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People and Places around Bolivia

Please do not use these images for editorial or commercial purposes without the photographer’s permission. To purchase prints or high resolution digital files of Daniel's images visit: If you do not find the images you are looking for on Photoshelter, please contact Daniel ( and he will upload them for you.
To learn more about our work in South America visit _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I hope you enjoy my vision of life in Bolivia. It is a beautiful country and I hope everyone can have the opportunity to get to know these humble and hospitable people first hand.
Bolivia -- Landscapes, Etc.
:: Bolivia -- Landscapes, Etc. ::
Carnival 2015 -- Santa Cruz, Bolivia
:: Carnival 2015 -- Santa Cruz, Bolivia ::
Santa Cruz, Bolivia -- The City
:: Santa Cruz, Bolivia -- The City ::
La Paz, Bolivia -- People and Architecture
:: La Paz, Bolivia -- People and Architecture ::
Boats on Lago Titicaca, Bolivia
:: Boats on Lago Titicaca, Bolivia ::
Tsimané in San Borja, Bolivia
:: Tsimané in San Borja, Bolivia ::
La Yunga Giant Fern Forest
:: La Yunga Giant Fern Forest ::
Trinidad, Beni, Bolivia
:: Trinidad, Beni, Bolivia ::
Samaipata, Bolivia
:: Samaipata, Bolivia ::
Life in Izozog--Santa Cruz, Bolivia
:: Life in Izozog--Santa Cruz, Bolivia ::
San Lorenzo de Moxos, Beni, Bolivia
:: San Lorenzo de Moxos, Beni, Bolivia ::
Motorcycle Trip Through Bolivia
:: Motorcycle Trip Through Bolivia ::
Yuqui Indians near Chimore, Bolivia
:: Yuqui Indians near Chimore, Bolivia ::
Uyuni and Potosi, Bolivia -- Rural Vistas
:: Uyuni and Potosi, Bolivia -- Rural Vistas ::
Potosi, Bolivia -- City Streets
:: Potosi, Bolivia -- City Streets ::
Sucre, Bolivia
:: Sucre, Bolivia ::
Tarabuco, Bolivia
:: Tarabuco, Bolivia ::
Mennonites in Santa Cruz, Bolivia
:: Mennonites in Santa Cruz, Bolivia ::
Barrio Nueva Esperanza--Cuatro Canadas, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
:: Barrio Nueva Esperanza--Cuatro Canadas, Santa Cruz, Bolivia ::
Jesuit mission towns of the Chiquitania in Eastern Bolivia
:: Jesuit mission towns of the Chiquitania in Eastern Bolivia ::
Guarayos Region of Eastern Bolivia
:: Guarayos Region of Eastern Bolivia ::
Pailon to San Julian -- Santa Cruz, Bolivia
:: Pailon to San Julian -- Santa Cruz, Bolivia ::
Yapacani -- Santa Cruz, Bolivia
:: Yapacani -- Santa Cruz, Bolivia ::
Cochabamba, Bolivia
:: Cochabamba, Bolivia ::
La Paz and the Altiplano of Bolivia -- Landscapes
:: La Paz and the Altiplano of Bolivia -- Landscapes ::
Copacabana, Bolivia
:: Copacabana, Bolivia ::
Portraits of Bolivia
:: Portraits of Bolivia ::
Indigenious Tsimané People of Bolivia
:: Indigenious Tsimané People of Bolivia ::
Kiting on Sand Dunes in Izozog at Night
:: Kiting on Sand Dunes in Izozog at Night ::
Duotone Images from Bolivia
:: Duotone Images from Bolivia ::
Birds and Wildlife in Bolivia
:: Birds and Wildlife in Bolivia ::
Parabano Falls, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
:: Parabano Falls, Santa Cruz, Bolivia ::
Motorcycling in Bolivia
:: Motorcycling in Bolivia ::
Flowers and Plants in Bolivia
:: Flowers and Plants in Bolivia ::