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Robert M. Kelley

Daisy May Bar-B-Que on Tamiami Trail

SW 8th Street and 65th Avenue, Miami, Florida view map

Photo courtesy of Gary Licko. Jeff Levine advises that this photo was taken by Robert M. Kelley of Kelley Photography.

Located on Tamiami Trail (SW 8th Street) near 65th Avenue. A&J Lawnmower is still there.

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Leighton 27-Apr-2020 07:31
The current building IS closer to 8th, than the Dixie back then, but I doubt that 8th was five lanes in the old pic - likely just two.
Leighton 27-Apr-2020 07:27
In regards to 831 SW 65th, the current Google shots show windows which are most certainly original, and do not match those in the old pic. The current overhead shot shows the back door in the MIDDLE of the rear, and that is not the case with the old shot.

Also, while I realize that the perspective of the older shot could be off, the visible house appears to be adjacent to the parking lot. There is a house between 831, and the restaurant lot (its address is 819). And it is not the house in the old pic. The age of this "middle" home is 1964. It could have replaced the home seen in the vintage shot. I dunno.
Sergio Romero 02-Oct-2019 15:03
I looked in Google street view and the house is 831 SW 65 Ave. for sure. The overhead view shows a small the overhanging roof that leads to the back door of the house. The corner previously occupied by Daisy May is now a seafood restaurant called Covadonga at least I think its still there. Sergio R.
lmartin22-Sep-2017 19:42
Charlies Auto Glass moved to the old Western Trail Auto store. Not sure when that happened but I think the WTA was east of this around 62nd before they moved. So that Art Deco style has been there a while.
Leighton 10-Apr-2017 03:20
Is this a definite location address ? I don't see any remnants of A&J today. The house currently on 9th is too far away to be the one in the photo, and they don't match in size. The house would have gotten smaller? I think we're seeing the back of a house (back door, with kitchen/bathroom windows being smaller), and it might have been torn down. The current restaurant there looks to be a refitting of an older building, but not Daisy May. The A&J building's space is now a paint & body shop, fairly recently built, it appears.

If somebody can attest this is indeed the exact spot, I'm interested. People here lived there. (I spent the late 60s/early 70s on 63rd and Flagler, but as a kid, wouldn't have gone there.) I have Google Streetviewed in both directions, quite a distance, and don't see anything else that works.

Obviously Charlies Auto glass isn't even remotely correct - that building is older than Daisy May was - somewhat Post Modern in style.
lmartin30-Aug-2016 23:39
Pine Tree was a great place in the 70's when you could not get into the Ludway. They had pool tables ( seems everyone did then) and good company.
Chilidogdave03-Oct-2014 23:24
I ate lunch on this corner today at a place called Sarussi's. Big sandwich used to be cheap. $12 now. Does anyone remember the Pine Tree Bar right is this vicinity. I lived around here early 70's Thru the 80's and don't remember Daisy May's but I do remember Uncle Toms two mile east. It was good BBQ. I went to school with one of the Efantis Girls and was good friends with her. Lost touch thru the years but always was treated like family at Uncle Toms
Jeff 27-Nov-2013 06:48
Tommy or Jimmy once told me that the secret to their sauce was the use of molasses!

When the late photographer Bob Kelley and I once visited Johnny and Chickie at their home, it was so sad to see how crippled Chickie's hands had become from acute arthritis. Hard to believe those same hands balanced many a tray as a car hop in the 50s...
Eddy 29-Aug-2012 21:49
definitely 65 ave. I'am the postman for that area of West Miami been there since 94. The house in the background is 6486 s w 9st an the one further back looks like 6477 s w 10st. To comments posted by Michael Tandlich, any relation to Saul an Ruth. I was their postman til house was sold. Sorely missed good. people
Larry 16-Oct-2010 01:24
Daisy May, you are correct was at 65th and the Trail.. The B B Q at 67th. ( Ludlam) and 8st. was the Bar B Q Heaven, in front of the trailer park where the Winn-Dixie shopping Center is today. Charlies Glass was originally a Western Auto. Also the Ball and Cue was on 8th. Street around I believe 31st. Ave. The pool hall on the Trail at 61St. was originally called Willie Masconi's. There was another on the South side of the trail about 58th. Ave but i do not remember the name. i visited them all in my day. love the site
Jim Welborn 23-Dec-2008 01:56
Speaking of Uncle Tom's, it has changed a lot since Johnny and Chickie left. We have eaten there since the early 50's and still do on visits back to Miami. Johnny and Chickie became good friends over the years. They attended my son's wedding and we visited them for some great Greek cuisine for New Years parties. I also remember when a car parked in the lot slammed thru the west side of the building injuring or killing a car hop. I can't remember which. I can still taste their BBQ sauce. It has ruined me for life as I can not find any that comes anywhere near as good!!!!
guest 10-Dec-2008 13:26
Jeff, Johnny Efantis is my great uncle - as was Tommy Fantis (he passed away in 1993). Uncle Tom's BBQ was the best! Sadly, my relatives no longer own the restaurant and I have heard that it has gone down hill.
Don Boyd28-Jul-2008 20:38
Good point on the stop sign/traffic light. I've changed it to SW 65th Avenue and Geo-tagged it there also. It looks right to me. Don
lmartin28-Jul-2008 19:17
That is a good question about location. If this was 67th and 8th I would think there would be a traffic light at the intersection. On the far right of the picture is a stop sign which would not be needed if there was a light. Perhaps this is 65th and 8th instead.
Larry Martin
Dawn 25-Jul-2008 03:06
This must be an image from the 50's at least if this is the SW corner of the Trail and 67th. The lawnmower repair has been ACE for quite some time. Charlie's Auto Glass used to be a Western Auto Supply back when I was a tyke and I'm in my 50's now.
michael tandlich 16-Jul-2008 04:40
is everyone sure of this place. on 65 ave and 8 street was a place that looked just like this. it was the SILVER DOLLAR. it was like a barbq place with screen door and long wooden tables. i lived on 65 ave and 13 street from 50-72.
lmartin10-Mar-2008 21:31
Yes "Ball and Que".
Thanks, Larry
Guest 20-Jan-2008 21:54
I believe that was the "Ball and Cue", where I frequently ran into Pete while shooting pool with some of the other Titans. Bill Smith '64
lmartin11-Jan-2008 23:45
It seemed that every place had a pinball machine in the back. One of the best were pool halls on 8th St. and about 60th. (Mr. Q?) and on Coral Way just east of 67th (Don Q). Even drug stores had them.
Larry Martin
Peter Adamack 29-Dec-2007 11:54
Wow ... does this photo ever evoke a return to the 1950's. As with other boys growing up in Miami in the 50's,60's, a Miami Herald paper route was my only source of income. This restaurant had a 5-cent pinball machine in the back on which I learned how to shake it just enough to avoid a tilt ... well, sometimes anyhow. After completing paper delivery, we would play a dollar or so in the pinball, and then head across 8th St and a couple of blocks west to Breeding's Drug for Saturday morning breakfast. Finishing a breakfast that cost less than a buck (for about everything on the menu) was quite the accomplishment.
richard 26-Dec-2007 01:09
wow....this is Charlies Auto Glass? wow...i live very close to this area right now...this would be intersection of Tamiami Trail (SW 8st) and 67th Ave. ooops, sorry, didn't notice the heading under the picture...i've pretty much repeated what it said. That lawnmower shop IS still there...amazing!
Guest 29-Oct-2007 01:37
I thought this was Uncle Toms at first glance it is even shaped like U.T.'s.Ieat there every time i go back to miami.Ileft there in 98 .moved to gainesvile, it is like miami in the 60's.wish i could back in time and see it all again. Rick- miami high class of 66 .GO STINGS.
Guest 07-Aug-2007 20:25
Daisy May Bar-B-Que is now charlies auto glass:
Jeff 16-Jul-2007 03:06
--er-- that would be "historian" Seth Bramson... sorry for the typo!
Jeff 16-Jul-2007 03:05
Johnny Efantis, brother of Tommy Efantis (owner of Uncle Tom's Bar-B-Q) worked here for a spell. The photo was taken by Robert M. Kelley (now retired) and was part of my image collection - acquired by hisorian Seth Branson about ten years ago.