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1950's From a postcard

1950's - Parham's Restaurant at 73rd and Collins, Miami Beach

73rd Street and Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida

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Guest 19-Apr-2021 13:26
My husband and I could not wait to go to Parham's when we visited Miami Beach back in the fifties and sixties, We loved the barbecued ribs! I would love to have some right now after all these years. I have one of the postcards you have pictured.
Guest 07-Dec-2020 21:25
My grandparents owned a house on Byron Avenue. My family would stay in the house a month each winter back in the 50’s. We would walk from Grandpa’s house to Parham’s Restaurant for dinner many times while there. We loved the delicious food and I remember Parham’s to this day in 2020.
russ 06-Jul-2019 22:52
Is now "Sazon Cuban Cuisine" at that location.
Guest 01-Mar-2019 01:29
My cousin and I would do anything to taste fried chicken from Parham's just one more time! Any chance of getting the recipe?
Don Boyd04-Jun-2016 00:08
James, Fran and Joan: thank you for posting your memories and comments about Parham's because they give us some great insight into how good the restaurant really was. Now I'm sorry that I never ate there during the years it was open.

James 03-Jun-2016 02:49
My dad ran Parham's in the 70'same for its then owner "Tex", a childhood friend of my parents. I spent my teenage summers in Miami Beach coming from Flushing, New York. The food there was fantastic. Everything was spectacular. The cheesecake, pancakes, fried chicken, Cole slaw, braised tenderloin tips just to name a few. I was telling my daughter about Parhsm's. She's a little foodie. I wish I had a DeLorean with a Flux capacitor so we could go there and chow down.
Fran Swatzell Laboy 22-May-2015 14:28
We live in Miami. As children my cousins and our family would stay on the beach for little get aways, and always ate at Parhams. My mother always raved about the meals. I always remembered the danishes, the pecan rolls, sticky buns were amazing , the cheese danish etc. Hard to choose which one to order. But the miklshakes served over whipped cream in a glass, and with 2 almond cookies. AMAZING. We gained about 10 lbs over the summer. I also had the pleasure of meeting Doris Parham as a teenager.
Joan 02-Sep-2014 23:54
When I was young we would visit from NJ.. My grandparents spent the winters in Miami.
We would go to the beach, and go to Parham's for coconut cake. I will NEVER forget it.
My sisters and I still talk about it to this day.
Don Boyd25-Nov-2013 03:18
Linda, thank you for taking the time to write your great comments about Parham's, particularly your description of the delicious pancakes, orange juice, tarpon, sailfish, etc. It is details like yours that give the rest of us a much better idea of what Parham's was about and in my case you've made me hungry and I just had a large dinner a couple of hours ago. : ) Thanks!

Linda Hirsh Karof 24-Nov-2013 18:33
My Father took me to Parhams evey Sunday morning for pancakes! & I mean EVERY Sunday from the time I was an infant until I went away to college- & every time I came home. I would do anything for the pancake receipe- they were the BEST. Always served with warm butter & maple syrup- I can still see the little pitchers they came in. Also, the man behind the counter squeezing the oranges. How about the 'Tarpon caught by Dick Westra'?? & the sailfish? Delicious Orange Freeze. & the best Hot Chocolate, served with a cookie & fresh whipped cream. We lived next door to the Parhams on Bay Harbor Island,; I when Ronnie got a Thunderbird! I honestly would love that pancake receipe-no others can compare.
Don Boyd25-May-2013 04:22
Doris, thank you very much for that great interesting background information that I never knew about and I doubt that many folks knew about it. Great job!

Doris Parham 24-May-2013 23:13
Harold Parham was the chef and all of the food was prepared by him and his original recipes. Wesley Parham (his brother) and Harold started Parham's in 1949. Wesley ran the business and Harold did all the cooking. Great team together. Ronnie Parham took over the business after Harold left and Wesley passed away. Harold Parham opened his own place in the Vagabond Motel on Biscayne Blvd. and 73 Street. Very successful until he decided to retire.
I still use the name Parham and there isn't a day that goes by that someone stops to tell me how great the food was there. Harold would have been pleased. Doris Parham
Don Boyd02-Apr-2012 03:34
Penny, thank you for writing in with that information, I appreciate it. If you would give me your grandfather's and father's names I would like to add it under the photo so visitors can put names in their minds with the restaurant and the photo. Thanks.

Penny 27-Mar-2012 14:09
This was my grandfather's and father's restaurant. It was the best! There is still a restaurant in the space - it wasn't turned into a parking lot. I will never forget the people the place and the food, and I have my dad's handwritten recipes. Thanks for posting the photo and the great comments!
RDComfort22-Aug-2011 20:12
In the 1950's and 1960"s my parents, M.D. & Roberta Comfort, and I would go swimming in the ocean at 71st Street on many Saturday and Sunday mornings and then go to Parham's for a great breakfast!

Dennis Comfort
Guest 29-Apr-2011 21:30
For my 12th birthday, my mom took us (me and my sister) to stay at the beach for 5 days (August,LONG ago). We had breakfast at Parhams every morning. I loved the scrambled eggs so much mom got the chef to come out and tell me his secrets. Dash of milk, lots of butter in the pan and KEEP the eggs moving. Have never had a brown scrambled egg bit ever since! Everyone loves my scrambled eggs...thanks Chef! Sadly, I just saw on Google Maps, it's now a parking lot.Tragic! 31-Jan-2010 21:22

Guest 31-Jan-2010 00:53
alan w.
did this later become the site of the rascal house??
Donna 18-Dec-2009 20:14
they had the best pancakes, burgers and bacon and tomato omelettes with great coffee, joan and I were there all the time.
Ruth 18-Dec-2009 17:35
They had the best silver dollar pancakes.

Ruth B.
marsha b. 16-Mar-2009 20:52
the best fried chicken, the best hamburgers, the best cheesecake, the best place to go on a date when you were 21 - if I had onions on my burger then my boyfriend had onions - then dentine. I lived at that place and always loved the coffee and the people.