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1965 Unknown source - not mine

1965 - the Dixie Drive-In Theatre at 14601 S. Dixie Highway (US 1), Miami

14601 S. Dixie Highway (US 1), Dade County, Florida

The view is looking east across US 1. These images should be popular with the kids from the SW section of Dade County. They make one wonder how many youngsters fell in love, not to mention lust, at this fine establishment and ended up getting married?

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Guest 29-Nov-2023 12:11
I was stationed at Homestead AFB and worked part time at the Dixie drive in probably 1966-1967
Guest 13-Mar-2017 19:18
I went to South Miami Heights Elementary 1965-1971 and went to the Dixie Drive In every week. Actually my mother and I (father in Vietnam) would go to a different Drive In EVERY night (Breeze Way- Homestead, Dixie, Tropicaire, Coral Way, Lejeune, North Dade and Golden Glades (last w in North Miami Bch).
When mom and I would go to the Dixie on our way we'd stop at Flynn's Dixie Rib and by 2lbs of ribs and then by mini pizzas and soda from the theater. We also used to like the little unpopped kernels of popcorn that would get thrown away at the end of the night.
We got so popular that as soon as we bought our ticket, the box office would call ahead and say Lynn and Selim are here. By the time we got to the snack bar they had the kernels in a container for us.
Karon 11-Apr-2016 22:19
The address of Kings Highway & Old Dixie was the drive in theater in Homestead. It was located where the Dixie Center is now. Maybe that is why there is some confusion with the name.
Don Boyd18-Aug-2015 06:49
Guest, I have corrected the highway name. I copied the address from the caption on the photo and I should have known better. Thank you for pointing that out.

Guest 17-Aug-2015 17:05
Never ever heard US 1 called Federal Highway anywhere in Dade (Broward, yes, but not Dade). In particular, around there it was always South Dixie (or just Dixie), and as far as I know, that's still true. The Dixie drive-in closed right around the time I left the neighborhood and moved to Broward, but I hadn't been there in forever before that.
Guest 04-Jul-2015 20:14
At age 6 I saw the movie Rodan at that drivein...scared me to death...that was live in tampa...what memories I hAve of living in south miami heights...also went thru hurricane donna while living there...moved away in 1965.
kimberly 24-Aug-2014 18:26
Thank you for all of the memories of my grandfather, Bill Flynn, and Flynn's Dixie Ribs. Granddaddy extolling my grandmothers famous key lime pies and the VOTE for FLYNN campaign for State House, taking me to the Pony Rides an Bird, and then to Farm Stores to pick up the evening edition of the Herald and Peppermint Ice Cream--and so much more. :)
Fran 13-Mar-2014 15:03
In the late 1950's, thereabout, the Dixie Drive In had a special on Wednesdays....approx. $5.00 for all that could pile into one vehicle. We'd pile into a pickup from Miami Beach and come south to enjoy the double features.
Smithers 25-Feb-2014 05:56
My mother and father lived in the apartment behind or below the screen, if that makes any sense, in the mid 50's. Apparently mom could work the concession stand to make extra money. Dad was in Coast Guard.
Cheryl 09-May-2013 00:41
I went to the Dixie Drive-In with some friends to see lots of movies but I remember seeing American Graffiti. It was awesome to see 2 movies with an intermission between for cheaper than the price of the walk-in theater. I don't really go to the movies much anymore. Drive-In's were awesome.
seventiesgrl104-May-2013 12:05
My dad worked there and according to some old documents from 1954-56 was manager.. my parents lived in house behind the theatre.. not uncommon in those days for manager to live on property wish I had more pictures.
John 05-Feb-2013 03:46
My first job was at the Suniland Publix, but when they built the one at this site I transfered. I remember drinking underage with coworkers at the Circus Lounge next door at the motel. I think it was a Quality Inn.
Tawnie 09-May-2012 20:59
I used to work at the Dixie Drive-In Theater during the '63-'65 time period. I also worked at the Tropicaire Drive-In on Bird Road. Both were owned by D. Keith McComas. My mother was his bookkeeper and my dad worked a second job at the Tropicaire taking tickets. Keith was my brother's Godparent. Someone mentioned "Goldfinger" - we were so busy during intermission between that movie and a second film that I flipped a 450 degree pizza ooh to the palm of my hand. Thanks to a wonderful customer's advice I avoided any scaring or real pain! But I'll never forget the incident from 1964 (1965?). I moved on in life but was very saddened to hear of the demise of both theaters. It kills me to pay for movie theaters now! I truly was spoiled getting into those theaters for free for most of my adolescent and teen years. Good memories from so many years ago.
Guest 17-Oct-2011 17:31
I used to live in an apartment complex next door (left of the screen in this picture) that faced the parking area the mid-1970's. I saw Jaws there.

Someone showed us that there was building in the back that used to serve people of color only. It wasn't in open anymore in the 1970's.

It was a jaw dropping moment for me as I was born and raised in New York (New York City and Long Island) and I had never seen anything like that before (in person).

I remember the people who worked there were very nice.
Guest 17-Oct-2011 17:30
I used to live in an apartment complex next door (left of the screen in this picture) that faced the parking area in the mid-1970's. I saw Jaws there.

Someone showed us that there was building in the back that used to serve people of color only. It wasn't in open anymore in the 1970's.

It was a jaw dropping moment for me as I was born and raised in New York (New York City and Long Island) and I had never seen anything like that before (in person).

I remember the people who worked there were very nice.
Guest 15-Mar-2011 19:25
To Robert...the drive-in theater down in Homestead was called The Breezeway.

Beginning in August of 1965, I lived about 10 houses south of Coral Reef Drive, 'bout halfway between U.S.1 and Old Cutler Rd. We ate at Flynn's Dixie Ribs almost every weekend, because the food was great and it was only a two-minute drive to get there. It took 15 minutes to drive north on U.S.1 to Shorty's. Flynn's had a dish filled with after dinner mints alongside the cash register, and I would always try to get away with grabbing a big handful on the way out. I'd quickly hide them in my pants pocket, but my parents knew what I was up to, and I got in trouble quite a few times for doing that! If I recall correctly, for a while Bill Flynn lived in a small house right behind the restaurant. I think he also might have had a brief career as a local politician, although I can't remember what office he held. Or maybe he ran for office but never got elected. But I definitely do remember signs all over the Coral Reef and Perrine area that said Vote For Flynn. Actually, back in those days, the Coral Reef area was called Rockdale. Back then the Dade County Public Safety Dept. helicopter (they later renamed it the Dade Co. Police Dept.) used to land behind the Farm Stores drive-thru store, which was (and might still be) located on the south side of Coral Reef Drive not even 200 feet from U.S.1. There was an empty lot directly behind Farm Stores with ample room for their helicopter. The pilot and his assistant would then walk the short distance to Flynn's for dinner. I used to love driving through Farm Stores with my mom to get milk so I could look out the car window at that neat-o helicopter. When me and the kids in my neighborhood were outside playing and we saw them land, we would ride our bikes down to Flynn's and wait for them to come out of the restaurant so we could watch the helicopter take off. On the weekends when we were allowed to stay out later (probably 10 or 11 P.M.), once it was dark we would ride our bikes to the Dixie Drive-In and hide in the back among the Australian pines to watch the movie. I remember in '65 or '66 my Dad took the whole family to the Dixie in our '57 Chevy Bel Air station wagon. We saw Goldfinger. That was the first James Bond movie I ever saw. Man o man, I sure do miss those good old days. :-)
Linda Trett Wilson 14-Mar-2011 20:26
Bill Flynn, owner of Flynns' Dixie Ribs (in the 60's) was my uncle. He was married to my Dad's sister. The food was great, especially the Key Lime Pie.
bill flynn 27-Sep-2010 00:13
If you want more info on Bill Flynn contact me. My email is I am the oldest grandson. I was in Miami in the early 60's. I now live in North Carolina!
Would like to hear from Tim and Crystal Flynn!
Guest 18-Sep-2010 00:21
Guest 18-Sep-2010 00:15
Guest 17-Sep-2010 20:40
I never new my grandfather Bill Flynn but i hear the food was great I am also grandson Tim Flynn
Guest 02-Sep-2010 02:20
Dixie Drive In had STAR WARS first run when it came out. First one as I worked there and worked my butt off.
Rod Gupton 14-Apr-2010 22:31
I remember Bill Flynn, we were buddies in school (Biscayne Gardens & TJ) drop me a line if you read this. Rod Gupton
Bill Flynn 06-Apr-2010 01:29
These folks are right ! My grandfather had the rest. my name is Bill Flynn also I am his grandson! I now live in North Carolina! Greta memories!
Alida 18-Feb-2010 20:37
I used to work at Dixie Drive=In and Royal Castle on Coral reef Drive. Also play pool at the pool hall in the Coral reef shopping center. How that shopping center has changed. used to be Winn Dixie, a health food store and Gray Drugs. The good old days.
Michael 07-Apr-2009 11:42
Just listening to Lee Sherwood's "Sherwood's Forest" on a CD of WQAM from 1964. There's Bill Flynn extolling the virtue of his Flrida keylime pie - the best there is!
robert 15-Jun-2008 02:28
I remember this drive in very well, was probably 8 or 9 years of age, I went there
several times with parents of course, I do remember seeing logans run at that drive in, its now a shopping center with a publix, I beleave some of the tall pine trees are still standing even after hurricane andrew of 1992, I liveed in the south dade homestead area, just a half mile north of south dade high school, and yes there was also a drive in theater down there, located on the corners of sw 304 st.. aka, kings highway & Old dixie hwy and bordering the corner of sw 167 ave aka tennisee rd and old dixie hwy, theres now a shopping center there now too they didn't save the pine trees there either,. but I now live in north florida now near the ocala fl area, they still have a drive in theater here in operation on US hwy 27 aka 441 just south of ocala city limits.
Mercedes 1965 15-Feb-2008 18:24
My first kiss, back in 1967, don't even remember the movie. So caught up in the moment!!! Lived in Colonial Dr & 107th Ct until 1978. My sister inaugurated Colonial Dr Elementary. The BEST TIME OF MY LIFE!!!! Thanks for these beautiful pictures
Warren Lawler 09-Feb-2008 20:07
I lived just down the street from this place and actually saw Star Wars there in 1976 or 77 with my then girlfriend, now ex wife.. Can you IMAGINE seeing Starwars at a Drive In!!!!!
Tony C. 05-Feb-2008 23:01
I remember this place. If memory serves correct they played "The Exorcist" there one night in 1975 or so. I believe this was owned by Bill Flynn, who also owned "Flynn's Dixie Ribs" at the corner of S.W. 152 Street and US 1, where the Taco Bell is now. He later was a client of mine. I'm sure unfortunately he is gone now.
Rob 05-Feb-2008 20:35
In the late sixties, we used to sneak a few folks in to the Dixie Drive-In hidden in the trunk of the car, or sneak over the back fence and hang out near the concession stand. In the early sixties, we were in the back of the station wagon in PJs. After the cartoons, we often fell asleep during the movie.

In the end, some of the movies were R-Rated teasers, like "Naked Under Leather." I paid good money to see that film in hopes of seeing a naked girl, but only got leather.
Curt 25-Jan-2008 04:14
I used to be able to see the screen from my bedroom window. I would sit up late at night making up the dialog to the movies that were showing there. When they tore this down, it bacame a Publix grocery store.
Guest 08-Jan-2008 23:24
Was this the drive in that was a drive in church on Sunday. I remember the sign that said "Come as you are,worship in your car". I guess to catch people on the way to the beach in their bathing suits. They used to come by each car with the collection basket. I'm not sure this is the same drive in,but it was in south dade somewhere?
jaci` 07-Jan-2008 00:46
i remember going to the dixie drive in when we were kids, we were dressed in our jammies,, and then i remember going there with a date... i dont remember what yr it was they closed it down but i remember we had to go to bird road drive in until they turned that into a swap meet!! sad ;(
Ray 17-Oct-2007 03:00
I remember a yellow road sign, on South Bound US1, "Caution, Drive-In Theater". Was never really sure what we were supposed to do.

I can't remember the movie names, but I do remember seeing some here. Other memories in this area: Dixie Belle Inn restaurant and a fish store that included outdoor tanks.

I'm tempted to ask Mark about his quarter inch problem... but I'll pass ;)
Guest 16-Sep-2007 03:55
I came within a quarter inch of getting laid the first time at the Dixie Drive in. The movie was, if memory serves, "The Liberation of LB Jones."

Later, at the Tropicaire, everything worked out - or in.
- Mark Lincoln
Cheryl 16-Aug-2007 12:49
I remember going to this drive-in around 1965. My dad put little lawn chairs in the back of the station wagon. Me and my sister would watch the movies from the back of the car. I remember the way the US1 was made of "big squares", not asphalt.
Guest 09-Aug-2007 15:59
I saw my first Drive-In movie here. It was "Flower Drum Song"around '63 or '64.