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Nikon D70 SLR Digital Camera Sample Photos

Marketed: 28-Jan-2004
Megapixels: 6.1
Random Nikon D70 Samples from 747395 available Photos more
g1/66/928266/3/116829049.wngHYDgh.jpg g3/61/217761/3/58476158._DSC6132.jpg v3/13/277113/3/45499444.conemill01.jpg g4/26/621726/3/59191730.deserts1.jpg
g12/45/326445/3/95288070.yayKEajO.jpg g3/93/11693/3/53253470.DSC_9032a.jpg g3/47/610147/3/54349908.doggy20051227_174.jpg g1/18/15118/3/130912891.xjXYSg9W.jpg
g6/93/553493/3/80908653.PhwSe5c9.jpg g4/80/606380/3/52477218.DSD_0248.jpg g4/83/630383/3/61177644.DSC_9394.jpg g4/87/638287/3/91836767.m6zceWRz.jpg

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Guest 27-Jun-2008 19:07
Well, here I am 4 years later and still shooting with my Nikon D70. One of the best investments I ever made. This is a camera that does everything and does it so well, that the thought of 'upgrading it' has never occured to me really. Maybe I'll get another year out of it before looking at the likes of the D80, D300 and D3 bodies.
Longevity indeed.
Guest 27-Jun-2008 19:04
Well, here I am 4 years later and still shooting with my Nikon D70. One of the best investments I ever made. This is a camera that does everything and does it so well, that the thought of 'upgrading it' has never occured to me really. Maybe I'll get another year out of it before looking at the likes of the D80, D300 and D3 bodies.
Longevity indeed.
Guest 27-Jun-2008 19:02
Well, here I am 4 years later and still shooting with my Nikon D70. One of the best investments I ever made. This is a camera that does everything and does it so well, that the thought of 'upgrading it' has never occured to me really. Maybe I'll get another year out of it before looking at the likes of the D80, D300 and D3 bodies.
Longevity indeed.
Devilgorgor21-Mar-2008 04:20
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Guest 15-Jan-2008 14:05
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Guest 08-Jan-2008 20:26
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Guest 09-Aug-2007 11:42
3 years have passed and my Nikon D70 camera has taken some 30 000 pics so far. The good news. I met a guy recently who's taken 158 000 pictures with D70 and it still works. Everything's just fine. Travelled a lot, exposed it to 20 dgrees below zero many times for long hours... no complains. Soft focus is rather a matter of lens used than the camera itself, I think (though it is not an absolute opinion). D70 is a workhorse, very robust and very versatile. Buy D200 if you can afford it, but after 3 years D70 or D70s still has nothing to be shy about, at least as picture quality goes. Surely, a bigger LCD screen and upraded software, say the one of D40X, which further decreases noise in the highest ISOs would be nice, but I wouldn't make it the central argument. Rather, browse the immense database of D70 pictures on PBase and judge for yourself. My galleries are here:

Guest 03-Aug-2006 23:56
I've had the D70 for just on 2 years. It has performed brilliantly, and has all the features I need at present. I have no plans to trade up to a later model. For getting the best from its features, I recommend Thom Hogan's "Complete Guide to the Nikon D70 and D70s" via:
Guest 19-Jul-2006 06:00
Enjoy Will Hall's amazing images from Afghanistan, all shot with the Nikon D70 :>
Guest 14-Jul-2006 14:15
There are basically three types of photographers in the world, those who use and love Nikon, those who use and love Canon, and those who rather not get into an argument that has no end.

Well I am fan of Nikon, I own a Nikon F5 film camera and have never really been impressed with digital.(not enought pixel depth) But for convience and my scrapbooking wife, I finally made the jump to a Digital SLR (DSLR). The great thing about any SLR is that you can change the lens, so when...

more information about Nikon D70:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Rick P30-May-2006 03:03
I bought my D70 about a year ago and it has had two "complete death" type the least convenient times possible. I forget which parts were replaced the first time, but the second time they replaced the "DC-DC converter". Neither failure was the BGLOD defect. When it works it is a good camera, but I suggest anyone considering a D70 or D70s to get the extended warranty.

BE SURE TO KEEP ALL OF THE ORIGINAL PAPERWORK ON THE PURCHASE OF THE CAMERA AND THE EXTENDED WARRANTY. Even if you send in the card, Nikon is likely to have no record of it and will require copies of the originals to do warranty work.

Nikon repaired the camera promptly on both occasions without charge. While this is good, I do not realy trust this camera anymore.
Guest 16-Feb-2006 23:07
I am having soft focus issues as well. I find myself thinking that every photo is out of focus and using the unsharp mask in Photoshop to make pictures look sharper. I'll download the latest firmware first - then a discussion with Nikon if that doesn't work?
Muthu Vinayagam04-Dec-2005 05:40
I am using it for a year and the output is really stunning and making me think of a professional than a hobby. I have few collection to share, drop in if you wish @
Please download and install the latest firmware for your D70 which includes improvements in the auto focus software;

Title: D70 Firmware Update 2.0 - Windows
URL: d=13580&p_created=1116261036

Title: D70 Firmware Update 2.0 - Macintosh
URL: d=13581&p_created=1116262102
Guest 22-Aug-2005 14:00
I was thinking to buy 300D or D70..I finally got D70 and I love it !! Some photos from D70 at:
Robbie D7009-Jul-2005 11:48
The Nikon D70 is great to use and an improvement on my nikonFE film camera. It allows me to improve at a far faster rate . Simply because I experiment more and any ideas I get try them out there and then. Where as before the cost of film and processing ,limited me to 36 pics every 2 weeks. The success ratio is still about 1/4 (9 out of 36 before)
25 from about 100 RAW imiges now . Just started with pbase take a peek RobbieD70
Mark C 06-Jul-2005 13:48
i got nikon d100 n 2xd70
i like both cameras n use d70 to shot afew pics
d50 out soon much cheaper
Guest 13-Jun-2005 23:34
d7o's are so bad my 300d is sooo much better
Guest 31-May-2005 17:52
I went from a Nikon 5700 to the D70 and love it. When I first started shooting with a D70 about 6 weeks ago I fell in love with it and knew I had to have one. My wife was using an Olympus 750 and wanted a new camera also but was reluctant about the D70. After using one for a few weeks she also fell in love with it. Finally she decided it would be helpful for us to have the same camera. We ordered two from and have had them about two weeks now. My wife is thrilled with how simple the camera controls are.
Guest 01-Apr-2005 09:03
I bought a Canon 20D last christmas of 2004, tested it in a week, and ended up bring it back to Bestbuy. Argued that the pictures were blur and proved to them that I got a 100% refund.
Checked out a D70, and I've been shooting with it since then. I have always been happy with it. If you are interested in knowing more about D70, please do drop by my gallery.

Some pictures may not have good composition, but they do show the quality of the camera.
Remi Aerts27-Mar-2005 09:23
D 70 is phantastic and a great camera
Howard Sandler27-Mar-2005 03:12
My D70 + kit lens samples and evaluation gallery is at:
Guest 16-Mar-2005 19:04
I love my D70 :o)

Here's my gallery. Please stop by if you get chance. There's some older photos from my 5700 too (another great camera)
Guest 15-Mar-2005 16:58
A mini friendly competition was held
To discover and celebrate the possibilities
Of getting great pics straight from the D70
Without postprocessing anxieties (results posted at
rsub812-Mar-2005 01:34
Saeed, puppies are cute! Random medical photographs, however, definitely are a matter of taste:

This gallery has few surprises. I would rather look at the puppies...

Maybe you would prefer photos of diamonds? So, how about posting some in your gallery?

P.S. A new D70 user for just a few weeks, already have logged over 1000 (NEF format) photographs.
The camera exceeds all expectations! Feels better balanced in my hands than my old 35mm Nikon.
Guest 28-Feb-2005 02:33
Come see what my D70 did at the Carolina Raptor Center.

I love the camera. It's the best one ever!
Guest 27-Feb-2005 19:22
I've had my D70 a week. Decided to finally learn something about photography. This is the camera that will help me do it. I am starting to get the hang of the histogram after each shot. I hope my photos will show a marked improvement over time.
Guest 26-Jan-2005 17:47
One of my main problems with the D70, is the mode selector on the right. During a fast shoot its is very easy to move it around withour knowing. On Monday I started shooting on Manual and finished by mistake on Aperture Priority
baumannray23-Jan-2005 15:44
It seems that most everyone adores their D70 and I hate to be the odd person out. Certainly there is much to like about it, but I have been less then pleased with the indoor photography. I purchased a D70 along with a the two sigma lense kit in December. The indoor flash stills all seem a bit dark. I have attempted to use it for sports photography inside but have not been impressed. The images once again are dark and not particularly sharp. Perhaps I need to add a gigawatt flash or a lens with an aperture less than 3.5. Looking on pbase it seems that a number of photographers have used it successfully for indoor sports even without a flash. I have to wonder if I am missing something. When in doubt blame the photographer.
Kent Snyder11-Jan-2005 00:22
I got my D70 in July and have shot about 1000 pics. Its a great camera. The menus are a snap to use, the results are superb. Its feel and solidity actually allow me to shoot handheld down to 1/20th of a second. (OK not perfect but acceptable.) The 19-70mm kit lens is very good. But I do feel the need for a wider wide angle capability - maybe the new Tokina 12-35 f4 is the answer.
Christina Craft07-Jan-2005 19:39
This camera has brought my photography to a whole new level. With the exception of the monkey and Costa Rica shots, all my photos are now taken with a D70 [url[/url]
Guest 29-Dec-2004 02:11
For Nikonians and for those that wanting to jump into DSLR bandwagon, this is the camera that has almost most of the professional camera has and at an affordable price too. Highly recommended!!
Guest 25-Dec-2004 18:38
Christmas pics taken with no postprocessing, and utilizing Fotogenetic's new Point and Shoot v4.0 curve:

Give this curve a try - you might be pleasantly surprised!
Guest 16-Dec-2004 23:01
There are DSLRs and there is the Nikon D70. How can you say anything 'bad' about such a camera as this? It takes very realistic shots, has a very fast AF system and the lens which comes with the kit is superb, as is the price! The price of the Nikon D70 with 18-70mm is something never before heard of and brings DSLR photography to the masses for the first time. Now there's NO excuse! I mean, "who CAN'T afford this camera & lens kit?". Thanks Nikon!
Randu09-Dec-2004 16:32
Bought my D70 a week ago ... still learning to use it!
Guest 06-Dec-2004 23:37
Check out the results
Guest 28-Nov-2004 16:42
IExif 1.8 can show you the Total Number of Shutter Releases for your D70.

The freeware is here:
i found mine to have a soft focus prob. my pix look nothing like the samples on the nikon usa wesite here is my test image shot in A priority with my nikkor 50mm at f1.8. iso 200 using single area focus with the center area used. used a tripod at 45 degrre angle at 17 inches away focused dead on black line . i used the self timer with flash at 500th of a second .mine isgoing back to nikon!!
Guest 09-Nov-2004 22:30
Went for a D70 past month (Oct. 04) - now, while still being in the Christmales Sales (working in retail), I don't have much time at all except on Sundays.

And that's the day I'd take out my D70 on my geocaching tours - seeing so nice places and great oppurnities to shoot - still practising and don't want to be an expert at all.

I love sunsets, dusks & dawns, streams - and will try macro soon.

Warm greetings from Germany,
yours truely,
Guido "Selinaar" Meyer
Guest 09-Nov-2004 22:24
Went for a D70 past month (Oct. 04) - now, while still being in the Christmales Sales (working in retail), I don't have much time at all except on Sundays.

And that's the day I'd take out my D70 on my geocaching tours - seeing so nice places and great oppurnities to shoot - still practising and don't want to be an expert at all.

I love sunsets, dusks & dawns, streams - and will try macro soon.

Warm greetings from Germany,
yours truely,
Guido "Selinaar" Meyer
Kevin Y.L. Huang08-Nov-2004 07:57
My second D70 starting to produce amazing images six months later of my first D70, they are great cameras, when I was looked for a camera as the backup of my image machine, D70 still is my best choice with great feature and affortable price, I am happy with its handy and wonderful function. No camera lasting forever, but the image with memories does, thanks to Nikon for the camera that record fabulous moments.
mark perez07-Nov-2004 23:09
I just got my D70 a week ago and I am as amature as you can get and I love this thing. Go see my first pics and comment (good or bad) if you would please.
Chris Spracklen03-Nov-2004 09:55
Brilliant camera, IMHO!
Why not check out my 'Best of D70 gallery' and see for yourself!
Greetings to all other D70 users!
Guest 11-Oct-2004 04:31
Best camera I've ever had... I've owned 2 Sony's as a beginner (p10, v1), and I also own a Minolta Rokkor AL (circa 1960's) and a Nikon N75 film. All were/are great, but the D70 by far is the best! Visit my gallery here:

I have pictures there from all of my camera systems. Enjoy!
Guest 05-Oct-2004 02:54
Amazing what the D70 can do in the hands of a professional :> . See a collection of other amazing shots here :>
Guest 05-Oct-2004 01:38
Just got the D70 for about a week. I love it!!
Lou Giroud04-Oct-2004 08:09
I do not think that there will be any better camera on the market for a long time.
The D70 makes a wonderfull picture quality and none of the more expensive high end models perform any better, at least not when one dcompares the "what you get more for more money" aspect. No other camera, what ever the price range is has this comfort in manual settings, I-TTL flash synchronized to 1/500th of a second, a perfect focusing system and many more features.
Depite of the fact that Nikon does not issue a vertical grip to it, this camera has all one needs for serious work and stating this camera as a consumer camera is understating this camera. That camera is today used by many Pro's and they prefer to buy 4 D70's prior to buy one high end 4000$ body.
Just one thing, if you never used a SLR before, wait to have learned all about it and know how to handle it before making your mind on it. The D70 is not a toy and for sure needs some aknowledge to be used correctly.
If once you think about buying a DSLR, give a priority to this one, you won't regret this buy anyway.
Guest 30-Sep-2004 04:23
If you'd like to know the initial settings that are generally recommended for the D70 look at these links: , , and .

Once you're comfortable with the strengths and limitations of those settings, you should then be able to progress on your own and experiment with various possibilities.
Guest 21-Sep-2004 08:46
I Love this Camera, its amazing, just made the switch from Fuji's
Guest 21-Sep-2004 00:20
I've got a D70 since the end of July. Just replace my Sony S75 to this exepcional Digital SRL. I love my camera, but I'm still learning of course. My advice : Buy this camera.

You can visit my Nikon D70 Gallery at :
Guest 19-Sep-2004 03:35
" The DREAM CAMERA !!! "
I just replace my Coolpix 4500 afer 7153 pictures ( still working )
Guest 13-Aug-2004 12:31
I just bought the D70 last week(8/4/04) WOW! It is better than I had
expected! I have had a 5700 for about 2 years now and I have
been very happy with it, but it was time for me to switch over to a
DSLR. I researched DSLR’S for over a month ( was
by far the most helpful) and decided that the D70 was the best
choice in my price range. The most noticeable things with it
compared to the 5700 or any other high end digital are the speed,
freedom to change lenses and battery life! I have taken about 1200
pictures, downloaded images to my Mac 6 times and played with
the menu for an hr and the battery is still 2/3 full. The 5700 would
last about 300 pics before my battery would start to die. I bought a
second battery with the D70 but it doesn’t look like I will need it any
time soon.
Guest 12-Aug-2004 08:04
Come visit and contribute your D70 links by commenting at . Join us also at
Guest 29-Jul-2004 16:15
Just replaced all of my Olympus and Sony equipment with the D70 and a Sigma two lense kit. So far I am extreamly pleased with my choice.
Guest 25-Jul-2004 18:47
Hey .. Looks like a quite nice camera. But .. How much for a brand new?
Rick16-Jul-2004 18:38
Absolutely awesome piece of kit!
Guest 08-Jul-2004 03:53
Metering and iTTL are wonderful.
Chris Spracklen07-Jul-2004 12:39
Brilliant camera ~ I LOVE it!!
Todd05-Jul-2004 18:07
I like EVERYTHING about the camera so far except one thing.
When I go through all the pictures I have taken in a session ,
it's a crap shoot as far as which ones are going to be in sharp
focus. Half the time the (sharp) area is either a little in front
or behind subject. *Will be posting photos*
Guest 24-Jun-2004 17:46
Excellent camera!
Guest 10-Mar-2004 07:12
:-( so nice...

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