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Big Red One

First Infantry Division patch. During my tour we did not wear the camouflaged version.

You can find out more about the proud history of the Division here:

other sizes: small original auto
Sue Anne Rush15-Jul-2021 07:23
Excellent. V
Guest 30-Apr-2021 01:06
Jack Bullock. Alpha 2/16th 69/70. Contact me.
Ivana Bosnjak 27-Mar-2021 20:11
Frank Contreras - looking for Alvarez and Lamoine among other friends from Lai The.

Please Contact Ivana at
Guest 16-Jan-2021 02:07
My Father was Cap. Aubrey Daryll Wills. Went by Daryll. He was a Dr. In Company C 1st medical battalion. Looking for Larry Williams and Michael Rumett and anyone else who may have known him. Especially the special person that gave him a St. Christopher's medalian. Contact me Becky Wills
Jim Anderson 25-Nov-2020 02:16
Sgt Jim Anderson Battiest, Oklahoma Operations Sergeant Co. B 1st Engr Bn 1st Inf Div Di-an
Oct 1966 - Nov 1967 email Cpt Robert C Lee CO - Sp4 Ralph Nicklas Clerk Pittsburgh, Pa- Sp4 C. D. Fischer Clerk Nacadoches, TX - Sp4Francis Lightfoot Lee Harrell III Supply Clerk - Sp4 Bob Munn South Shore, Ky - 2nd lt Joe Gatlin known as "Battlin Joe Gatlin" - Sp4 James B (BAD) Hernandez Baird, NM - Sp4 Jerry Don Frith Known as
'TEX" Vernon, TX Deceased Shortly after coming home car accident. - Sp4 Vern Bratten CO's Jeep Driver St Cloud, MN - Buck Sgt Jimmy Phipps - Capt Caldwell CO after Lee
Sp4 Smitty Smith loader operator - Sp4 Ray Hicks truck driver Checoata, OK - If u are 1 of these or know any others of this time I would like 2 hear from u. I live in Choctaw, OK at present. Thank u for making my time there more bearable. 405-833-8992
Jack Bullock 23-Oct-2020 21:32
To Larry Corby, I am Jack Bullock I was with 1st squad, Lima platoon, Alpha Company, 2nd Battalion 16th Infantry Regiment at NDP Venable Heights, Firebase Lorraine, Firebase Thunder 1 & Firebase Dominate from January 13,1969-January 12, 1970. I was the asst. gunner, gunner & 1st squad leader for a short time.
Nicholas Huizar 01-Oct-2020 10:51
My dad was in the 1st of the 26th his name is joe e. Huizar he was a blue spader 66-67. Anyone have any info or renember him you can call 602-570-2269 were in phx,az. Thank you.
Joe Jones 01-Feb-2020 04:49
Hi my name is Joe Jones Pvt the first and 16th infantry Chon Thanh wounded to the left side of head June 28 1968 I personally do not remember very much but would love to hear from someone who might remember me. I now reside in ATL Ga.
Tony 26-Sep-2019 21:54
Thanks to all vietnam vets for your service. I am looking for those who served with 2nd batallion 18th infantry 1st infantry division during operation el paso 11 quan loi vietnam 1966. Also anyone with quarter cav 1966 who would like to share their experience. e-mail me at
Guest 21-Dec-2018 17:36
i was in the first of the 16th 67 68 inlai ke al bosco
Joe 27-Feb-2018 17:00
Joe Murphy
Company C 1st Medical
Any one there 1966to 1968
Love to hear from ya
Quan Loi. Di An. Long Bein
Kathy Strouth 06-Nov-2017 00:19
Looking for men from Charlie company 18th division of the big red one from Jan. 1968-1969 for a Johnny Strouth known as the hillbilly. He is doing well but would like information on his company from his time in country from Viet Nam. Thanks for your help.
Megan 02-Oct-2017 02:32
Looking for info regarding my grandfather:
Name: Sgt. William Barber
Unit: Big Red One 327th field artillary
He was awarded the Bronze Star for trying to put out a fire during the Long Bihn ammo dump explosion in 1968. He and one other soldier were involved and awarded. He didn't tell us much and has passed from cancer from agent orange exposure. If you have any info please email: Thank you for your service!
Randy 04-Mar-2017 16:17
Randy Cardoso
I was with the BROB HHC Support Command based at Di An during 1969.

I am looking for any one who served with me during that time.
Willoughby 19-Jan-2017 04:42
Theresa Willoughby
menu23-Aug-2016 07:27
Please contact me at if anyone should have any info of Benjiman. He was killed during a 13 hrs. ground attract we had. Or anyone from The Big Red 1. We were C company 3rd platoon 1/2. Thank you all.
menu23-Aug-2016 06:49
I lost my friend at Vietnam December 9th 1967. He was a country boy from Washington State. We both served in Charlie Company 3rd platoon. I have been trying to locate his wife which more than likely she is married. I never did get the chance to give her my condolences since. All I know his name was Benjamin (can’t remember he’s last name) I never kept his home address here at the states even though; I use to dictate his letter because he couldn’t read or write. I still miss him to this date. If by chance anyone should read this I will appreciate any info.
Jason R. 04-Aug-2016 04:28
Anyone serve with Gary Ridenour from TN 67-68? He was in The Big Red One, not sure which unit.
Becky wojahn 22-Jul-2016 20:10
Hi my dad Gene Reitz was a tank commander in the Vietnam War 1st Battalion. His tank was called hot stuff. They all had matching tattoos if anyone has any information please contact me She would like to get in contact with some of his old Buddies.
Adam1785 30-Mar-2016 04:39
Remedies 10-Mar-2014 04:43
My name is Adam Remedies my uncle was Richard Jarrell Remedies
Private First Class
Zwolle La he was killed during a crossfire between July 28-aug 1 1967 in Tay ninh. If you know anything or have pics of my uncle please contact me 318/299-0122 or
Robin Joyner 06-Dec-2015 07:12
Looking for anyone who served with my dad Bennie Rushing in 1968. He was from Georgia and was in C company 1st 16th.
Bennie Wood 19-Nov-2015 01:00
I served in Vietnam in Jan 67 to Jan 68 in 4th infantry division 1st bat 22nd infantry Co C.
We were in the Pleiku area, upper highlands. Anybody in that company please email me. Looking for Simon Cariddi.
Lori Flemming 16-Oct-2015 18:05
I'm the photo editor for Vietnam magazine. My name is Lori Flemming, and I'm working on a feature article for our Feb. 2016 issue, and it's on the Black Lions--1st Battalion/28th Infantry. The fighting takes place in February of 1968. Places and things very relevant to my article are:

Quan Loi/Quan Loi airstrip
Rubber plantations south of /quan Loi
ACAVs (M113A1s)
Lai Khe (where "all hell broke loose")
11th Armored Cav, Rgt.
Hwy. 13
Di An
Phu Loi (base camp w/airfield)
An My
DUSTERs (with 40mm cannons)

The author tells us it was quiet in January of 68, but ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE on Feb. 1, '68.

I need specific photos for this feature article, and am willing to pay you for what is published. PLEASE CONTACT ME, directly, at 703.779.8306 (in Virginia), from 7 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Mon.-Friday. My e-mail address is:

We can discuss images/what I need (tiff or jpeg) for this story (which has to be complete two weeks from today, which will be October 30, 2015), and how much payment will be, if your pictures are published.

I would need high-resolution images in a bit more than a week, from today.

Thank you for your help, your time, AND YOUR SERVICE!!
Dave Berry13-Sep-2015 22:29
It would help if you know what specific unit your dad was assigned to. There were a lot of units and soldiers operating out of Di An during that timeframe.
Stacy Henson 13-Sep-2015 22:24
Looking for information regarding my dad, SPC5 Stephen Henson. Attached to the 1st. Infantry Division in Di-An between May-Sept 1967. Call Stacy Henson @ 601-334-0156. Leave a message and will call you back.
Gary Tufto 10-Sep-2015 23:02
To Dave Berry: I was in Lai Khe November 1967. They gave our company 1/2 day passes to go into the village. I have pictures.I was in "C" Company, 2nd Batallion, 16th Infantry Brigade - Rangers , 1st Infantry Division - Big Red 1. I was there from November 1967 until the end of February 1968. Kenneth Rogers was KIA on Feb. 1st 1968, I was wounded the next day when an M-72 LAW Rocket launcher blew up on my shoulder instead of launching the rocket. The LAW was released in 1963 and they immediately found out that there was a Pre-ignition problem with them. They did nothing about it. They let our GIs continue to carry what was known to be a defective weapon. It was finally recalled at the end of Vietnam in 1975.I would love to be in touch with any of the guys that were there with me.
Dennis Wright 20-Jul-2015 18:15
My name is Dennis Wright SP5. I was in Quan Loi and Lai Kai 11/67 to 11/68 with HHC 1BA 28 Inf Commo
My call sign was Defiant 28.I am trying to contact John Childs or any of the guys in
the 1st bn 28th inf. My e mail is Thanks
Tammy 26-Jun-2015 02:56
My uncle was in Vietnam around 67 and I do t know how long I was only 7 his name was Henry Sandlin and was in the first infantry division ... He was from a small town warrior, Alabama ... I would love to talk to someone who served with him... I loved him like a second dad.. He came home. It was never the same...and he passed away from cancer in his early 40s...
Dave Berry01-May-2015 18:41
Yeah, there was a lot of business there. The girls in Lai Khe village were busy at night, even though it was off-limits to the GIs. The MPs were busy busting guys who sneaked into the 'ville, and the medics were busy giving penicillin injections to the guys who sneaked into the village and caught what we called "Lai Khe Flu".
Guest 01-May-2015 14:00
was busted for being in Lhe khe at night. Larry Dahlka B 2nd 2nd then B 2nd 34th
Guest 10-Feb-2015 01:58
I'm BACK at it!!!! (LOL!!!) This is Howard DUCK Akins still LOOKING ...CO B 2/18th Infantry Vietnam 68-69 Oct. 1st Infantry Div. Dealing with the BOARD OF CORRECTIONS...What is they for IF they can't CORRECT nothing? I would sure like to KNOW who looks at the orders to be corrected? These people keep giving me MARKSMAN with the M-16...I keep TRYING to explain to WHOMEVER this is the MARKSMAN course...I pointed out the SCORES (64)I asked if they would allow SOMEONE that "know" about the scoring system to NO avail,keep being told what the ORDERS say..I KNOW what the ORDERS say that's WHY i want to get it corrected!!!WHY can't these people UNDESTAND that there is a MARKSMAN SHARPSHOOTER/EXPERT...I'm fourth from the TOP(64) 65 was the highest...What part of this is it they DON'T undestand?? They STILL won't give me my CIB...saying there is NO RECORD of Me or my UNIT..I know thats a LIE cause there were incidences..we Eagleflighted..we went by deuce/1/4's ...PBR's ...walked from the Waterplant..Lt hit by Snipper fire(i was the RTO at the time)the projectile crossed my left shoulder ..I found orders for my Airmedal,which they finally FOUND.They CHANGED my Campaighn Medal w four Bronze stars to a SERVICE MEDAL.HOW can they CHANGE something thats on your original DD-214??? If the BOARD OF CORRECTIONS can't or won't CORRECT your RECORDS then WHO??I really want to KNOW..How the hell you loose an entire company?? We were CONNECTED to MANY others..the 1/4 Cav and etc. Gunships..Snoopy..Artillery. If ANYONE run across someone fron B Co 2/18th...I think i need many LETTERS as i can get!!! 2212 Chamberlain Ave Chattanooga Tennessee 37404. PEACE!!!! Duck
Jesse Masterson 01-Oct-2014 00:16
My name is Erik Arredondo and I'm not to sure but I new a Kenny Masterson in Loc Nin and Quan Loi and also Lia kay, I was there with the 1/28 Infantry Big Red One back in 1968. How is he doing.
Erik Arredondo 01-Oct-2014 00:07
I remember kenny Masterson, I can't promise you it was this Veteran but I lost touch with him when I caught Malaria. I was with the 1/28th infantry in lok nin and Quan Lol in 1968.
Dennis Basford 01-Sep-2014 23:45
e-mail to go with my previous message.
Tommy voss 01-Sep-2014 21:47
Shannon L Rogers you are looking for anyone that was there October Friday 13th 1967 with Charlie company first and 16th Bassford and I were both there my call sign was Charlie 3 3 , we look forward to hearing from you.
Dennis Basford 31-Aug-2014 23:15
Seeing a comment from Shannon L Rogers looking for info on c/1/16 Oct 67. I was there. Worst day of my life. How do I get contact with some one from this page?
john mcwatters 08-Jul-2014 18:52
does anyone have ray blanfords email
Shannon L Rogers 22-Jun-2014 16:34
Hi I am Shannon L Rogers and was in the Company C 1st Battalion 16th infantry based at Lai Khe from April 1967 to Oct. 13 1967 the day I got shot. I am looking for anyone that may have been there.
Emily Dunaway 09-Jun-2014 16:32
Looking for anyone who served with my dad, Jesse Akers, in B Co, 1-12th from 1969-1970. He was at Firebase Gela, Binh Duong, Cam Ranh, and a ton of other places.
ALLEN COLEMAN 03-Jun-2014 12:54
Remedies 10-Mar-2014 04:43
My name is Adam Remedies my uncle was Richard Jarrell Remedies
Private First Class
Zwolle, Louisiana

If you knew my uncle please contact me 318-639-8622
Steven R Hill 10-Feb-2014 01:02
thank all of you guy's and Gal for yo
ur service...6/of the 49th combat M.P's
Guest 09-Feb-2014 21:11
I was in 1st and 16th recon march 67 thru march 68. My name is Randall Hodges from Huntingdon, Tn. Phone number 731-694-0350.
Larry Corby 08-Feb-2014 03:58
Looking for anybody that was in A Co 2nd Bn 16th Oct 1968 to Oct 1969. I am Staff Sargent Larry Corby. I was wounded by a booby trap and was sent to Japan. While I was gone 5 of my men were killed.
Jerry Forbes 21-Dec-2013 00:25
Looking for Carlos Dominguz who served w/me. Our base camp was Lai Khe. ! div 26 infantry big red one. Or anyone else who remembers me.
Jerry Forbes
charles Reis 16-Dec-2013 21:22
Looking for fellow vets from the big red one 1st bal. 67-68
Guest 07-Nov-2013 03:06
I had the fries a couple times when on stand down lai khe the women were hot in the ville after dark back door through the ville. Anyone dumb enough to fall for the saigontea girls ?
JON TRAN 16-Sep-2013 20:52
To Whom It My Concern.

My name is Jon Tran, Vietnamese name is Tuan Tran. And my mom name is Phuong Tran. I am looking for my dad name is Wayne,last name unknown. He was US Airforce pilot at air base Dong Tac city of Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen. The last time my mom met him in December 1968 and he has to returned to United States of America in December 1968. Please, contact me with my email address or

Thank you.

Jon Tran
Thong 30-Jul-2013 22:55
My name is Thong. I am looking for my Dad.He was a US Army 1st Infantry Divison in Vietnam seen1965-1969.The Head Quarter at Di An.My Dad his name is Bill Jonson or Bill Johnson.He came back in USA seen 1968-1969.Please ,contact me with my gmail or email: or van200930@yahoo .com
Thong 30-Jul-2013 08:53
My Nam is Thong.I am looking for my Dad . He was a US Army 1 division in City of Di An Vietnam seen 1967-1968.His name is Bill Jones or Bill Jonson .He was a US Army division and Driver Bus to pick up people working. Vietnamese in Di An. Please contact me with my Email.
Smitty 16-Jul-2013 12:56
anyone have an aerial photo of the Big Red One Patch that was carved out of the jungle near Tay Ninh?
Deb Stone 04-Jul-2013 20:41
My dad, Rodney Franklin, was in Lai Kai from 67-68. He received a commendation medal with "V" device. He was alpha company 2nd of the 2nd 1st infantry division. He thinks his track was 128. The medal was awarded after an incident on highway 245 on February 2, 1968. He finally shared stuff with me today (July 4) and asked me to reach out. I feel blessed and hope that someone can tell us more and possibly have photos. All of his uniforms and medals were stolen from his mothers home years ago. I want to share more with my kids and stress that grandad is a hero! Hope someone knows more. Thanks-
Mike Binkley (Bink) 09-May-2013 12:31
MIKE BINKLEY, Elida,Ohio... Charlie Company 2nd Bn. 18th Inf..1st Inf. Div. Vietnam 1967..Retired Army..Looking for any brothers in arms from that Company or Bn..
Bob Hughes 04-Apr-2013 23:32
I am trying to locate any soldier who was in Big Red One who knew a sgt. Gary W. Dyer who was a squad leader and was wounded . He was in Charlie Co, 3rd platoon 2nd squad leader. His wish is to get someone who knew him so he can get his purple heart and get bullet or shrapnait onto his DD214.He was there 1967 and 68. He had a friend named Diek transfered from Germany in his platoon. Diek was wounded in mouth by bullet or sphranel. please get back with me I am Bob Hughes from disabled veterans wish foundation of indiana.
Guest 18-Jan-2013 06:41
My name is Adam Remedies I'm writing to ask you some questions about your group in Vietnam, my uncle Richard J Remedies from Zwolle, La he was in this group im sure of it when he was in Vietnam, He was killed in Tay Ninh Vietnam on 8/1/67 by friendly cross fire, I know this is a long shot but it's worth a try. I'm trying to find someone that may have known him or knew of him. I am trying to find out what happened to him.
I would like to thank you for your time and your sacrifices you made for my freedom.
Thank you
Jesse masterson 05-Aug-2012 15:06
My brothers name was kenny Masterson he was at lok nin and quan loi if anybody knew him from there you can email me . He served in the big red one my e mail is
Molly Jones(Mutchler) 22-Jul-2012 21:29
My Father was in vietnam I do not know the dates or places can someone please email me a site that could help me. His name is Neil McAurthor Mutchler.I know he was gone during the births of me And my Big Brother 60-61
Guest 04-Feb-2012 12:27
virgil hartline i was in vietnam hhc 1st 16th recon jan 66 jan67 i live in summerville ga 706 331 0290
Dave Berry28-Jan-2012 02:11
I used to get what we called a dogburger and those gynormous fries with rock salt on them at the Crossroads in Lai Khe basecamp, but I stayed out of the village.
buzz rossman 26-Jan-2012 13:30
i was in di-an w/hq&a company,701main.Bn aug 68-jan 69 an in c company in lai khe from feb 69- apr 70.does anybody remember a small garden cafe inside the vil that served real french fries and ba moui ba (33) beer ice cold? buzz rossman,key west,fl.
Guest 19-Jul-2010 21:06
Mike.....There are several members of the 1-16 Recon (1965-1969 Era)getting together, 17-19 Sep, Kokomo, In....For more information, contact me at and/or visit our web site at
mike lors 05-Jan-2010 23:57
any oneout there ferom 1st 16th recon unit? we were in lai ke
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