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1950s Courtesy of Jeff Levine

1950's - the famous Marcella's Italian Restaurant, 13886 West Dixie Highway, Miami

13886 West Dixie Highway, Miami, Florida

Thank you to Jeff Levine for contributing this image.

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Guest 14-Jul-2022 13:55
Man, I was raised early in Opa Locka and then in Carol City. My Daddy would take my family to Marcella’s on 183rd in the early 70’s. Till this day I have never tasted Pizza or garlic roles as good. Sometimes he would come home with that big Marcella’s pizza box. My brother and I would light up when he surprised us with it.

As a black kid growing up, Marcella’s was a real cultural treat. It taught me that other races can cook too (LOL) I would love to watch them spin the pizza dough as we sat and waited to eat. Marcella’s really spoiled me, because I’ve never tasted better pizza til this day.
Guest 12-Jun-2022 03:08
Denise we ate there in the late 60s early 70s and my father loved that dish, it was called Ala Marcela, I might have spelled it wrong ? It was named after the owner. She would come to the tables and ask if the food was good.
Guest 20-Jun-2021 23:21
So glad I found this page! I graduated from Norland I 1981 and my family and I loved the pizza and garlic rolls. For all of you trying to duplicate the garlic rolls, it not only the oil mixture that is important it is also the type of flour you use to make the dough. The flour used to make pizza dough has a high gluten content and tastes different than all purpose or regular bread flour.
Denise 17-Feb-2021 23:05
My dad ate at Marcella's in the 1960's and recalls a spaghetti dish that had no sauce. It had sausage, bacon, black olives, mozzerella cheese, onions, bell peppers, etc. Does anyone know the name of the dish or the recipe?
Guest 25-May-2020 17:00
Joe DeLuca. Growing up in Carol City and attending Carol City High back in the 60's, My Aunt Kate waitressed there and got me a job bussing tables. Besides the incredible food, my memories of those times are still with me. FYI, if you want to make garlic rolls similar to Marcella's, get frozen bread dough or pizza dough from Publix. Let it rise and cut in strips, with oiled fingers, tie into knots and bake on 350 until browned to your liking. Use extra virgin olive oil, minced garlic, salt, and parsley mixed together in large bowl. When rolls are done, immediately add to bowl and toss to coat. That's it. Just make sure you make enough oil mixture for sopping.
Mark Fagan 26-Jan-2020 23:42
Wrong e mail correct one is
Mark Fagan 26-Jan-2020 23:37
My family all of us worked at Marcella’s at 183rd st and when Mario opened one in Hollywood. I know all the details you would want to know. I loved Marcella and learned how to make the delicious garlic rolls. I still make them at home. I am guessing Mario, Leo are gone but my memories will never be gone. I can remember when mama thought a table was using too much Parmesan cheese she would go to the table and politely remove it.
Guest 02-Nov-2019 13:40
Thank you for keeping this memory alive. Best garlic rolls in the cosmos. Best spaghetti with red sauce. Marcella was an inspirational woman to my 7 year-old self. Mid ‘50s Miami.
Bob Henry 02-Sep-2019 17:22
NMHS grad class of 1964. Moved to North Miami from the Coral Gables area in the late 1950s and remember going to Marcella's for lunches and after games. Wonderful place, wonderful memories. Sad these types of places are disappearing.
Robert Pennell 04-Jun-2019 14:19
Ironically, I stumbled on here because my Mother just passed this week and it brought back the memories of Marcella's. I can remember we lived on 118th Terrace right off of Biscayne Boulevard. Every Sunday right after church we would go to either Mario the Bakers or Marcella's. Those garlic knots were truly legendary. My Mother would buy her sauce and try to duplicate it. After years of trying my Mother perfected her own sauce which is ironically legendary. Nanny Tamargos Tomato Sauce is as renowned as Mama Marcella's. At least in our family. The one thing my Mother could not duplicate though were those Garlic Knots. Man what I would do for a basket of those knots.
Ramsay 20-Apr-2018 22:47
I love reading all the comments about Marcella’s. I graduated NMSH in 1964. My family loved Marcella’s and would bring home the wonderful spaghetti and meatballs along with the garlic rolls. No one made garlic rolls like that!!! Such great memories.
Mike Guthrie 15-Feb-2018 20:20
Growing up in Norwood from the late 50’s- early 70’s I frequented the 183street location plenty of times. Here are a couple of memories from that time:

Since we were a pretty frugal family instead of going to Marcella’s to eat, my mother would make the spaghetti or lasagna and a salad and one of us, usually me on my bike, would run up to get garlic rolls to serve with our “Italian” dinner.

As a Norland Junior High band member we all looked forward to the spring concert which was the highlight of the year for the band. There were a total of 6 bands that played for three nights in a row so all the band parents would have a chance to attend. After each concert many of us walked from the school to Marcella’s to pool our money for a pizza and cokes or garlic rolls. Great times!
Guest 14-Feb-2018 21:01
Just found this site, as I was thinking of Marcella's and those awesome garlic knots. I am from Maine, but we would have a booth at the 4-day antique show in Miami Beach in March from 1987 to 1992. After each show was over, we would treat ourselves to a meal at Marcella's. We would walk in the door...and even after it being a year since our last visit, Marcella would come over and loudly exclaim " friends from Maine are back!!" That made us feel great. The aroma of garlic and cooking food as we walked in the door was heavenly. Sad to say, I wasn't able to get there after 1992...and my 25 year quest for an equal to Marcella's garlic knots has proven fruitless. Marcella's is one of my favorite memories from my time in Florida, and I always love to tell stories of my visits to Marcella's!
Laura S. 07-Jul-2017 21:25
Marcella's was a Sunday tradition with my family in the 60s. I have never had pizza or garlic rolls as good as the ones at Marcella's restaurant. It is truly a shame that her children did not continue to run the restaurant. Whatever happened to Marcella the owner? Sadly, all those good things about my childhood in Miami are gone now.
Guest 28-Mar-2017 17:04
I graduated from NMSH in 1964. I did a commercial for Marcella at channel 7 on the causeway when I was a very young boy probably 1957 or 58. Marcella was a WONDERFUL Woman. The garlic rolls will never be truly be duplicated. I left South Florida in 1973 and have been living in Vero Beach ever since.
Guest 22-Nov-2016 22:50
Native of Miami. Feasted on countless pizza and garlic rolls from the 183rd st location my entire childhood. Nothing to compare since. I don't even order garlic rolls any more. Any time I run in to anyone from the old hood the same story -- nothing like Marcella's.
Guest 03-Nov-2016 15:54
As a child, our family vacationed near Miami every Easter. I remember going to Marcella's and having the famous garlic rolls. For years my mom tried to duplicate them when we returned home to New York. I have found an easy recipe that comes close the the original: 5/8 cup olive oil, 5 cloves minced garlic, 1 TBS dried parsley, 1/2 tsp dried thyme, 1/2 tsp Italian seasoning, 1/2 pinch basil, 1 pkg PIllsbury original bread stick dough (not the garlic kind) --- mix ingredients and let set for 12 to 24 hours. Bake dough in bite size knots, drizzle mixture over knots and salt to taste.
(olive oil mixture will start to go bad unless used within 48 hours)
Guest 23-Oct-2016 14:57
Robert Brown: I graduated for NMSH in 1960. I woared at the Castaways Motel in Miami Beach after school. Nearly every day Ryan Richardson and I would walk up to Marcella's, buy a bag of garlic rolls, then go across the street and begin hitch-hiking to work. One day, we shared our garlic rolls with a man who gave us a ride, and after that, every time he saw us stopped and gave us a ride to 163rd and Collins Ave. Greates garlic rolls ever created on Earth.
Guest 05-Oct-2016 11:29
Yes, Leonardo's in Gainsville is good.
Don Boyd19-Sep-2016 06:17
Lisa, no, they closed decades ago, probably in the late 1970's.

Lisa Holloway 19-Sep-2016 01:11
Are they still open ?
Art Riegle 25-Jul-2016 02:33
I grew up in the area in the sixties when Marcella's was going strong! I was a friend of Billy, her son. We were on the same little league baseball team. Mama Marcella sponsored our team when we were dropped by the other sponser. The other teams were jealous because she brought pizza and rolls every game for the team. I played in the tree house with Billy many times and we would walk to the restaurant and eat rolls and pizza. Mama Marcella was the kindest lady with so much energy. Great memories , I can still remember her electric smile.
Guest 20-May-2016 23:53

Grew up in Miami and graduated NMSH in 1968. Loved Marcellas, Gigi's on 7th Ave and the old Mary's Italian Restaurant on 7th Avenue as well. I've searched high and low for garlic rolls that would come close to Marcellas or Gigi's (Mary's had bread sticks) - nothing comes close -especially the Pembrook Pines restaurant. I spent 38 years in Tennessee before moving back to Florida. If anyone is ever in Gatlinburg Tennessee check out the Best Italian Restaurant, they have garlic rolls that come real close. My wife and I would ride 60 miles from Knoxville just for the rolls and a pizza (which is pretty good too) As for Marcellas, only memories will remain
guest 05-Mar-2016 18:06
Grew up in NM, 141st St. Went to Marcellas often. Only place I've ever seen garlic knots that even come close to Marcellas is Leonardo's in Gainesville.
Rick Ferrer 29-Feb-2016 20:54
This message is for Pier Luigi Vitalini. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. I have been following the story of your aunt for a few years and would like to learn whatever I can. Thanks very much.
Rick Ferrer, Broward County Historic Preservation Officer
Office: 954-357-9731
Guest 19-Jan-2016 01:47
I remember my mother in the early and middle 60,s used to order Marcellas on Friday nights when my dad was working a second job at McDonald on 163rd street. My mother would entertain us all and order spaghetti and meat balls. And some of those unbelievable garlic rolls with the parsley on them dripping with garlic liquid.

We lived in Carol City at the time and there were all neighbors that worked for the airlines and a lot of families and kids in the neighborhood and Friday and Saturdays were a treat.

My mother Pat Truett has passed away I will never forget those fun times. I wish I knew how they made them when they drove up with the orders to our house.

Thank you mom for all the fun
Gay Goodfriend 15-Sep-2015 21:29
I grew up down the street from Marcella's and even remember the one on the opposite corner before she built the 'new' site right on Dixie. Her old place was small and very charming - I remember the doorway was frames with glass blocks and multicolored lights behind. She really was a fascinating woman - well before her time! And he garlic rolls were beyond perfection!!
Guest 04-Sep-2015 06:15
My name is Pier Luigi Vitalini, I was the nephew of Marcella Vitalini Aitken. I worked in her restaurant in W.Dixie Highway in 1957/8 as a cashier and in the restaurant of my father on N.W. 183rd St. Graduated from North Miami High in 1960. I could tell a lot of story about Mercella, her life and her recipes. She was a lady with a great personality, wonderful promoter and communicator, but unfortunately not a savvy business woman.
If anybody is interested in more let me know I have a lot to tell.
By the way, let me thank Don Boyd,for opening this site and keeping of the local history, I was recently in Miami and made the mistake of looking up these old sites, everything changed, but not for the better. Pier
Don Boyd03-Sep-2015 17:50
Guest from 3-Sep-2015: your best best is described by Giuseppe who posted below on 26-SEP-2014. He says he owns Marcella's in Pembroke Pines but my wife has had the garlic rolls from there and they are nowhere near the same. Giuseppe also owns Papa Giuseppe's in Delray Beach and Papa D's in Lauderdale by the Sea - maybe the garlic rolls are better at one of those? I need someone to try out both places and tell us if the garlic rolls are the same as the old Marcella's or not. There was a recipe for Marcella's garlic rolls in the Miami Herald a few years ago that was sent to them by a reader. My wife followed the recipe to a "t" and while they were good they were not as delicious or the same as the old Marcella's. I hope you have a great trip back to Miami next year and that you can recognize some places that you remember. It's a different world here now and certainly not better.

Guest 03-Sep-2015 17:03
I moved from North Miami to Los Angeles back in 1963. I am taking my first trip back to Miami next year. Is Marcella's still around? I would love to have those fabulous garlic rolls again. They are etched in my memory. If anybody knows if they are still there, please email me at pcohen48@gmail,com.
Guest 19-May-2015 18:49
My family frequented Marcella's in th late 50's. To this day, I have never tasted pizza as good as the pizza I remember from Marcella's ... and the garlic rolls ... the best things in the world. So happy to see that there's still a Marcella's going strong. I'm in northern California .. will you deliver :)
Rick 07-May-2015 09:10
I remember when I was 4 or 5 years old. My mom would call Marcella's on 183rd st and order a bunch of Italian food to get delivered. They were the only place that delivered back then, It was 1967 or so. I just couldn't wait to get a hold of that spaghetti and later in life after I was driving age we would go to the shop to eat. Those garlic rolls would just melt in your mouth. MMM MMM Good. What delicious memories.
Guest 28-Apr-2015 21:33
My name is Diane and I used to visit my grandparents in Miami every summer when i was in my teens, much younger . My friend Maria and I used to walk from our neighborhood on NW 181st St up to Marcella's just to have a basket of those most awesome garlic rolls. I'm 63 now and was thinking back of thebeautiful memories of my summer vacations and believe me, Marcella's is one place I continue to talk about. Thank you for continuing on for new generations to experience the best Italian food that I have ever had.
Balbino Rodriguez 25-Apr-2015 13:46
My name is Balbino Rodriguez I work for Marcellas Restaurant on 183 st and 8 Ave carol City from the day opening Dic 25 1958 to 1971 as a cook and pizza man with my friend Armando Perez The owner was Marcellas brother Mario Vitalini R I P his son Pier Luigi is a friend of my on F B
Victoria Canadeo Chaguaceda 08-Feb-2015 05:07
I remember the Marcella's on 183rd father Tony Canadeo was the pizza delivery guy back in the 60's he became very good friends with Marcella and of coarse being Italian you know how that goes.............. her famous garlic rolls is what did it for our family, we also loved the daily homemade Italian dishes. She always made everyone feel at home and happy...............I think of her often when I'm up in the area of North Dade. I do remember the one on S. Dixie Hwy, but I never got the chance to go up that way......Marcella will always be remembered and forever in our hearts. God Bless!
Don Boyd27-Sep-2014 04:13
Welcome Giuseppe, thank you for posting about your background and your current locations which I will allow to stay on this page in hopes that readers will patronize your restaurants and provide us with some reviews as to how similar your dishes are to Marcella's. Perhaps someday I will visit with my wife incognito if no one else provides a review in the next few months. What I want to know is if you offer the same delicious garlic rolls that Marcella's had at her various locations. I've heard that the garlic rolls at the Marcella's in Pembroke Pines are not the same as the original Marcella's and I am disappointed to hear that. Can you enlighten us? Thank you sir.

Guest 26-Sep-2014 20:16
Hi my names is Giuseppe the original chef from Marcella's restaurant in 1083rd Miami garden drive and the owner of Marcella's in pem brook pines and papa Giuseppe in delay beach. I'm now currently operating at Pa Ds pizzirea and grille! 4331 north ocean drive Lauderdale by the sea 33308 (954) 351-0310! Hope to see everyone soon so you can enjoy our old traditional cusine and pizza! Ciao!
Kay Angela 24-Sep-2014 21:18
I remember that the food in Freeport was amazing. We ate there many times when in Freeport. I think there is another Italian restaurant in the same location now. Does anyone remember the Freeport address? There was a guy named Reno who was, I think, managing the place in the late 1960's.
Guest 26-Aug-2014 11:40
the owners lived right behind our house wonderful people
Julia 30-Jun-2014 00:09
I grew up in North Miami Beach in the late 1950's early 1960's. My brother went to school with Marcella's daughter they were in the same class at Holy Family. Everytime we ate there she would come out to see us, best garlic rolls. Would love to see the place again.
Jim 14-Jun-2014 08:39
My Dad Jim Williams worked with Marcella in the sixties and up until his death in 1983. I caught up with him when they were running a restaurant/night spot in the Bahamas in 1965. I recall making pizzas and generally helping out. If anyone has memories of my father I'd appreciate hearing from them. Jim Williams
Bill L. 27-May-2014 21:59
I grew up in North Miami Beach in the 1950's and early 1960's and I distinctly remember Marcella's advertisements where she said "Mamma Mia, you like'a my pizza?" No one has mentioned that, and I refuse to believe no one remembers those commercials. I loved her pizza as a young boy, indeed it was my initiation to Italian food. Her pizza and garlic rolls are still unmatched to this day!
Guest 20-Apr-2014 15:19
Talk about memories. It all came to mind when I saw an article about Marcella in NY Times. Might not be same person but still reminded me of growing up and going to West Dixie Highway to eat. I lived on NW 17 Ave and our family friends on NE or NW 2-don;t remember. But we all met at Marcella's regularly. Wow-years ago as now 65 years old

Guest 30-Mar-2014 01:21
Love you JK
bob ellis 26-Jan-2014 12:52
I graduated from NMH in 1959. We used to fill a car with fellow students and sneak out of school for lunch at Marcella's. We weren't allowed to leave the school grounds but we managed at least once a week. Marcella had a student special every day and the place was full of NMH students chomping down on her fabulous pizzas, spaghetti and awesome garlic rolls. What a wonderful lady. I really miss her and her fantastic garlic rolls.

There are several recipes from former chefs and students on the web. Have tried several and they come close, but not quite as remember them. Still, my students here in China love them when I make them. I know Marcella would be happy to know her recipe has made it to China. I am sure God in Heaven requests them frequently from Marcella.
Guest 05-Jan-2014 22:34
GREAT SITE,,,, I grew up in North Miami Beach, "Uleta" and we were customers of Marcella when she was in a tiny restaurant shared with a bar (doorway between them) right across the street (to the north) of the corner location in the picture. She saved her pizza scraps and made her garlic rolls with them. This was about 1953 and she couldn't gave been more than 19 years old. She was the cook, waitress, dish washer, cashier and a great friend. Sure do miss her.
Jeff 27-Nov-2013 06:43
Wow! This has to be one of the most popular threads on Don's site!

Marcella got her start on the NW corner of NE 139th Street and West Dixie Hwy. next to the Rex Pharmacy (the building burned down years ago and another has replaced it).

From there, as her fame and success grew, she purchased the corner store on the SW corner of the intersection and in time purchased the two adjoining buildings.

According to what she told me years ago, she took on a young partner who encouraged her to open the 183rd Street location amongst other expansion projects, and this partner eventually caused her financial collapse.

Marcella later reopened another restaurant on a THIRD corner of the same intersection (the NE side) which is now a laundromat before closing it to run a location in Aventura Mall (which fared none-too-well)...

I heard that with failing health she ended up a double amputee before passing away. I can't confirm this as fact.

As for Wright's/Jean's 5&10... in the mid-1970s Jean's was owned by Carl DeSantis who had told me way back then of his plans to go into the vitamin business. He did, and quite successfully, for after closing Jean's he started Sundown Vitamins and purchased the Rexall name out of bankruptcy - later selling both lines for a tidy sum.

The Shady Inn Lounge was known as JR's Place in the 1970s, and the United Food Market may very well be what was called Dominion Foods in the mid-70s.

Now, about Marcella's tree house... she fought the city over zoning...and WON! It was a landmark in North Miami for years. Sadly, her home (just West of the restaurant's parking lot) is a run-down property..vacant for quite some time as of my last sighting.
Guest 30-Sep-2013 19:58
After reading all the comments, I am definitely making garlic rolls tonight, just the way Marcella did..thanks for the recipe....I still remember her standing at my table, telling me what was being served that night....thanks for the memories...Carolyn, Class of 1958...and, yes, it was Edward L. Constance when I started.
Guest 18-Sep-2013 19:28
Great minestrone soup for a value lunch on a cold winter day in high school, 1972
Rodney Arnold 17-Sep-2013 18:07
I worked for Marcella in H/S (1958) she was awesome~! Her menu and rolls were often copied but never duplicated.. RIP~!
Guest 26-Aug-2013 03:15
Ahhh, Marcella's! Wonderful delicious visits there on Sunday nights after going to Miami Shores Baptist Church! Those are memories from the 50's and early 60's...where has the time gone??! Those rolls and pizza tastes are just not the same today. Through the years I have tried to duplicate the rolls but never thought about adding, now that gives me reason to try to make them again. :)
J. Botta 12-Aug-2013 01:05
i'm 42 and grew up in N.Miami and belive it or not still reside here. I really want to thank all the people that wrote comments on how N.Miami has changed because of YOU ALL leaving and allowing it to change. NMSH is gone and moved to where NMJHS was. Not that anyone cares like I say to everyone" thanks for leaving this great city to be destroyed."
Cynthia Sobel Gerard 02-Jul-2013 17:19
I would travel from Hollywood passed some desolation waste land to get to Marcella's for those unbelievable knotted garlic rolls-dripping with flavorful roasted garlic...OMG
Jerry Christiansen 02-Jul-2013 01:51
Jerry Christiansen I remember Marcella coming to N. Miami Beach Jr High in the early 60's for pizza parties after school. The first pizza delivery, and cooked right on site. The pioneer room was great after the football games. Marcella was a true NM fan.
Guest 28-Jun-2013 03:02
Lived on 134th st from when I was born in 1959 till about 1980- Marcellas had best Italian food I ever had in my life- I can relate to comments re neighborhood changes also, after moving to Fort Lauderdale, never wanted to return- graduated from NMHS-those were some times we all remember, change inevitable-
Guest 11-May-2013 13:55
I grew up at Marcella's and north Miami high. Here is the best way tomake the garlic rolls. It took me years to figure this out. Here goes...
Get the pizza dough from the refrigerated case. It comes is the same container as the biscuits . I would not make pizza with this dough, but it makes the great Marcellas garlic rolls. Remove the dough but keep it in the roll. Cut the roll in half, then in quarters, then 4 sIces in each quarter. You should have about 16 potential rolls. Take each slice and gently tie it in a knot. Place the rolls on a baking sheet and bake at 300 to 350, depending on your oven, until nice and brown. DO NOT PUT ANY OIL OR SPICES ON THE ROLLS? once the rolls are brown, and while they at still hot/warm place in bowl or a plastic basket with a large piece of parchment paper (if you want the Marcella's touch). Take several arge garlic cloves (as many as you like). Take a large knife and smash the garlic, releasing the garlic oils. Chop the garlic into little pieces. You can also use a garlic press but the taste is better with the smash method. Pour lots of good olive oil on he rolls, add the garlic and several heaping tea spoons of dried Time (fresh time doesn't do it). Add a table spoon of finely chopped fresh parcley and a little salt. Gently mix until each roll is covered.
SERVE AND GO BACK IN "TASTE TIME" to the good old days in North Miami, where I grew up. We added lots of paragon chees at the table and more olive oil - until it dripped from your mouth as you eat the rolls. If you try this recipe, will you please let me know as I have other recipes for Marcella's AND Shorys BBQ. Dennisjackflood@aol. com
Phyl 24-Apr-2013 22:42
Best garlic rolls in the universe! I grew up in NMB & did some quality eating there!
Deborah Cohen 27-Mar-2013 03:16
I can't believe that there is a blog about that fabulous place. I grew up in North Miami and attended Miami Norland Senior High but haven't been there in 37 years, as I moved to Hawaii and later went to USC in Los Angeles. Marcella's was a dream place for us as we were quite poor. I remember the booths though we seldom ate in. I've been seeking that pizza and garlic rolls ever since my youth. I once thought I found something close to the rolls once but my judgment was mired in nostalgia and I came to my senses. How could I even almost make such a mistake! I'm so happy to even read about that glorious place. Ahhh, the old days and I can't imagine what Miami is like now...not a clue.
Bill 25-Jan-2013 04:49
Used to live in NMiami, and still want to make the pizza dough that was made at MaMa Marcella's in Miami, or somthin similar!.
Guest 20-Oct-2012 12:00
Does anyone have the recipe for the garlic rolls
Guest 17-Oct-2012 00:32
My mother had been going to Marcella's back in the '60s. Then she visited Marcella's with her husband and her sister for the first time and at one point her sister Rhea exclaimed to the server, "Oh, what precious rolls!". Upon their next visit to the restaurant they noted that on the menu the garlic rolls were then referred to as "Precious Rolls".

I remember going there as a kid and it was always a treat with the great food and the decorative setting. It had to be a treat since we were then living in west Fort Lauderadale and would still make the trip to North Miami just for their italian food.
MORT 21-Jul-2012 16:23
Guest 03-Jul-2012 21:06
The original Marcellas was on Dixie.My mother was a waitress there for a few years starting in 1963.I still remember the garlic rolls.They were the best I have ever eaten.I remember Marcella also.Happy ,talkative,friendly loud.I also loved Kings Pony Farm.Use to ride the ponies there when we went to Grandway to shop.I have many wonderful memories of my childhood and teen years in Miami.
Winston 21-Jun-2012 15:34
In the late 60's, my family went to the location on NW 183rd St (between 7th and 8th Ave). It was in a strip mall, which was then just called a shopping center. I carry the memory of those garlic rolls with me still. I don't know if Marcella's invented garlic knots, but it was the first time I had ever seen them. So good.
Vince Carlisle 11-May-2012 00:29
Marcella's also had a location on Hwy 441 just south of Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood, Fla in the 60's where both the wife and I got hooked on their garlic rolls, which my wife still makes to this day and they are still a hit with my entire family.
Ray Roth 30-Apr-2012 04:45
Thank God the memory of this amazing place lives on. Yes the garlic rolls swimming in oil and the amazing sausage pizza will always remain as a vivid taste memory. Lived in Keystone Point from 1959-1964. How great Miami was back then!
Ray Roth 30-Apr-2012 04:44
Thank God the memory of this amazing place lives on. Yes the garlic rolls swimming in oil and the amazing sausage pizza will always remain as a. Lived in Keystone Point from 1959-1964. How great Miami was back then!
Robert B 20-Apr-2012 20:13
I remember driving home with the pizza on my lap, sneeking bites of the garlic rolls because the smell drove me to it. Best pie in town for years.
richiemiami 09-Feb-2012 17:11
The person that commented that the original store was accross the street on dixie is correct. I grew up in NMB and we frequented the place quite often. Later they moved to 183rd street in the back of the Loehmans plazza. I think I remember charlie the cook really tall and large.. man those garlic roles were great... just enough garlic powder and the perfect size so much different than marios down the street where they were huge and sweet
Trish Elliott 25-Jan-2012 00:51
I grew up in N. Miami but went to school at Carol City, so I remember both locations. I lived in Lakeland in 1976 and was pregnant with my first child. All I wanted was Marcella's garlic rolls. My husband drove us all the way to Miami for 60 cents worth of garlic rolls (2 dozen), which I polished off before we hit Pompano. Thanks for the memories!
Robin 31-Dec-2011 02:41
I can still smell those addictive garlic rolls smothered in olive oil, parsley, thyme and Kosher salt while reading these comments. Marcella Aitken, what a super lady. I'm from the NMHS class of '70. She gave me my first job there as a cashier/take-out order receptionist in my junior year. Some of the names I remember are Pierre (one of the delivery guys) and in the kitchen were Manny, Luigi, Cesare, Bruno & Walter. Also a gal I worked up front with named Vida. I remember how nice Marcella was. She always invited any of us "kids" back to her home next door to the restaurant, for pool parties after work at night. It was a blast. I left Miami years ago and think I might find it difficult to see the area now. It would be hard to not see so many "feel good" places I grew up around so, I'll just keep the good of which being Marcella's Restaurant.
joymars 13-Dec-2011 03:33
Best garlic rolls in the universe!!!
Thank you for this page. It brings my wonderful memories into reality.
Marcella's TV ads were great too, weren't they? What a woman! Ahead of her time. I wanted my mom to be successful as a woman, just like her. She did end up being that -- in her own way.
Janet S. 27-Sep-2011 16:12
Wow this brings back memories. I worked as a waitress at Marcella's on 183rd from 1980-1982. I loved the garlic rolls! Awesome place. I drove by there a while back when I was in town and was real disappointed to see what has happened to the area. Very sad! I had a lot of fun working there and made some good tips too! Great memories and great food!
Guest 07-Sep-2011 01:27
Best Garlic rolls!!!!!
Jeff 25-Aug-2011 02:59
I graduated NMSH in '72, also wnt to NMJrH. Eat at Marcella's all the time; Had a number of friends who worked in kitchen and delivered. She was the first restaurant in area to have the family style menue in the back dinning room with the fountain. Remember the professionally build tree house that was on her home property behind the restaurant. In the early '80's Marcella received the North Miami business woman of the year award, the next year she got in trouble with the IRS.
Many found memories of eating there and then also Mario the Baker right down the street on Dixie and 132 street. Mr. Donut across the street on one corner and Food Fair across the street on the other corner.
Bart 01-Jul-2011 19:52
So, I'm surprised nobody mentioned their great commercials on WTVJ.
They would lay down a plate of sketty and meatballs and then smother it with sauce!
Enjoyed the live commercials on Popey Playhouse with Skipper Chuck.
Yes, the garlic knots were pizza dough. Grew up on NW 10th Court, and later mover to Highland Lakes area.
Douglas Smith 14-Apr-2011 06:37
Growing up in North Miami Beach in the 50's I remember Marcella's well. Great Italian food and the best garlic roll's in the world. In 1961 my family moved to Freeport Grand Bahama Island. Marcella had just opened "Marcella's Village Inn". It had a resturant on one side and a nightclub on the other. I used to play guitar there on weekends with two guy's named "Sam and Jose". We had some great times there and the same great food. The place was still open when left the island at end of 1969. I never returned to Freeport but I still can taste the garlic roll's.
Tim 07-Mar-2011 03:28
I worked at Marcella's on 183rd from 1975-1980 while at Norland High and over holidays and summers while in college. I started as bus boy; I was fast tracked to "garlic roll guy" and later pizza man. There were 3 owners during my time. I started with Rosa (Mrs. Marcella's niece) and her boyfriend, later-husband John Zinco. Next were two Italian guys names Dominic and Franco(?) and, the final owners who, I believe, are the owners of the Marcella's in Pembroke Pines. I'm embarassed that I cannot recall their names but they were very good people to work for. I remember Rose who was the cashier and the heart of Marcella's for a long time; George and Pasquale the cooks were both great guys. Sammy was another long-time, special Marcella's employee. The drivers of the delivery VWs were mostly postmen. The waitresses were a great group. The garlic rolls were topped with oil, thyme, parsley and salt. Thanks forbringing back the memories. Those were great times.
Don Boyd15-Feb-2011 15:35
Rick, thank you very much for that information about the Delray Beach restaurant. Do you remember where the one was on NW 183rd Street? I seem to recall it but can't remember exactly where it was. Thanks to you I'll be making a drive to Delray and my wife and we will have dinner there. I'm sure some of the readers on this site will try it too. I've heard the same about the Pembroke Pines location not being the same at all.

Thanks for the tip off! : )

Rick 15-Feb-2011 01:04
FYI...Marcellas chef from 183rd st. is in Delray Beach, SAME garlic rolls from SAME man. His place is called Papa Giuseppes's, 660 Linotn blvd. just east of i-95..I had a dozen yesterday after not having them for 30 years and thought I died & went to heaven. The Marcellas in Pembroke Pines has nice food, but different from the Marcellas we all remember fondly. The real McCoy is in Delray. Trust me.
George 12-Feb-2011 21:29
Marcella's was always a special treat growing up in North Miami in the 60's and 70's. I recall Marcella herself once coming to our house to make the delivery, you'd have thought it was a movie star doing it we were so excited.

Does anyone remember Marcella's having another location in Freeport, Grand Bahama? I SWEAR I'm not imagining that!
Guest 08-Feb-2011 02:11
P. Drenberg ( (Maynard__) MEHS Class of 57 The thing I remember about Marcellas was the fabulous garlic rolls they had. Unbeatable. Fond Memories.
Guest 08-Feb-2011 02:08
Guest 08-Feb-2011 02:08
Guest 04-Feb-2011 01:36
I know the secret to those Garlic Knots,but the Family Secret what happens if it gets out! Does anybody know where Charlee the cook is? He the gut to go to. Maybe a high price bounty would find him and squeeze out some Recipe's. LOL
Guest 04-Feb-2011 01:30
I Elizabeth DioGuardia, would be glad to chat about MaMa Marcella Atkins..We shared many a Laughs and Years together...
Guest 04-Feb-2011 01:26
Marcella Atkins,is MaMa 's Name.. The One and Only!!!!
elizabeth DioGuardia 03-Feb-2011 17:13
Marcella was one of a kind. I visited her restaurant on West Dixie Hwy every summer from when i was born. My family traveled from New York to Miami every year!!! I always would ride my bike to pick up a couple dozen Garlic Knots to bring home to the Family. I eventually worked @ the Restaurant for many years. I also Catered many events with MaMa Marcella. I worked in the Pastry Factory, Pasta Factory, Pizza and her Five Star Dinning at the end of the block which she owned. When MaMa was sick I was the one to take care of her. I miss her Dearly and I always bust out with an Impression of her Beautiful Voice. We went through Hurricane David together and catered around the clock for several months feeding the National Guard, FPL, and atnt. We went by all the devastion and still made it back to the shop to box up Lunches for the around the clock crews putting Miami back together. I speak to MaMa every nite as I have a photo of Marcella in the Vineyards in Italy.All my freinds wanted to work those great events like the Cancer Society @ the Polo Club in West Palm... Great memories..The Angles are eating good now. Forever in my Heart.. I Love you Marcella
Guest 31-Dec-2010 16:59
Does anyone remember Marcella's last name?
Guest 27-Dec-2010 01:39
II started going to Marcella's when it was on W Dixie highway when the restaurant was right in front of her house ... I went to MJHS and a bunch of us girls would go there for pizza and the rolls ... My Dad would take us there too ... I dated Emanuele, Marcella's head Chef and the one that stood up front and tossed the Pizza's ... we ended up getting married ... so I know the Secret Sauce Recipe for the garlic KNOTS ... Emanuele left there in the 70 to start his own restaurant on 163rd street right across the street from McDonalds and right next door to Dunkin Donuts donuts ... and he named it after our daughter BELINDA ... he was there till his untimely death
Guest 26-Dec-2010 19:12
my son was bus boy there in the early 1970's....i remember seeing larry king (yes THE larry king) there occasionally. he lived in that neighborhood before he became really famous. years later i bought some of the signed celebrity photos from the is danny aiello...i am listing it on ebay...see if anyone out there in cyber land remembers lawrence
Mark 22-Dec-2010 13:11
I went to Norland and a Volkswagen load of us would go to Marcellas every day. There is nothing better than those rolls , I have tried to make them. The other thing I remember was the Grinder sandwich.
Don Boyd15-Oct-2010 07:21
The Pembroke Pines restaurant has Marcella's name on it but that's about it. It is under different ownership not related to Marcella. The garlic rolls there are nowhere equal to the original Marcella's from what I've heard from reliable sources (my wife and others).

Caryn Bishop 15-Oct-2010 02:29
My mother grew up in Hollywood, Fl. She was talking about the garlic rolls. She also mentioned the meatballs. Did you move from Miami to Pembroke Pines? And if so, when did you move there?
Thanks for the help.
Caryn Bishop
Philiop M. Fortman 02-Oct-2010 18:40
Alvin's post sure brought back memories. I first ate a Marcella's basket of those little rolls dripping in oil and garlic in the "little place" across 139th Street about 1951. My mother was a nurse at Dr. McClary's office in North Miami where Marcella and her family were patients and friends. As a child I remember the adults saying Marcella was an Italian "war bride." My coming from an Italian neighborhood in Chicago, Marcella's charming accent was completely familiar as were her hugs and outgoing personality.

By the late 50's when I was going to North Miami High School her larger new place was "the" place after any school event.
Alvin Lederer 26-Sep-2010 04:47
My Mother Jean Marie Hawkins worked at Marcellas as a waitress and I got a job working there at 14. My Mom told me to come in early about 4:00 p.m. and she would show me around the place and how to set up a table, where to dump the garbage and how to address the customer. There wre two brothers that were working there as busboys at the time and neither one showed up that night I started working. Mary ellen who was the hostess made me the head busboy about 7:00 the first night I worked there. I became good friends with Marcella working the parties she threw at her house that was behind the restaurant or at the Viscaya of Biltmore Hotel. She was sweet to me thru out all the years I knew her and made everyone she met fell special. Her world famous garlic rolls and pizza kept people coming back for more. She married a old man named Frank when she was 14 years old and he brought her here from the old country. she started out across the street on the Northwest Corner and after a little while was able to relocate to the place where she became famous. I was blessed to know her Family and we all were part of her Family including everyone who ate in her place. I need you to understand that nothing was more important to her than the satisfaction of her customer.
Laura 24-Sep-2010 06:41
On my first ever trip with my dad, he took me on a business trip with him to Miami because I was 15 and had just broken up with my first boyfriend. I was devestated. We went to dinner one night at Marcella's. It was the most memorable experience of my life. It was 30 years ago. I still have the match box that I saved from the visit. My father is, unfortunately gone, but having the prixe fix menu was a delight to me as a young girl and I will never ever forget it.
Guest 02-Jun-2010 04:30
i grew up in miami from 1962-66. i remember waiting on a long line to get seated at marcellas. i remember the lollipop tree near the cash register and the cartoon menu. i remember the cartoon cow that went with the veal parmigana. i was only allowed to eat 2 garlic rolls so it wouldn't ruin my appetite for dinner. i remember longing to grow up and go back as an adult, so i could eat unlimited garlic rolls. unfortunately we moved to ny and when i went back as a teenager, the restaurant wasn't the same. this was a trauma of lost childhood hopes. marcellas garlic rolls were a great memory of my childhood. i remember the painting of a pretty young woman high on the wall that was marcella. so many vivid memories as a young child in that very special restaurant. good to know i wasn't alone in the garlic roll thing. stephanie g.
Guest 11-May-2010 23:08
Sorry forgot to mention we have Tuesdays Karoake and Fridays Live music at Marcella's.
Manager Marcella's Restaurant
Nelson 11-May-2010 23:03
LOOKING FOR THE ORIGINAL MARCELLA'S RESTAURANT? We are still in business here in Pembroke Pines Florida. Over 51 years serving the very best pizza, pasta, full menu and of course our famous garlic rolls. If you have missed us we are still here and here to stay. So come see for yourself and bring back those great memories.
We are located @
12305 Pembroke Rd
Pembroke Pines Fl, 33025
Nelson. L.
Manager of Marcella's
Guest 30-Apr-2010 23:22
Marcella's garlic rolls were to die for.....fantastic...and I remember Marcella coming around all the tables and greeting everyone with such feeling....the good old days were really good...but in talking to friends who still live in miami...things have really changed has everywhere else...........Think Garlic Rolls!
Guest 25-Apr-2010 23:01
The supposed recipe is posted on Classmates. Haven't tried it but it's there.
Jim Baumgarten 03-Apr-2010 17:44
I grew up in North Miami, Graduated from NMHS in 1960 and remember the original Marcella's where she did the cooking. It was actually across the street from the restaurant shown in this picture. I know one thing about the garlic rolls, they were made from the pizza dough. She use to come to the hotel were I worked on Saturdays and do a Pizza Party for the guests. She would take a wad of dough, cut off a small piece, roll it into round cylinder with the palm of her hand, then tie it into a knot. After baking the great oil / herb mix was added. I sure wish I knew what was in it!!!
Guest 30-Mar-2010 17:44
Marcella's in Pembroke Pines is new owners it's not the the original owners anymore.
Guest 24-Feb-2010 15:13
Does anyone have the recipe for Marcella's garlic rolls?
m. warren 30-Jan-2010 04:30
Used to have lunch here 2 or 3 times a week when I managed the Winn Dixie around the corner in the mid '70s.
a.warren 30-Jan-2010 02:50
grew up in n. miami since 1958. there was a marcellsa on 183 st. just east of the turnpike. there is still a marcellas in pembroke pines owned by the original marcellas. still has the great garlic rolls n pizza
Mike D 28-Jan-2010 03:55
I found a Marcellas restaurant in Ocala, Florida that is owned by one of Marcellas original cooks, THE GARLIC ROLLS ARE AUTHENTIC!!!!!!. His name is Tony and you can call him at 386-622-8333
Don Boyd10-Jan-2010 02:18
I'm starting to hate coming back to this photo and reading the comments because I really loved their great garlic rolls and I see that so many others did too. Then I start daydreaming about them and then I get hungry as hell and then I get a little sad at the thought that I'll never have one again........ : (

Guest 09-Jan-2010 17:36
I went to NMHS in the fifties and one of the favorite places to go was Marcella's. The atmosphere was great and the garlic rolls were the best. Just thinking about them makes me hungry.
Lisa 09-Jan-2010 15:35
I still crave Marcella's to this day! I was born in Miami and in the early 70's we ate ALOT of Marcella's.... Teh best pizza and garlic rolls ever.... YUM! My sister has replicated the rolls fairly well, but I would love to replicate them to a T plus make pizza that tastes just like it did there. Have not found a pizza place that could come close to Marcellas... I still remember the way it smelled in there and the little jukeboxes on the tables! Please send recipes! I would order pizza and garlic rolls and have them flown to MI if I could!
Reeve 24-Dec-2009 01:17
Nobody mentioned the beer sign inside the resturant, I think it was Budwiser, that had the moving colored dots on it. I sat there transfixed by it as I downed those rolls from heaven.
Guest 16-Dec-2009 19:49
Surely there is a family member left who can tell us the secret to those rolls.
Request for Marcella's Daughter 18-Nov-2009 06:38
If you are the Daughter of THE Marcella, please weigh in on this website. I too am in Washington state and would like to know more about the history of the one Restaurant I would trade a year of vacations for. So would a lot of other folks whose psyches were seared in Marcellas ovens. Just give us a couple of paragraphs.
One of Marcellas Devotees 18-Nov-2009 06:25
That photo of Marcella's....caused me to drift into a dream. A dream of how THIS Italian food was kissed by God Himself ! I had the privelege of meeting Marcella in a non restaurant setting around 1993 with her Daughter. That was something that will be with me always. Salt of the Earth. In her Restaurant, she made the rounds and EVERYONE took notice. It was like a visit by Caesar. (Oh..excuse me. That was another life.)) The food was so good, it overrode your ability to stop. Later, it expanded a little causing one to have to loosen their belt. Weeks later the scales showed that I too, had expanded. Every time I went there !

I started going to Marcella's as a four year old (1956) The Baked Ziti, the Rolls in Oil, The Veal Parmigiana ! We still search in vane for ANY Sicilian Restaurant which could come close. No luck so far. Guess I'll have to add Sicily to the Itinerary. THESE memories are now a part of who I am, what I like and are a foundation block of my existence! NOW, was that a good Restaurant or what ? Marcella.......Ciao Bella !
Jerry Mirabella 09-Nov-2009 02:51
I graduated fromNMSH in 63 and Marcella's was always one of our favorite places to go at lunch time,beast garlic rolls on te planet.
Gay G 17-Sep-2009 05:03
Does anyone recall the ORIGINAL Marcella's? It was across 139th st from this one - a small, old-time Italian place. Her portrait on the wall. There was a Puritan Dairy and a drug store on either side.
And does anyone recall the uproar about the tree hohuse in her yard? Evidently too large according to code!
I graduated from NM in 1967 and lived up the street from Marcella's. What a wonderful time and place!
Guest 25-Jul-2009 22:45
What great memories of great pizza and the best garlic rolls ever!! Graduated '73 from Norland High. Ate at both of the restaurants on Dixie and near Norland. Remember the delivery cars coming to the house for the first time. Blew our minds! My brother graduated Norland in '69. He played little league baseball somewhere near Marcella's restaurant. Can't remember the field, however, Marcella was the sponsor for his team. Every time they won a game, the entire team got free pizza, rolls and soda at her restaurant. They ended up winning every game one year, and we stuffed ourselves crazy every time. He still has his little league shirts and they have pizza stains on them.!! She was a wonderful woman, who knew how to run a great place!
Guest 29-May-2009 19:02
My folks moved to N. Miami in 1951 and opened the "Gateway Italian Delicatesen" on 126th & N.E. 6th Avenue. My parents made fresh sausage & pizza among other things. Marcella became a friend of my folks and then purchased most of the sausage for her first restaraunt from Gateway. My brother graduated from NMSH in 1957 and than me in 1961. This phots brings back some great memories. Thanks for posting ot!. Al Inglima
Anie McCool 24-May-2009 12:45
Went to NMSH youngest of 6. I bake bread and can't duplicate those rolls. Mario taught me how to make Lasagna when I was about 10 in my moms kitchen. That was forty one years ago and people still say I have the best Sauce / Lasagna on earth. I miss that paradise, I grew up in that no longer exist also! The mailman drove the same three wheeled vehicle.
Guest 30-Apr-2009 18:49
I graduated from NM Sr. in 80'..... lived in NM from 73' till 89'. I can't believe SO MANY people remember the garlic rolls, I'm glad I'm not the only one!
Bob Sara 10-Apr-2009 19:57
Hello Bob. I thought that was you. I didn't know you grew up in North Miami. Contact me at By the way, I attended classes with your Mom at MDJC after we left Pace.
bob ungaro 08-Apr-2009 12:15
yep thats me Bob How've you been!
DaveD 05-Apr-2009 20:25
good pizza, used to skip class at NM and have an afternoon snack before the beach
Bob Sara 02-Apr-2009 16:35
Bob...Did you happen to attend Msgr Pace HS in the late 60's?
Bob Ungaro 15-Mar-2009 14:20
I lived in Nm from 54-05, worked for the city 82-04, the last 16 yearss as a code enforcement officer. The picture brought back many memories, I had forgotten about the old delivery trucks. The roof of the house in the background was my buddy Dan Kellys early childhood house. The propert has been a window treatment store for several years now.
If the Marty's that was refered to was the one at 143 & dixie it has been a funeral home for over ten years.
The Pl # stood for plaza..ours was the wi..for wilson.
The old United Food store ( Mert and Gert were two of the cashiers) still operates as a grocery..Wrights 5&10 was later changed to Jeans and me and my sister bought our penny candy there often. Franks Barber shop anchored the north end of the strip. The Shady Oaks bar was just south of United and my grandfather used to sneak me in for a beer. (now a laundry mat)
Lassatter plumbing was still in business while I worked for the city.
Unfortunately Mark has a point, grew up on 145th near 9th, was living on 147th and 10th when I left. A 14yo old was shot in the head in front of the elementary school bout 3 years before I left (cross fire from drug gangs) and an 18 year old pregnant girl shot by 5 guys couple years later at 146 an 14th for testifying a year earlier.
go back to visit every couple of months and its not a pretty sight.

was a great place to grow up.
Mark Fagan 09-Feb-2009 16:37
I too graduated from NMSH in 1970. My mom worked at Marcellas on 183rd St. I worked there also as a busboy. I learned how to make the rolls and still do. The secret is fresh parsley and garlic. My mom helped Marcellas brother, Mario, open the Hollywood store on 441. Mario and his brother Leo and thier mother ran 183rd St. they are all gone now. Marcella had been living in South Florida.
WFW28-Jan-2009 01:49
WOW y'all!!!!! WFW here in Ol' Na$hVega$, originally (born in) from Miami Beach, thrown out of Frog Pond-ville (North Miami), & Norland ("Home of the Vikings"), I graduated NMB in the 1st class, 1973. I *truly* tripped-out several daze/days ago reeling in the years of my youth checking out the fotos & posts germane to 163rd Street Shopping Center; it made me think of home "back in the day", so I Googled Marcella's 2nite ...... & here I am.
The W Dixie Hywy Marcella's was always my favourite, yet since we lived closer to the 7th Avenue & 183rd street location (just west of the Royal Castle, & across Gardens Drive from Jack's Handyman Hardware Center), that's where my late parents would order delivery. Marty's was another gr8 Italian restaurant, on the opposite/north side of Dixie Highway, closer to Biscayne Blvd, as I recall ..... .
Ahhhhh, those olive oil / garlic / oregano / salt slathered rolls ..... that would 'bout completely oilify the glassine-like bags they came in. And although I'm basically vegetarian now, I can still remember the taste of that one-of-a-kind Marcella's pepperoni pie ..... my O my ..... .
The Marcella's-mobiles I remember best where the li'l white VW squarebacks w/the ovens on board.
Who remembers what the "PL" telephone exchange name was (I do)?????

"Those Were The Days, My Friends" (Melanie Safka),

Guest 07-Jan-2009 18:22
by the way, there is a Marcellas in Pembroke Pines....not the same. However, the owner of the one on Miami Gardens Drive back in the day currently has a place in Delray called Papa Guissepi and I think they make the same rolls I was reading reviews of a Marcellas in a small town called Citra, near Ocala I think, and one of the reviewers said they are the same pizza and rolls he used to get in Miami....thats worth a 5 hour drive to find out. So there is a glimmer of hope.
Rick 06-Jan-2009 13:43
We lived in Miami in the 60's-70's and Marcellas from the location on 183rd st. used white Volkswagons to deliver. Always thrilling for us kids to look out the window and spotting the VW pull up.
Larry S 08-Nov-2008 15:57
The rolls were the best I should have graduated as a Pioneer but moved in 1969, but moved. My father sold her her delivery vans in the 60's. We have been trying to recreate the ro;;s...getting close but not there yet
Randy 26-Oct-2008 07:34
"Mark, was that necessary? "

Guest- don't go hard on Mark. I feel the same way. We all have lost a slice of heaven due to the changes in S. Fl. Why, my grandfather's grave markers have been stolen out of the cemetary so many times... And yes, I can't feel safe in many places of my childhood-just the way it is.

Now, as far as Marcella's, we used to eat there a lot or just take out a pizza. Wonderful owners, great food, miss it so much.
Mike Walker 22-Aug-2008 00:08
Graduated from NMHS in 1969 but moved away for college and am now a California. I've traveled all over the world and have NEVER found garlic rolls or bread that even came close to the HEAVENLY rolls at Marcella's. For years I've been able to congur up the smell and sight but NEVER the taste. Recently, however, my borther (Bob Walker) and 'lil sister (also with a post) got together and googled up a recipe from the web...and by God we came pretty close to duplicating the great garlic rolls. Try it, not hard and brings back such great memories!!!!
Li'l Sister 18-Aug-2008 12:37
Many great memories! We loved the restaurant and we loved those trucks arriving with fresh, hot pizza and garlic rolls. I saved one of the classic, cartoon menus! Jeff Levine - Thank's for posting such a wonderful, nostalgic photo!!
Bob Walker 18-Aug-2008 01:57
I used to work at Marcella's in 1969 as a bus boy and moved up to kitchen help. I used to make the garlic rolls and antipasta. Tried my hand at flipping pizza but could not get the hang of it. Since the kitchen was open and people could watch us make the pizza, Marcella did not want to give a rookie to much exposure. Great place to work. Best pizza and garlic rolls ever.
Lee Martines 14-Jun-2008 00:31
I agree that Marcella's garlic rolls were the best ever. I believe she moved to Washington state to live with with her daughter, but has since passed away.
Richard 15-Mar-2008 07:11
I went to North Miami High (graduated in 1964) and used to go to Marcella's almost every day for lunch with friends. During our 45 minutes of freedom we could smoke, eat pizza and garlic rolls (which were the best made anywhere) and we must have smelled awful for the rest of the school day. Marcella was usually there at night and greeted people loudly at the door. It was a terrific place with excellent food.
John Lasseter14-Mar-2008 10:59
My dad did the plumbing work when they opened.
Joe 08-Mar-2008 15:24
My grandmother took us there all the time. One time she was backing out of the driveway which was on a sloap in her 65 Rambler and the car died in the middle of Dixie Hwy. Marcella got in her car to push us while her cook was trying to get Grandmas rambler in the right gear so it would start!
Jo-Anne K 31-Jan-2008 14:13
Marcella actually taught me how to eat spagetti in this restaurant. She was always in the kitchen back then.
Guest 20-Jan-2008 05:53
Mark, was that necessary?
Mark 19-Jan-2008 00:07
when I was at N. Miami high, we would eat at Marcella's every day. In 1960, Miss Universe stopped in for pizza one night after she won the pageant. Great growing up in North Miami, my hangouts were United Food and Wrights 5&10 on 6th ave. Got married at Holy Cross Lutheran. Now I would'nt go there with the Marines as back-ups. What a mess south florida has become. But great memories,go PIONEERS,class of 70.
B. Brennan 10-Jan-2008 20:59
Had many a pizza there. Best garlicv rollsw I have ever had anywhere in the country.
Guest 13-Oct-2007 22:19
I remember when the City of Miami police used Cushmans in the 70s, but they were more tricycle-like, the back trunk was waist-high.
Guest 03-Oct-2007 15:10
I love these little "Cushman" pizza delivery wagons!!! I think it was Marcella's that started using small English Ford and Ford Cortina delivery trucks later in the 1960's. Does anyone remember? This is real important to a man-o-carz.