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1963 - the Carousel Lounge and Restaurant (later Trader John's) at 12001 NW 27 Avenue, Dade County

12001 NW 27 Avenue, Dade County

I don't know if this was a girlie place back in 1963 because I was too young. It was named Trader John's in the early 1970s when I saw the beautiful porn film star Marilyn Chambers dance there. Marilyn Chambers passed away on April 12, 2009 in Santa Clarita at the age of 56.

It is now called Club Rollies or something similar.

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Randall C Mumper 20-Aug-2020 15:50
1968/69 ~ Birdmen and Sweet Daddy and his band those years. He did "I do Love you." so well. Birdmen did "You Made Me So Very Happy" very nicely.
Guest 29-Apr-2020 00:45
Yes, I used to go to TraderJohns seven nights a week from 1968 to 69 with my fake ID and my purple mini dress....all 103 pounds of me. Bobbie and the Birdmen were the house band. Crazy times. I used to dance with Spider Lucas who looked like a young Zorro. Those were the days. Many big name band people used to dance there. Loved it. Sandy
Guest 01-Mar-2020 02:02
i was a child and lived down the block. i would wake up early on saturday and sunday mornings and go scour the parking lot to find all sorts of goodies. my neighbor flory from across the street would give me a nickel for every 2 glasses that i would bring her. i would find all sorts of things money, jewelry, glasses and anything else that spilled out of pockets and purses that made it to the floor. one time i found a bag of marijuana and stuck it in my pocket because it looked like something that someone dropped. i continued my searching and finally would go up to the 7-11 to buy candy. on this particular day when i went to the counter to pay, i pull the bag of weed out and put it up on the counter to make room so i could reach for my coins. the clerk quickly saw it and proceeded to give me a reprimand. he took me outside to the drain and dumped it down and went on about how i shouldn't have this bla bla bla. dude i was clueless, look at me i'm 7 years old. one time i found a guy in a volkswagon bug that did not move the entire time i was there. i knocked on the window and got no response. something in my gut was telling me that something ain't rite here. i went and got my friends older sister and she thought the guy was dead. she called the rescue who came out and pulled him out of the car. i was rite up in the middle of it. i remember seeing a needle stuck in the back of his knee behind the leg just dangling as they removed him from the car. i overheard the paramedics say that he had overdosed. there was a cleaning service guy named toby and son who would clean up the place after every party nite. he would let me in and i would pour myself sodas and play on the drum kit up on stage. we would grab the soda syrup mix containers that they threw out in the chicken wire bin out back, there was always just a lil left in there and would mix it with water and have unfizzed soda. i lit the boxes on fire one time and the firemen had to come out to put the fire out. i'm guessing i am clear of any charges at this point due to statutes of limitation. one time a car was parked outside and i crawled into it and was just rummaging around when the door suddenly opened, a man told me to get out. i assume it was the owner who's nane is mentioned below in a comment. i had been trying to remember the name of the club for many years and no one that i knew or asked could remember. i put up a post today on miami then and now on facebook and finally got the name trader john's. i enjoyed reading some of these posts and thought i would add my two cents in from a childs perspective.
Geoff 07-Apr-2016 11:37
I spent nearly every night during 1966 at Trader John's, while living in Opa-Locka and learning to fly at Opa-Locka airport. Yes, the Birdwatchers were the house band and I still have a copy of their 45 "Girl I've got news for you". I remember clearly, the bouncer at the door, his name was "Killer". I was 19 that year with my older brothers expired NJ drivers license...but it worked! Oh, and as for the flying lessons...had a 38 year career flying for a major airline.
Carolyn 19-Aug-2015 15:24
I worked as a cocktail waitress at Trader John's, during 1969. I was working there when they hae the fontest to change the name to the Climaz
Jeff 06-Dec-2013 06:50
After the days of The Climax were over, the location became an R&B club called Club Rollexx, if memory serves me right.

The Birdwatchers had a big local hit with "Girl, I've Got News for You" and were originally recorded by Henry Stone on one of his pre-TK labels of the 1960s. The group was eventually signed to Amy Records, a division of Bell Records (now Arista).
Kathy 29-May-2011 15:44
The Climax? sounds vaguely familiar. Can you ring some bells? I graduated from Miami-Dade Jr in 1968.
Don Boyd21-Mar-2011 06:00
Thank you for the information, Richard!

Guest 21-Mar-2011 03:58
correction, the club was purchased by "stuart goldman" and family, early '60's.
richard 21-Mar-2011 03:54
first it was called the "carousel", in the begi9nning, there were two basrs in the same building, the second bar was locted in the north section. a miami motorcycle officer "john eckberg" bought it and made it "trader johns" and combined the two. later the club was purchased by "stuart perlman" and family.
the "birdwatchers" were the regular house band, johnny maestro, sam and dave, sam early, any many more played there regularly during my tenure circa 1964-67?
Guest 28-Jun-2010 23:10
Dino again,almost forgot playing at the climax was Eddie and the birdwatchers,and Sam Early and the Sweet Potatoes,a local black band who played both athe climax and Trader Johns for years and years,one cocktail watress there was named Brandy.Ring any bells?
Paul 16-Feb-2008 10:10
at one point, my friend Bob Cook's parents owned the Carousel restaurant. Bob and I are from the MHS class of 63
Arizona Al 12-Dec-2007 19:09
I attended Miami Dade Jr. College 1967-1969.Trader John's was almost directly across the street from the campus on N.W. 27 Ave. I recall frequenting Trader John's during this time period. There was a rock band on the weekends and the cocktail waitresses wore spandex leotards and fishnet stockings.
R L Ward 06-Dec-2007 19:40
In the mid and late 60's this was known as Trader John's