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Daniel Beams | profile | all galleries >> People and Places around Bolivia >> Santa Cruz, Bolivia -- The City tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Santa Cruz, Bolivia -- The City

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To learn more about our work in South America visit _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A few images from the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Please vote for this gallery if you feel so inclined. Enjoy.
20150523_8607.jpg 20150523_8604.jpg 20150520_8613.jpg
20150502_8691.jpg 20150502_8689.jpg 20150502_8686.jpg
20150502_8685.jpg 20150502_8682.jpg 20150502_8678.jpg
20150502_8671.jpg 20150502_8666.jpg 20150502_8665.jpg
20150502_8662.jpg 20130427_0009.jpg Cathedral of Santa Cruz
20130427_0043.jpg 102011_0704.jpg 102011_0699.jpg
20130427_0021.jpg 20130427_0045.jpg Looking for a helping hand in Santa Cruz, Bolivia
20130427_0034.jpg 102011_0700.jpg Santa Cruz, Bolivia
g1/28/527328/3/104919455.Xcx5LmHx.jpg Playing chess on the plaza in Santa Cruz, Bolivia Street photographer in Santa Cruz, Bolivia
051209 092.jpg On the streets in Santa Cruz, Bolivia 20130427_0025.jpg
On the streets in Santa Cruz, Bolivia 102011_0707.jpg g1/28/527328/3/104919652.37JLYpjc.jpg
Alexander's Cafe in Santa Cruz, Bolivia On the streets in Santa Cruz, Bolivia Money changer in Santa Cruz, Bolivia
On the plaza in Santa Cruz, Bolivia g1/28/527328/3/104919693.CCJEWNwr.jpg Peluqueria in Santa Cruz, Bolivia
On the streets in Santa Cruz, Bolivia On the streets in Santa Cruz, Bolivia g5/28/527328/3/104919703.Ck3LSRQB.jpg
g1/28/527328/3/104919705.fpoT4u5m.jpg Los Pozos Market Got t the Time?
Los Pozos Market Egg and Cheese Omelet Factory News
Perfectly Behaved Shined Safety in Mom's Skirt
Sunflower Seeds by the Kilo Wheels Buscando Monedas
Daily Rounds Peluqueria Sandro Cine Palace
Plaza in Santa Cruz, Bolivia Shoe Shiner Sisters
In the Park u16/beamsclan/medium/42058536.sc004b.jpg Mounted Police
Begging From the Bell Tower u16/beamsclan/medium/42067446.sc081.jpg
The Big Game Artecampo u16/beamsclan/medium/42097501.sc01_filtered.jpg
u16/beamsclan/medium/42097560.scc012.jpg Setting Up for the Day Selling Fruit
Wishing Frame Shop Riot Police
Rooftop Romance From Up Above Fresh Squeezed
Street Angel Business Proposition Home
Free Sample for a Favored Customer Closed for Lunch The Start of Another Day
La Mansion Cobbler Alley Cathedral of Santa Cruz
Old Train Campesina on the plaza of Santa Cruz Cathedral detail
Abasto Market Flowers Abasto Market Vendor Magic Candles
Little Camba g6/28/527328/3/54645398.Ijvyh9d6.jpg g6/28/527328/3/79979635.YZMZ1zmC.jpg
g6/28/527328/3/80084194.MpK5WXDT.jpg g6/28/527328/3/80091415.WWk0JZq5.jpg g6/28/527328/3/80180436.hSZvtz14.jpg
g6/28/527328/3/80180779.hYJEadbC.jpg g6/28/527328/3/80233665.5cTTjxse.jpg g6/28/527328/3/80233735.IxS5teH0.jpg
g6/28/527328/3/80406143.gT6l4mIO.jpg Shoe shine in Santa Cruz, Bolivia g6/28/527328/3/80406479.g7VD7cA5.jpg
Making friends in Santa Cruz, Bolivia g6/28/527328/3/80406619.PxVh24bt.jpg Street Kids
Santa Cruz Zoo