these pictures using this camera. any suggestions for a lense? price? etc.? i have the basic lense and i'm not as happy as you folks..haha. thanks in advance.
Guest 22-Mar-2007 21:01
I am in love with the D50. If you want, check out my gallery.
Guest 21-Mar-2007 09:52
I use this camera for almost an year and i think it's a best choice for someone that is new to dslr cameras.

Here are some of the photos i've taken with my D50
What do you think ?
Guest 06-Mar-2007 12:43
El enlace correcto que antes no funcionava es:
Guest 06-Mar-2007 12:42
Esta cámara fue mi primera cámara digital. Con ella he obtenido fotos fabulosas, tambien he creado tours virtuales, que se pueden ver en: htt://
Mi opinión es comprar.
Peter Huang29-Jan-2007 21:06
The D50 is my first DSLR camera and I'm amazed the results it given me. But I don't recommend buying the kit. Invest on some good glass because it will stay with you longer than your D50.

Some photos I took with the D50.
John Stevenson21-Jan-2007 22:41
If you want to see the great and varied abilities of the Nikon D50, check out my D50-only gallery. It has all of my images taken with this amazing camera. I will continue to update it as long as I am using the camera.
John Stevenson21-Jan-2007 22:41
If you want to see the great and varied abilities of the Nikon D50, check out my D50-only gallery. It has all of my images taken with this amazing camera. I will continue to update it as long as I am using the camera.
John Stevenson21-Jan-2007 22:41
If you want to see the great and varied abilities of the Nikon D50, check out my D50-only gallery. It has all of my images taken with this amazing camera. I will continue to update it as long as I am using the camera.
John Stevenson21-Jan-2007 22:41
If you want to see the great and varied abilities of the Nikon D50, check out my D50-only gallery. It has all of my images taken with this amazing camera. I will continue to update it as long as I am using the camera.
Guest 21-Dec-2006 21:59

Check the total number of shutter release for your D50 by Opanda IExif Viewer.

merc20820-Dec-2006 13:29
Just got a D50 based on the reviews and the messages on this board. Really happy with it so far and looking forward to really trying it out over Christmas in the next couple of weeks.
Coach Rob - ( Rob Wille ) - Foto`s by Coach Rob06-Nov-2006 18:40
Good News Nikon just replaced my D50..I guess I had a Lemon.
Guest 05-Nov-2006 18:56
got this high iso machine and sold my d70 ... can't believe what i missed out for so long ! sure it has fewer features than d70 but the low light ability made up for it all - at least for my purpose.
Guest 05-Nov-2006 15:18
i cant wait to get this amazing camera not long left now:D
kalyand31-Oct-2006 18:24
Nice Camera ..Wish it had more pixels .I am happy with it
Coach Rob - ( Rob Wille ) - Foto`s by Coach Rob13-Oct-2006 17:24
As it turned out Nikon would not replace my camera I had a year left on the warranty..but they said that 28,000 pictures is too much in a year for that model so
I am out of luck...goood camera..but if it breaks down you may get no help from Nikon.
Guest 06-Oct-2006 16:30
I'm using D50 for a year. Really good for price/performance.
Coach Rob - ( Rob Wille ) - Foto`s by Coach Rob24-Sep-2006 23:37
I will not say that the D50 is Junk...but mine is..It has to go back for a third time for the same shutter / Mirror lock up trouble..Nikon says they will replace it this time.
Guest 12-Sep-2006 00:27
GR8 cam ... but there is a one dependencies - LENS !!! If you have a at least 2.8 lenses - you can do whatever U want. If you've got 3,5-5.6 ---> there is a lot of thinks to improve with pic's taken with him. Anyway, it's great cam for the beginners like me, but hopefully sometimes dreams comes true and I will get a D200 to my hand and never get it back to D50/D70 cause it has to be threaded as a "non-professional" equipment as well.
However, I did more then 13.000 pic's from 13 MAY 2006 till now and I can say only one sentence: take a look: - everything depends from GLASS !!! I've have several lenses like 18-55/5.6 18-70 (from D70 kit) 55-200/3.5 (amazing glass for experienced shooters) and the bright one: 50mm/1.8D & 18-200 VR - that's all. All what I've got with my D50 from 13 MAY has been made with those stuff. Once again, take a look and compare what you can do with it. Cheers, JeRRy
Coach Rob - ( Rob Wille ) - Foto`s by Coach Rob30-Aug-2006 04:51
Hi I have an up date on my D50 - I got it back on August 5 and from then until August 28..I took about 2500 pictures...but I am now having the same shutter / mirror trouble..sometimes when I take a all locks up and I get the same ERR message as I did before..hopefull Nikon can help is a good camera when it is working..but not one you can depend on to work when you need it to work.
Coach Rob - ( Rob Wille ) - Foto`s by Coach Rob27-Jul-2006 18:19
Good Camera...but Nikon in Canada as very poor repair service..I dropped my D50 off on June 20 and as of July 27..I still have not gotten it back..when I call the repair center all they can tell me is "we still have it and are wroking on it" I would have thought Nikon would have better service. In case you were D50 ( The shutter ) would lock up every few hundred pictures.
Guest 22-Jul-2006 09:34
If you want to see the Nikon D50 SLR Sample Photos click below.
You can see there various photos from PBase taken with different Nikon settings and different lenses.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

James Clarke19-Jul-2006 13:32
This is a great camera for the price in Australia it's $995 with the AF-S 18-55 DX kit lens, compared to the Canon 350D which sells for about $1250 (with the EF-S 18-55) the Nikon is the best buy.

All of the tests I've seen rate Nikon's kit lens better than the Canon one and amongst my own friends who have one or the other the results are better from the Nikons. The kit lens for the Nikon has a silent motor and the Canon does not.

As for the Camera, the Nikon is a better build that the Canon and better looking too (IMHO)! The photos just look so much more vivid from the Nikon, sure the Canon has sightly more megapixels but its not much more and all the test I've seen say Nikon has less noise in the 200-800 iso range.

For me I love the D50, it fits in my hand well and feels solid. Some people gripe about the lack of DOF preview, but I don't think it is a big thing, I never used it on my Dad's film SRL.

Easy to use interface, fast start up, shooting, shot-to-shot (compared to my compact).

Gripes:- no back light on the top display, no iso display in the view finder.

I was going to say that iso doesn't appear in the exif, but aparently this only occurs in Windows (requires something to be upgraded in Windows), because on the Mac I can see the iso in the exif.

Simply the best value dSRL on the market at the moment (well at a least in Australia) and if you get it, the 70-300 for an extra $300 is very worth while.
John Stevenson10-Jul-2006 21:24
If you want to see the great and varied abilities of the Nikon D50, check out my D50-only gallery. It has all of my images taken with this amazing camera. I will continue to update it as long as I am using the camera.
Guest 30-Jun-2006 11:55
I acquired the D50 less than a year ago and never looked back! For value, can you ask for any better? Here are several galleries that I have taken! ( some nudity )
Guest 30-Jun-2006 04:21
Its an AWESOME camera - starting from ametures to semi pros. Fantastic colors, sharpness and turn on speed. I love this little gem. Only wsh it wd had DoF preview. No nits except that from my side. See my pic in
Guest 25-Jun-2006 15:04
Using d50 for four days and have no comment... in a positive way, of course.
John Stevenson14-Jun-2006 17:07
Just started playing with my D50 yesterday and I absolutely adore it! What an amazing camera! I'd say more, but I think Im just going to go take more pics... heh
Coach Rob - ( Rob Wille ) - Foto`s by Coach Rob13-Jun-2006 14:52
I am had mine since September 2005, I have taken over 10,000 pictures. But now the camera has to be sent in for repair..The shutter will often stick open ( I get a Err Message ) the shutter will stay open until I press the release button..I have been told by Nikon Canada it can take up to 8 weeks for me to get it back :(
Guest 13-Jun-2006 03:28
Use the D50 for a professional product advertising shoot, with a pretty model thrown in? Piece of cake! :>
Guest 06-Jun-2006 10:17
I have two D50,s and it is a pleasure to use, arguably the greatest camera ever:-) Just visit my page to see what it can do. I love them.
Craig R. Steketee05-Jun-2006 20:38
Guest 08-May-2006 20:55
I had the chance to test the Canon XT and Nikon D50 at the same time during a whole day.....and I leant towards the D50...why??? because I noticed eight differences:
1. D50 is less noisy than XT from Iso 200 to 800 and also crispier.
2. DR is better on the D50, ...
more information about Nikon D50
Marco Jansen05-May-2006 09:47
Its still a great camera i own it some months now.
It really improved my hunger too shoot pics.
The D50 is the way to go, definitly
Guest 24-Apr-2006 15:43
I've been using the Nikon D50 for a few weeks now and have taken 1000+ shots. I used to use Canon equipment before and due to circumstances beyond my control (my camera bag was stolen while on the train back home from a holiday...I live in China at the moment) I had found myself looking to buy into a DSLR system yet again. This time around I decided to go with Nikon...the second that I picked-up the D50 in the shop I knew this camera was for me. Excellent (for the price) built quality, just the right size (the Canon EOS 350D was just too small) and with a good feature set as well. I was also looking at the D70s, but given the D50's lower high ISO noise I went with this camera instead. Anyway, so far no problems...been shooting with it in different conditions and all is working well. I have no complaints...and I'll never go back to shooting Canon again! So if you're looking for a good starter camera (or perhaps you're an amateur on a budget) the D50 is a great option. Sample can be found in some of my recent galleries here on PBase.
Guest 22-Apr-2006 23:58
My first SLR was a Canon (early 1970's). I still use a Canon A75 digital. This is my first Nikon and first D-SLR. It's fun to use, and I've been pleased with results, including shots at high ISO. I concur with others who have noted long battery life. Just added a Nikon 70-300 zoom to the 18-55 "kit" lens.

Sample shots with both A75 and D50 at
murraymints18-Apr-2006 18:34
Just started to use some of my own settings on the D50 instead of 'Auto' - pleased with some of the results. Only had the camera a short while, its so easy to use. I have not looked back.
some of my recent shots from April 06
Guest 13-Apr-2006 17:32
Only two months more and D50 will be mine. God! Why in Poland cameras are 50% more expensive and at the same time the earnings are 5 times lower than in America. It's not fair!!!
Walter Otto Koenig31-Mar-2006 16:37
The Nikon D50 is truly a great camera. Performs great and the price is right. I'm please with everything. Now I only need more lenses:
Oleg Birioukov10-Mar-2006 16:05
Bravo, Nikon! D50 is amazing camera. Almost 300 years of photography technical evolution fits inside this DSLR body with a price tag of point-and-shoot. Incredible creative freedom and unlimited possibilities!
Guest 08-Jan-2006 04:03
I just got the D50 and it's a great camera for the money. I comapred the D50 & D70 to the Canon Rebel and found the build of the Canon to be very flimsy and cheap-feeling and I wasn't happy with the way the Rebel handled the highlights. Even the higher-end Canons seem to blow out the highlights. I'm happy with my D50 and love looking at the photos everyone here takes and posts to the site, it gives me inspiration to see what can be done with my new camera.
Jim Ross05-Jan-2006 22:57
Great camera, love it to bits... Gentle learning curve... Magic...!!!
Battery lasts forever...Great clarity even with the kit lens...
David T.01-Jan-2006 02:40
I bought this camera around the first of December. I finally got to spend some time with it today (New Year's Eve) at the zoo.
I love it!
Still need to learn the camera though. When it says it'll focus on the closest subject...they mean it! Shooting through glass or fences can be a challenge. Need to learn the manual focus capability.
David T
Guest 22-Dec-2005 13:37
wish i could afford this.. :(
Guest 07-Dec-2005 21:49
Had the camera for two months now and just discovered this area. I've had some spectacular results for an amateur. I'm quite happy with it
David29-Nov-2005 20:12
Had mine for four days. So far have mixed results but think that is more to my ineptitude than the camera - keep forgetting to change settings! First shots are here:-
Coach Rob - ( Rob Wille ) - Foto`s by Coach Rob27-Sep-2005 03:52
I just got mine on September 21.. a week later I have taken over 400 pictures..I really like it..good for stopping fast action.
Guest 25-Sep-2005 01:42
It is definately a fun camera! We are still getting to know one another and I am impressed.
Guest 04-Sep-2005 19:39
I am using D50 for a month, It's really nice for price/performance. You can take sharp and clean photos with D50 (Tamron 18-200 xr-di II).
Guest 14-Jul-2005 01:35

IExif 2.2 can show you the Total Number of Shutter Releases for your D50.

The freeware is here:
Lois Kosch08-Jul-2005 19:52
Sample photos at -- the 4th of July gallery was shot with the D50, along with the one labeled D50 Sample Photos. It's a nice camera. It's lightweight, easy to use, reasonably priced and takes nice, sharp photos, even with the kit lens. I traded in a Canon 20D for this. Just could not get consistenly sharp photos out of the Canon no matter what settings I used, even with a $600 EFS lens. So far I'm much happier with the Nikon.
Guest 13-Jun-2005 08:07
I think D50 is going to be the perfect camera, at least for me. According to photos and reviews, handling will be the perfetc compromise between grip / size / weight. Its possibilities will be 95% the ones D70 has. Anyway, most photographers only use 30% of D70 possible sentings and capacities, so who cares ? D50 will be a best seller
Guest 09-Jun-2005 12:19
I have got myself an 350D but would interested in what the D50 can do. I think the D50 has a new sensor, and If it takes better pics and has a better grip, I may sell the Canon. I think read somewhere the D50 can take up to 2000 pics on a single battery charge, that sounds pretty useful.
Lou Giroud02-Jun-2005 18:36
It might be cheeper then a Canon 350, but on the other side it is not a bargain. One bargain would certainly have been to sell a D70S at that price and even then, it is not a progression in technology. The real deal would have been to make a better, more performant camera then the Canon at a cheeper price. Also the idea to remove the CF Card slot and use an SD was not what I would call a smart idea. The price is lower then the Canon but looking closer you just can say that you get what you pay for.
Sorry Nikon, the D50 and D70S was realy not the way to go !!!!!

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