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Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens Sample Photos

Marketed: 01-Jan-2005
Lens Mount: EF
Lens: 70-300mm f/4-5.6
Random Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Samples from 18407 available Photos more
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Guest 20-Mar-2011 23:13
Este lente es suficiente para mí considerando su relación calidad/precio. Lo uso en una 40D y cumple con mis expectativas, siempre y cuando logre ser disparado en 300mm a f/8 con la suficiente luz y un ISO adecuado.
lavisions15-Mar-2010 20:22
I found online reviews with sample photos most useful in my shopping. Here are some of mine (with 100% crops) at .
Guest 28-Jan-2010 19:57
Good price, effective 3-stop reduction and fantastic images.
Mike Liquorish Captured Frame02-Dec-2008 03:13
Have just purchased this lens and have to say I am quite impressed with it,have only taken a few test shots so far,but it is proving to be be quite sharp.It does tend to become softer at the long end but I expected that before I bought it,I normally shoot with "L" glass and use a 5D and the 70-300is was bought as an additional walk around lens to save on weight. Admittedly it is not L quality but it is still very good and sharp if used carefully ( maybe I have avery good copy) the only negative I have so far is the rotation of the barrel when using filters. Any one on a budget looking for this focal length should look at it as it it is not bad value for what you pay and the image stabilizer is very good on this model.
Dale Stanton28-Nov-2008 14:50
I graduated to this lens from the Canon 75-300 f/4-5.6 III. I use this lens with the Canon Digital Rebel XT, and am well satisfied with its performance and quality with both stationary and moving subjects. I could have had the non-IS L glass for about $50 US more, but opted for this one and have never regretted it. I believe the non-IS L glass would have given me high quality but blurry shots, whereas the IS (non-L) gives me good sharp images, even at maximum focal length. This lens is well worth the money.
Derek M John16-Mar-2008 17:02
I've just done some test shots with this Lens. First impressions are very favourable. Images are quite sharp for non L Series Glass. Check out the following pic.
Devilgorgor12-Mar-2008 14:45
never used this lens, but I believe it creat more sharpness compare to my 28-300mm L IS because the extended Focal Length is not too great than 283 IS. well, price for 28-300mm IS will drop someday soon, tamron newly release new lens 28-300 with vibration reduction. we'll see
Andrys Basten14-Nov-2007 05:38
The lens definitely gets far better reviews than the old 75-300 IS did and it's (for me)
fast and easy to use. Mistakes I make are more often from my ISO settings. The image
stabilization works extremely well.
A sample gallery (all except flower shot) is at
shot in lower light of dusk.
Also, here's one test I did to see how it resolves for a distant candid portrait.

1. Using a point & shoot camera to show the distance I was away from subject:

2. Same scene shot with the EF 70-300 f/4-56 IS at full 300mm max

3. Blow-up of center section of the prior shot taken at 300mm
Guest 13-May-2007 19:06
I carry out this lens on my Canon 30D most of the times and I love it. It's sharp and unlike its cousin/brothers, I get less notices because of its black color. Besides, you get an extra 100mm, and the result is stunning, quite impressive for an affordable price. For nature people, you will love this lens. Trust me! :)

So in terms of optical quality the EF 70-300mm IS can be almost described as a hidden Canon L lens.

Here's my results:

Guest 13-May-2007 16:41
I carry out this lens on my Canon 30D most of the times and I love it. It's sharp and unlike its cousin/brothers, I get less notices because of its black color. Besides, you get an extra 100mm, and the result is stunning, quite impressive for an affordable price. For nature people, you will love this lens. Trust me! :)

So in terms of optical quality the EF 70-300mm IS can be almost described as a hidden Canon L lens.

Here's my results:

bob_r14-Mar-2007 03:24
I think this may be one of the best values that Canon offers. Besides this lens, I have the Canon 70-200 f/2.8 L, the Canon 100-400 L, and the Canon 17-55. This lens will hold it's own with any of them.

You may wonder why I have this lens and the "L" lenses mentioned above, but there are a lot of times I don't want to carry the big heavy glass. This makes a very nice walking around lens or a very nice combo when used with the 17-55.

The only complaint I have is that the lens rotates when focusing. This will create a problem if you're using a polarizing filter.
@ Bruce Gilling30-Oct-2006 03:02
lems is Sharp lighweight and has a great range and it has IS !
for amateur photgrapher this is a great lens at a decent price i sold my f4 70.200L and have no regrets. sorry to all you L lovers
Guest 09-Oct-2006 03:00
For the money, this lens represents one of the best value optics you can get for concert photography :>
Guest 18-Aug-2006 22:32
It looks like the sharpness problem with my lens is the result of using it in portrait-orientation. That's the same problem many other people have encountered. This lens is either getting returned to Canon for a refund or I'm selling it because the blurry results are unacceptable. Save yourself the hassle and buy the 70-200mm f/4L instead.

I owned this lens' predecessor, the 75-300mm IS. That lens was horrible. When I read many good things about this new 70-300mm IS lens, I thought it was time to upgrade. But, it was difficult to decide whether buy this lens or Canon's 70-200mm f/4L professional lens. I bought this lens and it was my mistake.

While it has numerous improvements over the 75-300mm IS, there are still some shortcomings with this lens that keep it from competing with the similar-priced 70-200mm f/4L.

First, starting at around 150mm-200mm and getting worse as you approach 300mm, this lens gives images that look soft (no, I'm not using any filters!). This is not an issue of focus, but of low-cost consumer-grade optics. You can stop the lens down and get some improvement, but then you lose your depth of field.

Second, the focusing speed is slow. New in this lens is variable-speed focusing; as the zoom passes 200mm, the focusing speed slows. I assume this is to prevent the missed-focus hunting common with its predecessor. But, this makes it harder to track moving objects and keep them in focus.

Third, this lens suffers from very ugly purple chromatic aberration. This lens really shows this problem too, in that even small bright objects develop purple halos.

Finally, the lens gets larger as you zoom, the lens gets larger when you focus, the front of the lens moves when focusing, the focus ring moves when auto-focusing, the zoom retracts by itself when pointed upward, and I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting... But none of these problems exist with the 70-200mm f/4L.

This is not "the hidden L lens" as one reviewer said, it is nothing but a common consumer lens with a big price tag. The IS feature is the single sole benefit. If you have very shaky hands you might just need this lens. If you have very steady hands, with IS you can use this lens in the dark of night (assuming you have a very still subject). The 200-300mm range is nice, but a tack-sharp photo from the 70-200mm f/4L at 200mm is going to look much better cropped than a 300mm full-frame photo from this lens.

If what you want is a very high quality lens that will give you sharp photos in daylight; buy the 70-200mm f/4L lens instead, it even comes with a hood. The hood for the 70-300mm IS lens is another $40.

Next Review

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Tigadee30-Jun-2006 01:55
This lens is a real gem! Sharp through the range (gets a little softer towards the tele end but that's not too bad and still better than the older 75-300mm IS USM version, AND esp. after what I am about to tell you a little further down), great colour and contrast and effective IS. AF isn't as 'snappy' as true USM but still pretty good and only annoyance is that it focuses through the whole zoom range when hunting, so try to get the focus close to the subject if it's low contrast and try your best from there. Here's the GOOD news: I have the 28-300mm IS USM L lens and this little 70-300mm is as sharp as the L from 70-300mm AND the 200-300mm range is longer than the L lens'!! In fact, the colour and contrast is slightly better than the L lens! Wide open, the 70-300mm matches the 28-300mm L in sharpness. I am totally enthused about this lens because the zoom range is further than the L's, the IQ is equal if slightly better and the cost is one third less! IS is pretty effective too though the lighter weight means a little more shakiness at the front end of the lens than the heavier L lens. No regrets with this purchase (US$500)! Last note: I do have the problem of softness at portrait position at the tele end but with 8mp to play around with, I can afford to shoot landscape most of the time and Canon's working on that problem. :-)
Guest 18-Jun-2006 13:31
I LOVE THIS LENS! It's LIGHT, easy to carry, the is IS is wonderful. It's good for getting your average macro too! Does well on people, very nice on landscapes, and you can even get a flying butterfly :). It fits so nice in your bag, it's just one great walk around lens! I loved mine so much Pat and I both wanted to use it lol so bought another. My portrait mode is FINE and I shoot on that mode all the time. In fact I never shoot on portrait mode much and because of all the bad hype this lens as on that mode I found myself shooting in that mode to see laughinggggg, and now I use it all the time. Great buy for your bucks lens!
Guest 11-Jun-2006 18:25
A good, not too expensive but not budget, telephoto zoom. The range is ideal, the IS works well and the quality is good.

I have a gallery of various different photos taken with this lens at:
@ Bruce Gilling02-May-2006 15:21
also here all this great lens
Ron Wright18-Dec-2005 13:09
If you want to see what this lens can do, check out this gallery:

Almost all the shots here were using the 70-300mm IS, and handheld.
Ron Wright18-Dec-2005 13:04
This is a good, affordable, and very practical lens. The image stabilization allows me to get shots I otherwise wouldn't get, and the image quality is high. I bought this lens in November 2005 and I am very happy with it. I am using it with a Digital Rebel XT and have it paired with the the EF-S 17-85mm IS USM, giving me a very wide range of focal lengths with only two lenses (keep in mind, there is a 1.6x conversion factor with the Rebel XT and 20D).

If you want a relatively lightweight, high-quality, moderately-priced, walking-around lens to go with your Canon DSLR, this is it.
Guest 08-Nov-2005 12:07
I think this new lens is way better than the old 75-300 IS.
My first tryout is here:

I'm very satisfied with its quality.

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