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Don Boyd | all galleries >> Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries - largest non-Facebook collection on the internet >> Miami Area RESTAURANTS, Drive-Ins, Bars, Lounges, Liquor Stores, Clubs, Strip Joints, etc. Gallery - All Years - click to view > 1956 - Junior's Restaurant and the Seville Hotel on Miami Beach
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1956 Courtesy of Stan Meade

1956 - Junior's Restaurant and the Seville Hotel on Miami Beach

2800 block of Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida view map

Thank you to Stan Meade for contributing this great old image and Jeff Levine for identifying the photographer as Ernie W. Skog.

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Terry Wotzka 25-Feb-2019 19:07
Trying to figure out if my uncle, Walter Wotzka worked here in the 50's. I think he moved from this restaurant to a Junior's in West Palm. They called him "Mr.Wally". Anyone recall?
Gil Berg 09-Sep-2017 17:36
I grew up on MB from1942-1971...Time out for Army , and living in MA.
Sam Schwartz owned Wolfies#1. He owned 100
Per cent. But gave m dad 5%. After 20+ yrs.
He loaned my dad money for me to go to Riverside Military Acad..
I had GGilbert Egg Co on re Beach for many yrs
Karen Parlak 06-Nov-2016 20:22
Does anyone remember Arthur Horowitz's brother Herbert E Horowitz? I have been trying to tracksome ancestry to him.. Karen Parlak
Don Boyd07-Dec-2013 16:01
Cathy, thank you for your comments and for taking the time to write in with your memories of Junior's.

Cathy 07-Dec-2013 10:58
When my Mom and I went to Miami Beach in the 60's, "Juniors" was where we ate dinner evenings....we walked ther from our hotel a block away.
It was ALWAYS so clean and the staff like family.
They had an early bird special, sliced steak, about 4-5 pieses, potato and vegetable.
The apple pie had a filling and crust of it's very own...have never had another like it...and have tried to find the recipe.
The only Juniors I see now is in Brooklyn New York....wonder if they are from the same family.
Great site. Thanks so much for taking the time to share.
God Bless and Be Safe.
Jeff 27-Nov-2013 06:59
Arthur Maisel's Restaurant was a New York-based operation that opened in the 79th Street Shopping Plaza and in Sunny Isles on Collins Avenue in the 1950s. Junior's purchased those locations, hence the "connection".

I beg to differ about Junior's becoming Sambo's on Miami Beach. I used to eat at Sambo's, and it was just about a block North on Collins... in fact I recall it being on the next corner, and it was a location with the entrance facing South. You entered on the SE corner of the building, and the lunch counter ran East and West.
Arthur Marcus 14-Mar-2013 15:06
Juniors was superb. Really overtook Wolfie's -magnificently operated. Arthur Howrowitz was there every day. Wolfie Cohen opened Rascal House at Collins and 172nd Street which was excellent. It closed in 2008. Have no idea why. Wolfie-wonderful man that he was was had passed on before that.
Ron Dvorak 20-May-2012 22:33
Maisel's was to become Junior's 183rd Street store. I ate there with my dad when he managed it. I remember the glass.......
Ron Dvorak 20-May-2012 22:23
My dad, Frank Dvorak, was the manager at this Juniors as well as 79th Street and later Coral Gables (across from UM) I worked as a "Fountain Jerk" at Coral Gables when I was in High School (Miami Springs 1972) and drove the delivery truck for the bakery. It was located at 79th Street, but baked everything for all of the Juniors. There was also one in West Palm Beach. The Juniors chain, in these days, was owned by Mack Schwartz and Arthor Howoritz. Bought by Long Champs, of New York, (It seemed like early 70's) my dad "Mr. Frank" openned Steak and Brew on US1 and SW 136 Street. It was built from the remains of The Red Lion. When the Steak and Brew chain was force to change the name to "Beefsteak Charlie's", after year of court rulings between "Steak and Ale" and "Steak and Brew", my father went to work for an old time friend Wolfie Cohen and ran Wolfie's until he retired. I agree with the "Guest", they always treated my dad and my family like family. Would love to hear from anyone with any additional information. Ron Dvorak at (352) 242-4480.
Don Boyd22-Aug-2011 05:35
Emma, yes, I've seen a treasure trove of old stuff on the eBay site and I've bought some things so I can add them to this site. However, at the ripe old age of 64 I'm not really into collecting even more old stuff and I should be in the disposing stage of my life. : )

Don Boyd31-Jul-2011 12:44
Guest, that word "plaza" has me wondering now and someday I'll run across the name in print in an ad. It was either Biscayne Shopping Center or Shopping Plaza, but not Mall.

Thank you for posting the information about your father John Preuss and your memories, it's memories like that that I love to see posted on this site.

Guest 31-Jul-2011 03:17
Don, I remember that my father, John Preuss, would often go to all three restaurant locations, however, he was the Head Chef/Manager, at the 79th Street location. There was a cashier, Ida, that worked there and Freddie "The Butcher" (Freddie was from Holland). Ida, Freddie and my dad remained friends after both Ida and Freddie left Juniors. Can you give any info on Maisel's restaurant, seems there was a connection, but can not say. I just know that the owner's of Junior's were very good to my father and God Bless them. My dad worked 6-7 days a week from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm and later, was salaried. No matter the long hours, hard work up on his feet, he loved working there. Junior's was like family and supported a family of 5 kid's and my mom at home, that says alot, I think. I can close my eyes and see the inside of the restaurant... seems I can even smell the fantastic scent's coming out of the kitchen now!
Guest 31-Jul-2011 02:44
Hello Don, ummm... thinking about it.... I think I may have called the location a mall, seems 'Plaza' may be what I remember. Since I was fairly young (yes, even back then I was young..LOL).. there was a IHOP that opened about a block behind the Junior's location, perhaps.. that's is where I am recalling 79th Street Plaza. Your info that it was Biscayne Shopping Center is correct, I am sure. Ahhh.... for the good old days!
Don Boyd26-Nov-2010 02:56
Emma, thank you for posting and for the information. I'd like to clarify one name that you used - 79th Street Mall - because Juniors was located at the Biscayne Shopping Center at the northwest corner of Biscayne and 79th Street. I remember it opening sometime in the mid-1950's. I have never heard that shopping center called the 79th Street Mall because it was an open air linear shopping center. Yes, I know, it's a picky thing but I'm trying to keep names accurate for historical purposes.

Emma P. Preuss 23-Nov-2010 13:39
Juniors Restraunt's were located at three locations in Miami area. The longest standing of which was Juniors Restraunt at 79th St. Mall. The Juniors at 79th Street had a retail bakery that also sold 'ready cooked' meals in aluminum contrainers at the store. My father, John Preuss, was the head chef and manager at Juniors 79th Street. My father contracted TB and that ended his career. The restraunts were owned, I believe, by three gentlemen who were absolutely wonderful to my mother and family during the time when my Dad was hospitalized in a mandatory State Hospital in Lantana, Florida. My father was a Master European Chef and was known as "Johnny, the best chef on the beach" because he had formally worked in large hotels prior to working at Juniors. What I do remember is the owners at Juniors donated food to local 'soup kitchens' around Miami, which I think few people knew. Wonderful memories of Juniors. I also ate at this location when it was Sambos.
Martha Pierson 12-Dec-2009 00:54
Juniors became Sambo's which then became Dennys.